Monday, February 15, 2010

USANA's Overdosing Antioxidants May Be UNPROTECTING Your Body To Fight Cancer!

After I read today's latest scientific discovery regarding aging, I found the following quote extremely interesting!

"The research, published by the journal Molecular Systems Biology, shows that when an ageing cell detects serious damage to its DNA – caused by the wear and tear of life – it sends out specific internal signals.

These distress signals trigger the cell’s mitochondria, its tiny energy-producing power packs, to make oxidising “free radical” molecules, which in turn tell the cell either to destroy itself or to stop dividing. The aim is to avoid the damaged DNA that causes cancer."

If I'm not mistaken, this means that free radicals are important in protecting your body from developing cancer! But according to USANA's entire regimen, free radicals are bad and your body must receive megadose amounts of ANTIOXIDANTS to help protect your body from cancer.

This is a startling discovery because if proven without a doubt, the entire "MEGADOSE" vitamin industry is dead.

If USANA actually does what they claim, which is to adjust their supplement formulas to the latest scientific research, then USANA should drastically cut back the amount of antioxidants they overdose your body with.

The following is the link to the entire article titled "Scientists discover the secret of ageing"


  1. stop promoting your pseudo-science

  2. pseudo-science? Please, continue to explain... Which part of this blog is false?

  3. Then how can you explain the facts that NuSkin, Herblife, GNC, Vitamin World, and numerous brands are selling anti-oxidants (to fight free radicals) products on TV and newspapers everyday? USANA is the leader in nutritional science, are you against the whole cell nutritional science?

  4. Wow, this post really gets me worried. I'm SO likely to believe erroneous conclusions about a very complex scientific study, made-up by an individual with the explicit purpose of slandering a company.

    Thank you so much! And thank you for summarising the study so accurately and concisely. I'm sure we don't all have time to read scientific papers which you no doubt do.

    The thousands of studies on free radical damage, the causes of cancer and its prevention pale in comparison to this expert knowledge you are providing.

  5. If you have any qualms with the accuracy of the study, you can contact England's Newcastle University. I suggest reading their article "Scientists Discover The Secret Of Aging"

    We all know that vitamins and minerals are essential to life. However, overdosing on them may have adverse reactions in your body. One such consequence this article points out is the fact that our body needs free radicals. Ridding the body completely of free radicals prevents them from telling your bad cells to destroy itself, preventing the spread of damaged DNA that causes cancer.

  6. im not a nutritionalist but if you have never taken high potent nutritional supplements, if you take the Essentials or Healthpak 100, your body is not ready for that amount of adults may want to start off on a lower dosage perhaps with the Body Rox or even the Usanimals for a week or two, then build up the tolerance and gradually take the recommended dosage of Healthpak.

  7. Hi USANA Watch Dog,

    I find it funny how for you, the brand MEGADOSE is equal to OVERDOSING.

    MEGA simply refers to a high amount. OVER refers to an amount greater than a set limit.

    I think these nutritional companies would know the safe limit.

  8. I am someone who has always lived a very healthy and active lifestyle, and I have looked deeply into which supplements I wish to take to get the best benefits I can. Though I am not completely sold on USANA, I am sold on the fact that anyone who claims FREE RADICALS are needed to prevent cancer is exaggerating the small amounts of "evidence" that supports this claim and is GROSSLY ill-informed about this entire topic. You are also taking this and LOTS of other things on your website completely out of context and putting your own slant on it that is not accurate. Simply reading the articles you have posted shows more to the story than you allude to. Go to any doctor or scientist and tell them that you need exposure free radicals to help prevent cancer and watch as they look at you puzzled and possibly laugh and think you are joking.
    There is no doubt that companies like Amway and USANA have some people within the company who aren't very ethical and just want money. USANA is no different. However, not everyone involved in USANA is like this for the simple fact that the products are actually pretty good, and people who start taking them start liking them quickly and are thus willing to shovel out the cash in order to feel noticeably better in their health. The MLM aspect of USANA is used unethically probably by many, but is equally used by good people for the mutual benefit of themselves and their friends and family. If the products work, why wouldn't one want to make money off of it and also make money for the family member or friend who gave them the opportunity? I am not a fan of Amway or the entire MLM scheme, and I would prefer it if USANA did not conduct their business in this way just because it gives people a lot of power and that leads to some trickery (though I don't think USANA has done nearly what it gets accused of be it they are not perfect); however, the products are good products. Are they the "best?" You can't really say for sure. But they are undoubtedly in the upper echelon of the supplement world along with companies like Xtend Life and others, and they run a very good selection of these products. There is corruption everywhere, and I'm SURE USANA is corrupt in some places. But that is missing the point...because just as many people actually are passionate about the products because they are so good, and they are helping themselves and their family and friends in only a positive way. I have to give it some more consideration, but I will end up buying either USANA, Xtend Life, or one or two other multivitamin compounds to use. These two companies I have named deserve lots of credit for making great products and changing many peoples lives.
    One more thing: In your "expose" about the connection between Lyle Macwilliam and USANA where you claim he admitted USANA was not the top ranked company...if you continue reading the quote that you posted, he goes on to explain that these companies that were "better" than USANA were simply tweaking their formulas to more accurately reflect the criteria. If you have any knowledge about the manufacturing of these supplements, you would know that this would make little difference and it would not make the supplements better than USANA. Read the Comparative Guide and what the criteria actually is. It includes BIOAVAILABILITY, MANUFACTURING STANDARDS, POTENTIAL TOXICITIES, etc. These "tweaks" would NOT change these aspects. In fact, they could lead to potential toxicities if the companies truly were just trying to be number one as Dr. Macwilliam said, whether that would even be true or not.
    I don't really understand what your goal is here, but you clearly are not educated enough to make the kinds of claims that you do. Do some actual research about the science of health supplements and maybe get a degree, and then your website would mean something more.

    1. You are also taking this and LOTS of other things on your website completely out of context and putting your own slant on it that is not accurate

      Not surprising. Like someone said, watchdog is not doing cr@p other than venting. Not doing much to really stop network marketing industry especially usana by just venting. Eventually this site will be a trolling site because information here are twisted in watchdog's favor. It's quiet hypocritical when watchdoggie is saying mlm company are twisting info in their favor when watchdoggie is doing the same thing. Also many company, not just mlm is doing the same thing.

    2. Agree!!! @Anonymous (Nov. 16, 2015)

      You got a point... :)

  9. I would like to add that no matter how many antioxidants we take, we will always have exposure to free radicals. So I don't think you need to be too concerned that we won't be. High amounts of antioxidants is still a good thing.

  10. Oh my... USANA Watch Dog...
    I can only say you should read that part of the article again.

    It says "oxidising “free radical” molecules"...
    Seemed like you MESSED THIS PART UP BIG TIME!

    If I add a hyphen between "oxidising" and "free radical", what will it look like?

    "Oxidising-'free radical' molecules". It simply means "molecules that can oxidise free radicals".

    Do you even know how free radicals are like?
    They are unstable atoms with some electrons missing that tend to steal electrons from other atoms, causing mutation. Thus, causing cancer.
    You sure you want such things in your body?

    This entire post of yours is invalid.

  11. In response to the anonymous writer who wrote:
    Oh my... USANA Watch Dog...
    I can only say you should read that part of the article again.

    It says "oxidising “free radical” molecules"...
    Seemed like you MESSED THIS PART UP BIG TIME!

    You are wrong. Even the UK's "The Telegraph" understands it:

    They even leave out the term "Oxidising" so there is no misunderstanding like the one you demonstrated in your post.

    BTW, sorry it took so long for me to publish your posting. Your posting was sitting in the spam box and I hardly ever check that.

  12. "Anonymous" from beforeMarch 2, 2011 at 11:25 AM


    The part that is most important in the article isn't about aged cells making free radicals, but "This in turn informs the cell to either to destroy itself or stop dividing which is aimed at avoiding damaged DNA that can cause cancer."

    The way I see it, free radicals were created to ONLY target that particular aged and damaged cell. Perhaps a little free radicals are needed, just like how we need a little bad bacteria to boost our immune system.
    However, there are too many things we do in life and things we're exposed to that can cause EXTRA, UNWANTED free radicals. That's when antioxidants can save lives.

    The US National Cancer Institute says everything about the current understanding of antioxidants:

    Past results in preventing cancer were positive, but more recent results showed mixed conclusions.

    Though, I'm still convinced that antioxidants are very much needed (in large amounts) due to how unhealthy our lifestyle has become and how contaminated this world has become.

    But neither you nor I are nutritionists or scientists. So we don't have the credibility to conclude.

    And in response to what you wrote, "If USANA actually does what they claim, which is to adjust their supplement formulas to the latest scientific research, then USANA should drastically cut back the amount of antioxidants they overdose your body with."......
    USANA wouldn't modify their formulas based on the latest research. USANA only modifies them based on SUBSTANTIAL amount of research. Not preliminary. So if a research conclusion is still at its infant stages, don't expect USANA to just follow it. Because it still bears little weight.

  13. I want stories from those who benefited a lot from taking the product. Not some "according to research" blah blah blah.

    I read a lot of stuff like this and I was thinking: have you ever tried taking the product? or you're just too cheap and broke to even afford one.

    1. The majority of people in the world cannot even come close to affording USANA products because they are all grossly overpriced. By purchasing USANA product in many cases, you are paying over 50 times the cost of the ingredients listed on the label that went into the product.

      Most people don't enjoy getting ripped off. Do you?

    2. If the product they use fits them better than ANY other products or in this case, it makes them healthier, by any means it's not call a ripped off.

      You feel it's a ripped off because you never tried it or give it a good chance. period. face it. Admitted.

      I personally think a lamborghighi is a rip off, because it over 50 times the price for a car which I can drive and do the same thing and still look good. So lamborghighi is a scam too.

      Some vacations are 5000 bucks when others are 1000 bucks.. but quality and style is different so 5000 bucks is a rip off because of high quality hotels. 1000 bucks not if you stay in a drug infested motel. So 5000 bucks is called overpriced I guess. You can stay in the drug infested motel with your cheap-azz.. I'll stay at 5000 bucks hotel with my usana money.

      btw, I am disappointed in you. You still CANNOT bring down usana after all these years. Get something going other than this blog. Other people who are pro usana can also type and write something like you and they are evenly tied. You have no edge. In fact, you are losing because as they blog, they are also earning money and also doing what you call 'scamming' people. If you REALLY want to help and stop preventing, do a rally or something to REALLY stop it instead of passively writing a blog here. Looks like a chicken.

    3. "You feel it's a ripped off because you never tried it or give it a good chance. period. face it. Admitted. "

      The commentor above, nailed it... ^_^

      Watchdog can't afford to buy it... What a pity.

  14. i have a question. have you ever tried it? i bet when you get sick and tried all other products in the market and doesnt help you at all you will end up using usana.

    1. I have a question for you too. Have you ever tried ALL OTHER PRODUCTS out there as you just allegedly claimed. If not, I bet when you get sick you have not tried all other products out there to know that there is an alternative to usana and cheaper version of it. Guess not because all yall care about is usana.

      There is a thing call extend life, which is just as equally as good and it's online marketing and also it's a bit cheaper. Then there are natural remedies because after all usana is just a supplement.. not natural. =P

  15. "may be unprotecting"

    are you a doctor or a scientist?

    these studies are conducted from laboratories by renowned scientists.

    do u also hold that same authorization to hold ur valid point, if not, would u agree that these advises maybe harming someone rather than helping them?


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