Monday, October 1, 2012

Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz, The USANA True Health Foundation, and The Sanoviv Medical Institute

Updated October 9, 2012:
The "USANA True Health Foundation" charity may be violating IRS laws regarding "Self Dealing" by having tax deducted donations pay for Sanoviv medical treatments in which Myron Wentz, Dave Wentz, and Elaine Pace all have a direct financial interest in.
 USANA's True Health Foundation charged 200 of their distributors $150 each to have their picture taken with Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz during the 2012 USANA distributor Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. That's a wonderful thing, $30,000 right there going toward USANA's new charity. Also on April 28, 2012 guests paid $150 to the USANA True Health Foundation to have their picture with Dr. Oz at the USANA Healthy Living Summit.

Dr Mehmet Cengiz Oz does not endorse USANA or its products. I am repeatedly told that Dr. Oz endorses USANA, but that is not true. USANA issued the following statement to their distributors and those who had their pictures taken with Dr. Oz. My Emphasis in bold red.
How to use your photo
  • Show your friends and family and let them know you got to meet Dr. Mehmet Oz in person!
  • If they missed the event, let them know Dr. Mehmet Oz will be attending and speaking at USANA’s International Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 15–18, 2012
  • Share your support of and information about the USANA True Health Foundation and its exciting sponsorship of HealthCorps
  • Use your photo for commercial or advertising purposes, including using the photo on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites
  • State or imply that Dr. Mehmet Oz endorses, certifies, partners with, sponsors, supports, is affiliated with, etc., any product or company, including USANA Health Sciences and its product line
  • Copy, modify, reproduce, upload, post, transmit, display, distribute, disseminate, broadcast, or circulate the photo in any way. It is for your personal use only.

Now about this USANA True Health Foundation that Dr. Oz is supporting and having his picture taken for.

The USANA True Health Foundation is a charity run by Myron Wentz (Founder of USANA and Sanoviv Medical Institute), Dave Wentz (CEO of USANA), and Elaine Pace (President of USANA True Health Foundation and President of Sanoviv Medical Institute).
The following is stated on the USANA True Health Foundation website regarding the donations. My Emphasis in bold red.

How is the USANA True Health Foundation making a difference?
Your donation to the USANA True Health Foundation will go to one of three areas: Area of Greatest Need, the Sanoviv Medical Assistance Program, or Children’s Hunger Fund.

A donation to the Area of Greatest Need will, in part, be used for organizations or causes that require immediate aid, such as worldwide disaster relief.

Many friends of Sanoviv Medical Institute have expressed interest in helping others benefit from the world-class medical care Sanoviv provides. This program allows for those who would not be able to afford Sanoviv’s services to experience care and healing in this special environment. Please note that donations to this program cannot be designated for a specific individual.

The USANA True Health Foundation also expands and further deepens USANA’s support of Children’s Hunger Fund.

Through the USANA True Health Foundation, USANA Health Sciences also provides support to HealthCorps, which provides health education to children.

When someone goes to the Sanoviv Medical Institute, they are put on a dietary regimen. Of course it's USANA's own dietary supplements. Need proof? Check out the Sanoviv website regarding USANA's products: My emphasis in red.
Dr. Wentz recommends all of the great products offered by USANA. He personally uses them every day, and they are used as the base of treatment in every Sanoviv program. 
Dr. Wentz even explains it further on his blog regarding USANA's products used at Sanoviv back in a 2009 posting. So now that I have established the fact Sanoviv uses USANA products for all their treatments, I will like to show how much it costs to be treated at Sanoviv.
How much does it cost to come to Sanoviv?

Complete Health Assessment (CHA)
The current price for the CHA is $3,875 per person.
Detoxification and Regeneration Program
First week (includes the CHA/Complete Health Assessment) $4,950
Second week $3,500

Comprehensive Medical Program  (includes the CHA/Complete Health Assessment)
First two weeks (per person) $10,500
Subsequent weeks (per person) $4,700

Intensive Medical Program (includes the CHA/Complete Health Assessment)
First three weeks (per person) $21,800
Subsequent weeks (per person) $6,000

Companions: permitted to accompany individuals on the CHA, Comprehensive Medical Program, and Intensive Medical Program.
Companion rate includes meals, classes and use of pools. (per night) $100.
Many of the holistic treatments at the Sanoviv Medical Institute cost the patient several thousand dollars. Many of these treatments are banned in the United States (which is why Sanoviv is in Mexico).

So to sum everything up:
  1. Myron Wentz founded USANA.
  2. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz founded Sanoviv
  3. Elaine Pace becomes president of Sanoviv
  4. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz founded USANA True Health Foundation
  5. Elaine Pace becomes president of USANA True Health Foundation
  6. USANA True Health Foundation uses charitable funds to help pay for Sanoviv medical treatments
  7. Dr. Mehmet Oz partners with the USANA True Health Foundation
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for charitable givings to help others. However, something here is not right. You can draw your own conclusions here. I'm just surprised Dr. Oz supports a charity that is used in this questionable fashion.