Friday, September 23, 2011

USANA Endorses Manny Pacquiao or Vice Versa? Special Privileges For One Lucky Distributor

How does a distributor obtain special privileges from USANA? Hundreds of thousands of individuals join USANA each year as an associate/distributor. 99% of them never manage to even see a profit. But once in a blue moon, USANA picks a winner. This winner is Tim Sladeck.

How does this work? Good question! I'm not really sure. What I have found is the following.

Tim Sladeck works on many of Manny Pacquiao's endorsement deals. Who is Manny Pacquiao? He is the first boxer in history to hold world titles in 8 different weight divisions. Manny endorses USANA  and takes USANA supplements. In fact, USANA has taken this endorsement to a whole new level. USANA now offers a special "Manny Basic Pack" and "Manny Advanced Pack". Both are considered a MyHealthPak deal, so they are nonrefundable (yes, not refundable because they are not resalable according to USANA). No big deal here, just smart advertizing.

But here's the fishy part: USANA customer service is instructed to sell these special Manny Packs through Tim Sladeck's distributor website! So the USANA distributor Tim Sladeck appears to make all of the sales! Think I'm kidding? Below is a screenshot of the USANA document that proves it.

Following the link takes you to Tim Sladeck's USANA website. So USANA has instructed their customer service to sell this "Manny Pack" exclusively through a USANA distributor named Tim Sladeck.

So is any USANA distributor allowed to make a special name for a "MyHealthPak" package, like "Obama Advanced Pack", and have the customer service direct all sales through that single distributor if anyone in the country calls about it? What a deal! Sign me up!!!