Thursday, October 15, 2009

USANA Leadership Ranking Table - Shocking Truth About Rank Advancements

I have taken some time and put together a wonderful PDF document that clearly shows how many distributors are in each leadership ranking. Included in this document is a shocking bit of information. Of those distributors who had been a member of USANA at this time last year, only 2% of them advanced in rank during the past year. Even more shocking is the fact that less that 0.3% of distributors had advanced from a level of builder or less to a level of Achiever or greater. This is evidence that hardly anyone advances in USANA, especially those at the bottom of the pyramid scheme. Chances of making a profit are less than 1%!

View PDF Document: USANALeadershipRankingOct2009_Table.pdf

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Chart shows that 810,000 USANA distributors are "Builders" or below

USANA doesn't publish a complete list of their business associates, and for good reason - the truth hurts.

810,000 USANA business associates rank as "Builders" or below, which makes up 97% of the company's sales force. According to USANA's last published associate earnings report from 2006, the average builder makes only $1195 for the year. However, it costs the associate close to $1480 in product inventory every year. This product inventory is a mandatory purchase (or else you don't get paid any commision) and the extremely high prices cause associates to get stuck with dead inventory.

Some of you may know that USANA reports to have 200,000 "active" associates, which are those who met their minimum inventory purchase within the last 3 months. So it should surprise you when USANA has 834,000 distributors in their database. Whether this figure includes those who have left the distributorship long ago or not, it still shows the devastating effect an MLM like USANA has on its participants. This is evidence toward the claim that 99% of distributors lose money while enriching the top 1%. Make sure you understand that point. Those distributors that lose money are the ones making the top 1% of distributors all their money. And of course those 99% who lose money also make USANA billions of dollars.

The following chart shows the findings in a graphical representation. I will add a numerical table soon. I will also include a link for anyone who wishes to download the entire distributor list containing the distributor ID # and the leadership ranking for that number. I will withhold the distributor names for those numbers.