Tuesday, April 27, 2010

USANA's 1st Quarter Earnings Boosted by incredible E. Asia Recruiting - Mainland China Recruiting???

USANA's 1st Quarter Earnings Boosted by incredible E. Asia Recruiting

East Asia increased distributors from 35,000 to 57,000. That is a 63% increase. However, the rest of the world stayed the same or dropped. See USANA's 1st Quarter 10-Q.

USANA's preferred customers also continued to decline, no surprise.

I have been claiming that USANA's growth is because of illegal activity in Mainland China. I have good reason as well. An internal USANA document even says so!

"IV. What is the biggest market that buys our products that we are not eligible to operate in?

i. Once again I couldn’t give you an exact answer on this. Since I work with our Asian markets, I know that a large sum of product ends up in China, but I’m sure product somehow gets shipped to other unauthorized markets as well…

In  case you missed it:
"large sum of product ends up in China"

When will the SEC investigate this issue. If USANA's Asian Market growth is from illegal recruiting in mainland China (and I believe it is), then USANA should be held accountable. USANA admitted that there is a LARGE SUM of product being sent to mainland China. When the SEC is done looking at porn on your tax dollars, I suggest they start doing their job and investigate USANA's China fraud.