Saturday, December 24, 2011

USANA and the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements - A Symbiotic Relationship

Since 1999, USANA and its distributors have used the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements written by Lyle Macwilliam as proof that their supplements are the best in the industry. Every edition of the book granted USANA supplements #1 in the industry. I also found that many USANA distributors purchased the book to use as a sales tool when trying to persuade someone to join USANA. For several years this had seemed very odd to me so I did some research. Every time I looked into it, I found more and more ties between USANA and the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. Their relationship is truly symbiotic. The following are my findings.

There are 4 editions to the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. The First edition came out in 1999, Second edition in 2001, Third edition in 2003 and Fourth edition in 2007. USANA has been chosen #1 in every edition since the first edition. In fact, the first edition of the book chose USANA as the baseline to compare all other brands to.

One of the individuals listed on the book is Gregg Gies who was responsible for research, editing and layout for the Comparative Guides editions 1 through 4, was a USANA distributor #285320. I questioned Nutrisearch (Lyle Macwilliam's corporation for his books) about this and they informed me that before Gregg joined NutriSearch he purchased USANA product and at the time the only way to get the product was to sign up as a distributor (no preferred customer option). I was also told that he let the distributor lapse between ten and twelve years ago. Yet, the first edition came out in 1999, twelve years ago. It should be noted that this distributor ID achieved a leadership level of Sharer, which does not seem consistent with someone who only wanted product.

I think there is a conflict of interest here because Lyle Macwilliam basically hired a USANA distributor to perform the research for a book that ranks USANA #1 while trying to portray itself as an independent source of information regarding the nutrition industry. Gregg was also Co-Owner of NutriSearch at one point in time. Currently, he is only considered as a consultant. Although, when contacting NutriSearch, their replies to me also carbon copied Gregg at a NutriSearch email account. I'm not aware of companies giving their consultants email accounts.

Knowing that Gregg Gies was a USANA distributor around the time Lyle hired him to do research for the Comparative Guide, what do you think about the following statement made by NutriSearch?
"The research, development, and findings are the sole creative effort of the author and NutriSearch Corporation, neither of whom is associated with any manufacturer or product represented in this guide."

Another name listed on the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements is Ian Black. He is responsible for the book's cover design. He is a professional graphics artist. He is also a Silver Director USANA distributor #90155 as is his wife, who is a 1-star diamond director #43050. How is it that Lyle Macwilliam wrote a book claiming to be an independent guide to the nutrition industry that chooses USANA #1 in all four editions ends up hiring a USANA distributor to do the book's cover design?

I asked NutriSearch if anyone there is a USANA distributor. They responded by telling me no one at NutriSearch is a USANA Associate. When bringing to their attention that Gregg Gies and Ian Black are USANA associates, NutriSearch responded stating that Gregg is a consultant and Ian is not and never was "employed" at NutriSearch.

UPDATE January 4, 2014: I have discovered that there has been yet another USANA distributor working at Lyle Macwilliam's NutriSearch. Her name is Joan Baumann USANA distributor #100450. She joined NutriSearch in 2008 as a Database Administrator. It appears that my correspondent at Nutrisearch lied to me when I had asked if any USANA distributors work at Nutrisearch. Obviously there is a serious conflict of interest here.

Then there is Dr. Ray Strand. He is listed as one of the "Independent Nutritional Experts" used for the Comparative Guide's "Blended Standard". Ray Strand has been on USANA's medical advisory board since the 1990s, which isn't that big of a problem since the medical advisory board members are not paid a salary by USANA, but only stipends. However, Ray Strand and his wife were USANA distributors making hundreds of thousands of dollars off their downline. Their distributorship was called "AMARA Enterprises, Inc." This is a huge conflict of interest, especially when USANA mysteriously manages to rank #1 in every edition. During USANA's third quarter of 2011, Ray Strand has since left USANA to join a different MLM company, ARIIX. Their USANA distributorship appears to also have ended.

I questioned NutriSearch about Ray Strand's distributorship with USANA and NutriSearch's "independent nutritional expert" claim. NutriSearch stated that Ray Strand's recommended daily nutritional supplementation along with the eleven other authors used as references for the Blended Standard is published work in the public domain. So what? The problem I have is the usage of the term "Independent". To me, the term implies the twelve individuals used for the Blended Standard do not have a financial ownership with any of the companies listed in the book or financial motives on the outcome of the data represented in the book. Clearly, the fact Ray Strand was a USANA distributor even before the first edition of the book came out and the fact he contributed directly to the results presented in the Comparative Guide (USANA being #1 out of over a thousand choices) means Ray Strand is not an independent authority.

Yet, NutriSearch finished by stating that these independent nutritional experts are associated with different nutritional product lines and does not bias the scoring of any of the products listed in the Comparative Guide. I strongly disagree...

I should also point out that another one of the independent authorities used for Lyle's Blended Standard is Michael Colgan. He was also a USANA distributor in the 1990s. His distributor ID was #89201 and was listed under the account name "Colgan Institute". It is unclear when he left the USANA distributorship and it may be close to the time the first edition of the Comparative Guide was written.

Another interesting piece of evidence is that the 1st edition of the Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements (1999) appears to have been written for USANA distributors to use as a sales/recruiting tool. The following was written on Lyle's website back in 2001:

Why is the USANA graph flat, with everything at 100%?

The reason the USANA graph appears as a series of yellow bars, all set at 100%, is because this represents the comparison standard. In other words, it represents USANA compared to itself. Why did we do this? The purpose was to establish a benchmark where all products would be compared to the USANA standard - this allows your clients to clearly see how the vitamin formulation they use stacks up to the USANA formulation.
I believe Lyle Macwilliam's response to the FAQ on his old website suggests he is answering a USANA distributor's question. The "your clients" refers to the USANA distributor's prospective customer/recruit. Seems quite obvious to me the motive behind the book - to sell it to the hundreds of thousands of USANA distributors.

From an archived copy of USANA's website which sells many books related to USANA including the 2nd edition of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements (2001), the following is the description for the book:
Fully revised and updated - Lyle MacWilliam's Comparative Guide puts the USANA Essentials against over 250 of the most common nutritional supplements on the market today. Through his incredible research, Mr. MacWilliam shows both how and why the USANA Essentials are second to none. This best seller was updated for the USANA 2001 9th Annual International Convention and it's better than ever.
So the book was updated for USANA's convention which I believe was so it could be sold to all of the participating distributors at the event. So of course the book will rate USANA #1.

On the back cover of the 3rd edition of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements (2003), there are five individuals praising the book. These five members are listed as doctors and authors of their own books. What is not disclosed to the reader is that these five doctors are also USANA distributors!

Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D. - USANA Distributor ID# 2040175
Dr. Gerald Lewis, M.D. FRCP, FRACP - USANA Distributor ID# 203463
Dr. Laz Bannock, Ph.D. - USANA Distributor ID# 2290764
Dr. Denis Waitley, Ph.D. - USANA Distributor ID# 70541
Dr. Christine Wood, M.D. - USANA Distributor ID# 348

So out of the thousand plus supplements presented in the book, Lyle and his team were not capable of producing anyone else to praise his book other than USANA distributors? I find this very deceiving and dishonest. USANA associates would only need to tell the person they are trying to recruit to look at the back of the book and claim that five doctors trust the book and so should you, so join my downline today (before you find out the truth).

Then there is the fact that Lyle Macwilliam was on USANA's Medical Advisory Board from 2003 to 2006, the time the fourth edition to the comparative guide was being produced. I was quite vocal about this on the Yahoo USNA stock message board (where I began sharing my research since 2006). Finally after criticizing that fact for several months, Lyle Macwilliam left USANA's medical advisory board and USANA made the following statement on their Ask Andy website (which is no longer made available for some unknown reason):

"Lyle shares his expertise as a consultant with a number of nutritional manufacturers and, for this reason, was asked to join USANA's Medical Advisory Board after the release of the third edition of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements in 2003. He served on the Medical Advisory Board until 2006. Lyle decided to leave the position, in part, because he felt that that it might have created an impression of bias for his work. Lyle is neither an employee of USANA Health Sciences nor an Independent USANA Associate."
So Lyle finally figured out that after 3 years of being on USANA's medical advisory board, that it created an impression of bias for the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements... Really!?

Do I need to mention that USANA received their NSF stamp only a few weeks before the fourth edition of the comparative guide came out awarding USANA the top rank again, only achievable by having a third party certification, i.e. NSF. Seems that while Lyle was on USANA's medical advisory board, information about what USANA had to do to keep #1 status was also coordinated. It was even admitted by Lyle that after the third edition, other companies adjusted their formulations and leapfrogged USANA. So how was it that USANA was able to then reformulate their product to be #1 again?

Lyle wrote the following after publishing the 4th edition: "In fact, for at least the last three years of the third edition’s run, it had been false to say USANA was ranked #1 in our research. Even though our guide still showed this product as the best in the field, other products had already eclipsed it, simply by adjusting their formulations to improve their score on our rating criteria, possibly with little or no regard for the scientific evidence supporting their changes. They simply wanted to be #1."

Yet, USANA regained that #1 position by reformulating their supplements. Lyle criticized other companies for doing reformulating their products claiming there was little or no regard for the scientific evidence supporting their changes. Gee, if that's really true, and these companies changed their formulation to be closer to this "Blended Standard", and Lyle calls that reformulation a change with no regard for scientific evidence supporting their changes, then shouldn't the same be said about the Blended Standard? Seems very hypocritical to me.

Lyle Macwilliam claimed the following regarding USANA and the Physicians Desk Reference:
"USANA nutritional products are listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference, one of a select few nutritional supplement manuacturers to merit such high recognition of product quality." - FAQ
What Lyle does not understand is that the PDR does not endorse nor offer any type of credibility for the products listed in their book. In fact, all the products listed are paid advertisements. USANA had to pay a fee to have their products listed and USANA got to chose which book to listed it in (PDR for drugs or the PDR for Herbs & Supplements). USANA chose the book for drugs. Then USANA claims their supplements are better than the rest of the vitamins because they are listed in the PDR for Drugs. Because of Lyle Macwilliam's lack of understanding regarding the PDR, he decided to repeat the same nonsense USANA did. So much for any real research. But of course the research for the Comparative Guide was done by a USANA distributor (Gregg Gies).

In Conclusion: I believe Lyle Macwilliam chose USANA to be #1 in his book from the very beginning back in 1999.  Lyle hired a USANA distributor "Gregg Gies" to do research for his book. For the past 12 years, USANA has remained #1 in every edition of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. Yet, USANA spends less than 1% of their net revenue on Research & Development (incredible if you ask me). Why research when the author of the Comparative Guide is on your medical advisory board. From the research I have done, I believe there is a symbiotic relationship between USANA and NutriSearch where one is dependent on the other. USANA's main source of praise for their product is the Comparative Guide. I have no doubt the main source of Lyle Macwilliam's sales comes from USANA distributors themselves. If one looks back at the way Lyle sold his Comparative Guide, he did so priced as bulk purchases.

According to 9 years ago regarding their 2nd edition:
1-9 books    $15.95 per copy
10+ books    $14.95 per copy
25+ books    $13.95 per copy
50+ books    $12.95 per copy

And where can you get a copy of the book? Lyle suggests buying from him directly or from USANA's website "" which was a site used to sell sales tools and other books to USANA distributors. This book was intended to be sold to USANA distributors as a sales aid. Any time a USANA distributor recruits somebody into their downline, you can be almost certain that the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements was used to claim USANA was #1 in the industry. Lyle also appears at just about every USANA event as a key speaker. I would like to know what other vitamin manufacturers Lyle is a key speaker for.


  1. I'm glad you're back, it's been interesting reading your blog. USANA was using that exact same guide book you talked about at the presentation I went to. It's interesting how USANA claims the guide was written by an independent third party yet they admit publicly that many of the clinical trials that produced positive results for them were done by USANA or USANA hired "experts". I wonder what game they're playing at.

    1. I believe that these experts signed up with Usana because they researched and tried the products and found them to be working and they are satisfied by how great the products are. On the process of using it they signed up to show that they believe in the products. It would be stupid to rank a supplement no 1 if they are not believers. So I again that may be the reson why they are now members. If you were in their shoes and did research on any other product and on the process you see how you can benefit from it won't you sign up as well?
      Do your research and think positive!
      you guys are missing out! don't be left out! Negativity will not generate you financial freedom!
      check out my site!

    2. Chris, you are ranked as a "Sharer". Seems you yourself are not generating your financial freedom. Understanding how USANA's product-based pyramid scheme is not being negative, its being smart. At the ranking you currently are at, you have not made a profit yet. Every 6 months, come back on here and let us know if you have made a profit by then.

    3. I trusted and worked very hard for USANA for 9 years but finally I left USANA because it keeps on raising price, changing pay plan and most important thing is they don't treat people fairly! I am so happy I left it even I was a Diamond Director, money is not everything!

    4. Can I ask a question? USANA was now present of various medical references such as MIMS and PPD etc. Does it increases the credibility of the product? I'm really planning to join because of the present facts. hope you answer fast :D

    5. Eppat143,

      No it does not increase the credibility of any product listed in those books.

      These medical references that have USANA products listed in them are listings USANA had to pay for. It's like being listed in the yellow pages here in the US. Nothing special about it other than a place for people to reference USANA products. Besides, I know of no medical professional that recommends USANA products who isn't a USANA distributor themselves or isn't trying to help out a friend who is a distributor.

      Good Luck!

    6. Do you have proof regarding USANA paying listings for MIMS and PPD? What I think you should do since you claim that you have more than enough substantial proof that USANA is, according to you, a scam, might as well sue. For Mr Anonymous, as a Diamond Director, sure as hell have earned so much by now that you can leave anytime. Wow, talk about ungrateful huh? Bet anyone here this guy is a dupe..

    7. USANA Watch Dog,

      In your honest unbiased opinion... what is not a scam then? what company? what pay plan?

  2. I can predict some USANA fans/associates saying that the content of the book is legit, "Lyle Macwilliam is a third-party researcher, blah blah blah [state curriculum vitae here] blah blah blah [state whatever his achievements are here]", that "USANA supplements are better blah blah blah [insert apple or whatever test here] and made them feel better", "You're just negative blah blah blah won't make you rich and healthy blah blah just attacking USANA", "USANA is number 1 with their products certified with this, approved by that and used by these famous and topnotch athletes" and so on and so forth.

    They're just being too optimistic in my opinion. Probably I can do the same by thinking rainbows, candies and unicorns all day.

    Merry Christmas for those who believe in it, and for those who don't, Happy Holidays.

  3. Great investigation keep up the good work to keep the MLM playing field even.

    Rod Cook

    1. He doesn't promote MLM. According to his other posts. So why would he keep the field even?

    2. That's right I don't promote MLM because I hold the view that they are all inherently designed as a pyramid scheme because they all focus on recruiting as their primary means of revenue instead of retailing product to the general public.

    3. What is the difference if you are working at a fastfood and you as an employee would be SELLING the food while everyone is making money but the owners are the one who is the only ones that gets richer. you had MLM misunderstood. As for recruiting it would be the same as any other place that posts NOW HIRING! this is another way of recruiting.
      In MLM you get people to refer the products and give them the opportunity to make a living just by doing so. How COOL is that? VS telling everyone about how great a product is but you as the person SHARING won't even get a thank you from the company who sold maybe tens and hundreds of those products.

    4. All 100% of employees at fast food restaurants have an income and make a profit. In USANA, 66% of all distributors never even make 1 penny in income and 99% of all distributors do not make a profit. You have a very poor analogy with MLM.

      Here is a better analogy.

      Say USANA manufactured their own hamburger meat, buns, soft drinks, and side items (fries, onion rings, etc..). USANA then finds a couple people to sign up as the founding restaurants (like USANA associates). USANA would sell their food products to this restaurant for a premium ($5 hamburger, $3 fries, $4 soft drinks, etc...).

      So a customer walks into the USANA restaurant and takes one look at the retail prices ($9 hamburger, $6 fries, $8 soft drinks) and begins walking out. You as the restaurant owner (USANA associate) explains that the hamburgers, fries, and soft drink are manufactured to pharmaceutical good manufacturing practices to justify the absurdly high prices. You tell them that eating here regularly would benefit your health and imply that it will cure every disease under the sun. You also explain that there is no need to hire any employees for their restaurant (that's because nobody is actually going to buy anything).

      So now you tell the customer that if he wants to enjoy the great benefits of USANA's superior hamburgers at a discounted price, that he can open up his very own restaurant as well just 100 yards down the street. Now he can get the product at a lower price. You them explain to the customer that if he recruits others to open up their own USANA fast food restaurants, that he can make endless amounts of money from commissions based off the hamburgers each of those restaurants purchase.

      Several Years later you have thousands of USANA fast food restaurants opening every 100 yards apart from one another. Nobody has any customers actually eating at these restaurants, but each restaurant is ordering hamburger meat because it was a requirement by USANA to be eligible to collect commission from the purchases made from the other restaurants purchases in your downline.

      Many more years pass. Now there are USANA fast food restaurants everywhere. They are on every block. Nobody eats at the restaurants but USANA corporate is making billions of dollars from sales to their restaurant chains (distributors). Only 1% of these restaurant chains are actually making a profit. Most of these chains run out of money and go out of business, but those at the top making all the money manage to keep recruiting more people to replace those that left.

      Sounds like a really great system here doesn't it?

      I just love it though. The fact is, 100% of fast food employees make more money than 99.9% of MLM distributors.

    5. I am convinced of your "better" analogy. Thank you for sharing and keeping the playing field leveled.

    6. Maybe your 99.9% of MLM distributors are not equipped with the Right Knowledge and the right attitude...
      It's true many people is not making money with MLM, and those are the people with small dreams and don't want to listen or learn... Well, you can't please everybody with a great opportunity... But Lucky are the one who grabs the opportunity and willing to learn how to do it...

    7. So what is the bottomline of this discussion? if many people benefits from the products then it's their own choice if it's proven in their personal health benefit so, why we need to look whose who behind of these products. proven or not. People are buying these products primarily it is truly beneficial for them if not niether a single cent I wouldn't allow to spend getting nothing in return ....... I am not a distributor but one in a million users of USANA Products well satisfied. Thanks to USANA.


    8. After 21 years, USANA has only about 300,000 customers. Most of those who purchase the product do so because it is required in order to participate in USANA's pyramid scheme.

      Every single USANA distributor will tell you they benefit from using the product. It's part of their recruiting tactic.

      Bottom line is, over 99% of USANA distributors never make a profit. Yet, those 1% who do make a profit only do so because they have enormous downlines of victims in an endless chain of recruiting.

    9. Hello Watch Dog,

      I have been reading your posts and find it utterly questionable as well... The way of earning you are talking about is the weekly commissions, and leadership bonuses of Usana and not about the retailing.

      For me, I find retailing Usana's products very very good since I have shared it to all my friends and apparently, all my friends who took it loved it. From here, 1 unit sale of product, I already get 2 days of work salary. I currently have more than 56 clients that continuously by from me and who buys not just 1 product but a set of products their family loves.

      As for my downlines as well. They manage to earn their 1 year salary in just 4 months of selling Usana's products as well. This is above and beyond the compensation plan that your statistics are showing. I have 4 downlines who earns larger than me making and a lot who also earns more than me in retail.

    10. In response to "The way of earning you are talking about is the weekly commissions, and leadership bonuses of Usana and not about the retailing."

      Several star diamond sources have acknowledged to me that retailing product is very rare. This was not based on a personal level, but as the entire downline as a whole.

      You wrote "For me, I find retailing Usana's products very very good since I have shared it to all my friends and apparently, all my friends who took it loved it. From here, 1 unit sale of product, I already get 2 days of work salary."

      Do you get the USANA product for free, because there isn't enough profit margin between the high price you pay and the slightly higher price you could retail the product for. Working for minimum wage in a fast food restaurant pays more in one hour than the average associate is remotely capable of making in one day.

      Over the past year, the average associate purchased $2563 worth of product and services. Lets assume this was all product purchases for this example. Divide that number by 365 days and you get about $7 per day. That's the associates cost. Now assume the associate retails product to their customers at USANA's suggested retail price. The average associate could potentially make about $3.70 each day in profit. WOW, great statistics for USANA eh? Remember, USANA has a preferred customer group for those who only want product at wholesale. The associates all join with the intent to make money (but 99% never even make a penny in profit).

      Now you are claiming you have 56 clients who continuously buy from you at retail. Sorry, but USANA's numbers don't reflect that.

      In response to "As for my downlines as well. They manage to earn their 1 year salary in just 4 months of selling Usana's products as well. This is above and beyond the compensation plan that your statistics are showing. I have 4 downlines who earns larger than me making and a lot who also earns more than me in retail."

      How many total associates (Active and non-active) do you have in each of your business centers? Sure, you can have over 10,000 associates in your downline and sure you can have 4 people in your downline who are Gold Directors or higher. However, you know just as I know that around 99% of the people in your downline never made a "profit".

  4. Even though there is conflict of interest and obvious bias in the book, I still looked for the non-USANA top vitamins in it. The "cheapest" (35$ for 180 tablets) one was Source Naturals' Life Force Multiple.

    Been taking it ever since :)

    At least:

    1- It's good.

    2- Affordable. One bottle will last you 180 days if taken once a day, 90 days if taken twice a day or 45 if taken two tablets twice a day (preferably).

    3- Available at Amazon and other online retailers. That means no SOUL-SELLING, CHECKING ACCOUNT-VAPORIZING MLM!

    The author also wrote a book for the best vitamins for children. USANA came in... (drums) SECOND PLACE! The best one is called Mega Kid, again available online, away from soul-stealing network marketing, made by the same company who does the vitamins that I personally take and mentioned above (Source Naturals). I'm gonna buy it for my niece, nephew and friends' children. It costs "only" 20$ for 120 chewable tablets (once a day).

    I hope it helps.

  5. To watchdog,

    I wrote a few comments in your last post, I was the one requesting more info on the studies of over intoxication. (which I think you forgot to share the link to, :) )

    If the Comparative Guide is solely produced to sell to Usana distributors than that is disgusting. The poor new distributors who don't know any better. Buying a book, to use to sell vitamins to other people, and Lyle getting the kick backs on the sales.

    Although the comparative guide seems flawed, how does one explain the apple test? I have done many of these test personally many times (unfortunately when I was trying to sell the vitamins as a distributor and getting no where)and Usana's vitamins did keep the apple alive the longest. The only other vitamin that performed just as well were True Star vitamins are from Canada. No disputing this.

    Being concerned for my health and my family's well being, I want to take the best vitamins. Not best from being ranked in Comparative Guide, but best in regards to producing tangible health benefits. The apple test is pretty compelling, so if not Usana, then who?

    What I have also found disappointing about Usana is the notion that none of the athletes and or celebrities endorsing Usana, are not paid to speak on behalf of the company. However they do receive other incentives including free vitamins, and probably a lot of other free stuff (trips, prizes etc.). So when Usana claims that nobody is paid to endorse the company, it is not accurate and this information is being used to persuade potential prospects.

    Your insight that Usana spends less the 1% of the net revenue on Research and Development is equally disturbing. If anyone has ever attended a live event, or went to convention, all they do is brag about their research and development etc.

    Every once in a while, I will get re-energized to start working the business again thinking that this time will be different. Well my business center has been active now over three years. I just looked at my volume report, and see my right leg producing a whopping 27 points this week. 27 POINTS!

    This after 3 years of being active. This means that everyone below me,(people I enrolled, or people my upline enrolled underneath me for the past 3 years) hasn't been able to generate any new sales or have anyone in their businesses (associates or preferred customers) with autoshipments this week. But Usana still takes out their $100+ autoshipment from my account each and every month. Nice huh.

    To put this into perspective, one needs at least 500 points in a week on both right and left side, to earn $100 check. My feeling of being re-energized to work the business ended in about 5.8 seconds. Why would anyone want to subject themselves to this kind of punishment, mentally and financially?

    As watchdog and many others have said, the only way to make money in MLM is to constantly recruit new associates repeatedly over a long period of time. The people making all the money, are very good sales people, who are sell a dream that only the people at the top can live.

    To logic, in the previous post, you made a comment about an online business for approximately $25. What is all that about?

    1. What is Mr.Watchdogs name? He exposes othr peoples but who is Mr. Watchdog!!.Bark!!!!!

    2. DUDE..!! i cant believe that you were paying you 100 points worth of shipments while you could of told someone either from your right or left leg to order it for you..!! that way he gets points and if he gets points YOU get points.. plus you get your products.. USANA is about making teams with everybody else you put in.. plus selling the products.. because they DO WORK.. ACTUALLY I TRIED THEM FOR A YEAR NOW AND SINCE THEN I HAVEN'T GOT SICK.. I ALSO NOTICE THAT I AM MORE ACTIVE MY METABOLISM IS FASTER AND I FEEL MUCH BETTER.. and yes.. what mr.watchdog is saying may be true.. but like he said the only way of getting USANA products is to being a associate or a distribuator so that can explain why Gregg Gies was associated with USANA so he can there for experiment with USANA and by the results given by USANA everybody else wanted to use the product.. and how do you get the product..?? well like ''Mr.watchdog'' said.. the only way to get USANA'S products is by being an associate or a distribuator.. so thats probably why everybody was associated with usana.. BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST PRODUCT..!! and everybody wants the best for themselves and their families.. PLUS being associated with USANA doesn't mean that they weren't fair in their researches.. its like saying YOU were a liar about saying the truth.. and i get that mr.watchdog doesn't really trust USANA.. but its probably because HE HASN'T TRIED IT..!!


    4. i think, mr watchdog is the one being biased here, why cant he reveal his full identity just like what he is doing to usana? is it because he is associated whit any other company, whom usana's product much better to his? haha anyway, im not yet a member, but just like any other i quite review first the background of the company. its kinda bitchy way this mr.watchdog is doing. cant even reveal himself. hahaha. so u think u can make one company to fall down by making this rude blogsite? it would be braver if you will reveal yourself and prove your own research.

    5. I'm not taking any Vitamins at all, and For years I'm not getting sick, for real!. Less is more.

      This is a true story...
      I have a friend whose so healthy before, but when he started to take vitamins (he became a health conscious dude by the influence of his other friend) he suddenly feel some weird stuff and the person who endorsed him the vitamins said its a good thing because the vitamins were just cleaning his immune system blah blah blah. After few years he got a kidney failure and then a liver failure. The Doctor said, he Died because of the vitamins... He is taking Too many kinds of vitamins that's why his kidney suffers and failed. :(

  6. Last time I checked, humans aren't apples. You could use food preservatives which inhibit the oxidation of food to keep apples looking fresher for a longer period of time but you probably don't want to put that stuff in your body.

    As for an online business for $25, there are people who make money with websites. Hosting can cost as low as $5 a month for 1 site or $10 for unlimited sites. A domain will typically cost about $8 a year or so.

    Of course, that's just to set things up. You'll have to put in the work in order to make money but in terms of expenses, that's all you need to get started. It'll be a business that you can actually build and sell for a profit. OR you can just set up a blogger blog like this site all for free but it's smarter to own your own sites.

    1. oh goodluck earning by putting up a blog. If you think its hard to earn from MLM, much much harder to earn in blogs.. please, now that is complete BS..

  7. At logic, yup I think you are correct. Apples aren't humans. Good for you. The apple test wasnt testing preservatives. The apple test was testing one vitamin compared to another. Given the similarity in cell structure on a microlevel, I think it is fair to compare apples to apples (no pun intended) on how the vitamins would and do perform in our cells.

    You obviously are dead set against the business which is fine, but until there is another vitamin out there that performs as well as Usana's in the apple test, I think it is also fair to conclude that Usana's vitamins do perform the best. The apple test is probably the only true unbiased test we have to test the purity and potency of supplements.

    It is also interesting to note that even though the Comparative Guide may have some favoritism to it, I have performed many apple tests myself. In all my tests, I used many different vitamins ranging from 0 star rated vitamins to 5 star rated vitamins including Usana. In EVERY single test, the apples receiving nutrients from 0 - 1 star rated vitamins decayed the fastest, followed by the 2-3 star rated vitamins, followed by the 4 - 5 star rated vitamins. After 25 days the apple being supplied by Usana's was still alive and vibrant.

    So while someone maybe profiting from the book sales, the apple tests results confirm the information in the book from a quality perspective. There is no disputing that.

    If you are so concerned with helping people, then you shouldn't try to persuade them away from supplements that do perform the best. The supplements aren't cheap, but arent the most expensive either, and people who care about their health and want to take the best supplements will pay for them.

    1. so its WEALTH for HEALTH not the other way aroundSeptember 21, 2012 at 2:42 AM

      are you even aware of the differences between plant cell and animal cell? from the structure they have to the elements they need to survive?

      that's why this apple test is never valid to support the claims that usana's vitamins are the best for human consumption or nutrition,

    2. are you even aware that plants absorb nutrients that, that humans who consume it absorb? The test is suppose to show the slowing down of oxidation. The only difference between animal cells and plant cells are the level of effect. which is irrelevant in this case as the test is only comparing the effects of the vitamins as the different factor. The research funded by the Canadian government, so obviously if it was a bad research, the government wouldn't exactly be blowing millions on a research that bears no fruit. unless you are saying Usana bribed the government.

    3. And yet, the average distributor has a hard time finding just one real customer who actually wants your overpriced miracle product. Are you aware that the demand of Usana products outside of the compensation plan is ridiculously low? Check your downline and see how many non-distributor customers on average each one of them has.

    4. Having read all the complaints and praises,,i think i will still use usana products because of the GOOD EFFECTS ive experience from the time i started using it.if im not taking my usana,,i feel so different!:-):-):-)


    6. My kids are consumers of usanimals and they have been sick at the same rate before start to take the vitamins. Of course received a balanced meals and practice sports. I haven't notice ANY OUTSTANDING difference in a YEAR, not even reduce flu infections. After reading your comments I will stop to buy usanimals because I thought it would be good for them at a reasonable price. I decided to buy usanimals because they are cheaper than other brands. I skimp this extra "help" because as I said, they eat balanced and candies are minimal. The salesperson was a dentist and took advantage about my kids were his patients and offer me the calcium pills because "their teeth have had cavities". After take them with other dentist, we found it was just plaque. My fault: accept to buy usanimals even after notice this dentist (he's licenced) lied to me. After reading about how usana recruits doctors to peddle, I realize how low this people are. This dentist know about my mom's osteoporosis and pressed me to buy the calcium even I told him she's allergic to certain types of calcium. I asked for information about whats the chemical composition about the usana's calcium pills and never gave me. I wanted to check with the doctors if there was a change she could take the pills but I have no answer from the dentist-usana's. After that, I changed my dealer, for the holy usanimals for my kids, and it stared good. After a while, I was pressured again to open a business center... and I was about...I have a second thought, and decided being just consumer... after reading your post USANA NEVER WILL RECEIVE MY MONEY AGAIN. You people are worse than sects members

    7. Not once does USANA claim to prevent or cure diseases read the USANA newspaper

    8. To have optimal health it takes more than vitamins/supplements. Look up what a supplement is. To have great health you need not to be eating junk and eat primarily vegetables and fruits, do some sort of exercises playing sport video games doesn't count, and take some sort of high quality vitamin. Why do you think people are dying from diseases that we weren't dying from thousands of years ago?

    9. In response to "Why do you think people are dying from diseases that we weren't dying from thousands of years ago?"

      Life expectancy thousands of years ago was much less than it is today. Many diseases are genetic and with the advancement in medicines and good diet humans have been able to prolong the lives of those with genetic diseases. As a result, many of these genetic diseases are being passed down from generation to generation.

      So thousands of years ago, natural selection weeded out many of the diseases because people died before they could produce offspring.

      And are you going to now tell me HIV and Aids is due to lack of vitamin supplementation because it didn't exist thousands of years ago?

    10. "The apple test is probably the only true unbiased test we have to test the purity and potency of supplements."

      makes me wanna buy an expensive vitamin now, since it makes an "apple live longer"......

      just a quick question. what other company uses the apple test to test the potency of their products?, and is it even a valid test?

    11. I know of no other company using this elementary school science experiment to base their potency levels on. What seems beneficial in a petri dish does not necessarily mean it is beneficial in our bodies. All it proves is that antioxidants prolongs the time it takes for the apple to oxidize and brown.

      USANA claims their vitamins are better than other brand vitamins because, as they claim, it preserves the freshness of the apple. They want to insinuate that this translates into healthier cells in your body if you take their vitamins.

    12. ^ Try using a vinegar or any acid (lemon juice would be fine too) in an apple test. :P

      Quoting: Not once does USANA claim to prevent or cure diseases read the USANA newspaper

      But the associates are the ones claiming it themselves. What's the difference?

  8. @Anonymous^

    As with every company, there are good products and bad products. USANA is no exception and I don't doubt that SOME products within their line are actually good. The problem is the way USANA sells those products. They don't sell their products via retail or wholesale. In fact selling their products to the general public is secondary to their company. What they are really selling is the (false) opportunity to make money. If USANA really wants to help people with their vitamins, they should allow retailers to carry their products instead of having distributors buy them at outrageous prices every four weeks then sell them at ridiculous prices.

    1. I'm guessing you are one of those who gave up in the business. =)It is general knowledge that most businesses fail in the first 5 years of operation. The opportunity is no different. those who make money out of the business are those who end up working hard and continue to try. so it is not a (false) opportunity. It is a opportunity, whether you fail with it or not depends on you like any other business you start. If retailers were to carry their product then it wouldn't be direct selling would it? Its funny how those who give up are the ones that seem to be the ones who are negative about this business. the distributors at no point sell the products. They just get paid to promote the product. :/

    2. What does working hard mean in MLM? Recruiting. It's funny how those who are in MLM talk as if they actually own a business when they don't. To run a good business, you need actual demand for whatever products you are selling. Most people buy Usana products only to qualify for the paycheck, which is why the monthly requirement exists and why most Usana reps stop buying $100 a month once they quit.

      Usana, the company, is the only true business owner because they figured out a way to create false demand (compensation plan) in order to sell their overpriced products. As distributors, not only do you buy their products, you recruit others to buy their overpriced products.

      Think about it. You reps think Usana is the best but it's mainly because you're promoting it. People in other vitamin based MLMs think the same about their products too. So really, it's not about promoting the best products, it's about recruiting people into the system in order to make money. The products are secondary which is why you have more distributors than regular customers.

      Let's say you join an MLM company with a product that sucks. Does it really matter that much? Sure, you'll have a hard time making money selling the products to real customers but in MLM, regardless of product quality, most of the money is made from recruiting instead of selling anyway because of the lack of real demand. Need proof? How many non-distributor customers does the average person in your downline have?

      If the products were really that good and had plenty of real demand, a monthly requirement wouldn't even exist. Imagine qualifying for a paycheck by paying your cellphone bill each month. No requirement would be necessary because the demand is already there. You'd do it whether you made money or not. There's very little demand for Usana products, which is why the requirement exists. Can you spot the scam now? Of course not.

    3. I have gout attacks since I was 17 years old. None of the 11 networking company's products was able to relieve me from it's pain. And I've been suffering for 16 years. All other synthetic medicine does is to relive the pain but not the source. And all it did was to make my kidneys and liver suffer until Feb 2012. I was introduced to a product called Procosa. For the first time in 16 years, I was truly alive! I didn't have to suffer anymore. Thanks to Usana!

      I joined Usana to get the products. Not to do he business. For over a year, all I did was to buy, use and share the products. I kept on earning points. It was until two of my friends joined because of the products. They, too, got 100% worth of their investments in product form. Today's the 4th month from the time they joined. And we just kept on buying, using and sharing the products. And orders are pouring in. Did we do RECRUITING? NO! We just shared the products and people saw the benefits for themselves.

      I was wondering, were you able to attend the presentations and truly understand it with an open mind or did you just attend it to find fault on Usana?

      You may have been burned by MLM time and time again. I, too, was burned 11 times. But when I felt Usana's products and on how it also managed my other ailments, I have no doubt this has been the products and company I've been waiting for.

      I assume you're a wise and prudent person. I suggest you use it. And if you really think Usana is a scam and Nutrisearch needs a "lesson" badly, please SUE them so that they would stop.

      Sue the company who did 6 years of scientific research on 1,600 products and make your own company to have an unbiased research.

      Action speaks louder than words.

    4. Gout anonymous is a Usana distributor claiming a cure for his gout. I could not find any scientific research proving that Procosa cures gout. The Usana advertising bears the statement "*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

      There is no cure for gout.

      You must stop with the pseudo-scientific drivel.

      The comparative guide is a sales tool for Usana.
      NutriSearch is a promotional tool for Usana. It grants Usana an award a month.

    5. "In fact selling their products to the general public is secondary to their company. What they are really selling is the (false) opportunity to make money........"


  9. @Anonymous (apple tester) - Is this apple test something that scientist/nutritionist perform as well or just something Usana came up with? By the way, according to an Ariix rep, Ariix vitamins did better than Usana in the apple test.

    Have you tried it on any other types of fruit? How about living things like a gold fish?

    Also, can you provide me with studies that show that people who take Usana vitamins are 10 times healthier than people who take something like Centrum, since it costs 10 times more?

    Why is it that not all scientists/nutritionists agree that vitamins are indeed completely necessary? You won't find anyone saying not to drink water but just curious as to why not every doctor recommends vitamins?

    Not trying to be a smart ass here, just want to know.

    And if YOU and Usana really want to help people, how about selling these things at a lower, more affordable cost?

    1. Logic, you are not being logical. Why would we want the price to be lower if the market and the reputation and the quality support the price? Should BMW lower its prices so more people can purchase them? I don't think so, that would put a lot of BMW engieers and factory worker-folk out of work. If the customer can't afford USANA vitamins, they can go to Walgreens and get those generic little white ones they sell. They won't be as effective, and will have the minimum requirements versus the power of USANA products. Oh, and their urine won't be yellow either, which appears to be a Very Big concern.

    2. BMW's prices are fine. Why? Because there are enough real customers buying their cars. With Usana, most of the products are purchased by distributors. See the difference? With BMW, there is a clear demand for their cars at the price that they set them. With Usana, the prices are obviously too high in relation to demand.

      Want to test this theory? Tell Usana to drop the monthly purchasing requirement and see what happens to the company if they rely solely on real customer demand. Don't waste your time though, Usana would never do that. They'd go bankrupt.

    3. There is no monthly purchasing requirement. Associates can choose to purchase or not. Being an associate doesn't need to cost much more that a customer - the only 'mandatory' expense is the BDS and a yearly fee (soemthing like $30?).

    4. Stop lying anonymous... a relative of mine is a USANA associate and in that kind of thing he doesnt lie to me...

      there is indeed a mandatory 4 weeks purchase requirement of Php 7000 price to be eligible for the pyramiding Scheme commision.

      and they are claiming that it is the lowest price they can ever give because "USANA" already removed the "middle man" and not using advertisement to keep it low--- but the problem is that they forget that associates themselves are bunch of "middle men" and were do you think you get your commissions? its in the price of the product itself thats why it costs so much

    5. Get used to it. Many Usana reps like to make up stuff or twist facts around which makes it even harder for the honest ones to be taken seriously. They already have to deal with working for a company who refuses to do the right thing by removing the monthly requirement in order to give all distributors credibility and respect.

    6. Haters going to hate. You haters seem to fail to notice 1 thing. You said you have a relative who is a associate and is required to purchase for points. the requirement is only if you want to make money. if you just want products, you can choose to buy when you want and what you want. the middleman is removed because you are buying for yourself. It is no different to buying things of ebay. It is up to you what you want to do with your purchases. The problem with people these days is that they hear rumours, gossip, alot of chinese whispers going on. The only way to find out is try it yourself. Usana provides for an opportunity to get commission for buying their products. if you do not wish to, then don't. You can always just buy products that suit your need. Funny thing is, those who do the hating aint successful in their lives. You spend your time crying when you could be spending it out their making your dreams come true, whether it be starting your own business, earning capital to invest or making a difference.

    7. You reps sure like to talk nonsense. "The requirement is only if you want to make money." Thanks Mr. Obvious. You're right and why do most people buy Usana's overpriced products? To make money. Do most people continue to buy $100 of Usana products each month after they quit Usana? Let me guess, you're going to say yes right? Only your downline will believe your fact twisting nonsense.

    8. Usana products overpriced? Well I don't think so. Yes they are expensive but not overpriced. There are companies that produce cheap nutritionals and sell them at supermarkets well can you really trust their products? BMW cars are no longer as good as good old Japanese Toyotas but their prices are still much higher. Are people still buying Bmers? Definitely but why? It's the choices they made isn't it? With everything in life we need to make choices. Some are into MLM and some are not. We just need to respect them all. People do fail at Usana biz but then again there are so many that succeeded. They all have the same products and the same system to use but why only some are successful? The problem therefore is not with the system but the persons themselves. Being lazy will not get us anywhere. Complaining much will not get us far either. Am I a Usana associate? Yes I am. Do I make much from the biz? Not quite as I didn't put enough effort into it. Do I use Usana products? Yes I do. Will I ever stop using them? No. Why? Because the products are helping me and my family. You see it's all about choices we make.

    9. Overpriced

      The people that are buying overpriced BMw's are not the people buying into Usana products. The Usana distributors are purchasing the product at a price above the Ebay price. The distributors are the main purchasers of Usana products. They cannot retail these products because the are buying them at a price that is over 150% above the Ebay price. Ebay has the lowest price for Usana products.
      Usana pays the commissions to the upline. These are the ones who signed up the distributor. Paying commissions to the upline is what makes all MLM's pyramid schemes. You are too brainwashed to see the truth.
      Ask your accountant, lawyer or banker if MLM's are a legitimate business opportunity. I advise you not to
      ask Andy.
      Are you comparing Usana products to the old Toyotas or the overpriced BMWs?

    10. Ask your accountant, lawyer, etc. We have accountants on our Usana team that think it is a good business. But putting the business aside, the products are to help people have a healthier life. My heart doctor recommended the product to me. And it was me prying out the information from him as what brand of supplements to purchase. If this products does for me what it has done for other people, I will continue to use it. I am not looking to make it rich selling the stuff, I just want to be healthy. All this nay saying about the business means nothing to the people that truly believe in the product. As far as the pricing goes, it is very comparable to other vitamins of similar quality. Cheaper than some. If you don't like the way the business operates, or the product, don't buy it. But to tell people they are fools for using or distributing the product won't sway the believers away from this company.

    11. Agreed. If you don't like it, don't use it. Simple as that. The monthly requirement are for those who want to do the business and earn their commission. Its not a fee because you get products in return, which you can use or sell. What's the point of selling products if you don't use them as well. Preach what you practice. Also, selling is always a challenge, as with any business. So whatever you purchase for the month which you don't use, you sell. Simple LOGIC. If you can't sell, expect to close down. Same as with any business.

      People say Usana doesn't have any product demands. And where did you get your stats? Let me guess, by your own genius assumptions. Also, the challenge to all companies, regardless of industry is to create a demand by introducing and sharing the products. How does Centrum sell their products, by heavy advertising thus creating demand. When MICROSOFT came out, was there a huge demand for it? nope, they created the demand by showing to people why they need it. Do we really need all the Apple products out there. Nope. But why is there a huge demand for it? Because Steve Jobs created the demand. It just so happened that Usana and other MLM companies chose the direct selling route and needs to create demand on a different way than typical heavily advertised companies.

      If you truly think that everything about Usana is a scam/fake/false/dupe, by all means sue. Let me guess, time to bring the USANA-PAYS-EVERYBODY-THAT'S-WHY-NOBODY-SUES-THEM card now right?

    12. You wrote "Its not a fee because you get products in return, which you can use or sell."

      It is a "required" personal purchase in order to be allowed to keep any GSV points built up and be allowed to receive commission based on those GSV points.

      You wrote "What's the point of selling products if you don't use them as well."

      This is one of the dumbest lines USANA has brainwashed into their distributors. USANA calls this being a "Prosumer" and is page 5 of the BDS starter kit. USANA basically tells their new associates to be their own customer. Purchase from yourself mentality. Then tells their new associate to go out and recruit more associates and convince them to be a prosumer as well. Here's the USANA document that is included in the starter kit: Support Your USANA Business - Become a Prosumer

      You wrote "People say Usana doesn't have any product demands. And where did you get your stats?"

      USANA SEC Filings. USANA preferred customers are not increasing and only represent a measly 9% of USANA's net sales. USANA distributor purchases make up the remaining 91% of net sales. An average of $2390 worth of USANA product was purchased by USANA distributors in 2012. When figuring the number of new associates who activate their business center(s) with enrollment packs and the 4 week cycle requirement to keep the business center activated with either 100 or 200 volume points, it works out that almost all associates purchase the bare minimum to keep their business centers active. This implies no demand from outside consumers for USANA products. USANA distributors are not retailing product (most are enrolled as Non-Distributing associates and are not allowed to retail, but only sign up preferred customers). So there is no product demand outside the business opportunity.

      You wrote "If you truly think that everything about Usana is a scam/fake/false/dupe, by all means sue. Let me guess, time to bring the USANA-PAYS-EVERYBODY-THAT'S-WHY-NOBODY-SUES-THEM card now right?"

      I can't sue USANA because there are no damages I can sue for. I was never a USANA distributor. Also, lawsuits cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and most associates are out a couple thousand dollars. So it would cost them more to sue then the money they would receive back from USANA in damages. My recommendation to ex-USANA distributors who felt they were duped is to file a complaint to the FTC.

  10. @Logic from apple tester above

    I am not a distributor anymore as I couldn't make the business work and ended up losing a lot of money. So I don't recommend the business to anyone and can appreciate the watchdogs forum to alert potential distributors of the hardships they will face. But I do take the products everyday. I don't like paying the prices so I am with you on making the products more affordable too.

    I also don't really like the autoshipment program. Seems like it takes almost 2 weeks to receive the product, then in another 2 weeks, they deduct money from your account again before you have even finished your bottles. Now I just make orders when I need to. If they sold the products in stores, that would also eliminate the shipping costs which are annoying. I also believe their are hidden fees built into the shipping costs which I don't like.

    I have been looking at finding alternative supplements that are high quality and the only other one I have found yet is True Star from Canada. They appear pretty good and also scored high in the Comparative Guide. But believe it or not, their vitamins actually cost more than Usana's, so I havent switched yet.

    I also have done a lot of research on medical industry. What I have learned is that doctors are primarily only taught on how to diagnose diseases and on perscribing medicines for those diseases. Obviously, surgeons receive other training as well. These doctors really do not receive any education on supplements and their effects on the body. I have also spoken to many doctors about this, some were Usana reps, and others were not, and they all confirmed this. I am not making any claims here, just sharing what I have learned through research and testimonies.

    I have not seen any physical studies yet comparing people on centrum for a long period of time and people on Usana. There are so many other variables to take into account though (diet, exercise etc) that a study like this would be challenging to conduct.

    I can only tell you personally that before Usana, I had health issues. I was taking Mens Health and they didnt do anything. I started taking Usana's essentials, fish oil, proflavanol 90, and CoQ10, as well as increased my dietary fiber intake, and excercised more. In few months, I went back to the doctors and saw drastic improvements. My doctor had no explanation but told me to keep doing what I was doing. I don't attribute my health benefits soley to Usana, but do know Usana had to play a part.

    I am curious about doing the apple test on a gold fish. In all seriousness that could be feasible test. That would be interesting. I have not tried it on any other fruit, but you peaked my curiousity so I might just have to try for my own knowledge.

    There is another test I used to do to test the quality of fish oil. I would pour water in a styrofoam cup. Then cut open a fish oil capsule from Usana and pour it inside the cup. Then in a few minutes, the water started pouring out of the cup as the fish oil corroded the styrofoam. Not every fish oil was able to do this and when I researched, pure fish oil is one of the only substances that can corrode stryofoam. So I take Usana's fish oil too. :)

    If Ariix's vitamins prove to be better than Usana's and cost less then I would have no hesitation to switch. I have really no loyalty to Usana anymore but just havent found a good alternative yet. If I am not mistaken, I think the watchdog had a previous blog post stating their was a toxic ingredient in Ariix's supplements so I am already on guard to their products. I am also very cautious given the rapid development of the company in such a short period of time. No way could they have the quality controls in place. If I learned anything from my time in Usana, I did learn a lot about how supplements were made and what to watch out for.

    1. Try Sante Barey Pure Dude. They are really great.

    2. Because doing a vitamin test on a goldfish would prove benefits to longevity in a human, let alone extrapolating that data to X amount of years with little statical power. There are not many clinical trials that show vitamin supplements improve health because funding is just not there and it would be a gross waste of money to prove them wrong.

  11. @Apple Tester - If you ever do the goldfish test, please share your results.

    In any case, the Comparative Guide really doesn't sound like the go to book when it comes to judging vitamins for the reasons stated in Watchdog's article above.

    I haven't seen the comparative guide and I'm not sure how big their ranking list is but if Usana is #1, couldn't you go with say, #10 or 20 if the price is a lot less but still scored highly? I just don't believe the price is justified. If you take one that is half the cost of Usana, studies should show that Usana is twice as effective but I highly doubt that's the case.

    As for doctors vs nutritionists, not all nutritionists agree that vitamins are completely necessary let alone taking the supposed best one in the world.

    Anyway, since you're not a fan of the business side, no point in debating.

  12. Apple Tester wrote "There is another test I used to do to test the quality of fish oil. I would pour water in a styrofoam cup. Then cut open a fish oil capsule from Usana and pour it inside the cup. Then in a few minutes, the water started pouring out of the cup as the fish oil corroded the styrofoam. Not every fish oil was able to do this and when I researched, pure fish oil is one of the only substances that can corrode stryofoam. So I take Usana's fish oil too. :)"

    Acetone dissolves Styrofoam as well, but I don't think we would recommend drinking that would we?

    1. I not sure I see your the point of your comment.

      Many of your posts go on about researching this or researching that. Well, why not add value here and research what makes one fish oil disolve styrofoam and another not?

    2. I find everything very interesting, yet read the bottles is there Acetone in any of the products.

      No why not oh thats right because you wouldnt drink it.

      Also I have done a lot of research into usana and my own lab tests during free time at the labs, and i spent nearly £500 on different supplements to try and work out where people were being mislead.

      Firslty i found everything was the same but usana did have a higher potency, and would dissapear alot quicker in my tests.

      Secondly I also found that if you look more closley into some of the products you may want to move to a fume cupboard very quickly.

      I think personally, that you are a former usana distributor and had a bad time because you didnt put the work in and are now just trying to stop people who could do better than you from doing so.

      your information is also one sided against USANA, i never see a positive fact about usana yet there is pleanty to talk about, or you could look at other network marketing companies and yet you dont seem to.

      Again this i think supports my theory you had a bad experience with usana.

    3. No, I just know someone who has lost tens of thousands of dollars in USANA. I have never been a distributor. I have been approached several times by distributors. I researched the company after have been approached and found how deceptive USANA actually is.

      Why should I write anything positive about USANA? This is a site that exposes USANA by telling the public the things USANA won't. Does USANA tell people that 99% of their distributors who signed a business contract have never made a profit?

    4. the styrofoam test is a test that is created by mlm/pyramiders to fool you here is one evidence

      The reason why Styrofoam melts is because fish oil is an organic solvent in nature. The more Hydrophobic the fish oil(more soluble in oil), the faster the Styrofoam will melt. It is not due to acidity, more "Chemical" etc. It's Just Plain solubility.

      There are 2 main kinds of groups of fish oil in the market, and they are namely those triglyceride form (natural form) and ethyl ester form (usually the high dose in fish oils). Those ethyl ester form are a lot more hydrophobic, and thus will melt Styrofoam faster

      the whole test of determining the quality of fish oil with Styrofoam is in 2 words, BULL SHIT. This is because the quality of fish oil is NOT based on how fat soluble it is , but more on how EPA/DHA it offers, what fish it uses, country of origin etc.

  13. Calamondin/Calamansi, a popular lemon substitute in the Philippines, can also corrode styrofoam (and probably the lemon itself can). Fishy, that the Fish Oil gives off a lemony burp/aftertaste.

    I take USANA products, but I also take Nature's Way Alive!, a 2 or 3-star product in the Comparative Guide. Maybe it's just Placebo effect, but I feel better when taking Alive! than the Essentials.

    Maybe I can just use green tea, pure and potent vitamin A, C or E, or olive oil for the Apple Test. It's about the antioxidants' effect anyway, not the vitamins'.

    I agree with Logic; there's no point in arguing anyway. What we're just against here is the business model USANA Health Sciences use, and giving false hopes like the comparative guide to other people just to obtain money.

    1. Dont think the business model, just be glad that you are healed through the help of Science. Dont you that God is the author of science . It is God's will that USANA is the best. God has a very purpose that why USANA is rated as #1, it is God's will. It is just like saying from the Bible "touch not my anointed one" it indicates that it is dangerous to go against God's will. Although the passage speaks about God's people who bring good tidings to all the nation, but the essence of God's will is evident!matakot ka sa Diyos(fear God).

    2. LOL. I'd rather join Usana than join your church.

    3. @seigfred:

      You're making USANA sound as if it's something holy and something chosen by God, and you're making me sound like I committed a grave sin. Please, don't do that.

      You should also know that the Essentials is ONLY a supplement, not anything more, and definitely not some healing pill given by God.

    4. Seigfred!! Is that how Filipinos do it in the Philippines?? You're making us look bad man... Now you're using god to make people buy!! That makes the phillipines team look bad... I guess they will do anything for money........ You know what you guys need to do??? Worship money instead and that will make you quit usana hahaha because you will hate going broke on monthly autoship..

    5. @anonymous
      yup. I guess that is how some people are selling USANA in third world (oops, not pc, should have used "developing" countries). Haven't you noticed that they recruit associates like they do in cults? And they only attract certain demography in "developing" countries. Those with higher intelligence are at the upper part of the sales pyramid, while the "unfortunate less endowed" people are in the lower part of the sales pyramid. They do really worship money, since lots of the "associates" don't even consume USANA products, they just sell them.

  14. Since the USANA Essentials is 60% Vitamin C, calcium and magnesium (which are cheap ingredients), the Vit C alone would likely be acidic enough to preserve the apple's color. If you are looking for the best multi-nutrient and premium fish oil supplements, you will not find them listed in the Supplement Guide because it does not factor in the use of the really potent high priced ingredients found in the very best supplements. If you want to get the very best nutraceuticals at a truly affordable cost then please check out

  15. Just for kicks, go check out and click on shop now. Look at how expensive their products are. Holy crap! And we thought Usana's was overpriced.

  16. Those Ariix prices are totally off the hook (in a VERY bad way).

  17. Just heard that Usana partnered up with Dr. Oz. So apparently Usana's strategy is to buy a high profile doctor to endorse their product, and market the heck out of the doctor's endorsement. Dr. Ray Strand, who was formerly with Usana forever, leaves for Ariix, no problem lets buy another doctor to endorse us.

    I have read some info on Dr. Oz and he already has some negative things on his resume so I am not exactly sure landing Dr. Oz to be Usana's top doctor was such a good thing.

    Word to Usana, if you want to sell more of your product, forget buying another doctor, how about you just make your overly priced product less expensive.

    Usana reps and preferred customers must love seeing endorsements like this, after all, they are paying for it.

    1. You might be interested to know that the partnership between USANA and Dr. Oz is one that helps the charity, HealthCorps, started by Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa. This charity benefits children and teens by teaching them how to eat in a healthy way. The charity is meant to help address the epidemic of overweight young people in the U.S. today. USANA does very well financially, as you are already aware. They are simply using some of that money to do good in this world, as they have done frequently with other philanthropic causes. If you don't think that's a good thing, I can't help you!

  18. And I thought they use less of their revenues to their endorser or middle men and more into their research?
    Lies, lies, lies.

  19. Hey USANA watchdog you should do a desire on the bullshit claim they are now endorsed by Doctor Oz, somehow they spun Wentz appearing to speak at a health conference that Oz is hosting into Oz promoting their products, I've even seen some high level people posting pictures of Oz on Facebook with quotes about USANA that don't even exist! In fact, google Dr.Oz and USANA and you will hit a video from a couple years ago that right in the beginning Oz states firmy that of any vitamin supplier says he endorses them that it's a lie!

    1. Right. That's why he uses Usana products and just spoke at the 20yr Anniversary Convention for Usana.

    2. Dr. Oz does not endorse USANA and has expressed that point to USANA corporate where USANA was forced to disclose this little fact to their own distributors have many distributors were claiming the endorsement:

      What is Dr. Oz's relationship with USANA? Does he endorse us or have an official partnership with us?

      Dr. Oz has great respect for USANA and shares the company's vision of a healthier, happier world. Because of that, Dr. Oz has agreed to speak at our 2012 International Convention in August, and he has invited Dr. Wentz and Dave Wentz to speak at his Health & Happiness Summit on Feb. 25 in New York City. However, Dr. Oz does not endorse any company, including USANA, and he is not an official partner of ours. Please be sure that any information you post on social media is correct in this regard.

      As well as

      State or imply that Dr. Mehmet Oz endorses, certifies, partners with, sponsors, supports, is affiliated with, etc., any product or company, including USANA Health Sciences and its product line

      Want more?

  20. Thank you for your continued research.

    My interest in USANA came about particularly because one of my high school acquaintances is a so-called "Director." She constantly posts on facebook on how much she absolutely loves USANA and working for them. She posts photos from their "conferences" that is set up on a stage (I presume to give motivational speechs). What's really disturbing is that their Power-Point slides includes before/after photos (and yes, there is one of her).

    Money aside, I am terrified of the damage USANA can do to people psychologically. Her absolute fervor and zealous attitude towards the company is similar to the fervor people often express of God. This scares the s**t of out me because this is not just a company selling products, but specifically supplements. As a Director, she uses their products along with whatever exercise diet they recommend. Her entire life is now consumed by USANA and praising it. Furthermore, she openly claims she's making 5K a week.

    I have to say, I am 23 yrs old, and she is my peer. She's been working with USANA for 4 years, which means she joined when she was 19 or 20 years old. It's just pretty f****d up that this company is targeting young and perhaps naive individuals, brainwashing them, transforming them to the point where their existence is only USANA. (Some may think I am exaggerating, but one look at this girl's profile, and you will see how completely consumed she is by USANA, its messages, its products.)

    This company almost feels like a cult! Whether or not they are legally legitimate, they are clearly implementing strategies to complete transform people psychologically until they are no longer themselves! Please continue with your research & press on!

    1. Hmmm, someone sounds a little jealous. Yes, your friend is making good cash - $240k a year at age 23! Why don't you check it out instead of being a sideline sniper?

    2. Lies.. Show us he makes 240k a year.. You have to make more than aaron dinh to average that kind of money... I know because aaron has been in usana for 8 years and still haven't made 1 million.... In 4 years you should be in the million dollar club.... So who are you that makes 240k at age 23?? I don't see any 20 year olds in the million dollar club or even in top 25 earner... These types of lies is what sign up people.... Total lies in income!!! This is how shady business owners trick their recruit!!

    3. we're getting a commission of 200USD per week now for being a distributor since December. :)

    4. How many distributors do you have in your downline? How many Preferred Customers do you have in your downline?

      $200 a week is less than minimum wage by the way.

    5. 200$/week is a big amount already in the Phil.

  21. To the person who posted above. I think we all can agree that the Usana business model is not for everyone, but some of your accusations are just down right ridiculous. I take the products, nobody is forcing me to take the products, I feel good when I take them, so naturally I want to share my positive feelings with those around me. We are human beings that thrive off of emotion. When we are happy we tell people, when we are sad, we tell people. I have heard a lot of silly things, but the notion of Usana being a cult, just made me laugh.

    Sounds like your friend is making a lot of money, feeling the benefits of the prodducts, and has been working the business for quite some time. It is just natural for someone like this to want to continue taking the products, promoting her business, enjoying her work, and her telling the whole world. The more people she tells, the more leads she gets and the more customers/recruits she gets. People seeing all her energized and happy will want to feel the same way.

    Usana doesn't target just young people, they target everyone as they need as many associates as possible to keep their company alive. The more associates they acquire, the more 100 point autoshipments they receive each month. It is not the customers that keep Usana in business, it is the associates that Usana nickels and dimes to death.

    Maybe your friend's sponsor is targeting young people because they know younger people have more time and energy to work the business while they don't have a lot of bills or family to take care of.

    Lastly, the acquisition of Dr. Oz make me sick. Usana just bought another high profile doctor to endorse their business and now all of a sudden Dr. Oz will start preaching on how wonderful the products are. In similiar fashion to Dr. Strand, I am sure Dr. Oz also received some kind of special business center to capitalize on preferred customers and new enrollments. It probably won't be long before Usana announces some kind of special Dr. Oz product pak or business enrollment pack.

    Products are good, just very expensive. Business bad unless you are one of the fortunate few who somehow someway are able to strike it rich.

    1. USANA and DR OZ is a partnership. DR OZ is taking the multi-vitamins. There are so many high profile people who are taking USANA like Larry King, Dennis Waitley etc.

      Did you know why Dr Ray Strand was an advocate for USANA? It was because of his wife's condition. He was like any other doctors who would say things like taking vitamins is just expensive urine.

      I have seen the product do wonders to the health of my friends. These are all real results and I would rather be healthy then regret later. It is everyone's prerogative to decide for themselves.

      If the Comparative guide is only done for USANA, then all the rest of the companies would sue the author of the book or that some other competitors would sue USANA and the publisher for collution. This hasn't happened, so how fake can that be. USANA sponsors over 600 elite atheletes with a millon dollar guarantee. Which other company has given such guarantees? None. The fact is that i USANA is not real, and the atheletes gets tested positive for banned substances, then they would have to pay over $600 million dollars, that would bankrupt a company but they still give such a guarantee.

      In terms of research, they do not need to spend too much money as they already have a good product, all it needs it to maintain that and research into additional findings, it is not like you need to spend heaps to do research on everything from scratch.

      Someone said it is like a cult. If you love a movie, wouldn't you tell your friends how good it is and that they have to go watch it. You may even love the movie and join the fan club. Is that so different to what we are doing here? We love the product and we know that the product is good. We of course want to share the product with our friends and love ones....well to everyone because it is such a good product.

      Some people could not earn the money. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme than this is not it. Like every business, you have to work on it constantly until you get to a stage after a number of years when you can relax a little. Isn't this the same as any other business? To reap the rewards, you have to put in effort. It is the Compound effect, the more you put in the more you reap, just like any other business. The only difference is that there is very little capital involved and you can start on it part time.

      Some people said the products are expensive. However, USANA do not compare with the cheap, USANA makes quality affordable.

      Products in the market are of inferior quality, using inferior ingredients and does not have the right levels and balance that would promote optimal health. So why would you want to waste your money for something that allow you to obtain optimal health? In that instance, it would really be expensive urine.

      All in all, many celebrities, royal families, atheletes and many other important people trusts this brand as they have proven themselves to be the best in the world for so many years. It would be foolish not to look at this with an open mind.

      This company is a listed company and it is growing at double digits rate. How many companies can do that if their product is not real and good?

  22. I found this great blog while doing some research concerning USANA. My story:

    I started a new job a couple of months ago (I'm a dentist) and my colleague and officemate started to talk to me about 'antioxidants', supplementation, showing me articles written by Dr. Strand, giving me CD's and videos (the banana one), and lastly the Comparative Guide. In my naivity, I thought he was just having a scientific discussion with me. I had never heard of USANA. Every day he bombarded me with his propaganda (that's exactly what it sounded like). He gave me a box os supplements to try after I had told him I was not interested in supplementation as I am a very healthy person with a very healthy diet. When I finally realized that he was involved in a pyramid scheme to sell vitamins I was just disgusted. Things finally came to a head when he not only tried to push USANA on me but tried to get me to read about the Atkins diet! He also tried to convince me that running (I'm a marathon runner) and exercise was bad for me. This coming from an overweight person who eats Slim Jims as snacks. Seriously, I felt like I was being heavily recruited for some kind of cult. As I'm no shrinking wallflower and not one to be easily swayed, I escaped the USANA trap. But there are those in our office who have bought into it and can ill afford to pay for those supplements. Also, there is one person who buys them for his diabetic mother who's kidneys have started to fail and he swears these supplements have kept her from having to have dialysis! Does this sound dangerous to you???? This is what really disgust me and makes me angry about the people that sell these supplements! Thank you for attempting to educate people and expose the fraud!

  23. I take Usana's supplements and have seen dramatic improvements in my health. In my opinion, they are just the best supplements out there on the market. They certainly aren't cheap and I am not a distributor.

    Prior to Usana, I did a lot of research on nutrition and it was through this research that I learned about free radicals and oxidative stress. I also learned about the things that can accelerate oxidative damage which to my surprise did include exercise. It is fairly simple to understand. The same oxygen that turns an apple brown, is the same oxygen that we breath. This rusting is also occuring inside our bodies each and every single day. Over a great period of time, this oxidative damage reveals itself, simply look at pictures of people in a 10 year period of time and the changes in ones appearence is significant. Even worse is the damage that we can not see internally, and the areas within our bodies that experience the greatest amounts of oxidative damage, is the areas where chronic diseases form. So when we exercise, yes excercise is fantastic for the body, just know that we breath faster, consume more air, and place a lot of stress on the body. During intense exercise, the body can produce well over 10,000 free radicals - charged particles formed through cell division, that can destroy dna, cell composition, etc if not neutralized by antioxidants. So to combat the vast number of free radicals, one must have a large quantity of antioxidants which our body produces, and that we obtain from diets and supplements.

    I learned all about this even before I knew of Usana, so the above is unbiased and nothing to do with Usana. So what your friend was telling you about the potential hazards of exercising is accurate. I am not sure if he articulated it like this though. If we are not consuming at least 8 - 10 servings of fruits/vegetables every day, there is going to be a shortage of antioxidants in our bodies. The majority of American diets do not consist of the required 8 - 10 servings of fruits/vegetables and this is why supplements have exploded onto the market. Lets face it, we live hectic lifestyles, don't always have time to cook healthy meals, and supplements have become a convenient way to get vitamins and minerals.

    Now the way he approached you about the business, and how he was very sneaky and insincere about his true intentions, is a whole different story. I have always found it interesting when a person who is fat, or doesn't look healthy, or eats garbage, tries to sell you on good health. It is like a fat personal trainer. How could anyone take this person seriously. Your friend just sounds like a terrible sales person looking to make a quick buck with no real intention to help you.

    1. Show evidence based trials about how antioxidants actually IMPROVE health and we will go from there!

  24. I just pity you USANA WATCH DOG.. you're saying that those famous doctors are a distributor of USANA. Yes they are..then you should think about it, "Why do this Well known DOCTORS trust USANA?"

    1. Do you know what "Peddling" is? It is a violation of the medical code of ethics.

    2. Ask those famous "Dr's" to show EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE trials in favor of "whichever USANA bullshit flavor of the month supplement" is and then you can talk about the credibility of your unethical Dr's. There is little to no evidence supporting improvements in morbidity and mortality with antioxidants or nutritional supplements. The ones that do get backed by credible physicians and pharmacists. Find me a trial to read please before you blindly follow other sheep, er DR's.

    3. Yes, what is the deal with USANA Lap Dog? Were your feelings hurt by all the rejection? Sorry to tell you this, but that comes with the territory. You have to sift through 100 pieces of coal before you find a diamond. Sounds like you took it personally. "Feeeeelings, wohh-ohhhh feeeeeeelings..." {me doing Barry Manilow}

  25. The guide is sold on Amazon and it's rated 4.5 of 5 stars. I bet you will claim all readers are also "paid" by USANA to give such high ratings. I think you are simply pathetic wasting time criticizing all MLM including USANA where I devoted myself into and earned my health and wealth. From my previous 10 years of experience of working as employee, the REAL pyramid scheme is in every corporate and huge company, where people on top always earn the most no matter how bad decision they made or how stupid strategy they take. And the one get laid off first are always employees at the bottom. So you can stop this brain-wash blog making us back to work again.

    1. The following is written in the Comparative Guides:

      This guide was not commissioned by any public sector or private sector interest, or by any company whose products may be represented herein. The research, development, and findings are the sole creative effort of the author and NutriSearch Corporation, neither of whom is asasociated with any manufacturer or product represented in this guide.

      The author of the book is not being honest. Gregg Gies, the man in charge of "RESEARCH, EDITING and LAYOUT" of every edition of the Comparative Guide was a USANA distributor himself: Distributor ID# 285320. Because of this affiliation, everything about the Comparative Guide has no credibility. This guide was commissioned by a company (USANA) whose products are represented herein (ranked #1 in every edition).

      You claim I'm brainwashing people back to work again with this blog (in some sort of corporate pyramid scheme). Really? As an employee, you are entitled to make at least minimum wage. That's more than what 99.99% of USANA distributors have made. In huge companies, different positions are required to operate the company. Different levels of management, engineers, sales, customer service, manufacturing, accounting, etc.. are all necessary to operate the company. Each requires a different level of skill set and knowledge. Experience is also a factor. So when these things all add up, of course there will be different pay wages. Should someone in packaging make as much as the engineer designing the product? If you believe that is somehow a pyramid scheme, then you need to go back to school.

      However, as a USANA distributor, you have one single function - to sell product. There are two ways to accomplish this. One - legitimately retail the product to customers outside the business and/or sign them up as a preferred customer. Two - sell an opportunity of becoming rich and sign up hundreds of distributors who are all forced to purchase the product if they want to be considered active and keep their points, which is an illegitimate way of selling product to customers. In fact, I don't call that selling product to customers at all. I call it a participation fee to be eligible to collect payment in an elaborate pyramid scheme, where the majority of commissions paid out comes from this required participation purchase. The FTC has deemed that an illegal pyramid scheme.

    2. "distributors who are all forced to purchase the product if they want to be considered active and keep their points,"

      (1) You've missed a fundmental point. Most associates like the products and want them. So the monthly purchase is not a burden or something they're forced to do.

      (2) If your short of money then don't buy products and lose the points but keep working on building the business. By doing this the business effectively costs nothing. Once it's generating enough throughput to cover a monthly purchase then start purchasing products.

      (3) If your short of money buy the products and sell them.

    3. (1) You couldn't be any more wrong. Most associates don't have a problem buying the products? Really? How many reps who quit stuck with the same amount of autoship products? Thank you.

      (3) Have you actually tried selling Usana products at retail price? Saying it is easy, doing it is not.

    4. Replying to the anon with the numbered points:

      (1) LIKE and WANT? Note that the yearly personal consumption of the products is much, much less than the quantity of the yearly purchase, unless you buy ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS (Sense, Nutrimeal, etc). Or prove me wrong, and show me at least 500 directors and above, and 500 believers, achievers, and below that is always out of stock ANNUALLY (not monthly) due to their personal consumption ALONE. Do that, and I'll believe in you. That number is even less than 1% of the total USANA associates.

      (2) Isn't that the same as RECRUITING? Then of course, those that were recruited will be given the same advice -- or simply be a preferred customer. Voila, endless recruiting, and the ones at the bottom will be the ones who will be ripped off the most.

      (3) See my reply to (1). Replace "personal consumption" with "sales".

  26. Usana associates do get brain washed to a degree thinking that Usana is not a pyramid scheme. It is not really their fault, it was what they are taught. To person above, here is a question for you. A new Usana associate signs up a new preferred customer who places an order worth 200 points. That associate probably spent a good deal of time landing that sale and spent all the effort in growing his business. Good for him. However he makes no commission off of that sale, and even worse people are 300 levels above him, also get credit for that 200 points. Why in the heck should the associate 300 levels higher, and who has never met the associate who got the sale worth 200 points, also get credited with those points?

    You say the bottom employees do all the work and receive the least amount of pay, and are the first to get laid off, fired, or quit. Well welcome to Usana. The people at the bottom make very little money, expend an enormous amount of time, effort, and money into trying to grow their business. The people above them rake in all the associates required monthly autoshipment points (which the associate gets no credit for), get credit for all the points from the associates new preferred customers and new business partners the associate brings in. After a period of time, usually as long as the associate lasts before realizing it just aint worth it anymore, finally decides to quit (aka being fired, laid off, or downsized, really it is the same thing) but the only differences are; he was never paid for his time, wasted a ton of money, and lost so much time he can never get back.

    Not that corporate america or working for someone else is great, but at least you get paid. Takes a real special person with some serious hook ups, and a huge network, to actually make a profit in Usana, and even that isnt enough most of the time as only the top 2-5% of associates make any real money.

    If Usana's business model was so great, the levels of attrition wouldn't be so high, and more people would actually make money. Lets not get into how much products cost. They are good but nothing like breaking the bank.

    1. Just to point out, the associate who recruits "preferred customers" is the only one to benefit from the sales points. Sales points from preferred customers do not travel upline. However, there are hardly any preferred customers and the emphasis is on recruiting new sales reps instead.

    2. Hmm, there seems to be some confusion about the USANA commissions, which are paid via direct deposit every Friday afternoon. Of course the new associate will receive a commission on the 200 point sale, provided both sides have sales. Given that today is 5/18, let's say this week he made sales of $4500 on his left business center and $4000 on right business center. That is $8000 or an $800 deposit or 10% that rolls into his account, and $500 that rolls over to next week. Now - regarding spending all that time on one person, you need to be much busier than that. You should be talking to 30 people a day (not Facebooking or Tweeting or blogging, actual human conversation). Assume that you have to talk to at least 60 people before you find one that is interesting, and probably another 20 or 30 before you find one worthy to sign up for the team.

    3. Hmm, I thought all points travelled up (including preferred customers).

      "there are hardly any preferred customers and the emphasis is on recruiting new sales reps instead. "

      A lot of 'sales reps' are really just customers as the cost can be the same.

  27. Would love to see the day when a new associate could generate over $8,000 in sales. You keep dreaming. Until then, the associate doesn't make any money on there 200 point autoshipment, but their upline sure does.

    I attended a seminar with a high ranking distributor. His message was very simple, numbers don't lie. To make Gold director you need 40,000 points: 5,000 points per week, per leg, so 10,000 points a week for 4 consecutive weeks.

    In order to accomplish this the numbers don't lie. You need 400 associates all on 100 point autoshipments. That would give you 10,000 points a week and 40,000 points for the month and Gold Director status. That was his entire seminar, teaching how to sponsor 400 associates. There was nothing on getting customers.

    He also said this is what all the top associates do, they only focus on getting new associates because preferred customers are far and few to come by and dont really do anything for your business. He basically confirmed with out a doubt that Usana was and is a pyramid scheme. Associates making money off of other associates who are forced to pay the monthly autoshipments to stay in business.

    Really hope Usana gets what is coming to them.

    1. I make all my money on preferred customers.

    2. So does the rep who just started and managed to get a couple of customers. Care to reveal what your title in Usana is and how long it took you to achieve it with just preferred customers?

  28. Nonsense talk, if all above is true. The goverment of canada & US not stupid to let a book like this to quote whole company in the book doing shit and 4 were doing good.

    Do you know, how many summons should Lyle McWilliam would face? It is simple to answer this but LOGICAL, your explainition does not work.

    I think, i have alot of answer for alot of question you had post to confuse people BUT, not interested to answer it here. If anyone who have interest the contact me via email :

    Thanks anyway do ... you are trying your best ...

    1. What part of my posting do you not think is true? I can back up everything I write.

    2. there is an issue that has been brought to me by a relative that Centrum scored 0 in the book and everytime we talk he always mentions it... and why does wyeth not doing anything about this?

      answer is:
      they dont need to make a dispute about the book because they are already famous and already proven themselves many of times, they already produced many proven and tested drugs and cured countless of diseases, so why give a damn on a puny, stupid and obviously biased book?

      they created their own standards out of their own opinion and beliefs so no one, not even the government nor other doctors can make a dispute out of that standard they created,

      take it like this i have my own standards for the composition of a beautiful car out of my own opinion and belief and no one can make a dispute out of it because its an opinion... i can write a book about it and no one can sue me because its my own blended standards - this way no one can file a lawsuit against them

  29. if USANA is a pyramid scheme, are these 1st world countries fool enough to be fooled within 20 years of existence?

    1. Absolutely! They also have authorities running high cover for these schemes. Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff comes to mind...

    2. bernard madoff,,, he started his company in 1960 and he had been arrested only after 48 years because of running a ponzi scheme(variation of pyramiding)

      he said that he only started the fraud in 1990 but the federal investigator said it started in 1970

      either of the 2 statements, 18-38 years is still a long time, and this means no matter how strict the laws in these first world countries are, they are still gullible because being rich is not always being smart, and being rich is not always being right...

  30. A lot of leaders when they give their pitch they tell you that once you get to a certain level you can pretty much retire and don't need to do anything, truth is if you do this and don't keep pushing the whole scheme fall apart and you are back to where you started from. Also, Usana has a rule that you can not tell anyone how much money you make nor show any checks or statistics or your web page where your earnings show or they will kick you out, why? anyone?


  32. Hahaha! Clearly the author I'd this article has something against Usana! They have their own vested interest! Look, if a product helps get people healthy and makes them money then I think it's great!! Iuse the products. I lost 35 pounds and I've never felt or looked better. I'm making money and I have a great tax write off. Not sure what the harm is? Dr. Oz just partnered with Usana. I'd love to see the "watchdog" discredit Dr. Oz.
    There is no rule btw about reporting earnings. 65% of active members make 152k a year. 47% make 24k. These re all facts.

    1. You wrote "There is no rule btw about reporting earnings. 65% of active members make 152k a year. 47% make 24k. These re all facts."

      REALLY!, Please show me these so called "Facts". Let me do some math for you to show how absurd your comment is:

      In USANA's 2011 annual earnings report, they state there are 222,000 active associates.

      According to YOU and only you, 65% of these active associates make $152,000 each year.

      So 144,300 associates * $152,000 = $21,933,600,000

      Do you honestly believe 144,300 associates made a combined $22 BILLION??? Give me a break. Where did you hear of such "facts"???

    2. well im just wondering, if what you are saying is true that you lost 35 pounds... why does majority of the people in the USA are obese? considering that usana originated and based in the USA, and claiming they are successful there for 20 years(enough time to give a decent fight against obesity with that wonder product you are claiming)..

  33. Good one Usana Watch Dog!! As you can all see that's how those people deceive others into that model.. Simple math like usana watch dog did and they are done!!! Keep it up!!!

  34. Dr Oz also talks for Visalus and many other companies, grow up he and Dr Wentz are making money out of you and you are not making any money!!! Cool, when I grow up I will put a business like Dr Wentz and partner with Celebrity "Dr" and make money of people like you!!!


  35. Just read this blog for the first time. Interesting debates. Made me want to check out USANA just out of interest. I just want to know USANA Watchdog if you are really acting in the interest of the man in the street, reveal who you really are and your credentials otherwise would think that you had something to hide as well!

    1. I have no financial interest with USANA, any competitor, this blog, or anything to do with USANA. There is nothing more you need to know about "me" to be honest with you. The information I reveal on this blog speaks for itself. Anyone is fully capable of fact checking the information I post on this blog. If you have a problem with the information revealed, then feel free to criticize that information.

    2. Has any Usana rep said anything against the things you've written on this blog and actually tried to disprove them with facts? Most of what I see is name calling and random statements without any proof as well as a LOT of topic changing and accusations.

      I think everyone researching Usana in order to decide whether or not they should join should take notice of that.

  36. THey Want to make More Money So they Even Use GMO ingredients,, do you all know How BAD GMO's are-- WTF ?? are u serious... What they have like 1 or 2 products with no GMOs out of How many Hundreds of products they have now

    1. I am interested in what you know about GMOs in USANA products. I got no response (twice) from them when I sent a question to their Health Sciences Centre.

  37. Dr. OZ LOL OMG This guy has Massive Shares in Vaccines Stocks and Doesnt even Vaccinate his own children- go to YouTube and youll see he admits it-- While not everything he says is bad,, I think most of his actions are Profit based $$$ All about the $$$ wonder If he feeds his kids GMO food,, yuck

  38. I've just joined USANA, I'm in Australia, just decided to give it a go and see what happens, a few of my friends are doing very well from it and some of them haven't been at it for very long. I trust the team of people that I'm joining and I'm mainly doing this for the experience and because I do like the products and I like the people I've met so far. Your blog definitely has me a little concerned though, I'll let you all know how it goes.

  39. NO ONE has the time and incentive to bag someone this much from the bottom of his/her heart - for the good of others, ha! Show yourself Usanawatchdog and then we will have a conspiracy/scam to talk about. You are very suss!!!

    1. Everyone has time if they know how to manage the time. I'm sorry you feel that no one can do anything without being compensated one way or another.

  40. All people with these negative comments are either not successful disributors of USANA (it is only their own fault and they just try to blame the company) or they are distributors of other companies.

    1. Or they are people who are smart enough not to get sucked into money making scams and want to help prevent others from getting scammed.

      FYI, most people fail because the system is DESIGNED that way. If most people didn't fail in MLM, everyone on Earth would be part of an MLM right now and if that was the case, the billions at the bottom would be screwed since they have no one left to recruit, leading to a chain reaction that would collapse the entire system.

      If everyone who was recruited can recruit just 2 people within 1 month after signing up, after just 20 MONTHS, you'd have over 500k reps. So why does Usana only has a few hundred thousand reps after 20 YEARS? Massive failures, that's why.

      But fortunately for you MLMers, the fact that most people fail to recruit just 2 people means there are still lots of people to recruit. The survival of your scam depends on massive failures. If more people were successful, you'd run out of people to recruit.

      If big numbers are too hard for you to grasp this concept, then think of an island with just 100 people. If all were in Usana, what would the bottom people do to make money in Usana? They can't, which means they will eventually quit, causing the next level up to lose money which will make them quit and so on until the entire system collapses.

      Simple math. Stay in school.

  41. There a lot of conspiracies here to discredit the people involved with the research of this book due to point of being tied up with USANA. Truth is I could care less about that...

    If instead you did research on how they did the tests and basis of those test then it would really be more helpful.

    I am not bashing or anything, like yourself I am also trying to find out the truth about the book and trying to understand if the thing written in it is any good.

  42. @Philippe,
    it's not really about the book. but it would be unethical to be connected to one of the products being researched. No matter what you do, it would be hard to be objective.

    most people are also against the hard-sell being done. Such as testimonials being done by the one's hard selling the product, when most of the friend knew that the one giving testimonials doesn't even consume to the product. I have seen people hard selling the product when they are not even consuming the said product.

    Now, what do you call that kind of hard-selling? Lying?

  43. i just started to be a distributor 2 weeks ago, i joined not because of the money i could get, in fact i sell the products to my family also to my friends, with no commision at all, at first i was skeptical about the supplements but when i saw my mother in law having improvements with her knees (she has arthritis and couldn't walk properly) i didn't doubt anymore. Also after drinking the supplements, i had this detox effect, which made me think that this is really good supplement, i tried other supplements but all of them didn't give me this kind of effect and because of that i believe that this is the best supplement for me and also for my family, i dont need evidences from other people, because seeing my mother in law in good shape is enough for me to know that the supplement is legit.

    1. Since you already know it's effect during the so called orientation when you became a distributor, I think it should have been a psychological effect... But good for you and your family if that's the case.

  44. i joined usana just last month because of its good quality product. im not a business minded person but it opened my mind the benefits of having my own business. usana is like a merchandising business, buying and selling the products. as for the points, well i just think it like a salary or a bonus. i dont care if the top people benefits from me, all businesses are, as long as what i am selling or the products are good then its fine to buy it and sell it marked up, like cars and other things. to the people who heard the seminars, if you dont like it dont do it. as an advice to the people who wanna do it, study the business first , plan and work for it, if youre weak and afraid to take risk, dont do it. but if youre strong and have the courage to stand if ever you fail, try it. youll never know, what if you succeed. sometimes the best teacher in life is to experience it rather than listen to gossips and people who have no result. do it first as a part time, so that if its not your passion, its just ok, quit, dont grudge because in the first place it is your decision. learn from what you experienced.

    1. Let me bring you back to reality. You DO NOT own a business. You are a salesperson for Usana, not a business owner. Go ahead and try selling Usana products at a mark up price and see how that goes. Distributors have a hard time selling them at AUTOSHIP prices let alone retail prices.

      Taking risks, having the courage to go through the failures, that's all good advice in succeeding in a business. The only problem is that the Usana compensation plan is designed for most people to fail.

      Go ahead and work hard trying to sell the products at retail prices. You'll quickly realize that's not the way to make real money in Usana. You'll eventually realize the people making the big bucks in Usana are the ones who focus on recruiting and growing their downline.

      Once you realize that, you'll start focusing on recruiting as well in order to leverage other people's time and effort. Once you do that, that's it, you are now a participant in the scam. The more money you make, the more people will have to lose money because in order for you and your downline to make more money, more recruits are needed. If you need more people in order to make money, then your downline will need people as well. As those people come on board, even more are needed in order for the new ones to make money. It's endless.

      We "negative" people don't call Usana a scam because it's hard to succeed. We call it a scam because that's what it really is. In any legitimate business, you could continue to operate if you stop hiring more people. With Usana, this isn't the case. If hiring/recruiting ever stops, the entire system would collapse due to the fact that you distributors are Usana's main buyers and most of the money distributors make are from purchases from their downline.

      This wouldn't happen if there was enough demand for Usana products but there isn't, which is why distributors are required to buy $100 of products each month. I don't care how good your products are, if there isn't demand at your price point, your business will suffer UNLESS you can come up with a scheme where you have your salespeople buy most of the products, which is exactly what Usana has done.

      If Usana would just remove this requirement, it would be completely legit. No one would say anything about them. Not only that, it would show that Usana stands behind their products and that they have confidence that enough people will buy their products to keep them in business.

      Usana's survival is solely based on product purchases from their distributors which is why recruiting must never stop. You'd have to be blind or brainwashed not to see the problem with this.

      You sound like a determined person and I'm sure you can succeed in a legitimate opportunity but you fell for a scam and the bigger you grow your business, the more victims there will be.

    2. Victims who improve their health, reduce the risk of degenerative disease, have more energy than ever before, age slower, and are able to help other people improve their quality of life. USANA is not for everyone, only those who enjoy helping others. I have helped people overcome disease and conditions like Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Arthritis, Autism, among many others. I have helped dozens of people "fire their boss" and earn a residual income significantly greater than anything they could have ever earned in the 9-5 rat race. I have helped people retire early. I have personally helped change more peoples' lives for the better than I ever could have at any 9-5 JOB.
      Enjoy a Healthy Retirement, I AM ;-)

  45. if your heard the seminar and you dont like it, then dont do it. but if you like it, study the business, plan and work for it. if youre weak and afraid to take risks, dont do it but if youre strong and have the courage to stand up if you fail, try it. the best teacher in life is to experience it rather than listen to gossips and people who dont have results. if you really wanna do it, as an advice to you, do it as a part time so that if its not your passion, its just ok, quit. but what if you succeed. all businesses are risky. its true some only succeed, but it all really depends on you, on how you work hard on it. in all of this comments, i can say that most really believe and uses the product for its good quality. for a business minded person, seeing a good quality product can make a lot of money, like buy and sell business. as for the points, i can see it as a salary or a bonus, like an employee also.

  46. in short.. its has a GOOD QUALITY PRODUCT... use it... but if business is not your passion dont do the business... youll just fail and have grudges...

  47. While I am back reading I noticed this Filipino who said "matakot ka sa diyos" meaning "have fear on god". I just want to clarify that NOT ALL Filipinos are like that asshole that uses the name of God to sell stuffs. I would like to apologize because of his arrogant post. Anyway, I can say that USANA is bullshit! My officemates are trying to recruit me over and over again and I really hate that. This does not mean that I am negative on business and other related stuff. I just don't like to do it. Its better to put your money on stocks, mutual funds, or any kind of investment vehicle. Its more fun, there's more to learn, and you have a greater potential to get rich :) Greetings from the Philippines :)

  48. MR.WATCHDOG...

    1. Jesus Christ, stop wasting your money on USANA and spend it on an English tutor.

  49. Thankyou for creating this blog, i have read it in detail, and agree with is strongly.

    I had a usana rep come to my house, pitching usana, i was very skeptical when their business model talked almost nothing of selling their product yet only recruting other people.

    I didn't sign up and this blog backs up my gut instincts.

    1. it is useless to explain everything. it has no doubt that a big company especially MLM company like usana has bad rumours spreading around.
      this blog might be created by other MLM company's associates, owner, or he paid to do so. who knows? did he make any disclaimer about this? if do, who know it is real? who can prove it? he might be one of the usana associates who created all these just to make a tough time for other associates so that he can recruit all these people under him as he know how to explain since that he stated all this. if a big company like usana cannot be trust, then why choose to trust this blog?
      he is just a guy from nowhere.
      he could be from herbalife? nuskin? amway? who knows? did anyone doubt about this? is there any references from everything that he claim?
      for those usana fans, you don't have to explain or comment anything is this blog, it is just useless. they are just simply believing in some guy that who they thought is very expert in studying usana.
      last but not least, if you say that I have been brainwashed. i would rather to be brainwash if this product has actually save my life.
      no offence.

    2. This blogger's wheel is still spinning but the hamster is Dead! I have personally watched USANA completely change and save peoples' lives. Plus I can not tell you how many physicians I have seen begin to prescribe USANA's products for their patients. But hey, of the many people who die from chronic degenerative disease, I wont be one of them!

    3. I think it is sad that USANA distributors resort to making illegal health claims about USANA products. Even USANA restricts this sort of behavior as described in their policies and procedures. But obviously that is just to act as lip service to federal regulators like the FDA. Fact is, USANA distributors like yourself make these illegal health claims routinely.

      Physicians that "prescribe" USANA products to their patients do so because they themselves are a USANA distributor. They are peddling their own product to their patients and that is against their Code of Ethics. If reported to authorities, these physicians could lose their license to practice. These physicians make a lot of money by peddling USANA product. If they prescribed anything else, they wouldn't make a commission off of it. Why would someone trust a physician that is nothing but a snake-oil salesman like that?

    4. Wow..these things are non-stop..I would just like to ask. Are the products of USANA are really good, effective, serves the purpose? Are there any negative claims about the products? I haven't tried it yet, so maybe Mr. Usana Watch Dog you have a research on this. Just want to know if there is before trying.

    5. I never feel better than before since taking the USANA products.

  50. You can bash USANA all you want but there is NO DOUBT that their products are heads and shoulders above any other products out there. With 40 years of cell culture technology, discovering exactly what the human cell needs to stay healthy and free from degeneration for decades, USANA stands alone. I've found that people who bash the products are either uninformed or envious. I personally have seen people who have used USANA's products reverse the effects of diseases such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Diabetes, Asthma, Autism, and many others. If you have a problem with products that do that, well, I kinda feel sorry for you!

  51. first of all, try to think on the view of a physician. they had spent so much money on college and university and become a specialist and some of them are famous. will they take any risk that will hurt their reputation by introducing usana product to their patient if the product is bad? whats wrong with that they associates with usana by providing a proper product to their patient. I wouldn't do so if the product is bad. moreover, these people are smart. it is your choice not to choose usana or their product. anyway, what you are writing here is just your point of view, cannot be trusted at all.
    let me be honest here, if usana is bad, product or reputation, they wouldn't survive for more that 20 yrs.
    its nothing wrong for not choosing their plan or their product as people has their right to choose. someday, more and more people will realize that what you posted bad about usana at here are totally bullshit.

    1. I've covered this issue with USANA physicians peddling product to their patients in a earlier article.

      Here are quotes from the American Medical Association Code of Ethics

      "In-office sale of health-related products by physicians presents a financial conflict of interest, risks placing undue pressure on the patient, and threatens to erode patient trust and undermine the primary obligation of physicians to serve the interests of their patients before their own."

      "Physicians may not accept any kind of payment or compensation from a drug company or device manufacturer for prescribing its products."

      "Physicians should not urge patients to fill prescriptions from an establishment which has entered into a business or other preferential arrangement with the physician with respect to the filling of the physician’s prescriptions."

      Sorry you don't trust anything written here, but all my information is backed up by refrences.

  52. tsk.

    this blog is full of hating shit!

    try taking the essentials to lessen ur stress mr. usana hater!

    1. In response to "this blog is full of hating s**t!"

      Well it is now, thanks a lot...
      Isn't there a word for something this ironic and hypocritical?

      Also, suggesting USANA's Essentials lessens people's stress is probably an illegal health claim about food supplements.

  53. ok, I do take the products (my family as well) and i find it very good but its not good on my business side coz i did not sell all of my products coz most of my clients concerns are overpriced, i understand them coz here in the Philippines most of the people or 90% of the population are just earning an average income and some are poor. The only thing that i disappointed is the way they recruit...They lied in order to enter to their trap..or they do all they can to be in their downline, of course thats an income for them...its like entering into a business that you are not ready,,,the worst is not financially ready...

  54. Usana Watch clearly need to get a life and obviously got burned at some point in your life. Please look for a new career.....perhaps take up a form of exercise that requires more than moving your fingers on a keyboard.

    1. Hey Anonymous, you too get a life and keep Dr Wentz rich, keep promoting their scam, Wentz family love you!!!

  55. Watchdog,
    what is your name? What put you on this quest? It's always good to have a watchful eye on scammers and businesses making profits on unsuspecting customers or those using others for ulterior motives, a worthy activity, I must say.

    Have a bit of an issue with people who dare not display their names though, finding enjoyment in taking others' down who really aren't making the world unsafe, dangerous, or killing people but have a wish to improve others' health. This company you follow does, meanwhile, I agree, make a fortune building through individuals. However it's not a crime, and is not taking "hard earned money from poor souls".

    Have you looked at Mr IKEA? Ingvar Kamprad? Now there's a man to study...and a business that has unfortunately become equated worldwide with Sweden. :-(
    There are also some really shady maffia organizations selling drugs to poor people making them addicts and criminals, running prostitution rings, kidnapping young women, children and men ~ maybe a more needed area for a Watchdog~!

    Finally, yes I'm a distributor who is not making a profit, but have enjoyed the products for a long time. I sell to others and it's fine. I find it could be a potential winner financially if you do work like a dog with serious focus.

  56. Don't worry 99% don't make profit.. By the way, in this blog product quality is not questioned, only business model and sources that state the product is the best. If you are in business is for a profit!!! Good luck..

  57. usana watchdog show yourself, so we can check your credibility too.i still believe in the result of the comparative guide book =)

  58. does all comment here will be posted? how can we sure that comments were not filter by wathdog =)

  59. I read the book, third edition. It is very comprehensive and it is based on previous research by many biologist and scientists, and actually it is a scientific research report with very high quality.
    If a company think the comparison is incorrect to its products, it can take legal action to NutriSearch. Did any company do this so far?
    USANA products are used by the researchers, biologists, etc. It is very normal because USANA products are at the top above others.


  60. Steve,
    you have a point!

    You said you have never been a part of Usana but your friend lost tens of thousands with Usana.

    Let me educate you some....1. Your friend did not loose tens of thousands - (it was your sister no?) 'Your friend' failed to embrace the Usana Training System, failed to do his Network Marketing Apprenticeship and become a good communicator and above all never learnt how to operate a Usana Business. CLEARLY MUCH of your attacking has nothing to do with Usana but actually the Network Marketing Industry. To be a successful Network Marketer you must first realize it is a fully blown should expect to spend months of hard work and study and many meetings with successful people to make money from any business model. If you had been involved in other MLMs as I have you would know this. WHO ARE YOU?

    Dude you will not enjoy life if you keep up this negative energy toward the world....look at other aspects of your life....yes you are not helping anybody but are inviting DARK ENERGY and you will become a bitter, depressed man who thinks life aint fair. YOUR BLOG HELPS NO BODY and actually could not put people off USANA...infact your blog is helping people to realize is legit and does compare well in all respects to other MLMs.

    USANA peeps trust me after coming from other MLMs, USANA is a breath of fresh air, products proven on so many fronts and it really does pay well!!

    Don't make this about some Corporation man, this is about your insecurities.

    Keep the blog going dude if you wish to make yourself look real stupid as it has become ridiculously transparent. If you want put all your time and effort into helping millions, not hundreds, try researching what Big Pharma and Monsanto have done to people.

  62. If Usana is not good, what alternative can you suggest?

    1. You should be asking your doctor that question. Especially one who does not have a financial relationship with the vitamin manufacturer they recommend.

  63. Big Duck
    You are the poster child for Irrational Anonymous.
    What part of MLM = pyramid scheme don't you understand.
    This bog is not about Monsanto. It is about Usana.
    You are in the wrong blog. Big Pharma spends billions on research.
    Usana spends almost nothing on research. Usana is doing nothing for people, its is a swindle. Rational people know a swindle when they see one.
    Do you know who was put into your upline today?

  64. Ok champion, lets say Usana is a pyramid scheme but Usana rolls on....what is this Watchdog guy going to get out of all his time and efforts at the end of the day? What rate of success has he had to date in SAVING folks? If pyramid schemes are illegal why do so many governments allow Usana to trade in their countries? Really the whole blog becomes annoying to read as ol mate clearly has no Network Marketing experience.

    1. USANA has been a pyramid scheme since 1992 and yet it rolls on. USANA associates purchase USANA product at retail prices and therefore are unable to resell it to the general public. The price they purchase it is considered retail because preferred customers get it for the same price. The general public will not pay the exorbitant price for vitamins. Distributors purchase it because it is a requirement in order to participate in the pyramid scheme. If they do not purchase it, they lose all their points and cannot collect a commission from their recruits.

      I've saved a lot of people. The United States has been on a decline. Has nothing to do with the economy since other MLMs are increasing their distributorship in the United States.

      Governments allow USANA to operate in their countries because government officials do not understand basic mathematics or what a pyramid scheme is. Not sure what country you are in, but here in the U.S. government officials are incompetent.

    2. Prices? Watchdog, these are the prices...we lovely Usana Associates purchase the Essentials (for example) for exactly $55 Aus (US is cheaper) then sell to most at $61.10. All enrolled customers pay $55. Compared to other products on the market $55 is super competitive for 14 vitamins, 13 minerals & 18 antioxidants in high potency!! My autoship only costs me $176/month which covers all my vitamins, usana foods, skin care products and bathroom products.

      Then I get paid my weekly rebate which is incredibly generous (all considering) All my customers are happy, particularly love the 'Myhealthpak' and my Associates are loving the Usana Family and Usana Life. To say $55 for 224 tablets is exorbitant is crazy, that's the best value around!!

      If you say Usana is a pyramid scheme than all MLMs must be Pyramid schemes as when do you not have to do PV or qualify with X amount of points for rebates?? It's only fair to any MLM to ask a little qualification/turnover when getting paid this well!!

      Now go check your US prices (they are cheaper than Aus) versus say DoubleX. You have saved a lot of people you say, from what, a wonderful Usana experience...

      Can I tell you something after 2 years of is 1 of the nicest experiencies I have ever had in my still amazing 20 year career, honestly so hard to fault, a company that is very unselfish...P.S. Usana does not need the Comparative Guide - they have proved all they need to external to it. Big Duck

    3. $55 AUD is the same as $50.54 USD. So the prices are the same.

      You do not pay $176/month. You pay $176/ 4 weeks, which is 13 times a year. So you are paying $2288 AUD each year ($2102 USD).

      You are paying $55 for a 28 day supply. That is crazy since it costs USANA only $9 to make it and you are getting it direct from the manufacturer. So yes, you are paying too much. 45% of the price you paid goes to pay commissions to the top distributors in the company. Overpriced.

      I believe all Multilevel Marketing companies are pyramid schemes, not just USANA. It is fair to ask distributors to purchase inventory. However, those purchases should not then pay commission to every upline member when the distributor makes that mandatory purchase. Since it does, it makes it a pyramid scheme.

      Funny you want me to check the US prices against Australian prices. Perhaps you should as well...

      Funny you want me to compare USANA prices to DoubleX, which is Amway's prices. So one pyramid scheme to another. Amway's prices are overpriced as well. Again, it is overpriced to fund the pyramid scheme.

    4. Watchdog, you don't get it, if you are a Usana or Herbalife or Amway or whatever distributor you have already decided that every day, every week, every month you want to take these products so you are going to buy them somewhere anyway. $2288 per year - am I prepared to pay that - shiiiit yes, that is nothing. Have you ever had a live blood analysis with a naturopath and blood tests for you have a safetynet Watchdog. Are you a pinnacle of health? Do you have ANY interest in caring for your body?

      You also forget that Usana makes foods and drinks - yes shakes and bars and fibergy and Rev3. You need to eat don't you watchdog or do you live on thin air. As I said I NEED more products per month than my autoship supplies - what do you say to that?

    5. Drake,

      That's great if you want to buy $2288 worth of USANA product each year. However, to tell others who think you are paying way too much for your supplements that they are don't have any interest in caring for their body is a very sleazy sales tactic. People can get the same benefits from a product that could cost them less than $100 for the year.

      Yes, I am aware USANA manufactures nutrition bars, shakes, and an energy drink. All of them are again overpriced so it can fund the grand pyramid scheme that benefits only 1% of all the distributors. 45% of what you pay for goes to enrich the top 1% of distributors. The remaining 99% do not even make a profit.

      I do need food, and I choose to eat real food. Are you actually living on USANA product alone? I can get most of my fruits and vegetables for free since they grow on their own. I don't need a manufacturer to get a bunch of raw ingredients from China to mix in a vat and extrude into a package and charge $10 to ship like USANA does.

      One USANA Chocolate Fusion Nutrition Bar costs about $2.50 (or $28.95 for the box). That's the autoship price! USANA expects its distributors to resell it for $34.74, which is an absolute rip off.

      You say you need more products per month than your autoship supplies and want to know what I have to say about that. My answer: That's because you are paying too much for the product and why you need more than what the autoship supplies.

      Put it this way, if USANA got rid of the pyramid scheme and just paid a 20% commission to the distributor that actually resells the product, then instead of the Essentials costing $55 in Australia, it would only cost you $30.25... You can resell it for whatever price you want and would collect $6 in commission. You wouldn't have to balance any stupid point system, you would get the commission right away. USANA would still make the same amount on the sale, and the distributor actually reselling the product would make a whole lot more.

      And best of all, the products would become AFFORDABLE and no longer overpriced in order to fund a pyramid scheme.

      My advice to you, stop drinking USANA's Kool-Aid.

  65. Hi Watchdog.

    Very SIMPLE to prove that the book is BIASED and BOGUS. Why not all 1,597 products with damaging ratings including CENTRUM, GNC, HERBALIFE, AMWAY, ONE A DAY, NATURES WAY etc., FILE damages!! Sue Dr Lyle Mac William and his team! Let the court decide and all investigations be made.. Not you. Who are you to claim otherwise?

    Okay, FINE. Say the book is "biased" -- do you APPLE TEST? Search the web, how come simple experiment can prove a point? Try it at home. So you can be convince that USANA products are exemptional!

    I am just amazed on how you put soooo much time and effort to search all these details about USANA. You can just put "comment" on some articles on the web, but the maintaining a BLOG all about USANA is something else. Only you and God knows what.

    You may hate MLM and USANA business...
    but I'm sure you're going to LOVE the USANA products! :)

    -cherry the fruit

    1. The book primarily only sells to USANA distributors. Most people or companies have never heard of Lyle MacWilliam or the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. What damages would these other companies collect if the book has no effect on their business? You think these other vitamin makers are losing money because of the results in the Comparative Guide or USANA? The primary customer of USANA is the distributor themselves. Second to that are the preferred customers. That covers almost every USANA customer. Most of USANA's customers no longer purchase their products. After about 1.5 million distributors since 1992, only 15% are purchasing USANA product today - mainly to keep their business center "active".

      The apple test can work by simply coating the sliced apple with ascorbic acids as well. USANA distributors act as though only their products have the ability to keep an apple from oxidizing. This is nothing more than a sales gimmick that USANA has brainwashed their distributors with. Kids in elementary schools have done these apple tests for decades with various formulas to show the effects of oxidation and anti-oxidation.

    2. Try the apple experiment yourself!

      Again, you are basing your opinion with what you READ.. to see is to believe. I challenge you. POST the result of your experiment here!! Otherwise, do not put something AS IF you are very much SURE without actual results.

      How can USANA manipulate Canadian Government to conduct the evaluation on Nutrisearch. If these are all bogus... I challenge you to SUE Dr Lyle Mac WIlliam and his team for putting these fake results on 1,597 nutritional products since you are ACTING as if you want SAVE MORE PEOPLE from USANA... Do it ALL the way!!! Go to court. Be their HERO :)


      P.S. You may want to attend USANA Convention this year.. because they will have the MOST SIGNIFICANT Announcement in USANA History!!! And we are ALL very EXCITED about it!!!! Yipeeee!!!

      Good for you though. You have a NEW subject for your blog!:)

    3. Well, I've tried to experiment the apple test using lemon juice.

      Guess what? It worked. Same as the Mega Antioxidants. :)

      And sue USANA. Hmm. Nah, I'm more fascinated in debating with you guys. On how similar your replies are.

      I'd rather spend my time making money on (READ: BETTER) ways (Surprise! It's not a job.) than spending my time and millions of dollars on filing a lawsuit.


  66. Watch Dog

    Your quote from June 21 at 1.35pm...."I believe all Multilevel Marketing companies are pyramid schemes, not just USANA"....well there you go - for some interesting reason you choose Usana to fire shots at.

    You have read comments of all the other readers asking you what exactly it is so it's time to Man-Up and tell us all Dog - what is it specifically about Usana?? Is your alias also Rampage? I bet Usana has taught you a lesson or your upline did not support you. You are in with Big Pharma for sure.

    If Usana is a pyramid scheme than so what Dog, big that a crime against humanity that you feel requires hundreds of hours of digging and searching for crap?

    What about what Doctors are taught at Med School - now there is a crime against humanity. What about American Phychotropic Drugging of children - there is a crime against humanity, what about Big Pharma - now there is a serious crime against humanity.

    If you are the researcher you think you are why not research something worth researching. There is no mass potential in your design here.

    You have shiiit loads of time on your hands, why not set up an amazing foundation or fundraiser for those sick, diseased, starving or in need. You are wasting your time here dude.

    Over time YOU/'Logic'/'Anonymous' would have spent hours replying to me alone...since you did not convince us all of anything you have lost those hours out of your life that you will never get back. GONE!!

    You would be a wealthy man now Watchdog if you had put all this wasted time into your own personal business. And you are wrong - I know exactly what you look like and what sits on your desk.

    I think you just like the attention of all these people making you feel important by writing to you all the time. Do you feel special loved or hated????????????

    Check out these Documentaries pal- 'Making A Killing' and Curing Cancer From The Inside Out'.

    1 more thing - don't judge a system until you have been in it, worked HARD and lived it and breathed it for quite some time.
    Ok that's it for me, thanks for wasting my time, your time is ticking Dog, watch your back.

    1. In response to Ticking Clock's threat "Ok that's it for me, thanks for wasting my time, your time is ticking Dog, watch your back."

      This isn't the first time I have had a USANA distributor directly threaten my life. This really shows their true colors if you ask me. And people wonder why I don't want to disclose my name on here.

    2. Usana Watch Dog, great job and thank you for your blog. i've noticed a whole lot of people are attacking you and demand to know who you are, good job for being smart and not telling them, cuz all these haters will probably show up at your door-step with pitch-forks and blazing torches!! :-) Whatever is the reason for your blog against Usana, it's your business and your right to state and to defend your opinion. I do have one thing to ask, have you (or where have you)posted your resources and references? Many of these people are attacking you mainly thinking you got screwed by Usana or whatever, it would be more prudent if you make a reference/source link after your replies, especially the ones where you state a fact/make a statement. It would be very helpful to a lot of people, believe me.
      Regarding Usana vitamins. The only reason why I came across this blog is because i've been trying to find out more on the quality of their vitamins since I'm currently taking them. I'm a medical research student, I do internships for a couple of different pharmaceutical companies; when people talk about "feeling better" after consuming Usana products, their health improvement is not directly correlated to Usana itself, it is THE VITAMINS that change their health. If it is assumed that Usana supplements are above-average in quality then taking vitamins of equal quality from another company, would provide you with just the same result. You must research the origin of the supplements, how are they processed, how are they manufactured, and then you make a supplement selection based on that information, not on the name of the provider. That's what im trying to find out regarding Usana, the actually statistical data from their labs.
      Watch Dog, I agree with you, that people should stay away from MLM companies. I know quite a bit about MLM, I will not divulge any more information about myself, I was simply compelled to thank you and to support you for your effort after reading this entire blog. What you say makes a lot more sense and is very conclusive. Seeing how these people are reacting to you, you are definitely hitting them below the belt, and you are right to do so.
      Stay safe

  67. i was roped into going to a seminar with a friend.
    i was led there on the basis of it being a nutrinional seminar. It certainly wasn't. Whilst it had all the visual marketing alongside a Doctor who spoke of cellular nutrition, it simply was a sales pitch (with a poorly designed slide show).

    It spoke of genetic make up and how with the product you can reverse ill health effects etc.
    Then went on to celebrate members rise in the ranks and a speech from a 22 year old who stated that despite starting 4 months ago, he would retire before christmas??

    Since reading up and researching i am alarmed therefore i wish to ask a couple of questions relating to the business end.

    Is it true if i do not purchase my own personal supply every 4 weeks, i will not be eligible for commission?

    What is the minimum number of people i must convince to purchase products for themselves, to be eligible for commission?

    Do we receive the products at a manafacturer price or retail price?

    Thank you

    1. Is it true if i do not purchase my own personal supply every 4 weeks, i will not be eligible for commission?
      Correct. So you can sign up 10,000 preferred customers and never get paid a single penny unless you personally purchase at least 100 Sales Volume (about $114) if you have one Business Center and 200 Sales Volume (about $228) if you have 2 or more business centers. So for the year, if you have 1 business center you will need to personally purchase $1482 worth of product and pay $10 of shipping per order, so add another $130 on top of it. Your upline will collect commission points from your required personal purchases (which is primarily what makes this whole opportunity a pyramid scheme).

      What is the minimum number of people i must convince to purchase products for themselves, to be eligible for commission?
      Zero. You could technically sign up only preferred customers and get paid a commission from their purchases as long as you make your own purchases as well (see above point). Should note that there are 229,000 active associates but only 67,000 active preferred customers. So don't count on getting enough preferred customers. Also, preferred customers only order on average about $77 worth of product every 4 weeks whereas associates purchase about $204. As you can see, you would be better off selling hopes and dreams to recruit new associates rather than convincing people to purchase overpriced product with the lure of becoming rich.

      Do we receive the products at a manafacturer price or retail price?
      You can receive the product at what USANA calls a 10% discount on Wholesale prices. So I'll let you figure this one out after I give you the numbers:
      USANA's Essentials:
      Wholesale = $50.50
      Autoship (10% Discount) = $45.45
      Suggested Retail = $54.54
      Shipping Charges to Associate (Ground) = $10

      USANA's Cost to Manufacture = $8.50 (about 17% of wholesale price)
      Amount Used to fund Commissions = $21.70 (about 43% of wholesale price)
      Amount used to fund Research and Development = $0.35 (about 0.7% of wholesale price)

      What does all this mean? Associats already pay a premium price for the product. They have virtually no chance at all to retail the product to real customers and make any profit. USANA's biggest expense is the cost of paying out commissions to associates which only enrich the top 1% of associates. The remaining 99% of associates do not make a profit. USANA spends virtually nothing on Research and Development which says a lot the product.

      Hope this info helps. Please ask more questions if you would like.

    2. Thank you very much for clearing those matters up.
      So am i right to assume that commission is based on your personal purchase and then those who you convince to purchase? i take it the percentage of those you convince to buy it, is very small?

      When you use the term business centre, what does this refer to?

      i apologise if these questions are coming across as stupid, i just fear for my friend as she has a young child and seems almost enchanted with this unrealistic ideology they have planted in her mind.

      Am i correct in saying that if she gets me to buy my own personal supply she will make a commission off my purchase?

      I dont doubt the products potency, however i feel the scheme behind the purchase to be shady at best. This appears to be nothing more than a well shrouded pyrimid scheme.

    3. Your commission would be based only on the purchases from your preferred customers and associates you have in your downline (not your own purchases). Your downline consists of a left and right side. So imagine a circle with two legs coming out the bottom of the circle. That circle is your business center. If you recruit an associate, you would put him/her at the end of one of your legs, either on your left of right leg. MLM Binary Tree This link is to an image of the binary structure. Everyone is in someone else's downline (except the very first person in the company).

      So a business center is nothing more than a virtual placeholder in the pyramid scheme that represents where you are located in the structure.

      Your questions do not come across as stupid, and are very good questions. Most people have absolutely no clue how complex the multilevel marketing compensation plan really is. Even those who have been with USANA for many years have no clue how it all actually works. If one takes the time and goes line by line through USANA's business opportunity literature and builds a mathematical model based off the rules and conditions USANA implements in their plan, it becomes clear that USANA always intended on having at best a 90% failure rate (never making a profit) and at worst a 99% failure rate (which is what it's actually at).

      USANA and their associate's excuse for these extremely high failure rates:
      1) Those people were lazy and didn't work the system. (they will never define what "work the system" actually is because it actually means to recruit hundreds of people)
      2) They only joined for the discount and never intended to make a profit. (Yet, Preferred customers get the product at the same discounted price!)
      3) Over 99% basketball players never made it to the NBA. (like that somehow justifies USANA's 99% failure rate)

      Think about this one: USANA claims that the yearly average income is $616.72 for their North American region (Mexico, United States, & Canada), which is before subtracting expenses such as the $1482 you would personally spend on product in order to have received your commissions. Best part is, about two-thirds (66%) of all associates did not received a single penny in commission.

    4. You wrote "Am i correct in saying that if she gets me to buy my own personal supply she will make a commission off my purchase?"
      Sort of. She will collect "Group Sales Volume" points (GSV). Her own sales don't count toward the GSV. Commission is paid based on the amount of GSV points you have. Your business center has a left and right side. So you accumulate GSV points on your left side and GSV points on your right. It matters where you place people in your downline when you recruit them. You only get paid a commission based on whichever leg has the least amount.

      So if you have 5000 GSV points on your left leg, but only 100 GSV on your right leg, you won't get paid any commission! It isn't until you have at least 250 GSV on one of your sides (and atleast that same amount on the other). So you would take the lesser of the two sides and convert that to commission points. So 250 would come from the left and 250 from the right (even though the left had a total of 5000). This adds up to 500 commission points which pays you $40 in commission. Confused yet? See the growing complexity?

      So it is true to say that your friend will receive GSV points if she gets you to buy your own personal supply. However, she may never receive a commission on it.

      Let me also be clear about this: If you fail to purchase the required 100 points worth of product for a given 4 week period, not only are you disqualified for commission, but you will lose all the accumulated GSV you may have. Essentially, USANA steals your commissions away from you.

      No legitimate business operates in this manner with these complex and ridiculous "volume points" games. I'm sorry your friend got duped into it. USANA works very hard at brainwashing newly joined associates. My last calculates shows that USANA gets about 830 newly recruited associates PER DAY. Almost this same amount quit each day as well. Imagine that...

    5. You use extremely strong words Mr Watchdog. Duped, brainwashed? You are actually making it far more complex than it really is.

    6. Hi Watch Dog!

      Its easy to accuse anyone of anything in this day and age. Quick question though, do you have any substantial prima facie evidence to support your claim that Usana did indeed pay these medical references? I dare accuse you of throwing blatant lies until you produce proof in each and every claim and accusation that you have. Bet you'e also paid by rival companies to put up this site and blog. Good writing skills though.

    7. Blatant lies? I've called the publishers of the Physician's Desk Reference 6 years ago to discuss matters in which USANA claimed the PDR gives credibility to USANA products. They were infuriated and said that USANA has no right to suggest the PDR endorses any product in their book. I asked them why USANA is in the PDR for drugs instead of the PDR for Herbs and Supplements. They told me that it was USANA's choice where they listed their products. I asked them if they pay to have their products listed in the book. They said yes. I asked how much and they could not tell me.

      Several weeks ago I emailed PDR Network, LLC and received the following response:
      "Please let me know how many products and name of company and I can work on a estimate for review.

      Once Contract Signed your products will be pushed to the PDR electronic properties and printed in 2014. You would need to send in PDF or word file so we can format for print and electronic properties."

      You read correctly: work on an estimate for review.

      So I took it upon myself to get the information straight from the source.

      Of course you could also have known this if you read the FDA's website. The following comes from an article about the FDA taking action against unapproved drugs. Guess what is written about the PDR!
      "Some drugs have been sold for so many years that physicians and pharmacists may not know they are unapproved. They even may be unaware that unapproved drugs are advertised in medical journals and listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) and other reference books. These practices give the false impression that the drugs were reviewed and approved by the FDA." - FDA takes action against unapproved drugs

      Why stop there. Here is another site that mentions the fact the PDR is a listing a paid advertisements. They even explain how to prove manufacturers pay for the ads - read the back of the book and see!
      "The PDR is basically an advertising book where manufacturers pay to have their products listed. You can confirm this for yourself by picking up any copy of the PDR and looking in the back. You'll see the order form and pricing to have your product listed in the next edition of the PDR. It is not a measure of whether or not a product has passed any sort of scrutiny or is endorsed or approved by any doctor, organization or even the PDR publisher. It simply means the manufacturer paid to have it included." - The PDR Physicians' Desk Reference Mythology

      Should I keep going, or will you retract your statement about yours truly throwing around blatant lies? And sorry, but I'm not paid a penny to write any of this. I don't sell any ad space on my blog either. I don't own any USANA stock or any competitor stock. Never have and don't ever intend to. I have never shorted the stock either. I do this as a hobby so others who are being recruited have a source of information about USANA that they will never hear from any of their upline - the truth.

  68. Thank you very much. You have clarified everything perfectly for me. I can see how the complexity of every aspect of the company really throws people off and disguises the high failure statistics, inflated purchase prices and required personal purchase.

    I can also see the reponses from those "associates" and how intense they fight for this belief they have been fed. It is so cult like i am astounded this has not been investigated much further. It is scary, in the seminar i attended they really focused on the younger generation, easy pliable minds. i commend you for stepping forward with such determination despite threats and warnings.

    The facts and figures you have shown are reproduced through out almost all articles/documents etc i have found online relating to USANA. How can there still be those that argue that this is a viable and profitable business possibility?

    Can anyone actually state that they make significantly above minimum wage per week and that doing so does not take up a substantial chunk of your time? How many hours? i am truely curious because the speakers at my seminar were steadfast in thier conviction that you could work for a "few" hours a week and be very very wealthy?

    But then i suppose your faced with those hardcore "lifers" who will say whatever is needed to provide proof that it is all its cracked up to be...

    My mind was spun around at the seminar, after reading this site it has been blown.

  69. Hello Mr WatchDOG! pathetic dog. you don't even reveal your name? why would i take your opinions? how could i believe you? i don't even know your credentials? are you rich enough? i doubt, every successful person ive known, has the right ATTITUDE. :) How about yours? IT STINKS. :) GOOD LUCK to your career..

  70. Everybody has a lot of things to say about this matter, but the fact is, I won't believe an anonymous blogger like you Mr. Watchdog and the others claiming that USANA is a scam.

    Think about it guys, who would you believe; An anonymous blogger with no credibility, or FORBES MAGAZINE, YAHOO FINANCE, NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE, OUTSIDE MAGAZINE, BUSINESSWEEK, FDA, CONSUMERLAB and ROBERT KIYOSAKI?

    The answer is very very clear.

    1. The anonymous blogger of course.

      BTW, my credibility is backed up by the references and facts. Did any of those entities you mentioned investigate and disclose the fact Gregg Gies is a USANA distributor as well as the individual responsible for the "research, editing, and layout" for every edition of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements as well as co-owner of Nutrisearch, the book's publisher?

    2. The information here is not from the anonymous blogger himself, but these are a COMPILATION OF FACTS.

      Not again, Robert Kiyosaki? Let me ask you then. HOW DID HE GET RICH?

      Monsanto also made it in FORBES MAGAZINE, YAHOO FINANCE, NYSE, and BUSINESSWEEK.

      You might also want to read this regarding ConsumerLab:

  71. We can go on and on discussing how USANA changed people's lives, for the better or for the worst. To Watchdog: Props for your research. Very substantial and informative. But I want to ask, what motivates you to do this? What do you get from these exposures? I'm just curious since you always answer that your 'friend' got 'scammed' by USANA. How close is he/she to you? Putting all this time and effort means your 'friend' means so much to you. Having this drive to research and finding facts, you should get something out of it. Unless you work for charity or you are Christ? =)

  72. ^ This. Since you are very well versed with facts and evidences, do you have any document pertaining to the actual payment of USANA to PDR? Don't give me that BS 'assumption' that USANA pays to be advertised. Let's see the truth as you say, the evidence. =)


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