Thursday, November 14, 2013

About 85 Percent of USANA's Philippine Associates Quit and The Hidden Information in USANA's Regional Data.

USANA Health Sciences made a couple blunders in the last couple days which I believe reveals an 85% dropout figure for the Philippines market which is not being disclosed to shareholders. USANA wrote a press release on November 12, 2013 regarding typhoon Haiyan. The following is a quote from that press release, which is referenced directly from USANA's website (and still there as I write this):

"We have an incredible USANA family of more than 175,000 strong in the Philippines," said Dan Macuga, USANA chief communications officer. "Their courage and goodness inspires our global team. That's why we feel it so important to help them and all those suffering in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan." - USANA Investor Relations

I wrote about this 175,000 number on my blog a couple days ago and low an behold USANA tried to change the press release some news organizations got by changing one of their own quotes! Some news agencies now have the same press release but with the following change:

"We have an incredible USANA family, 25,000 Distributors strong in the Philippines," said Dan Macuga, USANA chief communications officer. "Their courage and goodness inspires our global team. That's why we feel it so important to help them and all those suffering in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan." - Prnewswire

How is it that USANA can change a QUOTE that one of their executives made? It's a quote for goodness sake. I want to thank USANA for making two fantastic mistakes.
  1. USANA revealed that the total number of distributors they have recruited in the Philippines over the last 5 years is around 175,000.
  2. USANA reveals that there are only 25,000 active associates currently in the Philippines.

So 85% of the Philippine USANA distributors no longer purchase USANA product or participate in the business opportunity. My previous estimate two days ago was 17,000 active associates or a 90% dropout figure.

Here is the key information shareholders should understand here:
If the Philippines has 25,000 active associates, and the East Asia Pacific region has 60,000 active associates, then that means only 35,000 active associates can account for Australia, New-Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Let me show the last time USANA disclosed active associate numbers by the territory: - USANAWatchDog Blog

Active distributors in East Asia Pacific for Second Quarter 2010 (3 years ago)
Australia and New-Zealand =18,000
Singapore = 5,000
Malaysia = 14,000
Philippines = 7,000
Thailand = Non-existent
This totals to 44,000 active associates.

Fast forward to today: Active distributors in East Asia Pacific for Second Quarter 2013 (today)
USANA states in their SEC filing that East Asia Pacific has 60,000 active associates.

Australia and New-Zealand =14,000 *
Singapore = 3,000 *
Malaysia = 12,000 *
Philippines = 25,000 (recently revealed in press release)
Thailand = 4,000 *

* My guestimate in order to make the numbers add up to the reported 60,000 for the region.
Since USANA no longer discloses active associate numbers for each market they are in, investors are left in the dark about the true operations of USANA. The markets were grouped into “regions” and began only reporting regional numbers.

Based on my guestimate, the following represents the percent change over the last 3 years for those markets:

Australia and New-Zealand = 22% DECLINE
Singapore = 40% DECLINE
Malaysia = 14% DECLINE
Philippines = 257% INCREASE
Thailand = new market


  1. Reading through your posts I find that your conclusions are always geared towards tarnishing the company image. My questions to you:
    Why have you never address the positive outcomes that people experience by taking the Usana products?
    And second, why the interest to invest this much time...and possibly money to follow up on Usana activities and its associates?
    This comment is addressed to you in a fairly neutral manner.

    1. 1) I'm not going to turn my blog into a shill for USANA. Newly recruited associates are told to come up with a story about the products in order to help persuade the next recruit to join and so on. USANA vitamins are nutritional supplements, not magical pills. If someone is deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral, then supplementing that deficiency can be done through thousands of different manufacturers. Also, the majority of positive "stories" associates give on this blog are illegal for them to make because they are the salesman for a product they claim cured them without any evidence of such.

      2) I find it very interesting that USANA goes to great lengths to scam so many people in order to enrich a select few at the top of the pyramid scheme. Over 1.6 million USANA distributors have spent billions of dollars trying to succeed at this business opportunity only to end up without ever recognizing a profit. And it is those who lost money in this MLM scam that enriched the top of the pyramid scheme. You don't find that "interesting". Amazing I get criticized for volunteering my time to investigate and research USANA yet no criticism against the con artists perpetrating the pyramid scheme.

      Do you not find it disturbing that 85% to 90% of all USANA associates no longer purchase any USANA product and have quit the business opportunity? Does it not disturb you that 99% of USANA distributors never make a profit, but are the ones that end up enriching the top 1%?

      Do you find it sickening that USANA scams over 100,000 Philippine citizens out of millions of dollars and then only donates a whopping $20,000 to aid the victims of typhoon Haiyan? Certainly I'm not the only one who sees this.

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    3. To anonymous dated 15 November 2013.
      I have read your comment about Usana Watchdog. Initially like you, I was quite irritated with this site but after reading most of Usana Watchdog's articles, I can now conclude that the articles are written to caution the public intending to sign up as associates. This is to be commended before more associates waste their time and money in this network marketing business. I was an active associate myself but no longer keen on this business venture. Believe me, the success rate is very, very small. Read Usana Watchdog's article again dated Nov.15, 2013. This is my neutral unbiased comment too. No hidden agenda or malice but my honest opinion.

    4. To the commenter that felt necessary to express their opinion with the "F" word in every sentence, I have to remove your post. Please feel free to repost without using the fowl language. When I blog is filled with bad language, it diminishes credibility of the blog no matter what position is taken.

  2. Point 1: Fair...the blog may get out of hand, especially on harder to believe stories. However, I'm not an associate and I am only taking the products because someone close to me joined. I am transparent in my comments as you may see. I have found the product to have positive outcomes on the way I feel. Please note that I'm not claiming any cure, nor I mention specifics such as the product has fixed this or that. This is a positive experience with the product and I choose to take it. I really don't see anything wrong in what I'm doing. I do not see either why imposing the negative, through comments/analysis/interpretations etc...when people have the choice to take or not to take the product. Afterall, joining as an associate is not mandatory to try the product. You can always try the product and then join...if you wish/think or want to further promote the product.

    2) The binary system (I did read) is a closed system, caped in the share of profits of the team. On any given caped tree (let's call this called market group), and assuming that the tree has an optimal structure (for ease of calculation) - the calculation gives a 101 member count that share the same capped tree or market group. On this tree, there are 6 levels which maximize the market group: 3 levels make a profit (13 people) - 1 level is even with its potential minimum purchase (16 people) - 1 level makes about half of its potential minimum purchase (20 people).
    Well, first 3 levels are 13% and not 1% (granted I'm not talking millions of dollars).

    Now, as I said in point 1, it isn't mandatory to promote the product in order to use it, nor it is guaranteed that if you choose to promote it you will make a profit .If a profit would be guaranteed, everyone will become rich, this blog will not exist and we will all live happily ever after.
    As far as calling this a pyramid, any organization/company/entity is a pyramid. You have your GM, than your group of VPs that report to the GM, than your managers that report to the VPs and everyone shares the profits of the service/product sold. The GM is taking the biggest cut. It is mandatory to come to work though. :)

  3. A pyramid structure for an organisation is not the same as a pyramid scheme. A corporation (whether it be Coca Cola or USANA) has pyramid structure in place to act as a chain of command. The head person then reports to the Board of Directors. The structure is about organising work flows etc... Everyone gets paid for their time (although at different rates) and everyone comes out with a profit (their salary and wages).

    A pyramid scheme is one where an upline profits directly from their downline. It has nothing to do with structure or organisational work flows. Participants PAY to be part of the scheme (in USANA's case the autoship), and the higher up you are in the pyramid the more money you can potentially make. However if you calculate USANA's compensation plan you will see that 99% of participants will not profit. Watchdog has done this calculation for you if you search this blog.

    This Pyramid Scheme and Pyramid Structure defence is taught to reps when they do their training.

    This is another sick example of how USANA tries to pull the wool over the eyes of people who have limited commercial knowledge.

  4. Pointed 1, You are not a Usana associate , yet with ease you constructed a pyramid of 6 levels having 101 members with 13% making a profit. (not possible in real world). Taking the pills makes you have a positive experience (placebo effect). Paying three times the normal price for vitamin pills would not give your wallet a positive effect.
    80% of the associates drop out every year, when they find out they have been cheated. Tell me what does this drop out rate do to your optimal construct? How did you get 13 in the first 3 levels and 101 in 6 levels?
    Usana associates are a company of one. They are not paid for selling product they are paid based on the forced purchases of the down-line. Selling is very hard, they are all purchasing, (lemming effect) with the dream of riches. You are a very unique person. (a retail customer of Usana)
    In a real company every employee is paid. What would happen to a real company if only 13% of the employees got paid? What would happen in the real world, after the placebo effect wears off, if a Mother finds out that Sonny sold her a product at three time the market price and was involved in a pyramid scheme?

    Do you know who was put in your up-line today?

  5. Well, I'll keep it simple this time. Placebo effect, that's an interesting assessment on how I feel. No comments.
    Second, it seems that no one really knows how the binary system works, nor how much of the actual product cost is returned to the market group. Quite obvious, no one really calculated this. Any argument that the product price is inflated has no real foundation. If you do calculate it however, you'll see that it is in the range of 35%, and this is considering multiple capped trees (thousands).
    - the compensation is not a salary. It is a commission. 100% guarantee of getting paid is when you are an employee with a salary.
    - you are still mentioning 1%...are you referring to people that make millions, because otherwise the math doesn't add up. This becoming somewhat of a myth buster.
    - ethical companies are about products FIRST. In a pyramid scheme, people are compensated for selling the business opportunity. The higher you are in the pyramid, the more money you make. In a pyramid system, members of the pyramid make money when people JOIN, not when they SELL SOMETHING. This is the critical difference between a pyramid scheme and a legitimate network marketing or direct sales opportunity. In a legitimate company, if the person you recruit doesn’t sell something, you don’t make money.
    - you are not forced to have auto-ship (you do lose the right to commission though if you don't). You can always argue that this system was put in place to avoid marketing the opportunity and not the product. Afterall, you do not want to have someone that is inactive and still getting paid nor people joining for the simple promise of riches.
    - people seem to vent their failure experience. This is beyond me. What exactly did you expect, a gold paved road to success ? Do you have any idea how much work is required on any startup business ? Ask around.
    All the posts have the same tune: enriching the top...well what do you want, to enrich the bottom? to have a communist system where everyone is paid the same amount? seriously!
    - no one really said it is easy, no one really said that it is a guaranteed success and if this blog wants to show something, it should be the reality of succeeding with hard facts and real numbers. And also, get real about the product...come with your own scientific tests and stop inferring.
    This is a debate of opinions, interpretations and get the sheep effect, regardless of where you stand in your opinion.

    1. same old replies..... im wondering now if youre really NOT an associate? and i doubt that anyone else here who is not an 'associate' would try to defend usana like you have......

    2. First, I really think that the replies are somewhat of a novelty on this blog, given all the anti Usana propaganda. Second, I'm a user of the products and not an associate. I did read about the business part though and had some fun analysing the posts in this blog.
      And to be transparent with you, given my own experience with the products, I am really giving up to show that this blog is nothing but propaganda made by people who went into this business without knowing their chances of success, who claim they were brainwashed and had zero product focus.
      Everyone's its own! I did enjoy the debates though. Some were funnier than others. Read below the number 1 argument in this blog....look at a binary tree and you'll find that it looks like the side of a pyramid. Lol, still laughing about it.

    3. Only one question... If Myron Wentz truly believed in helping people, why is Usana a public company? Why not keep it privately owned so there would be no need to please shareholders with excessive profits... Then Usana would be a Not For Profit company instead of the blood sucking monster its become...

  6. Keep It Simple,
    I am glad that you are not an associate. You are not being cheated by an unethical company like Usana. It is unfortunate the you are having problem understanding a binary tree. This may help. If you draw a diagram of a binary tree it looks like the side
    of a pyramid.

    Do you know who was put in your up-line today?

    1. Lol. The above is the best argument I've seen so far...draw a binary tree and look at it ! Can't stop myself from laughing. Do I need to look in a special way to see the side of a pyramid ? What if I imagine it in 3D or is it 2D. I really think it looks like a triangle.

    2. Im a fraud examiner. For me, it doesnt take a genius to figure out that USANA is a scam. If more than 80% of ur profits come from recruitment than sales, thats when ths pyramd structure ceases to be legal. In thngs involvng hard earnd money, we should be objective and vigilant. We should all be united in fighting corruption and injustice.

    3. ok keep doing what your doing and you'll probably be rewarded with the nobel peace prize

    4. I think many people do not understand what a pyramid scheme is. When the profit come from recruitment and not product, then it is pyramid. Where as Usana distributor doesn't ear a single cent when their friend sign up as distributor. The profit only came in to the picture when people are actually buying the product. I myself has been a customer for years but never going into the business as I am not someone who can sell.

      But, if you talking about loosing money by consuming the product..Please stop buying food from Macdonald as it doesn't earn you anything. Please stop buying food or any stuff...Because you cant earn money from buying...isn't that simple.


  7. I just recently joined yesterday (Dec. 05, 2013) as an associate of USANA thinking it would HELP my father in his Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Since I am new, I can't comment any negative or positive feedback on the blog being posted. What I know about and I think you should know about too, is that a lot of people who are "MEDICALLY INCLINED", say, doctors and nurses, trusted Usana products, that most of the products help for the recovery and treatment of many diseases and illnesses.

    Secondly, I wanted to share that before I joined Usana, I am in doubt if it is true or not. But carefully studying all the positive and negative reviews from all social sites, blog sites, medical association sites, reviews, and commentary reviews, ALMOST ALL of the negative reviews primary focused on the PYRAMIDING SCHEME and not on the products' effectiveness.

    I would like to put on note that based on my profit calculations (because I am a CPA), initially you will earn net profit of PHP 11,800.00 assuming all the products you purchased at a package price of PHP 37,610.00 (including VAT) will be sold on all of its retail prices totally amounting to PHP 49,410.00.

    If you didn't intend to sell the products but for your own personal use. There is NO LOSS at all because what you are purchasing are the PRODUCTS itself and not the BUSINESS CENTERS (ASSOCIATE POSITION).

    Other people might say, Usana products are overpriced compared with other available products in the market. But do they think what are the factors that affect the price offers of Usana compared with other products??

    I guess, people who comment negatively with regards to PRODUCTS' IMAGE should look on its NUTRITIONAL and ESSENTIAL contents, professional reviews published and sold on PRESTIGIOUS BOOK STORES, RATINGS of multi-vitamins issued by independent parties, and the AWARDS received by the entities.

    I think I gave my feedback fair and just. :)

    1. The "Medically Inclined" people "trust" USANA because they will also profit from marketing the products. (Conflict of interest). Much like the dermatologists here who prescribe their own formulations of skin care. They do that because they can use their medical field expertise to push products to people.

      As said in the product trainings, USANA can only be marketed as aid to cellular function, and not to treat diseases. The thing in the Philippines, is that most associates tell stories of recovery and such, which is NOT ALLOWED based from the company policies.

      And what you said about the Professional reviews on books, read the earlier posts on this blog to find out that the creators of the books were USANA associates (note "were"), who quit Usana and transferred to a newer MLM company with almost the same products as Usana.

      I was a Usana associate and was initially excited in the system, but as I attended trainings and experience the culture, I'm thankful that I was not truly indoctrinated.

      Imagine uplines contacting you to show "concern" because your autoship was unprocessed, or your prospect did not pay in. Or the bragging of rich uplines of their riches and lifestyle (which only a handful will reach and that the riches came from poor people who were suckered).

      If you plan on pursuing Usana, think about these:

      - You'll spend almost P70,000 a year for autoship, do you have the income to sustain that?

      - You'll recuit people who because of promises of riches, may borrow money from others or subtract from their precious savings. Are you okay with the thought of around 1 in 100 of those people who spent money and time will fail? (mostly because of the Usana system itself)

      - And with those people you recuited, they will recruit also, which leads to more people failing, who would be better off had they not join Usana in the first place. Remember the income levels here in the Philippines, where 1 month autoship is almost 80% of the minimum wage.

      It's a network marketing system, will you blindly recruit people or will you consider their current financial status and lifestyle? You will affect the lives of 90% of the people you recruit negatively.

    2. Markie,

      You've clearly done a poor job of researching.

      The only independent review of the products concerning their quality have demonstrated that they are no better than brands you can buy in-store at a fraction of the cost. Review the Wikipedia article on USANA's products to see what Prof. Jean-Louis Brazier of the University of Montreal's Faculty of Pharmacy has to say about them as well as a summation of John Cloud's article for Time Magazine.

    3. From the person who said: "...that a lot of people who are "MEDICALLY INCLINED", say, doctors and nurses, trusted Usana products, that most of the products help for the recovery and treatment of many diseases and illnesses."

      Probably you have to read this, since you're from the Philippines:

      There are NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC claims for UHS Essential Health Philippines, Inc. nutritional supplements in the Philippines.

      It is suggested that you take these products to your physician and secure his or her advice if you intend to change your diet, begin an exercise program, are pregnant or lactating, have allergies, are taking medications or are under the care of a physician. As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating plan and regular exercise are required in order to achieve long-term results. The results will vary.


      Stop fooling other people.

    4. I agree. And ur mentioning thatur a CPA only trashed ur credibility
      even more. Ur analysis doesnt even qualify as one. I am a cpa, fraud examiner, among others, and we have totally oposing views on this. So forget the certifications dFilipin

    5. Anonymous hides in their names. :D They are in fact NOT A CREDIBLE ONE. You hear it from me. ANONYMOUS.

    6. Exactly...I don't know how can someone being consumer expecting they earn money from consuming something or buying something. If someone told u that you earn money from buying at MacD (Example), probably he is the one that is a scammer.

  8. Markie, if the products were legitimately great, they would be retailed in every store.

    There would no need to distribute through MLM, or a forced autoship purchase requirement.

    The products would sell themselves, and competitors will replicate Usana's formulas.

    However, the sad facts are the nutritional benefits are not unique as they are just supplements, reps lie about the magical effects of Usana's products which is illegal contrary to Usana's website which states:

    "USANA products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

    Usana uses the Usana-commissioned The Comparative Guide to help sell more of their Essentials which is dodgey,

    The bottom line is, products sold via MLMs are never the best on the market at all.

    As for the business side of things, what about the running around that you do? The promotional products that you buy, conference costs, your time? 99% of people do not make money with Usana.

    That is why 80% of people quit in the first year, and why MLMs are not sustainable business models.

    A CPA with an MBA

    1. Wow. That seems a bit self defeating on both degrees CPA, and MBA.
      CPA : Unrealistic ROI for corporate USANA. If 80% of the people would quit in the first year, the loss of volume, share and profit would not translate into yearly growth that Usana is showing.
      MBA: I assume you must be familiar with bottom price wars. It is wrong to assume that retail would fair better when retail is often about lowest price, at the expense of quality.
      Further, for both CPA and MBA. Do you know that the payout to associates translates into a 78% mark-up? Do you know that a retail supply chain has costs associated to it and also has a retail mark-up factor on price? Do you really think that the current mark-up based on associate payout will be offset if going retail? Do you know that organic foods have a 100% markup at retail?
      I'd say a CPA with an MBA is a pretty slim credibility factor given the above.
      A PhD in common sense. :D

    2. Very informative! Thank you so much for these informatio. I am about to join USANA tomorrow but not anymore. I even borrowed money from my wife who is DH abroad for this said business but thank you so much because god guided me to land in this page. I will use my wife's money for something else instead.

  9. Wow,

    CPA/MBA is right. Usana can operate stand alone without using the MLM business model if their products are that great. There would be no need for lies and deception to sell their products.

    Usana distributor numbers are flat in established countries. The only way Usana can show growth is by expanding into new markets and/or increase the 4 week autoship to distributors.

    PhD, don't tell me you're a distributor? If you are, your credibility factor is zero. Surely you can see Usana is product-based pyramid scheme where money is made primarily through recruitment and not retail sales.

    1. There's that much people that can buy gummy bears. Market is flat..bla bla bla. You do get I hope the analogy.
      CPA/MBA is right...Really? And you are what? Expert in MLM/Retail ? I haven't read a single sound argument in your post to support this. They can operate in retail because their product is that great? Maybe. Do they want to? Is the market segmentation diversified enough to support a retail strategy? Maybe not. Just look at all the complaints that the products are to expensive. If Usana would be a Ferrari, you would complain that it drives like a car, that you can't do more than 50 anyways and that you are being scammed because Ferrari uses manual processes in their built instead of using automated lines to build their cars. It must be right, you logic says that if something is cheaper, than all products should be as cheap, because any differenciation that may exist must be just a scam.
      And to the point money is made primarly to recruitment, really? "You can see that..." Is somewhat a flaw in your argumentation. You want to make a point, please do. Do use however a construct with some logic built into it. And please, watch dog arguments have been debated in length and not one comes close to a fact. They are only opinions geared towards tarnishing the company image, based on pieces of disconnected information, flawed inferences and biased.

    2. Another poor associate that will waste time and money trying to succeed in MLM.

      When a business opportunity is presented BOTH pros and cons should be assessed.

      Presenters will exaggerate their earnings and sell the dream of getting rich but not mention the real statistics.

      Yes, the start costs may be low to be an associate or distributor, but the cons are that you are very much UNLIKELY to succeed and earn an income.

      Do USANA recruiters say that they are only 250,000 or so current distributors and 60,000 preferred customers after 21 years in business? Do they say that there are 1.5 million ex-associates? That 80% of new associates drop out after one year? I don't think so.

      Those figures speak for themselves. Get out now and do something more meaningful in life than follow a false dream.

    3. ex-silver director 2009

      @ Dec 12 gummy bears

      when you buy gummy bears you don't have to buy it monthly and lie to people it cures things.
      What they mean by operating retail is that Dr. Wentz claims the products will help rid of deceases by giving what the cells needs. In Convention and trainings associates claim it cures or as they can legally say HELP with sickness. If this were true going retail is the fastest way to spread the product. Not by selling dreams. So many people quit. You would think if the products cured then they would give it away to family.
      Dr. Wentz claims that he wants the associates to be rich in $ and also in health. Doesn't he know more people are losing $ more than gain? So you we can safely say that Dr. Wentz manipulates when it comes to money.
      You are comparing USANA to Ferari. Well no one buys Feraris for full price brand new and resell it on ebay for half price. Feraris are rare not as mass produced as a healthpak so that's one of the reasons it is expensive. Ferari claims it can reach 180mph or more and its proven. Usana claims it can cure decease not proven. So your 50 mph scam analysis is stupid.

      Usana's image is that they are nice people, nice company. It's too bad it is MLM and the comp plan is design to ruin your pockets. People on this blog have proven and shown the math on how you will fail. Why don't USANA associates say something mathematically.

      you're just another associate that is brainwashed. I use to be brainwashed by Aaron Dinh and we use to think is he GOD... I also use to brainwash associates with these comparisons that you are saying. Analyze what you just compared to USANA to. Hopefully you wake up like I did and be true to the real world.

      We can not know for sure if 80% is the drop out rate but it is close to that. I can tell you that I knew 15 gold directors in our Group Next evolution. most of their teams are new every year. Only the Gold directors stay because they have so much pride not to quit. In reality Gold directors are broke I promise you. My best friend was gold and I saw all her paychecks. Some of my checks were 3000$ and there were months were her leg wasn't balanced and no cash out for months. the numbers watchdog are typing here came from usana but in reality the numbers are actually worse because you're not counting all the expense that go with the business like gas, clothes, food, time, paying for people to hit positions, business investments like ads, online stuff and much more.

    4. Wow, well said. I especially liked the part about the legs not being balanced. if all Usana cared about was selling product, and they truly wanted their distributors to make lots of money, then why on earth would they only pay the smaller of your two legs? it's just an easy money-grab for them. scammers gonna scam.

    5. ever heard of something called tax deductions? great invetion :D

  10. Im a Gold Director of USANA... an. associate can earn commissions without any downline. Your Personal Sales Volume can be converted to Group Sales Volume(which is commisionable) . So we earn not because people sign up. We do recruitment to expand the market reach.

    re.autoship- no inventory means dead business. if an associate chose not to purchase. he wont be removed from distributorship. its his choice.

    re statistics of success in usana: yes low, much like to any businesses or corporate. any other field,only few men reach success. So its not USANA's. Most people simply start something and quit in the middle. Only few persevere.

    1. ex-silver director 2009

      they keyword is "you can" earn commissions without any down line (meaning selling products only)..... but is it worth it?

      you would need 500 points on the left 500 on the right to make $100... autoship is atleast $130 for a Healthpak.. how many Personal sales will you need to sell every 28 days to break even? I use to be a one of the top PC enroller in USANA before (8 PC enrolled in a week you'll be on there so its nothing to brag about) and the number 1 PC enroller in usana (in the whole USA) spondered about 261 PC's in the year 2008 with an average of 30 points each customer.. that's 7,830 points for the year and on average the Preferred customer will stay on autoship 2-3 months.. some of those 261 pcs were bought by the enroller himself with cash just to be recognized as the top enroller... so lets say you need 1500 points per 28 days to pay for auto ship .... 1500 divided by 2 for LEFT and RIGHT leg that's 750 each leg for a total of $140 commission so you can pay for healthpak..

      you would need 19500 points to break even for the year if you buy the cheapest autoship.... if you see the math...........even the #1 top PC enroller in the U.S.A can not make a profit on Product sales alone... (not counting time prospecting which cost $)

      so as far as autoship.. if so many people just stay on autoship theres no way everyone can make their $ back.... most of the product profit goes to all those employees in UTAH.. the lifestyle of the owners and top diamonds that LIE everyday.. how do you think they can pay for that big building in usana and all those things.... so many have to lose.... its like a big religion in UTAH that suck $ out of the people..

      what is the definition of success to you? whatever your definition is hundreds will lose at the bottom and that's not success to me.. so many were lied to at the bottom definitely immoral even if you think you succeeded..

      to the gold director... please show me how you hit GOLD on products alone and I will personally quit my job and join your downline ASAP..

    2. I made 18K on the 1st year flex time while working a full time job.
      Sounds like you still don't know how the system works.
      You can't just earn that much with 1 BC. You need 3 at least. I have 2 BC that's why if one fails the other continues.. but both happen to grow. It's like hedging.. opening 3 store at different locations instead of 1..while it only cost 2 autoshipments... whereas if you open 3 stores in the real world, you need to pay 3 times the amount for the rents... 10 stores.. 10 x.. I have 10 bc, I only pay for 2.

      I seen someone who has 10 BC and each one is earning them at least $100 bucks PER BC PER week. Think. 10 bc x $100 per week = $1000 per week..= about 4k per month while only needing to pay $250 per month. Or say even if a few didn't earn $100 or say $50 bucks.. that still nets about 2 to 3k.. (10bc x $50 per week = 500 per week whichis aobut 2000 per month) while only paying $250 per month.

      If you only have 1 bc and it's only having 100 dollar per week. that is $400 or 1 bc and only having $50 per week that is like $200.. but you only have 1 bc so you pay only like $120 per are still gaining.

      Yes, to achieve $50 or $100 for 1 bc is hard, but once momentum keeps going AND you start your 2nd and third, it is easy. Like they saying earning the 1st million or whatever is hard, but after that it's easy. Same here. earning consistency with first bc is hard, but after that it's easy. You don't know how many people kept at it and once one bc is stable, 2nd 3rd, 4th 5th are much easier as they only have to do 1/2 the effort.

      Like I say you obviously do not understand the system to the fullest.

    3. I think you were totally indoctrinated by the training and now being blinded by the few initial bucks you are getting which will eventually gone when your downlines realized the poor system and quit.

    4. hmm.. let's see.. I started this in 2011 and still at it..

      Made 18k 1st year, almost 24K 2nd year, over 13K 3rd year by not doing much and made 8K in 4th year without doing anything other than ordering product when clients need them at their request. This year so far 5k...and didn't do ANYTHING other than ordering when clients need them again.. last 2 years, I didn't initial anything, all the orders are from past client which I contacted first 2 years.

      So my first 2 years was intense..and the last 2 so far didn't do much but still have residual coming in. Not bragging as these amounts are not much..but showing you I'm not doing much but still getting 5k in DUE TO MY INITIAL INTENSE work the first 2 years.

      So explain how am I being blinded by the few initial bucks? I'm still at it after 4 or 5 years.. and so are my downlines and clients.. so explain to me how are they eventually gone? Yeah, the ones who quit because they didn't have time and also get brainwashed by non believers. But without them still doing fine.
      Yeah there are ones who left because after a few months, they have no downline and decided to stop..but they never stop ordering because they like the product since it works.

    5. In response to "Made 18k 1st year, almost 24K 2nd year, over 13K 3rd year by not doing much and made 8K in 4th year without doing anything other than ordering product when clients need them at their request. This year so far 5k...and didn't do ANYTHING other than ordering when clients need them again."

      How many USANA associates did you accumulate in your downline(s) during those years? How many did you personally recruit?

  11. Waiting for reply fr d gold director before i decide to join usana

  12. Same here! 19yrold from Philippines.

    1. haha I wouldn't hold my breath...........

    2. it's true then, silence means yes :D

  13. I personally know this gold director from batangas. He sells his products in a per tablet pack other than the per bottle where he also profits, with this method he reaches those who can't afford a one time payment for the bottle which he retails on a 32% markup. Though "no downline" may be an exaggeration but what he means is he doesn't have that big of an organization. He survives with product sales alone because people go back to him/her because of the product's effectiveness.

    I am a Silver Director in 4 months which is not bad. I started doing the because me and my family felt the effects (weight loss and hypertension relief). Now the good thing about the business is that your name wont be tainted for scamming or anything. The people who i sold the products last september (who didn't join as a distributor by the way) are the same group who came back last month to re-purchase the products , because they personally felt the positive effects. Now imagine you increase this number to a whole municipality , now that is how he/she got gold.

    1. You cannot reach gold by selling product retail, especially the way you mentioned. The only way to reach Gold is by having either preferred customers who purchase over $10,000 worth of product every week for 4 consecutive weeks (over $40,000). Not a fat chance in hell for that to happen with preferred customers.

      The only other way to reach Gold is to recruit a very large number of new distributors into their downline who purchase over $40,000 worth of product within a 4 week period. Not to mention the points have to be balanced in your downline.

      USANA would be better suited marketing Kool-Aid....

    2. you know what, I was wondering why you are very affected with USANA's marketing plan or the way they market their product. And you seemed like to know the compensation plan very well. May I ask, are you a USANA associate before?

      You know what, you are trying to misled people with the way you are giving reviews about the company. You could have help them. You should have joined the company so you will know how it works. Do you think your bias here? You are just basing your research to people who have failed in USANA because they are too lazy to work. Do you think the richest man in the world just sat down and make trillions and billions? They worked hard to reach there dreams. I pity you all narrow minded people.

    3. Millions of people in the world are getting scammed by multilevel marketing companies who deceive and mislead them to get them to sign up as a distributor thinking they are going to make a lot of money when in fact 99% are destined to lose money by design of the compensation plan / business model. Clasic pyramid schemes have a 90% failure rate. But when you through a product in the mix, the failure rate goes to 99%. MLMs are much worse than classic pyramid schemes.

      I have never been a distributor of any MLM and never will. One does not need to fail at something to know it is a scam.

      I am helping people. I'm providing information that USANA does not want people to know about.People who "fail" in MLM are not lazy. Do you really think 99% of those who join are "Lazy"? Those that profit in MLM do so by recruiting hundreds and hundreds of people by selling them the dream of becoming rich. If recruitment of new distributors halted for 1 year, all of these Golds, Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds, and Star Diamonds would lose almost their entire downline. As a result, all of them would quit and join a different MLM company. Why? Because the products are worthless because there is almost zero demand for the product. They are extremely overpriced.

      Good Luck

    4. To Anonymous for July 10, 2015:

      TWO THUMBS UP... well said.

      As I'm reading his/her articles, I think he/she joined but out of desperation...

      By the way I'm not an ASSOCIATE.


  14. I was about to join USANA but then I did some research and stumbled upon this site. Glad I read the comments especially from ex-silver director. After reading through, I really noticed that when they invite you to join, they really aren't telling you everything you need to know. Glad I was able to hold on to my hard earned money. Now I feel bad for my friend who recently joined.

  15. Hello everybody, i am an associate of usana here in the Philippines and really struggling with their compensation plan. Usana limits us of up to 5000 points only in their binary system and the rest of points you earned will be wasted to nothing. The problem is that you will loose all your points if you don't have a 28 day cycle auto order which is very much unfair to us. Hence, we promote usana for free.

  16. Oh my. My brother and his wife were about to join USANA the other night but due to some failure with his card, they weren't able to finish the transaction.
    They want to join, aside from the effects of the product as it was said to us, because the recruiter showed a rather high end lifestyle. They bought a condo unit and had a really nice car and was very good at marketing the business opportunity. I was also very much drawn to find the money and join as well but I had a strong urge to do more research before joining.

    I believe that there is a big opportunity to earn a lot of money from USANA but if it means tricking other people to believe that they will be as rich as the ones before us for the sake of getting them as down lines then I'd rather find a guilt free source of income.

    I am very thankful to this website. :( I was trying to save up $400 to join the business and it may be a small amount to some but it is a lot to me. I am just 22 and I don't have much but I am very interested in investing my money well for a comfortable future and with a comfortable future I mean sleeping well at night. Thank you! Thank you so much! :D

    I will warn my brother and share this website. Their decision is not in my hands but I hope this opens their eyes.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Wow, this poster I had to delete used about 15 different vulgar words. Amazing.

  18. Is there anyone from usana to defend their side.. :-(

  19. I am not an associate of the Company. However, I buy the product and use it personally. I am using it for over a year now. I see good results and has value for your money. Research on its health benefits, you'll be amazed. I am thinking of joining just to get the cheapest price. But no intention of recruiting and earning.

  20. I was a past distributer, liked the products, got to where I could not afford them or afford being a distributer...

  21. Not an associate

    If you buy the product and use it personally then you will know it is not a good value for the money. The price is too high.
    There is no reason to join to get the low price. Usana products can be purchased on Ebay for almost a 50% discount from the suggested retail price. The black market has better prices than USANA.
    How were you able to determine that the "good results" you see were not just the placebo effect or from some other cause? I would be amazed if you could find any scientific research that documented the health benefits of Usana's products.

    Do you know who was put in your up-line today?

  22. Im a USANA user for 3 years now. I don't care about the price, yes it is a bit expensive compared to others but It always give me an extra energy to deliver my work that gives me 2000USD/day. I am happy with it.

    1. Anonymous 12/6

      Kudos fellow Usana user. Who cares about the price when health is a priority, isn't it?

      I'm a user only from 10/14 and the effects afterwhich? Nothing fancy - consistent good night sleep, maintained weight loss, better digestion. All friends I know of say the same and a meager 16% of them say better - no hypertension, no LBM, no asthma, no reading glasses to name a few. Still no fancy there.

      Consumer only. Me joining? Maybe. Listening part is done. Motivation needs to come soon though.

  23. Replies
    1. Do not be confuse. That only shows that your values and morals are in tact. Just do not be trapped in the forever recruitment of downline to earn money.

  24. Don't Care

    Only Usana's Distributors don't care about the price.
    Then they discover that no one will purchase the product retail at that price.
    They discover that the price on Ebay is 50% lower than the suggested retail price.
    Then they read the label and find out that there is no scientific evidenced that Usana's products cure anything.
    Do yourself a favor and admit you have been had, hoodwinked, swindled, deceived by Usana and your up-line. And, you in turn are doing the same to to your friends and relatives. I don't believe you are making $2000/per day, To do that you would have to have a down line of thousands and boiler room operation behind you..
    You can't con me. Usana products are not just a bit expensive. they cost 1, 2 or even three times more. Quit making stuff up.

    Do you know who was put in your up-line today?

  25. just curious, do you hate/dislike USANA the product itself or just their pyramiding scam or both? if your answer is the first one, have you tried it or do you know anyone who tried it and had bad effects on him or her or you are just basing it on the articles you have read from here and there?

    btw, i am a USANA user along with my families and friends and we have not regretted it since. We are only users and not associates. I listened to them once to join but didn't understand the system much so i opted not to join. however, the product itself is working great so we are using it. in our case, it is working better than other vitamins/supplements we have tried before. even better than the commercialized/popular ones in the market.

    About the price, I think it's the same as Centrum as long as the person or the establishment/store you are buying it from does not add up a hefty amount to it for their own profit.

  26. just to reiterate, i don't like their scheme but their product is amazing. that is based on personal experience and from other people's experience, other people that i personally know.

  27. I do benefit on using the product, my wife does benefit, my Dad and my Mom benefit on it when it comes to health, by the way their doctors was glad at their lab results. My sister and her husband benefit after using USANA Products leaving popular tv products that cause them bad side effects. I am also surrounded with people and friends that later turned to USANA Products after they doubted their doubt... He he... I am Confident on the Product Effectiveness... I am not ashamed to share good news to others... If there is a good product its not to be ashamed off. (MLM is Not Perfect it's just Better - better than Traditional way of Business) - (for those who want to get rich without working hard - Try the Town Lottery). By the way... There's nothing more precious than having a healthy body... what's the value of having money but poor in health... Use it to buy medications? hospital expenses? etc.... Yet health investments can be done early.... Thanks for the Analysis of Watch Dog... your an Amateur... this proves me never to listen to someone like you.... from now on I would listen from a Pro... (",)

    1. Do you know how many joined and left the company within a 1 year period? Do you know how much money they invested without even making any profit? Most of the associate or sales agent joins the company with the premise of making a profit. But in reality, the number of people leaving the company without any gain is far much higher than those who ranked advance to the gold directorship. You are blinded with your peers that is why you cannot accept the fact that you are using the money of other people for the benefit of you and your upline. It is just like embracing the concept of "the ends justifies the means". So even if 90% of people who will join and eventually leave the company will not earn any penny or worst have a credit card balance that is hard to recover, you will still claim that this is a good business knowing some few who gained from doing the business.

    2. "for those who want to get rich without working hard - Try the Town Lottery". why do this when you can do usana instead? isn't this what the upline/recruiter sells you? that's why many people are deceived because they think it's easy to earn money here, you just have to invite right? and even if you they tell you that you have to work hard and never stop inviting, you still have to pay that auto order correct? Earning or not. WAKE UP people the only way you can succeed here is to cheat, deceive and fool a lot of people to be on the top. That also includes your friends, officemates and even God. Uplines will even use God in their "campaign", posting that they are blessed, like thanking the Lord for all the blessings, and all those crap. If you're a true Christian you won't be deceiving people for money. These uplines will tell you anything you want to hear, use your emotions and your dreams just to have you join them and milk you your money

  28. don't believe your upline buying new cars condo units etc. In reality they are just debts, bought(still not owned) through bank loans. Remember here in the

    Philippines you can easily buy a new car through financing, ie. downpayment of php50K then the rest 5yrs to pay with interest. ANYONE can buy a car with this mode of

    payment (ie thru savings/monthly income from office work). Yet they will deceive you that through USANA they have bought a new car etc, that within a couple of months

    they have already earned this much. This is not true at all, and through this deception of other people that they will get their money to pay off these debts.This is

    a fact, I know this thru experience :(

  29. Usana is a legitimate company. People who usually call a legitimate company a scam are those who were unsuccessful in MLM. Yes it is hard to find prospects on who will buy the products but then again, does this not apply to almost every business? Honestly those who come into the MLM type of business expect to have profits right away so most of these associates are disappointed when they find that these expectations are not met. MLM takes a lot of hard work and persistence. It's not for everyone. Not every one is made for this type of business so as a result 85% of these people quit. Honest money does not come easy so is the case with Usana. If profits comes so easily then maybe that is the time someone should consider whether a business is legitimate or a scam.

  30. I am in Usana but among those 80-90% who quit after 1 year.

    Maganda ang products ha. Pero primarily I joined to do the business. While it is true that those in the upper part of the hierarchy are earning millions for diamonds, at least Php100k for gold and less than half of that for directors, the new recruits are earning very little to nothing. Kayo po tayong mga downlines ang bumubuhay sa mga naka-una sa inyo, kaya 'wag mag quit ha?

    Naks, hanapan nyo nga ng BIR tax returns ang mga yan kung nag-rereport ba kasi hindi naman sila nagbabayad ng buwis.. Ang Usana nagre-report as a distribution office sa Pinas pero individually, walang income na dine-declare to BIR ang mga malaki daw kuno ang income nila. Bakit wala, cannot afford ba to pay taxes pero nakabili daw ng car through Usana so kuwan-- ano ba yan? Nag-pray pa during the business meetings. Honest daw but not when it comes to taxes. Kasi, binubulsa lang kasi ang taxes. Ganon?

    It is not scam considering that those who are earning have worked their way up to earn it for more than 2-5 years already kasi 6 year old pa lang siya sa Pinas. I understand more are enticed about the potential income. Pero, babagsak din siya the way sales are declining sa US, Singapore and other countries. Bakit, coz the people have realized lugi pa la. Ang nagkakapera ang nauna lang.

    Let me tell you Php100k+ po ang binayad ko to be where I am. Meaning, pwede mo po bilhin ang rank mo. And if you are willing to pay more than Php30k+ for registrarion, go ahead. The next step is pipilitin ka to come up with Php100k-200k of downline purchases from your recruits to hit PPPS. Kung di mo kaya kasi may deadline to hit it, eh magbayad ka! Kaya pa? Kinaya ko po bayaran. Putangina! Na brain wash eh sa lifetime opportunity daw. Paghuminto ka, lifetime pa ba?

    Take note, potential income. Meaning, you have to religiously follow the program to earn. Do you have Php30k to begin with? Kasi, ang gimik nang iba pinapa re-enrol ka kapagka Php16k lang ang kinuha mo before or user account lang or di ka nakakuha ng PPPS.

    I tell you pwede po kayo mag Usana member kahit Php3k lang pera mo. Pero, they don't tell you that. Sayang ang points eh na dapat makuha nang nagrecruit sa 'yo at willing ka naman magbayad. It is a copy business daw and I am just copying my upline's notes. Wow, kay naman pala ang daming points nila. Yes, especially if Php30k+, 500points yan ha and matching points left and right in the tree of your uplines' means that is their passport to travel incentives.

    Sana, dumiritso na ako sa U.S.with my Php100k+. Pang airplane ticket ko pa naman yon.

    Do you have the money to auto order more or less Php10k every month? Diyan po kung saan galing ang commissions na binubulsa na mga uplines ninyo -- of course, a portion goes back to the product cost, company maintenance before the commissions.

    Let us say, pwede daw kukuha kahit magkano, brothers and sisters, sa Usana po, you are not entitled to commissions if you do not auto order 100 pts every month. Entitlement pa lang yan! If your downline purchase points left and right do not reach at least 125 pts left and right ni singko wla ka matatanggap. Carry over daw ang points, wala po carry over kapatid kung wala kang auto-order of at least Php7k every month.

    Sa kaka-introduce mo, di ba pinapa-utang mo? Cge nga tulangan 'nyo ako maningil ng Php30k sa mga nangutang sa akin.

    Tapos, next month, hala, auto order sched na naman.

    Yung mga gold na yan, sobra isang libo po ang downlines nyan. Asan ko hahanapin ang 1k katao para mag gold din? Wala po akong simbahan na itinayo na ready maging downlines.

    Kaya pala parang prayer meeting ang business meeting namin na bayad ka kada meeting attended eh, ang buong ka-simbahan ang ni registro as member ng pastor namin.

    (Usana EXPOSED.)

    1. Hi,

      Im getting dizzy reading your taglish. Its a way better reading in a fully english dude. Some of the readers are not from the philippines.
      *sorry for commenting my friend.

    2. It made more sense once I copied it into the Google Translator. Although I am still confused about what point he or she was trying to make.

    3. I'm a Filipino and for the sake of other people reading this, the point he/she is trying to make is that you would have to spend more with usana just to earn less than what you spent or worst none at all. She mentioned that you can actually buy a certain rank for a cost if you have much money for that rank that you want to have. She have spent roughly $3000-$5000 with usana. She was promised that it will be a lifetime opportunity but it turned out as a lie. She also mentioned that for a gold director rank, you would have to invite 1,000 people.

    4. What the hell!! Kaya pala pinipilit ako isali ng kaibigan ko diyan... Ngayong kasali na ako wala ako mabentahan ng products ko...

    5. " in Usana but among those 80-90% who quit after 1 year. "

      How do you become a member for just P3000? Is it really possible? My friends are about to register under one name membership just to avail of member's price, so we're going to pool our cash to have P16k. But now thinking hard because of this blog. Thanks!

  31. Mister Watch Dog, where did you get your findings about USANA? CIA? NBI? MBI? MIB? Or are you some kind of 007? Can you please present documents, papers etc to prove your points not just flowery poisonous words? Please please..

    1. Which point exactly would you like me to provide references or documentation on?

  32. "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." Clearly, you don't know what you are talking about. Ang business hindi magic. Kung my gusto kang marating pag hirapan mo. Pag nag business ka ng restaurant or grocery store makukuha mo ba agad in 6 months yung capital mo?

    I am in Usana but among those 80-90% who quit after 1 year. >>> Nag quit ka kase pera lang habol mo. It's very clear sa statements mo. Usana is a team business. Oo my points mga upline mo pero mas malaki pa rin points na makukuha mo sa pinaghirapan mo. Napaka obvious ng crab mentality sayo. If your aim talaga is to help your family and other people then you will not be saying these things. The business is not for you kase nag quit ka hindi dahil kasalanan ng USANA or ng upline mo. 90% ng nangyayari sa buhay natin decision natin.

    1. english, please. thank you.

  33. This is totally crap. People, do your own research before you believe in rumors that will hinder you from good health and financial success. Don't get trapped in information with no factual evidences. Stop the crab mentality! Why will you listen to USANA Watchdog? Ano na ba narating nya?

    1. ikaw po ano na ba narrating mo? can you share the reasons why we should just dismiss usana watchdog?

  34. Everybody who commented as associates, comment again in one year and share your experience. Then 2 years after that, so that future generations learn the pros and cons. I for one experienced the products. MLM, as a marketer who devices systems like these, just dont involve close friends and family on the business side. If hardwork is your argument and not quiting early, then for the same investment, and same hardwork, traditional business will work too. Learn to calculate economics and projections, then dissect the business plan, and see the swot of the parent business and this will all make sense.

    1. problem is the successfull mlmer are the one who are train to tune out negativity and ignore them as they are invisible, so you will never be able to see them posting here as to them they feel like they are wasting their valuable time and can use that to build their business as oppose to arguing with ppl about it.. when you argue, you don't win anything anyways. no point.

  35. I would like to thank you for your blog, it is really helpful. I was invited by a close friend to join usana and I will be attending the orientation tomorrow.

    I need your help, I really don't have an idea about this one, I read your articles and the comments section were so amazing. What help do I need? I want to know what series of questions I can ask their leader/facilitator, maybe questions that will lead to them being exposed that we will not really earn anything. I'm not sure what and how to do it. Please help me. What do I need to tell them? What questions should I ask?

    Thank you

  36. ikaw po ano na ba narrating mo? can you share the reasons why we should just dismiss usana watchdog?

  37. I am about to join Usana this week. Whatever you negatrons say, it doesn't matter. It's just a matter of mind setting..positive mind setting. Business is business. There's always pros and cons. But with perseverance you will succeed. To those who are hesitant, you know yourself better than anyone else so why listen to them. Just make sure that you're fully hearted before entering this business. Don't be afraid to take chances..remember by the end of it all we only regret the chances we didn't take. If you fail, move on. If it's not for you, then it's not yours.

    1. When you fail to retail any product, convince only 2 or 3 of your friends, family members, neighbors, or coworkers to become preferred customers, finding yourself focusing primarily on recruiting new distributors by selling people business opportunities, dumping hundreds of dollars into product to be commission qualified that you only manage to give away as samples, and in the end have made no profit, come back here and let us know what you think then.

    2. Join ariix coz ung imperfection ng USANA was resolved and to think na ung top executives ng nila and key leaders 3 years ago and management team at Founders ng Ariix. You can watch , We are putting up here sa Phils kc sooner or later they will be big satin dito sa Pinas..

    3. what ung are ung you ung smoking ung.
      I ung would ung like ug to ung have ung some ung to!

  38. I have joined Usana Philippines 2 years ago. But I was dismayed with how uplines handles their downlines. Most likely I saw them treat them as slaves. haha! Yeah, annoying text messages and showing concerns but will just try to check if you have reached the quota or bought any products. I am now here in Singapore and started using Usana again when I was pregnant. Believe me or not, I experienced the positive effects on my health and baby. I didn't fell ill even my officemates are down with flu and cough. My sense of breathlessness disappeared when I took the biomega. Compared to other products that I tried. This is the best one. But sadly, it's in MLM. Why? Because the company can mark-up the products higher than opening it in the market. Plus free sales men. The price of every MLM products is really overpriced to cater the MLM scheme. If this is on the market I bet it would be cheaper. I hope so. Now, I am pondering if I'll join. I can't imagine stressing myself to spend $250 a month here in Singapore just to maintain it. Those who succeed have alot of recruits who continuously use the product and join the MLM scheme. True, not all are inclined in selling and marketing. I was thinking to join trainings so I can also use it on my future business. haha! it's free right? But I don't see it as long term. I don't like also the idea that most downlines are suffering while ups are getting all the money. I don't see this MLM as fair.

    1. Going retail means your product will be placed side by side other similar products in store shelves. Thus, to be able to sell, the company should engage in extensive advertising costs- TV commercials, celebrity endorsers, sponsorship activities and the like.

      Whereas, in MLM the company utilizes the effort of its associates, members, whatever names you give them to advertise the product.

      The price, therefore of a product includes the all the costs necessary to make it salable. At least in MLM, associates/members are the ones benefiting and not the TV stations or the celebrities.

    2. Those that can spend $250 per month got there by selling overseas to china. Recruiting LOCALLY alone can't get you there as that can be saturated You need to expand elsewhere. There is a trick in the system that USANA themselves is getting shafted by their own members and they don't know. How embarrass for them. Maybe they know, but they don't care because it's money they care. Who knows.

      Look the product is not bad. But it's the distributors who are the problem. They look nice and be nice to you etc, but once you turn away and not do usana after talking more into it with you, they careless about you. Yes. That's how it is. Why? It's because they don't want 'negatively' affecting people to affect them.

      Also they like to flaunt what they supposely have but doesn't have sometimes just to get you into the game. They are saying "you want to live like me with going on vacations etc, then join usana!". They say it indirectly by flaunting their vacation that usana gives them.

      This is a sign of ultimate insecurity. Does bill gate flaunt? Does steve job flaunt No. Only insecure people have to show off.

  39. Usana's vitamins will be more expensive if it goes retail. Factory>National Distributor>Advertisement>Local Distributor>Whole Saler>Retail. Vs direct selling Factory>Distributor>customer.

    Centrum costs 12 php per tablet myra e is 25 php and 4g is 23 per tablet. If you compare it to usana essentials it will cost 13-15 pesos per tablet. Essentials have all the vitamins/nutrients/ and anti oxidants the body needs. So with just 28-30 peso a day will can give your body the optimal health you need.

    Filipinos are used to "tinge" but if you check the price per tablet its is just almost the same. It looks expensive but bottle of essentials last 3months and 12 days.

    Im a distributor and mlm is your own business. If you read magazines entreprenuership, direct selling is also included as a business of your own.

    1. d-mn..analysis per pill. (value and cost per pill) now what are you going to say watchdog. I thought you are a techie. Didn't you know this already?!

  40. is this true? kindly reveal the evidences behind. thank you.

  41. we should understand that when you join USANA, you are entering into a business venture. A new business requires you to develop your product, hire and train people, find a location, advertise etc. USANA is not so different from a typical business venture that you know of. Being a member of USANA will just make you a dealer or a distributor and you earn through selling the product.

    USANA is not for everybody. So if you believe that USANA is not the type of business model for you, then do not join. I would agree with what others have commented that failing in this endeavor is completely a matter of choice. Any business endeavor will not make you rich unless you have full understanding of how the business work.

    1. you're right.

      BUT problem is NOT with the product.

      Problem is with the distributors.
      They turn evil.
      They take advantage of others.
      You not usana? You not friend. (chinese accent in their mind)

      It trickles down.
      They say it's all for your benefit, yet it is for their own benefits MORE.

      They say they want to help you and genuinely want to help you. But yet, ask them back this questions:
      If you really want to help, are you willing to do this for free. You see, you cannot say help because there is a conflict of interest. You are selling the product but saying it helps them. It is different if you are NOT selling the product and not getting any financial gains from it. So my question for you to ask them is this: since you are the owner, you can control whether or not the person you want to help have to pay for it. Since that is the case, why not give the product away for free when you say you want to help. Or give the box away or something away for free and then if they want more, they buy. Most won't want to give it for free..or will try to compensate it back. So much for 'helping'. There is not 'helping' in business. It's misrepresentation.

      Also it is a sales business. So one day your downline is your 'friend'. Next day she is your 'enemy' because you bind/steal her prospect who has been following up for long time. Prospect knows all and finally about to join. But then your upline steals her away. How will you feel? If it's cross-line, it' different, but it's an upline. Do you get it into your thick skull? Upline stole your prospect. It's like your boss stealing your client.

      But others say it cannot be because if you as a downline earn money, upline earn money, blah.. WRONG. it's HALF true/false. Upline stole your prospect so they can become sponsor and get more money. Also they can put it ANYWHERE not in your line. This is so much for 'being' your mentor/friend. It's more like being a traitor.

      surprising thing is that USANA supports this. They lik eyou to fight for it. Dog eat dog so they reap profit.

    2. And watch out for your upline. If they care, great. But if they care, they have ulterior motives which only later that you will know. Watch do they take advantage of you by using your address or making you order more with your own money or your own credit card which they will repay. But still that is still using you. Do they keep pushing you to do things. Even if you don't admit they are because you are in denial, they are.

      A good upline will care but leave you be. But will mentor push you a little bit if you need to and really understand. But if you need help, they will help. If you are busy with your life, they will understand. They are not obsess with usana. Those are good upline. Bad ones are obsess with usana. Take note.

      Now if the upline doesn't care as much, it might be that they are short time thinkers or just join or have no clue. You are just a number. So let's see if you yourself will continue. If so , great and don't settle into a bad or one with ulterior motives upline.

  42. If MLMer is not sucessful, dont blame the company, blame yourself.MLM is a leadership business not all is about money.

    1. You are funny.
      Your comments are also funny.
      Your comments are also contradictory
      You say:
      "MLM is a leadership business not all is about money"

      But business is about money. So how can it not be about money fool.

      So if it's not about money, how about you don't earn any commission or money and just do MLM for fun! Such a fool.

    2. You are funnier.
      He said, "MLM is a leadership business not all is about money." Please read again and laugh at yourself.

  43. well, just look at the products and the benefits you will get from it. We all know that good products cost high because of the quality. There may be a problem with the way the distributors lure the other people to join the business but it has nothing to do with the products' effectiveness. Users of USANA have testified that the products have good effect so I guess that what matters the most. USANA Watchdog had missed pointing out the quality of the product. He/She attacked only the business that affects the whole system including the product. The quality and effectiveness of the product are two of the big factors why people promote the product and eventually make it as a business too. Maybe some other people look at the amount of money they will gain according to the promoters that's why they join the business but that is not a guarantee that the system is bad or scam or something. In MY OPINION, this kind of business is really competitive that you have to do your best to earn by selling the products or by recruiting others to join the system also that maybe is the negative the side. However, your blog sir/madam is somewhat a little bit bias to the company because you have not given any space for the positive side of it, that is the products. You should have at least balanced your blog by giving the two sides of the coin to avoid conflict between the pro and anti- USANA. With your blog you have just declared that the company's system or rather the company itself is not a good when some people are successful because of it. Shouldn't you have atleast consider the positive side of the company's system?..just stating my opinion.

  44. anyway health is wealth that's important. If the product has a good effect on the users then that's good. For the distributors, they have to sell the products so they have to use their charm of words to sell the products, however, they have to be fair also in the doing their business. They should atleast share the advantages and disadvantages of the the product and the business system as well. Leave the decisions to the listener if the he/she will take the business or leave it. but Is the company to be blame if the people who failed in this business, failed just because they were deceived the with fortunes presented to them? Isn't it that it is also the fault of the involved people because they allowed themselves to be lured without any further investigation of the business?

  45. In my younger years I joined 3 different network marketing companies in the Philippines with absolute discipline, determination and values.

    Fast forward 15 years later (5 years networking, 10 years conservative business)

    What I've learned and compared
    1) Networking is not a business because you cannot create your own business model because everybody sells the same stuff at the same price everywhere VS
    With regular business you can create your own USP through different unique types of business model even though it can be the same product

    2) Networking is not really generous
    I've heard a lot of people saying they are generous with their events, incentives and activities unlike a regular company towards its employees.
    If a traditional business would not secure the salaries and benefits of it's employees month by month year after year then it's easy to put grand parties if the only concern of the traditional business is paying out commissions and no salaries.

    3) The mother networking company has employees and you don't!
    Think about it! The main reason networking companies can survive decades is because they are the real company and they own the business model. They have people who market and sell their product not for retail but to continuously recruit members. These employees serve the bottomline of the company and not the individual members. Now once you join the game you don't get any piece of the pie that the USANA employees contribute to the company, you really have to sweat all you time, money and energy to build your own group. If you really think about it all the resources given to USANA will stay with USANA but your group may anytime disappear because they would soon realize that the cost to benefit ration is really low or most of the time negative.

    Looking back at my networking years I would always say it was a tuition fee in learning on how to grind, hustle and do guerrilla type of sales and marketing.

    Where I am now? I have successfully established a local BPO company with 300 people and growing for the last 10 years based on the character I already have even before I started networking.

    Discipline, determination and values

    In all fairness I've learned a lot in networking but looking back there's NOWAY I would've made money out of it and all the who's who people in networking before have also given up that flawed business opportunity model.

    What's the takeaway?
    If you haven't joined - DON'T!

    Last but not the least, never sell who you really are and what you stand for in the longterm.
    Don't get to brainwashed, life does not begin and also end with networking.


    1. Thank you sir/madam

      I had to reach the end of this thread, read all the comments to finally have someone who has some kind of real, down to the ground kind of thinking behind his post.

      To rebound on what you've just said about what you learned from it, in many MLM forums or other, I see people pointing to Robert Kyiosaki as the one insisting that MLM is really good. It's true he said it, but what they forget and they should remind themselves is that he did not say it will make some one necessarily rich (for that he clearly point to becoming Investors), what he insist upon is the KNOWLEDGE one will gather by participating in a MLM (whether Usana or any other for that matter), not the money one will gain out of it.

      His insistence was on the EDUCATIONAL part of what MLM can provide to serious Would-Be Entrepreneur, as well as the opportunity to meet people you will not be able to meet in normal circumstances (via Conventions, etc).

      If I have to advice people who really wants to become affiliate to Usana (or other MLM like Herbalife, Hamburg-Manneimer insurance, etc) don't be discouraged, but make sure that on an individual level you take it as an Educational Tool, a way to get better at selling or public relation, and not as a fast-lane to riches (If that's what you want out of MLM prepare to have your wings severely burned)

      Later on, when you will really want to be your own boss of your own business (remember Usana is the business of someone else, not yours), that knowledge will be the really wealthiest part of your years in MLM.

      So, although I'm not as pessimistic as Usanawatchdog seems to be :-) , I understand his justified doubts on the MLM system (I have quite the same, to this day). Yet, I will not discourage people to participate in the MLM system, as long as they are wise enough to take it for what it is and don't play with fire by burning your "friendships" for the sake of money and putting them in a system they should not be in, in the first place (not everyone wants to make Direct Selling).

      If, in every respect, you have doubt about joining Usana or others, just don't join until you feel ready to invest the time and energy into it.

      So, to all take care whatever you decide.

      As a side note to Usanawatchdog, you do a good job giving the cons of Usana, when, logically, Usana Associates will defend and give the pros. I prefer to give a more temperate approach than a full fledged attack on Usana, or a full Praise package to Usana. I will not throw the baby with bath.

      MLM is a good system if people understand that it is not the fastest way to get wealthy, and that, unless they become part of the Managing Team of the Company they will not be "extremely" rich... again, people keep in mind MLM or not, Usana is NOT your business, it is the Business of someone else for whom you work.

  46. Hi guys,
    Peace to all, lets show our real name in commenting, because, the kanin senator is passing a bill to ban all trolls he he.

  47. Their products are overpriced. How can you say their products is good its obviously sythentic. There is alot of wholefood Non GMO vitamins out there which is cheaper and safer. Without recruiting this USANA wont make any sales

  48. AMWAY, HERBALIFE, NUSKIN have similar setups like USANA. My latest research are found in: and The uplines make the downlines work for them by vetting their greedy nature.

  49. Mr.R.B.of Quezon City likes to show off the result of being filthy rich as a USANA pioneer. His other 19 displays at the "free seminar" site includes "citations" and "awards". He is arrogant and a bully. He exploits his recruits to work and to earn for him so he can enjoy easy spending lifestyle continuously.


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