Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't be Fooled! Editorial Reviews on the Back Cover of The Healthy Home are USANA Affiliates

Who's who on the back cover of The Healthy Home?

On the back cover of Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz's latest book "The Healthy Home" are three editorial reviews. Lets take a look.

“Dave and Dr. Wentz have conspired to create an innovative and imaginative approach to living simply. As a physician, I would offer one bit of advice: heed the constructs, sentiments, and words written in this book. We cannot wait for the scientific method to verify the claims made. As individuals we must act now! We should follow our intuition and adhere to The Healthy Home.” - Peter W. Rugg, M.D., FACEP
Missing from Peter Rugg's title: USANA Scientific Advisory Council Chairperson, USANA distributor (ID# 3079662)

Interesting that Peter implies the book is full of unverified claims that the scientific method has yet to prove.

The Healthy Home is an amazing revelation of 'truths' on everyday products that parents use for their children. This book will empower parents to take measures to protect their children from toxins that may threaten the health of our future generations.” - Christine Wood, M.D., pediatrician and author of How to Get Kids to Eat Great & Love It
Missing from Christine Wood's title: USANA Scientific Advisory Council member, USANA Distributor (ID# 348)

Amazing revelation of 'truths' on everyday products, yet Peter Rugg implies the scientific method has not verified them yet. Can they really be called truths?

“I have met few individuals more generous, more approachable, and more caring than Dr. Wentz. He believes in true health and is seeking to discover its secrets with a passion that is as spiritual as it is scientific. In this brilliant collaboration with his son, Dave, we are able to witness the passage and expansion of simple truths from generation to generation.” - Denis Waitley, Ph.D., bestselling author of The Psychology of Winning
Missing from Denis Waitley's title: Former member of USANA's Board of Directors, chairman of USANA's Athletic Advisory Council, USANA Distributor (ID# 1069)

The problem with these editorial reviews is the fact each member is financially tied to the authors of the book. Interesting that Myron and Dave chose to leave off the fact these members not only worked with USANA, but each hold their own distributorship as well. Why was this conveniently left off the back cover? I believe it was so it gave the appearance of third party credibility. 

It reeks of the same problem that the Third Edition of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements has. Written by Lyle MacWilliam (who was also on USANA's Scientific Advisory Council), the book ranked vitamins and ranked USANA #1. On the back of its cover were all USANA affiliates giving their review without ever disclosing such USANA affiliation. In fact, Christine Wood and Denis Waitley were two of the editorial reviewers on that book as well!


  1. Amazing post. USANA is one of the most insidious corporations to emerge in recent memory.

    I am grateful people like you are out there to fight back against these vermin more interested in our wallets than our health.


  3. Thank you for such informative articles. I was just a bout to ring an associate who featured in the national newspaper for information and perhaps to get in the 'scheme' as I am looking for a business opportunity. I am shocked to read about the method of operating and would have been ripe for the picking as I am in desperate need of an income and stuck for ideas. I am in no position to lose any money and have no interest in constantly recruiting others to recruit others! It now seems a shame the associate featured here in New Zealand recieved such a large profile piece in the paper under the guise of promoting health products. THANK YOU ,THANK YOU, THANK YOU watchdog for your effots to save others from certain doom.

    Anne Fitzmaurice
    New Zealand

  4. certain doom, ???? so thanks, for helping someone talk you out of not starting a businesss.. you probobly would be afraid to start something new right? if you dont have the balls to start a low overhead network marketing business, then you wouldnt be successful starting anything else that would require alot more money and time. but i guess you will eventually find a nice paying job, and work for others, cause after all its safe, ...and secure.

    have fun living a mundane life. and taking road everyone else takes, because it will lead you to where everyone else is going, two jobs , no retirement, and working forever... KL


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