Third Party

USANA and the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements - A Symbiotic Relationship
Find out who is really responsible for writing the Comparative guide to Nutritional Supplements and why USANA has always been picked as the number one vitamin manufacturer.

USANA Receives NutriSearch Gold Medal Achievement Again - Thanks To USANA Distributor Gregg Gies
USANA keeps receiving awards from Nutrisearch even though Nutrisearch was co-founded by a USANA distributor named Gregg Gies.

Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz, The USANA True Health Foundation, and The Sanoviv Medical Institute
Dr. charges a fortune to have your picture taken with him, USANA's charity may be violating “Self Dealing” rules, and the Sanoviv medical institute scam.

Don't be Fooled! Editorial Reviews on the Back Cover of The Healthy Home are USANA Affiliates
Myron and Dave Wentz write a book and then plaster USANA distributor reviews on the back of book without disclosing their relationship with the author which is a conflict of interest.

USANA's Use of "The Healthy Home" Book as Entry Into Company Run Nation Wide Lottery May Violate State and Federal Laws
 See how the Healthy Home book written by Myron and Dave Wentz may be violating state and federal laws regarding lotteries.

Myron Wentz's “The Healthy Home” makes NY Times best seller list by being sold as raffle tickets in lottery drawing held by USANA.
Myron and Dave Wentz's book reach NY Times best selling list by having distributors buy the book as tickets to enter a nation wide lottery to win iPads run by USANA.