Sunday, October 24, 2010

USANA's distributor Hall of Fame reveals their elaborate recruiting pyramid scheme

USANA's October 2010 Distributor Hall of Fame
Compiled and Analyzed
By: USANAWatchDog
October 2010

USANA Health Sciences, Inc. does not publicly publish their distributor figures. So I must take it upon myself to compile and publish the information. It becomes very apparent why USANA refuses to disclose the distributor numbers; almost everyone is unable to make a profit!

Of course if this information were made available to prospects before they join USANA's business opportunity, the outcome may be very different. Who would join a failed business where 99% of USANA's sales representatives lose money? It is easy to see how bad the failure rate is when comparing the leadership levels in this diagram to USANA's last average distributor earnings figures: USANA's 2006 North American Distributor Earnings Statement. USANA has not published a relevant report since then.

In the diagram, I represent USANA's distributors in a pyramid chart. The pyramid on the lower left represents all of USANA's distributors that have at one time or another received a commission check. Since the higher ranks represent such a small percentage of the total, the middle pyramid is a zoomed-in representation of the lower left pyramid's tip. The same goes for the upper right pyramid, which is a zoomed-in representation of the middle pyramid. The diagram does not even include the other 600,000+ distributors that have never received a commission check! USANA also only considers what is represented in the upper right pyramid as "Full Time" distributors (Gold Directors and up). Everyone else are just part timers according to USANA.

So what is USANA's response to this? I would love to know. USANA cannot claim that most distributors join only to receive discounts on the product because USANA's Preferred Customers pay the same price as distributors. All of USANA's distributors joined with the intent to "Make Money" (otherwise they would only be preferred customers). Distributors are forced to purchase over $100 worth of product every 4 weeks in order to receive their commission check. Just imagine each level of distributors making these required product purchases. Those purchases pay commission to the higher levels. What we have here is a very elaborate pyramid scheme.

The Security Exchange Commission, Federal Trade Commission, Stock Analysts, Shareholders, Distributors and Prospects should all be aware of the information presented in the diagram.