Product Information

Why USANA Products Are So Expensive - USANA's Own Words
USANA sends memo to customer service explaining how to respond to inquiries about why the products are so expensive.

USANA Sticks It To Their Distributors With Product Price Increases - Merry Christmas!
Price increases just in time for Christmas. USANA increases the price of their products routinely.

Finally, USANA Receives FDA certification for Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices.
USANA now has an FDA registered facility for producing drugs. This is not to suggest USANA's products have FDA approval.

USANA's Overdosing Antioxidants May Be UNPROTECTING Your Body To Fight Cancer!
Megadosing on antioxidants may not be the right thing to do. In fact, it may be causing more harm than good.

USANA Launches New Vitamin D Product - Get Ready To Pay Too Much
USANA charges a fortune for their vitamin D product compared to competing brands. 

USANA's absurdly overpriced CoQuinone® 30 versus comparable products
Price of USANA's CoQuinone versus competitor brands.

USANA over charges its distributors for their new Pure Rest™ melatonin sleep aid
USANA's Pure Rest melatonin product is over priced compared to their competitors.