Saturday, May 31, 2014

Why USANA Products Are So Expensive - USANA's Own Words

A new USANA document written for their customer service employees shows them how to explain to customers why the products are so expensive. Why bother contacting USANA for the answer when yours truly can give you the document they provided for their customer service?

Product Pricing (Why the Products Are So Expensive)
Occasionally, we receive questions as to why our products are so expensive. You can use the following in response to this question:

Before pricing our products, we do our research to ensure that we not only supply the finest quality products, but at the best price possible. There are many factors that go into pricing: research, formulations, raw materials, costs associated with batch size, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, commissions, regulations, inflation, taxes based on the market, etc. All of these add up to the cost of doing business and impact the price USANA is able to offer on a product.
Posted: 25-Apr-2014

Lets break this down so we can see exactly why the products are "so expensive" as USANA puts it.

- Research and Formulations would be categorized under "Research & Development" and represents a measly 0.7% of the price of the product.

- Raw Materials, Costs associated with batch size, manufacturing, packaging, and transportation would be categorized under "Cost of Sales" and represents 18.5% of the price of the product.

- Commissions are categorized as "Associate Incentives" (which also includes bonuses, and certain awards and prizes) represents 43.2% of the price of the product - the biggest reason why the products are overpriced. It is also worth mentioning that two thirds of all USANA associates have never collected a single commission. Most of the commission is paid to the top 1% of associates. Last but not least, 99% of USANA associates do not make a profit. This category is the heart of the pyramid scheme.

- Regulations and Inflation. well I'm not sure where these fits in with the cost. However, even USANA's 10K SEC filings state this about inflation: "We do not believe that inflation has had a material impact on our historical operations or profitability." So why does USANA want their customers to now believe otherwise?

Interestingly enough, nothing about voluntarily manufacturing to "pharmaceutical good manufacturing practices" even made the list of excuses, although that would be considered part of Cost of Sales anyway.

So lets look at the price of the USANA Healthpak100 which can be purchased through auto-order (formally known as autoship) for $105.75

Healthpak100 Auto-Order price: $105.75
Cost of Sales: $19.61
Associate Incentives (commissions): $45.73
Selling, General, & Administrative (SG&A): $25.84 (Includes Research & Development of $0.74)
USANA Earnings: $14.56

How do USANA customers feel about this? Only 74 cents toward research and development! Now lets remove the commissions from the price of the Healthpak100. Instead of $105.75 for the Healthpak100, the product is now only $60.02 (We'll call it $59.95 for marketing purposes). Wouldn't you rather pay $59.95 for the product as a distributor (or customer) and be able to mark up the price yourself if you choose to retail the product? Remember, 66% of USANA associates never make a commission and 99% of associates never make a profit. So then what good does it do to overcharge 99.9% of USANA customers for an incentive they never benefit from? It only benefits the top 1% of distributors who are out primarily selling the "get rich scam" rather than selling the product...

USANAWatchDog answer to why USANA products are so expensive: 
To fund the pyramid scheme.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

USANA Training Material Teaches Its Distributors Not To Defend Their Position Against Negative Information

USANA provides their distributors with the following training material explaining how to deal with negative information about USANA. Here is a quick USANA review of an important piece of training material.


Here's a few quotes from USANA:
- If it is negative, you need to ignore it
- Do not defend your position
- Do not view it again
- Do not leave a comment
- Do not rate positive OR negative
- Do not link to it
- USANA is working to fix the problem
- Ignore negative information
- If approached, encourage others not to talk about it
- Report negative or false information to your market office
Do not defend your position? This is because USANA cannot defend their position. I think this is important for people who are considering joining the distributorship to see USANA's training material before they waste thousands of dollars on a pyramid scheme that can't defend their position.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Former Herbalife Distributor Testimonials Represent The Bottom 99% of Distributors in All MLM Opportunities Including USANA

I strongly urge anyone considering to join USANA or any other multi-level marketing (MLM) company with intentions of making money watch the very compelling testimonials from Herbalife distributors who have lost thousands of dollars trying to achieve their dream. All MLM companies operate on the same principles and all have failure rates close to 99% of participants. The stories you will hear about in this video have been issues I have covered on this blog for many years.

I welcome your stories on this blog as well. If you feel you have been swindled, please explain why and how much money you have lost in the endeavor. Explain whether you returned product for a refund and if not, why. If you disagree with this testimonial or the notion that MLMs like USANA are pyramid schemes, explain why.