Monday, October 1, 2012

Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz, The USANA True Health Foundation, and The Sanoviv Medical Institute

Updated October 9, 2012:
The "USANA True Health Foundation" charity may be violating IRS laws regarding "Self Dealing" by having tax deducted donations pay for Sanoviv medical treatments in which Myron Wentz, Dave Wentz, and Elaine Pace all have a direct financial interest in.
 USANA's True Health Foundation charged 200 of their distributors $150 each to have their picture taken with Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz during the 2012 USANA distributor Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. That's a wonderful thing, $30,000 right there going toward USANA's new charity. Also on April 28, 2012 guests paid $150 to the USANA True Health Foundation to have their picture with Dr. Oz at the USANA Healthy Living Summit.

Dr Mehmet Cengiz Oz does not endorse USANA or its products. I am repeatedly told that Dr. Oz endorses USANA, but that is not true. USANA issued the following statement to their distributors and those who had their pictures taken with Dr. Oz. My Emphasis in bold red.
How to use your photo
  • Show your friends and family and let them know you got to meet Dr. Mehmet Oz in person!
  • If they missed the event, let them know Dr. Mehmet Oz will be attending and speaking at USANA’s International Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 15–18, 2012
  • Share your support of and information about the USANA True Health Foundation and its exciting sponsorship of HealthCorps
  • Use your photo for commercial or advertising purposes, including using the photo on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites
  • State or imply that Dr. Mehmet Oz endorses, certifies, partners with, sponsors, supports, is affiliated with, etc., any product or company, including USANA Health Sciences and its product line
  • Copy, modify, reproduce, upload, post, transmit, display, distribute, disseminate, broadcast, or circulate the photo in any way. It is for your personal use only.

Now about this USANA True Health Foundation that Dr. Oz is supporting and having his picture taken for.

The USANA True Health Foundation is a charity run by Myron Wentz (Founder of USANA and Sanoviv Medical Institute), Dave Wentz (CEO of USANA), and Elaine Pace (President of USANA True Health Foundation and President of Sanoviv Medical Institute).
The following is stated on the USANA True Health Foundation website regarding the donations. My Emphasis in bold red.

How is the USANA True Health Foundation making a difference?
Your donation to the USANA True Health Foundation will go to one of three areas: Area of Greatest Need, the Sanoviv Medical Assistance Program, or Children’s Hunger Fund.

A donation to the Area of Greatest Need will, in part, be used for organizations or causes that require immediate aid, such as worldwide disaster relief.

Many friends of Sanoviv Medical Institute have expressed interest in helping others benefit from the world-class medical care Sanoviv provides. This program allows for those who would not be able to afford Sanoviv’s services to experience care and healing in this special environment. Please note that donations to this program cannot be designated for a specific individual.

The USANA True Health Foundation also expands and further deepens USANA’s support of Children’s Hunger Fund.

Through the USANA True Health Foundation, USANA Health Sciences also provides support to HealthCorps, which provides health education to children.

When someone goes to the Sanoviv Medical Institute, they are put on a dietary regimen. Of course it's USANA's own dietary supplements. Need proof? Check out the Sanoviv website regarding USANA's products: My emphasis in red.
Dr. Wentz recommends all of the great products offered by USANA. He personally uses them every day, and they are used as the base of treatment in every Sanoviv program. 
Dr. Wentz even explains it further on his blog regarding USANA's products used at Sanoviv back in a 2009 posting. So now that I have established the fact Sanoviv uses USANA products for all their treatments, I will like to show how much it costs to be treated at Sanoviv.
How much does it cost to come to Sanoviv?

Complete Health Assessment (CHA)
The current price for the CHA is $3,875 per person.
Detoxification and Regeneration Program
First week (includes the CHA/Complete Health Assessment) $4,950
Second week $3,500

Comprehensive Medical Program  (includes the CHA/Complete Health Assessment)
First two weeks (per person) $10,500
Subsequent weeks (per person) $4,700

Intensive Medical Program (includes the CHA/Complete Health Assessment)
First three weeks (per person) $21,800
Subsequent weeks (per person) $6,000

Companions: permitted to accompany individuals on the CHA, Comprehensive Medical Program, and Intensive Medical Program.
Companion rate includes meals, classes and use of pools. (per night) $100.
Many of the holistic treatments at the Sanoviv Medical Institute cost the patient several thousand dollars. Many of these treatments are banned in the United States (which is why Sanoviv is in Mexico).

So to sum everything up:
  1. Myron Wentz founded USANA.
  2. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz founded Sanoviv
  3. Elaine Pace becomes president of Sanoviv
  4. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz founded USANA True Health Foundation
  5. Elaine Pace becomes president of USANA True Health Foundation
  6. USANA True Health Foundation uses charitable funds to help pay for Sanoviv medical treatments
  7. Dr. Mehmet Oz partners with the USANA True Health Foundation
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for charitable givings to help others. However, something here is not right. You can draw your own conclusions here. I'm just surprised Dr. Oz supports a charity that is used in this questionable fashion.


  1. I am speechless. How low will this company go to make a buck.

    The charitable stuff is a bunch of bologna. All the money they supposedly raise goes directly to Sanoviv to pay for the facilities, salaries, etc.

    This company has zero credibility!

    I was under the assumption that Dr. Oz did actually endorse their products and was Usana's replacement for Dr. Ray Strand. Apparently not. Just another smokescreen.

    What nerve to charge $150 to get your picture taken with Dr. Oz. Even worse, over 200 people actually paid it! Wonder if he threw in an autograph for a 2 for 1 discount $150 for the picture but I will only charge $50 for my auto graph.

    Excellent post watchdog.

  2. Hey Watchdog what do you make of this?

  3. And the problem is? I don't see what the big issue is here.

    1. You could not see the issue?

      Charity is giving, not setting up programs that further line the pockets of Usana as this clearly has done. (again and again)

      Charity is giving... not buying up your own product, and giving it away, then making out a tax receipt that includes every cost of that product and shipping as well as its potential sales price! That is a scam, not charity! How many of the people Usana "gives" the product to actually need it? How many did it actually help? African digestive systems have totally different bacteria and they may not even absorb any of the product so how is that charitable?? (it is vitamins people and Usana charges a hell of a lot more than most for their product)

      If it is so wonderful, why is it not marketed normally? Ah yes, because the owners of the company and their shareholders would NEVER make hedonistic profits! And because their marketing to "friends" the milking and bilking is done outside of their offices.

  4. Strange how an opinion filled blog has to designate which comments are visible after approval. You practice free speech on your blog while you feel the need to censor others? Pathetic.

    1. Nothing gets censored except fowl language and the 10+ robotic spam messages I get each day, which is why I have to moderate the site. At least I let you post as Anonymous. None of USANA's blogs allow that.

    2. Fowl are domesticated birds kept for its eggs or flesh.

      Proper word is "foul".

      Thank you.


      - The spelling executioner

    3. :) Someone swapped my "u" with the "w".

  5. Hello everyone. This is Nhi Nguyen. Gold director from usana. I make 1500$ a week residual and I am retired at age 23. Thanks to my mentor Aaron dinh who changed my life. I actually do not have downline because they all left. It doesn't matter because they were all lazy and didn't worship Aaron ding like I do. I will someday become rich. I joined this business because of money. If people do not want to work hard then they are lazy. I am lazy because I have a kid and it takes all the time in the world to feed her. I will use and abuse anyone that doesn't worship Aaron din. And that's mr. AD to you.

    Hello Aaron dinh 2 star diamond who got here cuz a lot of people forced their family to buy pro packs. Thanks to nancy on my leg is retired. Now it's up to lazy nhi and jenn huyn to retire these legs so I can actually buy a lambo not lease. and were here in this beautiful blog and this is so exciting.
    See you soon

    This is how they talk instead actually I'm putting the truth in the middle hahha

    1. Darn, I was hoping someone who actually makes good money with Usana would join the debate too. Getting tired of the broke reps trying to defend Usana with regurgitated responses. I guess the ones making actual money are out there tricking their downline into recruiting more people instead of commenting on this blog because they actually understand how the system works and know there's no way they could win this debate anyway. They actually know they're scammers so the smart thing to do is to not say anything and just continue recruiting.

      I have to admit though, these reps with big downlines may be scammers but they're also smart. If I were part of this scheme, I would do the same thing. Ignore the truth tellers because I would know I'm a scammer so no point in getting into a losing debate, focus on recruiting, tricking, and brainwashing people or train others to do it for me while laughing my way to the bank.

      That's how it's done people. Recruit at any cost and you'll one day be up on stage at the conventions while tons of people sit there wishing they were you. By being part of Usana you're going to be seen as a scammer anyway so you might as well do it right.

      Forget real customers. The products cost too much to get very many and even if you do get real customers, they don't buy as much as a recruit. Focus everything on where the actual money is, recruiting, and you'll do fine. You just have to numb yourself to the fact that you're perpetuating this scam.

      Funny thing is, the ones actually making money in Usana will agree with what I just said but they won't be replying to this comment. The ones who don't make much and are no names in Usana are the ones who will and will tell me this isn't how it works, it's all about the products, not recruiting. These are the same people who will remain in the audience while the smart ones get to do the speeches and get admired at the conventions.

    2. You've hit the nail on the head Logic.

  6. The way I see it Watchdog, you are providing some excellent advertising for all the good the USANA and the True Health Foundation are doing. How many charitable companies on this planet can claim that virtually all of the contributions go to those in need instead of usually 20 or 30% or more covering admin/overhead costs? Not so many. I don't think those paying the $150 were all that upset knowing A) no one forced them to have a picture and B) the funds go to a respected charity, not Dr. Oz's pockets. I thank you for this posting. Nothing wrong with posting the Sanoviv fees. Again, no one is forced to go. Perhaps you would be wise to have a discussion with some of the patients of Sanoviv to ask them how THEY have benefited, rather than your perception of another scam.


    1. That's the problem with being a scammer, everything you do, even if it really is good, will be questionable. Imagine Bernie Madoff starting a charity with the intent of actually helping people. Don't you think there will be a lot of people thinking it's a scam?

      If you ran a scam and wanted people to believe that you're legit, what would you do? One thing is to start a charity or create some other nonprofit foundation just to make your company look more legit. These things cost money but if it'll suck more people into your scam, then it's a good investment. Another thing is to announce that you won't take a salary (don't worry, you'll make millions in stocks).

      If Usana wants to be seen as a legitimate company and have more credibility in everything they do, they need to remove the monthly purchasing requirement. None of you can give me a good reason why the monthly requirement should exist when it's causing so much damage. I already know it's because without it, Usana would collapse and so would all of your paychecks because that's the nature of pyramid schemes but of course, none of you will admit it, at least not the ones who actually know how this scam works.

    2. ok lets answers it. the reason behind the monthly purchase is for the personal use of the distributors. u see if you checked the amounts of the monthly purchase you'll see that what you get is a product with lesser amount to pay. an so you use it with lesser payment on it. on the other hand if you wish to sell the remaining products of ur monthly purchase then you can sell it, actually you CAN earn MORE from it. have you experienced opening a store? what will happen if all of your products were already sold? will you close it? or course not, you have already establised youre store, and so what u will do is to replenish ur products. and if you really do usana? you worked it out, those products are even not enough, you will be needing more. people love the products, that the good part in usana, you are not just earning but you also help people with their health. I know some person who invest but then doesnt really study usana at all, they dont work it out, and then end up blaming usana. they should blame themselves, what do they expect INSTANTS? You give 50% of your effort and you are expecting 100%, how come? they should do some logics.

    3. Seriously, please stop commenting. You're embarrassing Usana even more. You talk like you have a line of customers just itching to buy Usana products from you and you don't have enough inventory to supply them. You wish.

      And that's your answer to my monthly requirement question? So that distributors personally use the products? How about Usana show you distributors some respect and treat you like adults and let you decide for yourself whether or not you should buy and use the products?

      Fact: They would never leave it up to their distributors to decide on their own because doing that would show most distributors wouldn't buy $100 worth or products a month which would lead to decreased profits and smaller paychecks for distributors. This shows that they have no confidence in the quality and demand of their products.

      Let's look at this from a different perspective. What do you distributors think would happen if they actually took out the requirement? Most Usana reps think that distributors would continue buying just as many products because Usana is that good and is fairly priced. If that's the case, why does the requirement exist?

      Which do you think is much more likely:

      The purpose of having the requirement, the main cause of all this negativity, is to:

      1. Make sure reps use the products for "their own good".

      2. Make sure Usana sells their overpriced products each and every month.

      Let's take a vote. 1 or 2?

    4. Yet another person who compares the MLM business model to a retail store...

      Miss Hanna, let me ask you then. How do you "distributors" cope up with low demand?

      Don't give me a "we consume this" answer; a 310 MYR / 1.9 million IDR / 3100 THB / 5000 PHP / 130 SGD (assuming you're from Southeast Asia due to your name) price is definitely NOT PRACTICAL for a monthly consumption of supplements/skin care products.

      Either you keep a lot on your cupboard, waiting for someone to buy them, or you consume a LOT MORE than what the bottle recommends.

      Even if people love the products, people wouldn't spend that much monthly unless you're that rich.

    5. no no no no.
      -"Yet another person who compares the MLM business model to a retail store..."
      read logic's comment that i replied. what else will u answer for a question abt the monthly purchases? those are basically the reasons, of course there are points that are included in the compensation plan wherein you also earn. but tsss no elaborations needed.
      -Really? People dont just love the products they NEED the products. You do not need to be rich to invest for your health. Investing for your health can even make you save money. Prevention is better than cure. im not just about the products. In usana you can compressed things that you wanted to accompish in a year or so and can achieve it within months, as long as you put efforts on it.
      With usana you can be healthy and be wealthy..
      It doesnt matter where country i am, have you thought that i just maybe made up my name? =) just like what you did. moon, logic, etc. What matters is Im Young Im rich and IM HEALTHY. It's good to enjoy life, and keep moving. Rather than some of people in here who looks life in the rear view not in the front view. Anyway, im done.. continue your war in HERE.

    6. You just don't get it. It doesn't matter if people NEED the products. As long as the monthly requirement exists, that PROVES that not enough people WANT the products for Usana to do well. This is why they require reps to buy $100 a month, this is how they sell most of their products at those high prices.

      "I'm young and rich"... if that's true, you're doing it by scamming people. Good job. "I'm healthy"... so are lots of people who don't take Usana vitamins.

    7. NEED?

      You're treating the products as if not taking them will cut off the lives of those who don't take it.

      Oh well, good luck with getting rich, and accumulating your products in the cupboard. :)

  7. if this is a scam, why this company is still in the business for more than 20 years? and how about the unprecedented claims of many USANA users (not representatives) that they actually benefit by using USANA's products.

    1. In response to "if this is a scam, why this company is still in the business for more than 20 years?"

      Perhaps this link will be a clue:
      Ever heard of Mark Shurtleff? He even endorsed USANA on stage at USANA's 2004 annual convention.

      Ever heard of Bernie Madoff? His scam went on for decades even after people warned the SEC several times.

      In response to "how about the unprecedented claims of many USANA users (not representatives) that they actually benefit by using USANA's products."

      Who? Please list a few names.

      I have no doubt vitamins will benefit people who are deficient. I believe every vitamin maker have a list of "unprecedented claims of users that have benefited" from the vitamins from other manufacturers.

    2. When I accused Usana of false advertizing they said they did not do it, even though I had the product in my hand reading it to the lawyers.

      When I said that I had been lied to by a (former) friend, they said it had nothing to do with them, as they are told not to lie. When I showed them that the company was also lying, and that is where the info came from, they sent back the information and their lawyers called me to say I was slandering Usana.

      When I was sold an illegal product that was not allowed in Canada, I was not given a refund for it being turned away at customs. They denied it was illegal, even after I sent them the information from Health Canada.

      Fraud, misrepresentation, marketing illegal product, pyramid scheme disguised as a legit business. Corruption has rendered these guys untouchable, as they have the money and backing. It is the Mormon mafia... protecting their own family while they plunder everyone else.

    3. addendum: Over hyped, over priced (their claims are it is expensive to be a good product, but other products are also certified and are given top quality recommendations without costing 4 times as much! Thety are still in business because they can recruit with lies and remain untouchable with lawyers and lies..

  8. to mr watchdog: why only attacking usana? how about other companies that are also in this business? did you look at their scheme already?

    1. I focus on USANA because:

      1) I don't have time to look at the other 1000+ MLMs.

      2) A family member has spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to "build" and "grow" their USANA business, purchasing all the sales tools, attending all the weekly meetings, conventions, leadership training, cruises, etc... and has only collected a few commission checks. I know first hand how devastating the scam is.

      3) I have a full time career doing awesome things with electronics and don't have time to look into other scams.

      4) I have a family that I love spending time with and again, have even less time to look into scams like USANA.

      5) The name of this blog is USANAWatchDog, so obviously the main focus of this blog will be about USANA and not other scams.

      6) You can also visit my other website that hasn't been updated for quite some time regarding USANA at

    2. Hello Watchdog. Let me start off by saying that I was a Gold Director in Usana and had many friends who were also deep in it who were silvers and directors as well (which means absolutely nothing)... it only shows we sold many propacks... you have done a great job on this blog and I know you put in a lot of work into it. However since I know a little bit of how the "BRAINWASHING" works in Usana I believe your information in this blog prevents very little of the U.S. population from joining USANA because to recruit someone it's all about the "PSYCHOLOGY" effect of the brain not education... therefore I feel like this blog is only information... the information you are putting on this blog makes its more convenient to be educated which is good though.. for people like us who knows where to get this info online it just takes a little bit of work.. You see anyone with the right "MINDSET" will research USANA online and the smart ones will probably not join because they are smart and educated like you and "Logic" for example.. which is only about 5-10% of the population.. Approximately 30 percent of the population in the US. (total about 600 million in the USA) cannot join USANA because they're under 18 or homeless and for obvious reasons etc... 15% will not join because they are already damaged like me in some way or form of another MLM for example like you had family members who were damaged...

      that leaves about 250-300million people left that can still buy a package in usana.. Pretty soon that bottom 30% can even join....

      I know the objective of this blog is to prevent people from joining... Its all about the mental state in which the education can penetrate their brain... I know because I still keep in touch with some friends who are in Usana... and bad info passes one ear to another to them and all the good about usana is sucked in... So I know how both sides think and work.

      Here are the reasons why they "STAY"
      1. Their leader changed their life... because their life wasn't good to begin with or they only think their life has changed.. Either way they are brainwashed..
      2. it’s hard to quit if you make a paycheck every week.. but little do they know they are still losing $... so maybe a little education on the finance part can help them realize the money isn't good at all.
      3. They say that their group is like a family.. it’s like a place to have fun.. little do they know if you stop recruiting or stop paying auto ship that family will start to treat you like crap because you are useless to them..
      4. They have leaders that continually persuade and motivate, trick deceit the lower down lines. Which means they are still fresh.. Every Saturday training their minds can either join us who are not in it.. Or continue every Saturday and be "SOLD" in the idea that Usana is the best..
      5. Some are still in it because they have a lot of friends in it.. "are they really your friend??" Some have so many other personal reasons.. for example there’s this perverted tall guy in Next Evolution.. I’m not going to say his name is Rashad.. I know because I have seen his tweets on twitter.. I assume he stays there to stare at the cute asian girls that are in NEX let’s put it that way

      You see watchdog.. the information is great.. but if we focus more on the "psychology" we can even prevent that 300 million open market from not joining at all and end this company once and for all...

      I recommend checking out Aaron Dinh on Facebook.. check out how the people on his page thank him and worship him for absolutely worthless info... He also uses quotes from other successful people and claims he made it..

    3. Tai - Much of what you're describing are the basics of how cults work. You have one or a few charismatic leaders who are seen for more than they really are. You also have a bunch of followers who are looking for answers or some sort of change in their lives, in this case, money and success.

      Cults are powerful in drawing people in because they give people many of the feelings/experiences that we as humans all want such as acceptance, belonging, respect, love, etc.

      With those "benefits", however, come responsibilities. You're expected to do certain things to remain a "family" member. In this case, recruit and attend meetings/trainings. My guess is a lot of these trainings are basically the same thing so the point isn't so much to teach members stuff they don't already know but to get them to constantly be around Usana minded individuals. That way, their thinking will begin to align with everyone else in the group. When everyone around you agrees to certain "truths", it's tough to think otherwise. This is the basics of brainwashing.

      When you first join, other members, especially your uplines who directly benefit from you will likely treat you like gold. However, let a few months go by where you don't recruit anyone and you'll likely see their attitude toward you change. True friendships take time and work to build but just like cults, people in MLM can become your best friend overnight.

      The more you attend these meetings and the more you associate with people in Usana, the more your logic will be scrambled. This is why most Usana reps who have commented on this blog say the same things and use the exact same examples even though much of what they're saying is nonsense. They probably fill your mind with touching stories of how Usana has changed so and so's life. Once you become one of those people who publicly state you're in Usana for life and basically stop hanging out with non-Usana friends and only with other Usana members, they got you. It's tough to quit after that even if doing so is the most logical thing to do. (i.e., if you're not making any money)

      As a former Gold director, is this basically what happens?

      But all of this talk is pointless because people who are deep into Usana won't be able to see what's happening. This is why it's so hard to get people out of cults. To them, they are right and everyone else just doesn't "get it". Only people from the outside can actually see what's going on.

      After all, this is just a blog. These are just words on a screen. These words cannot compete with a team of people orchestrating a meeting or opportunity call to get people to buy into their system. Those who have bought into the "jobs are for losers" mentality and just want to believe retirement is just a few years away or believe acceptance can be gained by paying $100 a month will join regardless of what is written here. It's words from strangers on the internet versus words from someone they know trying to convince them to join. It's a losing battle on our end either way you look at it.

      For those who found out about Usana from complete strangers, their might still be hope of preventing them from joining but from the looks of how things are ran, at least under this Aaron guy who many here have mentioned, it's a pointless battle.

      As for people already in Usana, just like with cults, the only way they can actually see the truth is to stop going to meetings and basically stop associating with people in Usana for a few months. Their thinking will start to go back to normal and the stuff on this blog will actually start making sense to them.

    4. Obviously, the ones who are still brainwashed will think what I just wrote is complete nonsense and all of their Usana friends will agree with them. There will also be those who don't operate their Usana business this way and will also say this is nonsense while failing to realize that it doesn't matter if they do these things are not; they are associated to people who do and because of this, they will be seen as brainwashed scammers.

      To the legit Usana reps who focus on selling products:

      Want all of this to stop? Get the monthly requirement removed. If all of you "business owners" petition to have it removed and Usana still doesn't do it, well, at least you will know why no one outside of MLM considers you people as business owners.

    5. @Logic. You are absolutely right. This is a good summary of what happens but I have been in Usana for more than 3 years and it will take a long time to add on to your summary. There is a lot of detail into the strategy, and mind tricks, etc... These things I can barely remember on the top of my head to make this cult work.

      One thing I remember though is “HOW” to sign someone up is to first determine which type of the 4 fish they are.

      Dolphin: fun, energetic, social, outgoing... So this types of person the recruiter/director/leader (whatever) focus on how fun USANA is fun; the events, trips, parties, cruises, etc…

      Whale: If you are a whale then you are caring, motherly, and protective of their love ones... For this person they focus on how Usana saves life, how they donate to children’s hunger fund so their heart can be touched

      Shark: money hungry, salesmen, business minded... So to sign this person up they talk about how much $$ you can make if you became a Diamond director... 40,000 a week etc. Wow... Ha-ha

      Urchin: smart, analytical, logical, mathematical, quite, these people are hard to sign up but you are straight forward with them... This is how it works... This is how you get it... Being straight forward to anyone and honest won't sign up anyone... you basically lie analytically to urchins to sign them up..

      A new recruit will stay longer if they get paid. So in the beginning you find a way for them sell to their close friends because that is the easiest market to sell to. Basically if you sell to you mom that’s already a guarantee sell because they love you and Mom's, best friends, etc… will lend you money anyways. So you are using your love ones in the beginning just so your upline can benefit financially in this Scam. How can such leader/upline even live up to this type of work? It’s so hard to do this business and you are lying to yourself. You lie to people saying,” that they will get paid... I mean for Christ sakes you are getting paid from your friend’s money... You will be using your friends, family to make a profit... then you will be brainwashing your downline to do the same...

      For example: Let’s say you recruit a 18 year old cute Asian girl. If you look at Nex pictures they basically showing their body off to use their sex appeal to sign up some lonely guy just to be around these girls. Now you turned a sweet innocent girl to a flirtatious trickster... Now let’s say you’re training this young person to "cold market" in public... You put her life in danger cold marketing to strangers that she doesn't know... So you either use your love ones for sales/profit... Or you go out in public and cold market and sell the business/product... That’s the only two things you need to do to make $... Yet in Saturday training they talk nothing about these two except mentality training, how millionaires/successful people think which has nothing to do with USANA. This is only a little bit of what Saturday training teaches. I can’t even begin to scratch the surface of what really goes on in there. All I can say is that Usana is a ridiculous business. You will lose money, friends, time, and your life. I don’t even have enough English words to explain. These Usanians are all positive. So positive that they can’t even see the negative that’s preventing them from living a positive life.
      And by the way I make no $ or benefit from writing in this blog. I am just an honest person who can’t stand for more people to lose and be a casualty to Aaron Dinh just so he can pay his on lease on his lambo and rented mansion. And for Aarix people that’s the exact same thing Duke is doing to you guys. You’re all his prisoners paying for his cars and expensive wife. Do yourself a favor and don’t join Usana. If you guys want to talk to me leave an email or number and I can even call you guys but I know you guys are brainwashed. I know because I use to brainwash people and probably better than 80 percent of the mlm workforce…

    6. @Kai,

      My brother is in Nex, and is being "personally" trained by Mr. Dinh, he recently hit silver director and everything I tell him about Usana he refuses to listen to. Is there anything I can do that might make him stop with this ridiculous company. I tried showing him this site but he thinks that watchdog is an agent for Amway.

    7. Amway!? How insulting!..:)

      Tell him I pretty much think all MLMs are inherently pyramid schemes simply by the nature of the emphasis on endless recruiting.

    8. At anonymous... My name is tai actually.. Lets say watchdog is in anyway.. Which he is not.. You see that's how illogical people are in usana.. Why would someone from amway attack only usana when there are 2000 other companies out there. ? And let's say he still thinks this site is from amway.. That doesn't change any of the facts I wrote on this site and any of the facts watchdog points out on here.. They are all true.. Tell your brother I know golds and rubies that left usana.. Explain to him silver means you nickleded then sold 4 pro packs or donated a few points and bought a few products.. Still a business lost.. Nobody hits silver legit without selling pro packs and buying your own points.. If it was a legit hit then you will have no problem hitting gold.. If he doesn't hit gold I can gaurantee you he spent his own money to help hit that position..

    9. Tai - The fish thing is something sales people do as well so there's nothing technically wrong about it. It's just a way to build rapport and appeal to people's wants and desires but of course, one can take it too far such as outright lying.

      The regular meetings are what really get people sucked in. I'm sure one of the keys for any of these trainings or meetings is to get as many people to attend as possible. When new recruits see a bunch of people excited to be in Usana, it deepens their belief in the system.

      One of the reasons why I even comment on this blog is because I'm fascinated by how these things can mess up people's logic. I've studied cults so I have an idea of what possibly goes on during those meetings.

      For Usana reps who don't know, cult members aren't always stupid or lost people. Many of them are professionals, doctors, lawyers, and so on. Cults are very convincing in drawing people in so don't think you're too smart to ever fall for one. Also, cult members don't know they're in a cult either.

    10. By the way, I took your advice, Tai, and looked up Dinh's facebook. According to some of the pictures he posted, he's the #3 top earner in all of Usana and it seems like most of his downline members are quite young. That's not surprising. From what others have said about him on this blog, he's a master at the MLM game. He's smart and knows what to focus on to get what he wants. Young people are financially desperate and have lots of friends to recruit. Perfect target.

      I find it sad how the "I focus on selling products" distributors can't see that recruiting at all costs is how you make REAL money in Usana. This guy gets all of the money, all the praise and recognition while the ones focusing on selling products barely get by. Now I can't say this for sure but I'm pretty sure this guy can't make a living just selling vitamins to actual customers. Why? Selling a dream for $100 a month is a much easier sell than selling $100 worth of vitamins a month, that's why.

      Regardless of the bad name the recruiters give Usana, the owners of Usana don't care because it's these people who make them money. People like Dinh are just playing the game wisely. The system, created by the owners, is set up to reward the recruiters much more than the sellers so can't really blame them for doing what they do. If you're going to play the game, you might as well do it right or not play at all.

      So focus on selling products and rip off your customers because the prices are too high and barely get by OR focus on recruiting and screw people over (99% failure rate) but make tons of money and praise doing it even if it means going against your beliefs and values and turning into a different person so you can sleep better at night.

    11. Hey logic. Tai tran again.. You do a great job explaninig.. i am not as good as you in explaining and responding so if I didnt respond to your last comments sorry bout that.. but checkk out jimmy nguyen and nhi nguyens Facebook when you have a chance.. This is a perfect example of a super brainwashed downline... I still don't get how they got like that but they worship the dirt aaron dinh walks on.. These two are perfect example of how to be brainwashed in this cult and yet I can't explain it like you do.. Super analyze it when you can logic please.. I'm sitting here and im thinking..if I put all my effort to do this to a person I could never do it to anyone because I can't and won't.. That's what it takes to be succesful in this business is to have servants like these that dedicate 24 hours of their lives representing usana and average about 1-2 recruit a month.. And when you add dedicated lives to getting these batting average on recruits that's how it's done.. Massive servants relentlessly begging for others to join.. And using Aaron dinhs psychology tricks to get a few sign ups.. He text them and calls them in between meeting and that's how it's done people... You have to have servants to be rich in this business... If you're in usana now ...think about your life now and can you handle being a snake oil salesman... You are not a CEO of a business...more like>> You will have to be like a pope/priest and start your own mini religions to make it in this business.. If any of you usana owners want to compare this business model to something.. The closest you can compare it to is the thousands of mini religions all over the world that people start and have many people donate $ to..

      Sorry for the bad grammar I am on my phone I just want to add this before I forgot for the watchdog fans out there..

    12. Hey Tai, could you talk about your thought process while you were in Usana? What where you thinking when you just hit silver director and other events. What would you say your opinion of Usana was then and what exactly made you decide that it wasn't the opertunity you were told it was?

    13. @Tai

      "if I put all my effort to do this to a person I could never do it to anyone because I can't and won't"

      Very few people go into this scheme with that intention. How can some cult members be convinced to take their own lives? It all happens gradually. You can't just tell people to lie, but you can get them to stretch the truth a bit. Once they do that enough, stretching it a bit more is easy. Gradually, it becomes a lie and they're totally okay with it because they've either been convinced that it's for the benefit of others or in their minds, it is the truth.

      That's the power of big groups. When most of your days are spent around people who think a certain way, you'll end up thinking like them as well. I'm sure many of these Usana reps talk the same, say the same things, even if before they joined, they were totally different. We all want a sense of belonging as well as a sense of significance. Groups like this can give you both and much more, just like cults can.

      When you constantly have people who act like you're their best friend, you have a sense of acceptance. When you rise up in the ranks and people look up to you just because you make a bigger paycheck, you have a sense of significance. People emulate those they want to be like. Drive up in a Lambo and you'll have tons of broke college kids wanting to be like you, do what you do and do what you say in hopes of one day having the same success you have.

      In terms of this whole worship thing, well, if you worship your "leader" and your downline sees this, once you become a leader, they will worship you the same way. Disrespect your leader and your downline will likely end up doing the same to you. So it's in their best interest to do so plus, they've been brainwashed to the point where this all seems logical to them.

      Some of them probably treat this Dinh guy with more respect than they do toward their own parents. Take out the money, and he'll just be another guy, which is why once you're in this business long enough, it's extremely hard to just get out even if you know you're screwing people over.

      One way to cope with it is to make yourself believe you're helping people. Write off those who lose money as losers/quitters, focus on those who can recruit and help them make money so they can thank you for changing their life and presto, you have a reason to sleep well at night. Do this long enough and everything you do will just seem completely honest and right to you.

      Brainwashing happens gradually which is why it's so hard to detect especially if you constantly put yourself in that environment, which is why conventions and meetings/trainings are so crucial for this whole operation to work. It's also why so many of these Usana reps who comment on this blog say ridiculous things. In their mind, what they say is the absolute truth because tons of other Usana reps think the same way so it must be true.

      It's a lot easier to get someone to think a joke is funny when everyone around them is laughing.

  9. I love how people bring up that recruiting is where the real money is as if that's proof of something negative.It's kinda business 101,if you expand the business with no additional cost to you and have others working for you,of course you will make more money.All successful businesses do this.kinda like the higher ups make more money....except that is more true in traditional businesses.With Usana,you can make more money that someone that got started before you.I could go on,and even mention that the article is reaching for "logic," but life is too short to argue with brick walls,so I'll just get going.

    1. When cocacola recruit for positions it is because they have a spot that needs to be filled to make more money. They don't get more money directly from the new recruit. This is opposed to Usana which directly benefits financially from every single new recruit.

    2. when business owners expand their business, they spend their own money investing and expect profit in return from selling their products... in usana if you look at recruiting as expanding... well you do expand but you're not investing your money... the person you're recruiting is spending $ and you make profit from that (example fast cash bonus and 1250 points from a pro pack).. in usana you make $ from expanding.. traditional business lose $ expanding in hopes to make profit in products which usana doesn't do... no one in usana is solid from just customers.. they are rich only if you have brainwased followers paying autoship... you never really surpass the person above you.. if you think you do, you just make his leg more solid.. one leg is never really solid unless you have one diamond director on that leg..... I would rather be gold and have one diamond each leg.. than a diamond that has to keep recruiting to live.. if you don't get that then you have a lot of learn in usana..

      tai tran (ex gold direcotr)

    3. BS and stop with your logic fallacies! if your business 101 included scamming and lying about a product, you were at a very corrupt school... but I am doubting business 101 was ever in your past.

      The only brick walls here are those who support Usana no matter what, because they are protecting themselves and their own scammy "business!"

      Lastly, with your poor grammar and punctuation added to your brain-washed remarks, thank goodness you didn't go on and on...

  10. it is very sad that lot's of asian are being scammed by usana. asians live a healthy lifestyle before the entry of fastfood, now people are easily scammed by the lure of money.

  11. good comments. good logic. unfortunately it is quite sad to see so many people still being scammed.

  12. lots of people are easily brainwashed. that's why cult exist, and corrupt politicians prosper. that's also why scammers get rich. sad but true. i have seen relatives being scammed, and it feels terrible but these people are happy that they are scammed. fools like to part with their money.

  13. Usana products are 50/50 if they are good or not..

    Business model is 95/5 if you will make it or not...
    Can you make it selling products?? Well think about the points and ask yourself can you sell 10,000 points a week to make 1000$? That's about 12,000$ worth of items that your customer have to wait a week to get.. Overpriced with tax and shipping..
    Can you support your bills and family with the income in usana??? You need 50 autoships of 100 points each leg weekly to be solid gold.. Now ask yourself are you willing to buy a house and pay mortgage for 30 years and think that those autoships will last forever?? People leave quit the first 2 months of auto unless they are associates being brainwashed to go broke.. If they have a Job then they can probably afford autoship. Why would they pay full price when they can buy on ebay, amazon or associates trying to get rid of inventory?? They're not going to pay autoship forever so the income is not really stable even if you make it to the top 1% of the ranks.. Is this a good company to invest in?? If you're smart and can figure it out... You already know the answer...

    If you want to scam your friends and love ones to paying 1000 dollar packages that are full of lies.. Sold on a dream that even the person on top isn't living.. Quiting things you like to do just so you can sacrafise your time for your so called family that is only there for you because you make them $.. Working hard for free.. Talking to people is so hard to do.. The only way to sell is to beg your close friends.. Now ask yourself can you be rich from your friends buying products?? You are causing all your family to lose money... You like to lose???

    Usana reps will think that (me) the one right writing this is an ex usana rep that failed... I actually sold 100k worth of products in 3 years.. Mase a few thousand in usana.. And still have not made 1$ in profit.. Due to low compensation... The expenses of traveling to Utah.. Buying usana related stuff... Am I lazy? Or didn't work hard enough?? No I worked my a@@ off in usana.. And any associate who can read this or will challenge what I said has no counter.. I been to both sides ...

    If you're in usana quit now.. As in NOW.. Save your life and do something valuable with your life... I'm writing this to help people and not go through the pain and suffering mental and financial physical etc that usana will give you....

    My name is Jeremy

  14. business owners are smart because they use other people money and others peoples talent to make them rich. Same with MLM companies. I also don't like the monthly purchase requirement but it seems all MLM or direct selling requires you to purchase a certain percentage periodically or by volume for you to earn at a later date that is if you are able sell them. Earning depend on your effort regardless of what business or work you are into. MLM just makes it faster. Just like in any other activities we do or want to do in life there will always be a star player and forever bench-warmers and viewers. You do not agree with recruiting but its a sure way to widen your contacts which I think is similar to business meeting or corporate socializing and advertisement or opening plenty of branches of your business in the same locality. That's how business work. That is a fact. Is it legitimate and moral, well that depends on your point of view. You are all talking about the system. Perhaps they are still in the MLM because they are earning or aspire to earn but most will not earn because that is a fact just like basketball, aspiring to be a lawyer, doctor, movie stars etc.. Not everyone will succeed only a selected few will remain and shine in their respected careers. Some will love the business some will hate them just like traditional business that employs us all or run by a few of us. Some will appreciate the services some dont,that's the value of customer service. Some will love the products, some will think they spend a fortune for nothing and got rob but no one will force you to do something without your consent. Wheter we like it or not people will buy or sought services they prefer. Brainwashed, motivated or brief whatever you call it all who joined and endorses the USANA products are all adults.

    Whether you like the system or not what I wanted to know is does the product really work and is it really overpriced based on the content and quality of each ingredient used? I also wanted to know if you have negative opinion about their collaboration with research institution like the Linus Pauling to back up their products. If their system sucks does the science that backs them up is also a haox?


  15. I believe the monthy purchases are there to force associates to sell them and find new clients. Plain and simple! It is a pure simple business strategy. Depend it as to replenish your store, use it as tool to motivate you because you have stocks to dispose in a months time etc... Bottom line is you cannot consume all of them in 30 days unless you are taking 10 or more per day! Only those who are really earning will buy those monthly stuffs. Those who do not earn and still buys them must be out of their mind..


  16. In response to Kim on November 3:

    You're right business owners do use leverage to use other people's money and talent. Could you explain how that is good in MLM? The keyword is "USE"..... If you join usana you will get used and abused.. And your money will be used.... The top of the pyramid will use your talent into money making schemes into the pyramid.. Talent that you can use for something better..
    You don't like the monthly requirement?? Who does?? Who wants a requirement purchase... Just so the company can stay afloat. You are forced to buy so the top of the pyramid can earn from you residually.. As long as your mindset is trapped in this mentality the top get rich..
    Earning depends (with an s) ... You said mlm makes it faster??? Could you prove how it's faster?? Show us how much you made.. And how you made it?? Selling pro pack dreams?? Yup it's fast making $ selling pro packs.. Sell 8 a week for one year straight and you make 72k in one year but at the expense of 384 people.. Yup even faster ruining lives.. You'll put a black hole in a city.. A lot of negative effect.. And you're saying that you're doing it faster? So how is this a star player?? And explain forever bench Warmers?? Is that what you call people that left your team?? Those bench Warner's actually got a real job now.. :). You said recruiting is a fact and that's how business works?? You actually sounded smart there for a second.. Who thought you that ?? I know Dinh haha..
    You said most will not earn just like basketball, lawyers, doctor, movie star. .. You see that is true but in usana the ones that make it made money off the people that quit/fail...(USER). In those subjects the doctor did that made it didn't need to recruit or use a failed doctors $.... Michael Jordan didn't have to use other people's $ to make it.. Just simply means he had it.... Not even a comparison..
    You say that no one is forced to do anything in usana.. Please take 10 mins to think and remember all the people you forced... Please!! I remember there were times in NEX that you guys used people's social security just so you can hit positions... (Do not give your SS people) they use that to sign up fake names to hit positions then resell products on ebay to minimize losses.. Do not give them your credit card... They will use it to get a few points!! Then the person will complain and try to refund it and pay shipping and 20% restocking fee.. OMG how horrible business practices!! Just so they can claim they're GOLD..
    Yes the products is overpriced!! 130$ for a box of healthpak.. They sell those for 60$ to people who are inactive to bring them back for half points.. And usana still makes profit.. Melatonin for 14$.. They sell for 5$ at gnc.. And usana melatonin gives you a fat headache!! Haha.. You're in usana and you can't even compare prices.. That is probably why you think the products is a good deal.. It's because you haven't looked around..

    Monthly purchases shouldn't be needed to motivate you.. If you're lazy then you are lazy.. People like nhi nguyen in NEX.. Haha!! Gold with no team.. preferred customers from little kids.. And that's one of Dinhs army?? God please save these kids..

    Tai (ex gold director)

    1. Earning in mlm is faster compared to traditional job if you really work. If you do retailing and sold your goods then you earn extra income which is equivalent to the efficacy of your effort. If someone on your down line do the same then that’s more income for you. if you’re not effective then you won’t have an income. Again it’s a fact. That’s the talent mlm utilizes to its recruits, same to workers, and that’s how you are paid. No output No compensation. If you can run a business then you'll reap tons of money but it requires a lot of skills and only a few can handle the job but if you can only do cleaning then you won’t earn that much. Same with mlm. Now, if you are selling the products with bad intention then your customer would feel abused and used just like in any transaction. I'm speaking in general here.. No one forces them to join because they agreed to be used if that is term you wanted to imply. Again "No one can force you to do something you do not wanted to do unless you allow it" The salesmen simply convinces their client. It is the same technique being used in commercial advertisement. In my place toothpaste means Colgate and that is how effective they are in brainwashing people :). Is Colgate better than its competitor? They somehow have the same content so I guess the answer is no. They have better branding compared to others. Again it’s a business technique and it is being used by most sales in real state, and any commission based agent even coaches they motivate you that you are good or even better than your yester self because they wanted you to win because they need the huge bonuses for that win plus the ego and pride..

      I remember i was approached by an insurance agent and they actually asked me if i have credit cards, atm's or if i have savings. They even offered to escort me from my house to their accredited bank just to get the transaction done. They know who i am, where i work, and knows who i am associated with. They are too good they scared me off. I research about the insurance company and i was convinced it was a good investment so i called their competitor and availed their program and invested a fortune. After a couple of years the insurance giant collapsed! Wow my savings became a dust! Should I blame them for scamming me? No because I made a mistake.

      Now blaming successful persons just because you are not or you felt abused and used is lame. We are what we do. So blame ourselves not others. If you don’t like mlm or usana for that matter then i respect your opinion and decision.
      If anyone felt that the one recruiting you will use you then don’t join. Be smart. Review, analyze, decide, and blame yourself if you failed or got abused and get back at them by being a better (or wealthier) person than before. Move on learn from your mistake and advise others what you learned just like what this blog is all about.
      Is it overpriced? No based on the content, its form, manufacturing technique and quite competitive to others supplement with inferior content available in our area. I do not need Aaaron Dinh because I can decide for myself.
      The reason i am asking if usana is overpriced is because i wanted to know the opinion of others.
      And don’t be so negative and please don’t excel in finding someone else fault such as typing or grammatical error because you have your own error. I am not claiming to be perfect here. We are here to share our views.
      This is not an English Class. Thanks!


    2. "Earning income in mlm is faster in mlm if you really work." What a sales pitch this is. If income in Usana was in fact directly correlated to working hard, there would be so many more people actually making money Kim.

      It does take a lot of skills to be successful in Usana and you even mentioned those skills, "the salesman simply convinces their client". Exactly. Convinces the client that they will make money in Usana by just working hard, that they can make more money in Usana than in traditioinal job, of course you leave out a few important points while you are selling your clients on dreams that Usana simply can not achieve.

      For starters how about having to buy an expensive starter pack? How about then having to spend at least $100 each month just to stay commission eligible? How about sharing the enormous amount of products associates would need to sell just to make some money? How about letting clients know that 99% of the associates don't make any money in Usana? How about sharing that associates primarily make money off of the required monthly authoshipments of their downline associates?

      Love your explanation for the overpriced product. If that is not brainwashing from Usana then I don't know what else is.

      Quite simple, if you want to have success in Usana, move to Asia. That is where Usana is generating the majority of their revenues. And focus all your efforts on recruiting new associates. Signing up preferred customers is nice but won't pay you anything for your time, effort, and money wasted that you had to spend to convince that customer to purchase products and ultimately canncel their autoshipment within a few months because they are tired of spending all that money on vitamins that just keep coming every month.

      Don't believe me? Prior to her departure from Usana to Ariix, I spoke with Lynn Allen Johnson who told me personally that the only way to make any real money with Usana is to recruit as many business associates as possible. This business strategy is also shared by Aaron Dingh, and almost every other top level distributor in Usana.

    3. Quoting: Earning in mlm is faster compared to traditional job if you really work. If you do retailing and sold your goods then you earn extra income which is equivalent to the efficacy of your effort. If someone on your down line do the same then that’s more income for you. if you’re not effective then you won’t have an income.

      More like effort of those associate's downlines. This would've been good if there is actual demand of the product, or what we call "product flow". Since the company itself sees the constant demand, they can keep the price constant as well. This is why the value for money of USANA products is quite questionable. Doesn't matter if there's the testimonial bandwagon.

      The problem here is that, most of the associates would just recruit instead of selling the products. They'll just keep the products for themselves and recruit massive downlines so that they can still earn nonetheless. So where's the product flow now?


      Quoting: Should I blame them for scamming me? No because I made a mistake.

      You can say that it's your mistake if you have clairvoyance, or maybe unless you're an expert in projecting the company's financial situation and you still invested.

      Anyway that's out of the question now. You do pretty much know that investing anywhere -- banks, insurance companies, businesses, stock market, even MLM -- takes risks right?

      However in MLM, your success rate is high IF and ONLY IF your way of getting through is by keeping the chain of recruitment and passing it down, ripping other people off.

    4. I mentioned efficacy of your work. It the same with traditional business. If you work and your not efficient you will get laid off in the end. Now if your a contractual employee even if you are a player you will never have the security of tenure and other perks regular employees enjoys.

      All saleman convinces their client. That is what they are supposed to do. That what they sign for. That is how they get paid. The way salesman do their pitch that separates the good and from the bad. You will know them when you meet them. Just like what i experience when an insurance agent offered me their services. A real estate person who wants me to buy his properties. Commercial products with ads in media. A usana rep that i met. They all convinces prospective buyers to buy their products and services. They will find a way to let you know what you wanted to hear. Again that is their job. The good ones will tell you the pros and con, will tell you the mechanics and will be honest from the start.

      If you think they are not worth it then dont buy it. Everything is achievable if you commit and be dedicated. As i have said before most will not succeed and a few will remain. It is the same with the other things we do in life. Others excel in mlm because they did not stop, some became successful as entreprenuers because they dont want to be employees, most of us will be employees because we were taught to be one and being one is fine but you will work for boss.

      I am comparing the content of Bayer made supplement vitamins with korean ginseng that my doctor prescribed and it has the same cost as essential. I also compared the ingredients, its form and manufacturing quality system from the other products available in my area and they are not the same. I used to work in a pharmaceutical company and that is what i do before and now work in company that emphasize nutrition in their (animal) products so i do my comparison based on what i learned from those companies. Basically they use the same standard and more or less uses the same tecnology but ofcourse human products have better equipment and source better quality ingredients but in general they are comparable.

      I believe you. That is how the system works. You find prospect, convinces to buy, convinces them to be group builder, convinces them to stay. How you do it separates the good from the bad, the helper from user/abuser.

      Please do remember that when you invest there will always a risk. Find out those risk. In MLM, you will have low investment in money but the real investment is on time you will use to convince client to buy and join you plus the ability to withstand failure and rejection and you will be branded as scammer, user, abuser no matter how good your intention are. If you are not ready and prepared which most of the recruits are then you are doomed to fail.


    5. response to Kim.......... That still isn't faster.. If you average out the people that worked in usana... you need a lot of people to buy packages to make it fast.. the only way you will be effective is if you have a lot of people under you.. less than .01% can make a living in usana... most people with jobs can make a living... so how is usana faster than a job again?? you're right if you daydream and imagine that your tree is growing rapidly then yes usana is faster... but were living in reality here...just because people are under you that make points doesn't mean its faster in average per person.. you can have 10 people under you and go door to door selling lotions and you still wouldn't make enough profit like you would working at mc donalds..(trust me I've done it)... the comp plan doesn't reward small point sales.. you can go max output and more people will Lose... the more people that lose that slows down the average income per person in that team.... "make sense"??

      I only pointed out the "S" in your typing.. because I know exactly who you are.. is Kim the name you use to lie to people? I know a lot of people in usana and only one person types like you and misses the "S" in words..

      well I guess you're happy being broke in Usana.. I actually want you to stay in it.. It doesn't affect me at all.. btw what is your rank? Definitely you're not rubi or higher.. they wouldn't even type like how you type.. you see I been a gold director for 3 years and I still quit.. you want to know why?? because Usana destroys peoples lives.. and the income is fake!! in the long run you lose.. all the $ go to the company.. unless you are a diamond and up thats less than .01% and takes a horrible amount of rejections and hard feelings.. something not worth going through.. might as well go to college and spend that energy towards a positive economy... VS. usana where it destroys lives and only a few can make income...

      I'm not blaming anyone I'm just de edifying Dinh or anyone on top because thats how people get brainwashed... I know how people think in usana.. I just point out that their regualar human beings so people will actually have a clear mind when listeining to the lies Dinh says..
      in responsve to: "if anyone felt that one recruiting you will use you then don't join" you just said thats how people get rich is by using peoples money... its not felt used... YOU ARE GETTING USED!! haha..
      I don't need to get back at anyone in USANA.. I'm only on here because I'm helping the economy.. the people that haven't joined yet..
      the price is high... its only common sense.. keep buying full price.. while I buy on ebay for 80$... I can sell one healthpak for 120$ and make as much a sharer if I buy one for 80 on ebay.. I don't need to sell 250Left 250Right to hit sharer..

    6. @ Moon

      "More like effort of those associate's downlines".

      That is correct. That is how the system works. To keep them working for you requires a lot of skills. Takes a lot of whatever training that will work for them. The leader will receive incentives if they hit a certain level of output performance from his team. Like it or not praise it or hate it. That is how they do it. Positive negative admire or despise them their objective is to make more sales.
      "This would've been good if there is actual demand of the product, or what we call "product flow"."

      There are real customers. They are probably outnumbered by associates-users-retailers. Note that you are active for a year and can avail members price and do retail without the the mandatory autoship. So technically you can still earn an extra income.
      Ofcourse there are plenty of gruop buliders who failed and will continue to fail in creating their own team. You will see the real customer/sales after the saturation of recruitment.
      "The problem here is that, most of the associates would just recruit instead of selling the products. They'll just keep the products for themselves and recruit massive downlines so that they can still earn nonetheless. So where's the product flow now?"

      Those are the bad ones. I think a better approach is to get real customer, teach them wholistic approach, never lie, then find only four recruits or convert your customer into associates and then train them to find customer before finding their own recruits. Guide them to be good and to take care of their customer and recruits and pass it on.
      Massive recruitment with no care will give you temporary income at the expense of others.


    7. I applaud you for being one of the few people who give sensible comments here, honestly. :)

      While I truly agree with you that there are some associates who aren't that bad, I'd like to point out some few things:

      To keep them working for you requires a lot of skills. Takes a lot of whatever training that will work for them.

      Again, what skills? This is the usual things most associates say; "It takes hard work," "Success in USANA requires skills." However, those are very vague statements.

      The leader will receive incentives if they hit a certain level of output performance from his team.

      MOST successful associates had focused more on recruiting than promoting the product. I never heard of an associate that got successful with just promoting a product, or if there's someone, he/she is not as successful as the one who mainly recruits and sets aside the product promotion.

      And why the focus on the binary compensation plan than on the points an associate accumulates while promoting the product if this is the case? Isn't that like a pyramid scheme?


      No need to argue with the other points, we share the sentiments anyway. I am only against those "bad ones" who only keeps the chain of recruitment alive, and the monthly required autoship.

  17. if only the people being recruited are only honest enough, they would stop and think that the product is terribly overpriced. why do they always compare their USANA to Centrum? simple, Centrum is always number one which they cannot beat, and a lot more practical with the price. Besides, Centrum doesn't force people to buy their products with false promises of wealth.

  18. Usana people says... Just because we're on this blog talking about how bad usana is they say that we have a bad lifestyle compared to people in usana that has a better lifestyle... First of all how many can even make a living with their usana $ is what I am asking.....
    They say we are negative people and are haters... We're actually helping people from destroying their lives... To save them $ and time so they can live a happy positive life.. And not get trapped in a cult,scam and trick deceit people....
    Usana people also claim that profit is better than wages.... Some cases it is if you're actually buying products for wholesale and selling massive amounts of products for 50% more than what you paid for.. Not with usana.. There's zero profit in retailing and negative return because of how they forced their associates into buying their own products just to be recognized for a position... Not a real demand for products but a trick because that's the only way to make profit is by using a a persons pride and making them hit a position with little demand for real customers..
    They also say we're at a job... Saying J- ust O- bey B-oss .... What's worse than obeying? Is worshiping someone who doesn't even help you make $ and someone makes money off you... Atleast at a job with a boss they pay you for your time.... In usana you don't get paid and you worship the ones that do.. And then he doesn't even buy you anything or pay you.. You can't blame them.. The comp plan is designed with little compensation specially when most profit comes from a brand new package.. Brand new person means 1 time pay.. Until you find a new victim...
    So be careful listening to dream sellers and scammers... You might end up thinking like them acting like them and end up leasing cars just to show off.. They says jobs are bad but I promise you without a job they can't afford autoship and they can't afford those cars they show off... Now if you lease a car now that's probably the worse financial advices from an mlm con man..

    Free yourself!!! You're free leave usana now while there's still time!!!

  19. @ AnonymousNovember 7, 2012 9:58 PM (You are Tai Right?, Sorry if you are not..)

    You dont know me. Do not illustrate my personality based on your bad experiences with your USANA mentor. Too bad you met them. I could be Allen, Aaron or Simon. My real name is Kim and i dont lie to people like you used to do.

    Tell me the real reason why you leave. You are a gold director for three years so you are earning a lot. Working for USANA must be your daily life so loosing it must take a toll of your belief and lifestyle. Did your mentor left you behind and found something else to do so you felt betrayed? MLM is a business. Just like other business or investor when they do find somehting better they will leave their previous engagement and if you cant deal with that then you will feel betrayed or your downlines got tired so you are broke now and has nothing to do because you were so consumed doing recruitment you forgot that you are not really working for yourself but working to make USANA rich. You are still an employee without a contract in MLM. You get paid handsomely if you are effective but you still work for your boss or upline.

    You probably quit because you tire out and you tire out because you are using your recruit. Good for you and the people you touched that you left because you were taught by your bad mentors.

    Earning is faster if you are effective. I said those in comparison to working as an employee for 50 years making a living based on pay per hour/no work no pay system. I also said a few will remain and those who remain are the ones who will earn the most. Everthing in this real world is designed to have a 99% failure rate and MLM is no different. Those who joined invested a small amount of money compared to putting a traditional business or for being a forever employee to make a living just to have or experience the 1% success rate. If you do not know the risk and if you do not have the skills you will fail. Those who felt abused do not know what they are doing in the first place. I have done several small traditional business and I have tried my best to keep my companies running but failed. Guess what I am part of the 99% who failed and it is because of the corporate and legal system that are currently in placed? Reality check is i still dont have the qualities needed to succeed and will remember my failures as feedback that this and that method does not work.

    If those who signed in lose their money then they probably put their products in a pedestal and prayed for who knows how many days. Bottom line is you must sell them not keep them. Those group builders who still loses due to operational cost of their operation and still buying autoship must be out of their mind. The most common sense to do is buy what you can dispose. If you do not know your limit of operation then you will lose a lot of money without knowing it.

    Again MLM is a business. Treat it like one. Be responsible of your own action.


    1. Hello Kim.. You're right I was a former gold director which is nothing... Just by me being gold alone you should already know how hard I can work... So you don't need to tell me about work ethics... I met with new people.. Took them out to dinner... Made friends at sport activities... Running activities.. A lot of other stuff... I worked harder than most of these 50+ plus year olds that were diamond.... Because I didn't like to go the brainwashing route.. But more on the only way to get paid... To sell packages... I recommend printing this whole blog... Look at what you're typing and how you're responding.....anylyze what you're saying each sentence and free yourself from brainwash... I still take some of the products you know and I know it's good but I also take other supplements that are cheaper.. I still support my old team members and get them points.. I can tell you're a good person and just defending a company that you think had good morals.... Guess what?? The people that are contributing to this blog for free and saying how bad usana is....... Is actually better people with better morals.... "HOW?? You might ask.... Because we're doing it for free.. Saving people time and $ is one of the best ways to help people......

      In usana they have total disregard for your money and time.... Because all they want is to max out their profit shares.... A good company wouldn't care if they're number one or earning or selling a lifestyle if they truly cared about making people healthy and living longer..... Dr. Wentz only cares about his products..... He doesn't care how much this company is causing pain to people... He claims his parents is his motivation to why he makes the best products.... You know what I been to convention 3 times... All he say is the same thing.. He keeps his composure and decipline and focuses on what convinces people.... He has the same routine every year... Different crowd.. He's tries to hard to convince people..and that looks too obvious it's an act.... The results will show if the products is the best.. He doesn't have to over symphisis how great it is... Just another salesman in Utah.. Just like most companies in that state of utah including Mormons, monavie, nuskin.. That whole state is an mlm con artist.. Living this dream life that sells to the ever growing health industry... An industry where people are desperate to live long and hold on to their health..... A very easy industry to take advantage of people's kind heart and an industry where people will put out money even if they can't afford to..

      When I left aaron dinh the upline didn't care.. Because there was people under me that they can brainwash to sell packages.. It's an infinite binary comp plan.... It doesn't matter where they're placed as long as they are under you.. You just need one person to explode to make $... So if you're not selling then they don't care if you leave....

      In mlm they used people to get things...

      The people contributing here is using this blog to help people... We're not negative.. We contributing our time to help the world..

      What rank are you Kim?? Didn't they ever teach you to listen to the gold directors because they know more?? Haha... See how the ranks make your head get big.. Gold , rubi, emerald is nothing..... The team can crumble anytime.... I didn't make much in usana... You think I did?? I made more when I was working as a dishwasher at a restaurant .... I know gold directors that left... Anthony truong, tan tran, thong tran, Alina nguyen , big cadag just to name a few... I know over 30 silvers and directors that quit... Nobody really makes much in usana unless you're diamond with hundreds of associates that bought packages..

  20. To Kim, you are living proof that usana brain washing works. Look at what you are saying. Again, hard work and improving skill sets will not make you a lot of money in Usana and you have yet to definitive substantiate your claim that you can earn more money faster with Usana than in traditional business.

    I am a former usana rep formerly working the business for 3+ years and also believed you could make more money faster with usana than with traditional. However I never figured it out, I wasted a ton of money, wasted a ton of time, and enormous amount of effort was devoted to building Usana. In the end, I lost THOUSANDS of dollars, friendships, all because I believed in the Usana brain washing and stop looking at the Usana business objectively.

    Your rhetoric is actually what my upline told me everyday. What is your rank? How long have you been in the business?

    Now the tough questions: How do you make more money in faster in Usana than in traditional business? I make over $60,000 per year in my current profession. So enlighten me, how can I make $5,000 a month faster with Usana than I can in traditional business? If this was really true, then I still would be in Usana and would be absolutely cranking it.

    Next, how much money do you make from actual preferred customers? How much money do you make from your sponsored associates? Associates make money off of their downline associates period.

    I commend you for posting on here and subjecting yourself to a lot of former usana associates who have learned the hard way of how Usana really works and the masked pyramid scheme the company runs costing over 99% of associates so much time, and money.

    Nobody really wants Usana's products. They do cost a fortune and nobody in this economy will want to remain a preferred customer for long period of time because every 28 days another autoshipment is coming out.

    I kept saying everything you have for over 3 years while I was working the business. Until I finally realized it just isnt worth it anymore. The top diamonds reep all the money off of all of our efforts and money.

    You may believe you are different and that you will not end up like so many of us. I just hope this mindset doesn't cost you thousands of dollars and countless hours of time before you realize the system is designed to make you fail.

    Think wiseless Kim. There is no shame in leaving your Usana business, you are not quiting, you are taking back control of your life. i did feel guilty when I stopped but then I realized, for what? Nobody in Usana really cares about me, I was a number that made other people money. Now I feel totally free!~

  21. Kim said: "Again MLM is a business. Treat it like one."

    Good overall advice, Kim, but in this case, it's bad advice. If you treat this like a real business, you won't get far. Why? Because real businesses are about selling products/services but like pretty much all MLM products, Usana's prices are too high for you to do well at this. If you were a real business owner, you could at least lower your prices to meet true demand but you can't because you're not the business owner. It is what it is.

    MLM is really a recruiting/downline building business. Treat it as THIS, and you'll do much better. Just look at most of the top earners. They didn't get there trying to find people who actually want the products, there aren't enough of them. They got there by recruiting tons of people and you do that by selling people on "the dream".

    MLM rewards recruiting more so that's what you should focus on.

    Recruits buys packages which means more points. They recruit others which builds your downline which means even more points. More points means more money. You want to do well in Usana, do NOT treat it like a real business. Treat it like a club/army/religion, and recruit as many people as possible.

    Regardless of how many people you see fail at achieving even a minimum wage income, and there will be a lot, just keep your focus and recruit even more. Become numb to the failures. Just see them as quitters and losers if you have to.

    The longer your recruits stay on autoship, the longer you will make money and the longer your organization can thrive. Do whatever it takes to keep them on autoship even if that means stretching the truth a bit. You can justify your actions by believing you're doing them a favor by keeping them on the vitamins and improving their health for example.

    Of course, they won't stay on autoship if they don't make money (since most don't actually want the products) so in order to keep your organization from crumbling, keep getting your downline to recruit more and more people. Give your time and energy to people who can actually recruit and forget those who can't/won't. They're a waste of your time.

    Once you can fully grasp the simple nature of MLM (i.e., constant recruiting is what keeps everything from collapsing), your chances of being part of that elusive 1% will be greatly increased. And as you make more and more money, you'll realize getting into debates about whether or not this is all a scam is pointless. It's best to just continue putting your time into recruiting because once you make it big, who cares if people call you a scammer? You'll have a life they will never have. Besides, they'll never join your downline anyway so why even bother debating with them?

    Most people will never do what I just wrote but remember: (paraphrasing) You can only have the life most people want but will never have by doing the things most people will never do.

    That's the reality of MLM. Either accept it, work the system, and make a ton of money or quit, get a job, and work for the rest of your life like most people. Get above being an average MLMer. If you're going to be a part of this, do it right. These negative people will think you're a scammer whether you make no money or millions so you might as well do it big.

    1. What you replied just proves that MLMs are pretty much the same as a pyramid scam, don't you think?

      Keep the chain of recruitment alive, products don't matter. Don't care about ripping off people.

      That's the main purpose of this blog. The information can be seen by everyone but no one's suing them; that's another painful reality. But at least we're warned, better than nothing.

      Oh yeah, if you keep recruiting there's no way you're going to get to the top 1% unless those top 1%, 2% or whosoever is higher than you gets off the bandwagon. Just stating the reality, call me negative or whatever.

    2. Moon, you're wrong. You CAN get to the top 1%. When I say top 1%, what I mean is the top 1% earners, not the top 1% of the pyramid. Someone joining today can eventually make more money than someone who joined 15 years ago. This is due to a limit of how many points you can get from 1 business center. You could have 100k people under one leg all on autoship but that will only bring you a certain amount of points, 5k in Usana's case.

      The more business centers you have under people who are actively recruiting, the more money you will make. If someone starting today can create an organization with enough people who does the things I mentioned above, they can be one of the top earners in a few short years.

      Of course, only a few people can actually pull this off. The people who can do this are able to see MLM for what it really is, a business of recruiting. As long as Usana or whatever MLM company you're in is still in business, who cares what negative people say about it? Just keep focusing on the thing that MLM companies reward the most; recruiting.

      And yes, it's very similar to how a pyramid scheme works HOWEVER, companies like Usana have a good product which keeps them from being automatically shut down. As long as the people who have to power to shut them down can't see the business for what it really is, it will continue to operate and as long as it's still operating, there's a TON of money to be made and you'd be a fool if you're an MLMer and don't take the fullest advantage of it.

      People who can't make at least a few thousand a month after a year with an MLM company should seriously consider changing careers. They either don't have what it takes to be a recruiter or they're too caught up in the whole "product selling" business which is a sure way to stay in the bottom 99%.

      If products are easy to sell, the company wouldn't need to have distributors. They could lower the price but that would also lower their profits. Distributors exist mainly to buy the products and recruit other people to buy the products. This is primarily how the company makes money. This is the reality but this also means you as a distributor could take advantage of this system and make more money than you can ever make working at some dead end job.

      Haters can hate but they'll never be able to make the kind of money hard working MLM recruiters who know what to focus on can make, so who cares what haters think? If you work hard, focus on what pays the most (recruiting), you could essentially be financially set within 5-10 years for as long as your company is still in business. What job can give you that kind of possibility?

    3. Haters gonna hate, huh. You're avoiding my point here.

      You just proved further that you can only succeed by recruiting people -- ripping them off. So you're just proving further that this kind of a business is merely a scam.

      I definitely agree with you, that an MLM business strategy is built for the sole purpose of distributing products easier. However, many companies abuse this model to make the people at the top of the pyramid earn more at the expense of others!

      You mentioned that you can be the top 1% earner even though you're not at the top of the pyramid. How is that even possible if there is already a saturation? And yes, I know that business centers of those below you; that's the strategy most of the people do. They recruit people and treat them as their downline's downline. How is that different from keeping the chain of recruitment alive? While your downline benefits from it, it still rips off the ones at the bottom. It's just a glorified version of a pyramid scam.

      However, a legitimate MLM company emphasizes the products first, and recruitment due to the demand of the products. Look at Avon as an example; they recruit people to distribute the products, not to sell business opportunities. The success comes from the products and not from the recruitment.

      Legitimate MLM companies DO NOT have a minimum monthly purchasing requirements to be able to earn, and uplines can only earn by their downlines' commissions. Thus, the actual demand is seen. Sure do, USANA products are good. But where is the demand coming from, the customers or the associates through the autoship?

    4. You asked how is getting in the top 1% even possible? Are you saying no one who is in Usana for less than 10 years is out earning people who have joined way before them? Yes, the more people who joins the company, the harder it is for the bottom people to recruit due to saturation. However, there are still plenty of people to recruit. Let's not forget there are hundreds of MLM companies and yet, there are still plenty of people out there willing to join.

      Again, if you can't recruit, don't join the business. The power of the MLM system comes from leveraging other people's time and efforts. If you're not taking advantage of that, there's really no point in being in an MLM company. You might as well just be a sales person for a company that has products at prices you can easily sell.

      As for MLM's with no minimum requirement, let's put it this way. Most people are not salespeople which means most people won't be able to sell much. Recruiting someone into that system and expecting to make good money from a percentage of what they sell will only lead to frustration. It's not much different than a sales job. This is why there are over 5 MILLION Avon sales reps. Easy to join but NOT easy to make good money.

      Compare that to a company like Usana where there's a requirement, every one you recruit will earn you points.

      Did I say MLM isn't about recruiting? I stated that it is. So what? It is what it is. As for your question, seeing that there are more distributors than customers, the answer is obvious. Again, so what? As long as the company is still in business, there's a lot of money to be made.

      Those who fail to make money fail to see the business for what it is. It's all there in the compensation plan. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what pays the most. It's the failures' fault for focusing on the wrong thing. Just see it as a game where Usana has set the rules. All you have to do is simply play by the rules. The rules may sound wrong but if you don't like it, don't join. If you're going to join, play the game right.

    5. Hmm. You're only repeating your statements, only with different wording.

      I'll make it short this time; what makes it different from a scam?

      Don't give me a "this is already in business for years now" answer. There are a lot of "legal" scams that are still in circulation for long.

    6. The difference is that the FTC says it's not a scam. Unlike the scams that are still running because they haven't been found out yet, Usana has been investigated. Apparently, the FTC is okay with companies selling products mainly to distributors. Either they know this and don't care or they are too blind to see it. Either way, the company is still in business even after being investigated. I believe Amway has been investigated and they're still in business as well.

      Will it be shut down in the future, who knows? Maybe, maybe not but while they're still in business, there's money to be made and if you don't have what it takes to build a large downline, don't join.

      You can call it a scam but what if the FTC comes out and says it's okay that companies make most of their money from distributors rather than actual customers? What will you say then? They haven't said it but their actions seem to indicate that they're okay with it.

    7. In response to "Unlike the scams that are still running because they haven't been found out yet, Usana has been investigated. Apparently, the FTC is okay with companies selling products mainly to distributors."

      The FTC has never investigated USANA. What makes you believe it has been? USANA's business opportunity has not received any governmental scrutiny. Gee I wonder why... See: Mark Shurtleff and his endorsement of USANA. It's called protection.

    8. Reality, you forgot my last sentence:

      There are a lot of "legal" scams that are still in circulation for long.

      Also, the reason why this blog exists is to inform everyone how deceptive people like the USANA Associates are. To prevent everyone from falling into their trap and to prevent everyone from losing their money.

      Whatever you replied just proved further that people should be avoiding these associates. Or maybe, you as well? :)

    9. Sorry Watchdog, I thought there was an investigation of some sort a few years ago involving that Minkow fellow and thought the FTC got involved. My mistake.

      It does seem that Amway was investigated by the FTC and was deemed legal and they had way more problems. So if Amway is still around, it's safe to assume that Usana won't be going anywhere soon.

      (Search for Amway)

    10. I don't think the blog talks much about the deceptive practices of associates. The main aim is to prove Usana is a scam. It's people like you and Tai who focus on the associates.

      The company set up the rules (the bigger the downline, the bigger the paychecks). How associates achieve that is up to them. These associates you speak so badly of are the ones making the big bucks because they understand what the business is about and simply do what's necessary to achieve their goal.

      As I said, those who fail don't understand the business or simply don't have what it takes. Again, MOST people are NOT suited for MLM but if they're willing to pay to join, how can you say no? They decided to join and they decided to not focus on the most important aim in MLM, recruiting.

  22. From the looks of the succesful people in usana, they have a lot of people praising them. The downlines are claiming their lives has changed. Their lives would of never been the same. That's how it works. Have many followers praise you.

    Now if you don't have anyone praising you then why stay in the business for years and years when you simply do not have a future in usana.

    For me, I can't look up to anyone that makes money off me. I have a friend on Facebook names Sofia varela. She praises this aaron dinh guy more than she praises her boyfriend. It's like really ?
    Aaron dinh makes $ off your autoship and solidifies his income and you're still thanking him? How can anyone be this brainwashed. All they did was go to San Francisco to go clubbing and her life was like- she make it seem like her whole body is possessed by this dinh guy. Who knows what else powers this ad guy can do to these young obsessed insane pretty young girls.
    I also seen a playboy bunny girls costume and all these girls are grabbing up aaron dinhs legs like they are his playmates. Wow such power this guy has over these girls. Like they are groupie love. This is real sign or a devilish cult in my opinion.
    My old friend jimmy nguyen (silver director in NEX) just bought a porche. But I can see his downline tree. He only made roughly about 2000 this year. Give or take. He has a job that bought that porche and I see people in Facebook people thinking usana got him that car. All lies!! Sorry to bust you liars out but I really wouldn't of if you guys didn't trick so many people into this usana religion you guys run.

    1. Call him whatever you want but sounds like he has the life most people can only dream about. He's smart enough to see the business for what it is and focuses all his energy on recruiting and keeping those recruits on autoship, no matter what it takes. If people join the company and don't make money, that's their fault for not being able to recruit. This business isn't for soft people.

      As for your friend who bought a Porsche, perhaps he's just being smart. People are more likely to join your downline if they think you are successful. Silver directors shouldn't be able to afford a Porsche but if that helps him recruit more people so he can hit the next level and beyond and make more money, it can be seen as an investment. Outside MLM, that's a horrible use of money but in MLM where recruiting is the name of the game, this purchase might work out well for him if it can convince enough business builders/recruiters to join.

      I would say 1 in 100 distributors are serious recruiters. They are the ones who really get the business and want success bad enough to do what it takes. Bring enough of these people into your downline and you'll make a fortune AND be able to cut down on the amount of time you put in since these people are very unlikely to quit and will continue helping you bring in the money. These people are your life lines. Treat them like your best friends and you won't really have to worry about constantly rebuilding collapsed organizations.

    2. @Reality: let me bring you back to reality.
      Response to “Someone joining today can earn more than someone 15 years ago”
      True. But what’s good about this? This only means one leg is capped at 5000 points meaning if it’s always maxed out (which is hard to do) the rest of the points is wasted. It was designed that way so that comp plan doesn’t over pay an associate. I would rather be on top and have someone make more than me so that leg can be retired (meaning I don’t have to work anymore). In the long run if someone under you ranks higher than you it only solidifies the residual income on that leg. This doesn’t matter anyways for you because in reality I know you’re a long way from passing the diamond above you; Especially in this economy. You talk about these business centers like it’s easy to max out. What’s your rank anyways?
      In response to haters will never be able to make the $ like MLM. How do you know exactly how much the fortune 30 make minus all the investments before it? Income vs. how many people are being used and abused and stress.
      You say in 5-10 years they will be set. What does set mean? You mean walk away and never have to work? Well Aaron Dinh has been in Usana for 7+ years and still has to brainwash people to survive. His girlfriend still works as a senior account that makes $7,000 a month. She can’t quit that job due to low pay in his Usana business. They still have to pay for lease for the Lambo and rented mansion. He is one of the best associates in usana and his girlfriend still has to work. I know he is not rich because he sells t-shirts, 15$ super Saturday ticket to pay for hotel rented space, bracelets for 3$, Kaizen booklets for 10-15$ and its only a copy from the copy machine. If he was making so much in usana why does he charge his associates for this? Because he is using his downlines for max profit. He knows they will quit eventually so he doesn’t care if they waste their money and the ones that stay longer he takes out to dinner.
      Response to: Dinh has the life people want. According to who? I never met anyone that wanted his life. There are sports athletes, successful billionaires and I don’t want their lives. Who wants a life that people hate him for. The hundreds he scammed and you don’t know how many haters you have that can hurt you. Who wants a life that’s full of lies, trickery. I only want to live my life and I’m sure people love to be themselves.
      In response to “they’re willing to do what it takes no matter what” how is this good? They’re tricking and hurting people financially. I know they are adults who got scammed but some people actually bought a package based on friendship and trust. They trusted the person that recruited them because it’s usually family or friend that invited them.
      In response to: smart to buy a porche. This sounds very bad. To claim Usana bought them that porche when their job financed it. They tell their downline that jobs are bad. I hope whoever sees that porche reads this blog and not believe it was bought with usana $.

      The math doesn’t lie…….. The company makes all the money……. Low compensations on a hard to move product…
      Your post doesn’t help anyone from quitting. It just brought out how bad usana is even more. A recruiting scamming dream machine

    3. Usana only has a few hundred thousand distributors. Imagine that number growing 10 times over the next few decades. If you joined today, you could be at the top half of the pyramid. However, that doesn't matter. What matters is how many people you have under you. You create your own pyramid. If you can get enough true recruiters in your downline, you can be set meaning you won't have to really worry about having to find a job.

      As for what this Aaron fellow is doing, well, he's just expanding his business and creating more sources of income. You make it seem like all rich people should give away free stuff because they're rich. Besides, the more money you invest in something, the more likely you'll be serious about working to make it back. This is why most people don't finish books they get for free.

      As for people wanting his life, I was talking about the luxury cars, the power, recognition, etc. This is something most people want. If you were to win the lottery, would you just give it all away? Of course not. Very few people would do that.

      As for what he had to do to get to where he is, obviously, the company doesn't seem to care much now do they? You can call all of this wrong but the company is still in business which at least means the FTC or whatever other government branch responsible for taking down companies sees it as legitimate.

      If you made good money and continue to make good money, you would think differently. I'm not talking about hitting some position here. As we all know, you can hit positions and still make nothing. I'm talking about actually making good money. When you make thousands a week, it's easier to just look past these things. Besides, if these people give part of their earnings to help feed thousands of starving kids, what's so bad about that?

    4. The bad part is the lies... It's already a tainted industry and they just keep on lying to prey on innocent people to buy packages.. When they don't need you they stop talking to you.. It's not going to grow in the next decade because of this blog.. For me I already know how to make $ in usana and I still don't it.. Because its just wrong... Mathematically, ethically, morally..... I actually had a few thousand $ paychecks.. I still don't think differently.. Because I know it came from 8-10 people that spent thousands and all you can do cope with them is keep lying and sell them a dream.. Once they go negative because they stop believing the lies all you can do is stop talking to negative people..

      I didn't say he should give away his $.... I'm talking about why sell bracelets for 3$? To associates who are going broke.. Sell pop/kaizen booklets for 15$ and it only cost 25 cents to copy.. It's just making money off people of your families downlines that trust and love their upline because they either family or friends..
      If I won the lottery I wouldn't make t shirts and charge my cousins sister mom dad 15$ so I can make profit..

    5. Sounds to me like your "thousand" dollar paychecks were a result of getting people to buy packages. I'm talking about making thousands mainly on people's autoships. The big paychecks from new recruits is just a one time thing. You need hundreds if not thousands of people in your downline on autoship. When you're making that sort of money just on autoships each and every week, you'll probably think differently because it will also mean that many people in your downline are making some money as well. Again, it's the people who focus on selling products or who refuse/can't recruit who make up the majority of the failures.

      In a regular company, do you know what they do to people who are useless to the company's profits? They fire them. Why would you want to waste your time on people who fail to grow their downline? As I said, MLM isn't for most people. Focusing on those who are serious about building their downline is just a business strategy.

      As for booklets and bracelets, is that a company requirement? If not, don't buy them. He wouldn't be selling those things for that much if people didn't buy them.

    6. that's also another problem for people who join.. Is that they keep believing the dream that thousands will soon be under them paying autoship.. Its nearly impossible to do it without lying.. I'm not saying you can not be rich in usana.. what I am saying is that people pretend they are making this and that amount when they're clearly not...

      getting fired at a job is different... you get paid per hour and you ask the job to hire you.. you applied... so they can fire you if they think you're not doing a good job...

      in usana.. they signed you up.. they influenced, planned, tricked, or forced you to sign up.. and you can be working you hearts out and still no make any income... if you question the diamond on top and say something or stop worshipping them they leave you or stop talking to you...

      do you see the difference??? usana reps always try to compare other things with usana and its never the same.. because of the autoship and the stupid lies..

      you are just proving the point even more than recruiting is the only way to go.. and keeping their mindset at recruiting... I don't see how you can even argue because your replies to my answers just shows how bad usana is even more..

      just to add a few facts on here.. the top Pc enroller of the year enrolled about 140 preferred customers.. with average points of 40 points each customer.. thats about 5600 points for the year for the #1 pc enroller.. you would only make about 600$ from that in one year based on customers.... so if you're thinking of ever trying to go the PC route.. think about the #1 pc enroller of the year.. He is still negative $1000 on autoship if he was on the cheapest product monthly (healthpak $130) with 13 autoship in that year..

    7. If you're useless to a company, they fire you. Same with being a smart Usana leader. Don't waste your time with people who can't recruit.

      I never said it's NOT about recruiting. I said it's ALL about recruiting. Again, so what? No one is shutting them down. Amway has been around for over 50 years and probably have way more problems but until they get shut down, companies like Usana will still be around.

      Interesting numbers on preferred customers. Thanks for sharing. You're just supporting what I'm saying which is to not focus on customers, focus on building your downline. Look up any MLM company and you'll see tons of people promoting some sort of downline recruiting system. Almost no one talks about how to sell the products better.

      You say Usana is all about recruiting and I'm agreeing with you so why are you arguing with me? So a few truths have to be stretched, big deal. Sounds to me like you've never been in the real business world before. You don't think people like Trump has ever screwed over a few people on his way to the top? You don't think Apple, Google, or Amazon destroyed any businesses while securing their dominance? Wake up!

      Business isn't for everyone which is why most people are employees. MLM is for even less people.

      There are 4 types of people in MLM.

      1. Those who understand the true nature of MLM and take advantage of it by focusing everything on creating a huge downline.

      2. Those who understand it but want to take the high road and focus on selling products but end up struggling due to low demand.

      3. Those who don't understand and do a bit of both but never really get anywhere.

      4. Finally, those who understand or just think it's a scam and decide not to participate.

      Only group 1 makes the big bucks. Get a few dozen of these people in your downline and you'll eventually be set. Plenty of people are desperate to become rich so if they have the money to join your downline, what are you going to do? Say no? If they can't see the obvious nature of the business and focus on the wrong things and fail, that's their fault. It is what it is.

    8. please continue on and you'll learn your lesson 3 years from now... make sure you document all your expense in the 3 years and be honest with yourself.. I have been in business before and not all business owners lie or stretch the truth... by the way you're talking, I can tell you're not anywhere near the success you claim usana can give you.. you're way too honest about the business and if you knew how to sign up someone, the way you're talking on here will NEVER work.. if you knew the psychology of how to recruit someone, the best thing you should of done is not say so much about the recruiting part.. my only goal here is to prevent more people from signing up and you're helping with that with your honesty sound like all talk .. what rank are you? show me a picture of your downline and how big it is instead of talking...

      here was my team 3 years ago:

      wheres your team? and how much have you made.. show some proof what you're saying will make you rich.. .. i barely made any money because usana's comp plan is designed for 99% to fail.... please don't compare other businesses with usana because other business don't fail 99% of the time..

      tai (ex gold director)

    9. Sorry Tai but from what you previously said, you hit a rank in Usana through packages, not autoships. You were a fake gold director. Sounded like you recruited a bunch of people who didn't know what the business is really about.

      The way you do it is to first just get people in. After they are in, you get them to believe in the products and the company as well as the possibility of making a lot of money. From there, you observe who is serious by seeing who's recruiting and who is willing to do what it takes. Spend your time on these folks and make it clear to them that recruiting is what it's all about if they don't already realize that.

      You still want to make product use important though because it increases the chances of people who end up quitting to still continue buying the products even if they cut down a bit.

      Expenses? Seems like you're one of those who buys packages to hit ranks. This is why you barely made any money. Don't do that. Keep your expenses to a minimum. It's all about money management. Don't spend more than what you're actually making and you can actually hit ranks AND profit. There are advantages of hitting ranks by buying your way such as people seeing you as making more money than you really are but as I said, it's people on autoships long term that make you the real money, not people you just recruited last week.

    10. Lmfao. Fake tai tran. This is too funny. Get a life loser stop trying to be sometone else.

    11. All talk reality. The numbers don't lie. And nobody stays on autoship forever. Show us what you made. You do a good job making it seem like its easy to get people on autoship and live a dream life. Again what rank are you? Show some proof.. You just say the same thing over and over and pretend the whole world will believe usana actually works..

      Btw this is tai tran make sense? Tan tran is my brother. He quit because dinh said he's lazy but it's dinh that sits there all day on his computer copying quotes from people and on Facebook all day liking everyone's post for 3 hours. Now only tai tran would know that .

    12. @ Moon

      When I got preoccupied analyzing the data’s my team generated to come up with solutions to improve the situation of our manufacturing and quality system I became distant with them and our relationship slowly fell apart and we no longer work together as one but as individuals. They became less motivated and it became harder and quite tough to manage them since we are no longer in sync together. For quite some time I did not understand their behavior turns out the real reason is we no longer understand each other because we are no longer communicating. So I think you should have effective communications skills for you to make them do the promotions, sales, etc in your behalf.

      I think Tai mentioned how it is done in his previous comment. You find effort to meet with them. Do catch up sales meetings, goal setting, bonding activities, attend or share motivational gatherings, leadership training etc whatever that will work for them to stay. Of course they should be happy and must love and be passionate on what they do otherwise they will burn out and leave. How on earth do you do that since each person have different personality and culture and they are not your subordinate that you can be boss around – that is why I mentioned it requires skills. The skills to keep them motivated just like how a company hires speakers to make and keep their employees achievers mindset.

      Hard work means getting out of your comfort zone. E.g. after your work shift you spend a couple of hours finding and meeting with your prospects and co-associates almost every day and have many early morning sleeps, spend most of your time in your car or commuting, spending lots of money for gas foods because you have to treat your clients, flyers, phone bills, etc… The pain or hardship that you will experience is probably like finding a stone and hitting your head with it while you walk.


    13. @ Moon

      With regard to incentives, the compensation plan was designed to make the owner of the business rich and have schemes to reward the persons who put the most money in his pocket. Since there are no schemes of payment or recognition for those who will not meet the specified criteria and recruiting is the easiest way to make money because all you have to do is find a prospect that you will convince to buy 200, 400 or 500 points of worth of products and if you compare that with a customer who will only give you 34 points with his/her essentials purchase and will have repeat order after 4 months which way most of associates will prefer? A leader of a team will of course will be tempted to motivate his associates to find 20 persons in his team every week to rank advance as gold and beyond. You will rank advance fast get rich quicker but it is not a sustainable business method. I guess most of the associates do it this way that is why there are so many who scream scam. If every associate have at least 12 loyal customers 3 of which will buy essential per month then everyone will earn a small amount by retailing alone. Now if you have 50 associates each on your left and right you’ll earn $1000 per month multiply it by 4 to make it weekly means you must have 200 each on your left and right or a total of 4800 loyal customer for your group for you to rank advance as gold and stay gold. Compare that with finding 80 persons in a month for you to rank advance and be eligible for the 3% worldwide shares.
      Why focus in binary as opposed to points an associate accumulates. In my opinion the binary plan makes it possible for everyone who join to have more equal chances to make it to the 1% since the initial investment was low as compared to points accumulation where the person who made the most retail will have the most incentive because inventory loading will happen and those who has the most money from the start can afford to buy those items just to meet the requirement. The system will be more likely similar to AVON or MARY KAY. The ones who have the capital will more likely be the ones who will reach the 1%. From a business standpoint, the binary plan is a very good strategy because product promotion and awareness will grow exponentially which means faster inflow of cash for a shorter period of time. Now most associates do recruiting and looks more likely as a scheme because of how they implement the system but since there is a product exchange my answer for now is technically no. Maybe a lawyer will be able to explain it better but laws and cases are subject for interpretation.


    14. @ Tai Anonymous November 12, 2012 7:28 PM

      I am very sorry if I offended you with my response. I apologize for not being sensitive enough with my choices of words.
      I am just looking at the business model as a system and how it is being implemented by the people based on what I currently understand.
      You see it is the people (leader/associates) who implements the system created by any company so the one who is responsible for shaping the values of the a company is the people who implements the system but of course the company must be also accountable for letting them behave that way . But I doubt that since the system is designed for you to sell the products and the selling method can be done whatever you like. As long as you put money in it the company seems do not care much how you did it.

      You know already know how it goes as what Reality said there are still those who understand how the business works but takes the high road and experience hardship along the way.

      @ Anonymous November 12, 2012 5:35 PM
      I believe I mentioned traditional job. Follow reality’s advice. He knows better than I do.

      @ Reality

      Good Point. Associates are not business owners they are customers who are paid for finding new customers for the company and are paid by results not effort. You are again right that there will always be new recruits every day but you have to treat them well to make your business sustainable.

      Now I understand where the ripping off argument comes from. Your justification of your business action is offensive and wrong. It is not the fastest and surest ways to reach the 1% because scamming people will not provide you repeat orders from your associates rather it is the easiest way to hit positions and earn nothing because you will lose all your members in the end. The most consistent way is to have real customers first who will be responsible for the purchase of your monthly requirements to make you eligible for commissions before aiming the commission based compensation. Once you established that that is the time you do recruiting and passing on them your sustainable system. I have met those who relied on pure recruitment and had hundreds of associates and his teams collapse because it is not sustainable. I agree with you with the recruitment because that is how you are paid but to make them active they must have solid buyers to help them with their monthly requirements first.
      I mentioned treat it as business means whatever the result either you failed or do well you are the one who made it happen.


    15. I never said people stay on autoship forever. What I said is if you have enough true recruiters in your downline, you could be set, at least as long as Usana is still in business, since these recruiters will continue to add to your downline which is probably why people like Dinh can sit around playing on Facebook all day.

      Where did I say that doing this is easy? It's hard which is why MLM is not for most people even though almost all MLMers will recruit anyone willing to pay. By the way, setting up meetings in people's homes or hotels isn't the only way to recruit. These days, many MLMers recruit people online through various methods.

      I saw your video of your team. That's it? Doesn't look like there's much more than 100 people. You need at least 10 times that amount to start making decent money. The ones making more money than you have more people in their downline on autoship. If you want to make more money, get more people in your downline.

      Again, not easy to do but if you focus on doing this, you'll do better than most reps who focus on selling the products. It's the same with any MLM company that has a minimum purchasing requirement. Also, it's not about getting people to buy big packages, it's about how many people you have on autoship.

      Let me know what part of what I just wrote don't you agree with.

    16. @Kim: For the most part, we agree but you're wrong about keeping distributors on autoship. Want to know what will keep them on autoship? Simple. A paycheck. As long as they're making some money, they will stay on autoship. The best people are actual customers of course but let's not kid ourselves, real customers are hard to get with these prices.

      The key to success in MLM is building a downline. The money is in how many people you have in your downline that are on autoship. To keep them on autoship, they need to make money and the way they make money is by recruiting. In other words, constant recruiting is the key to success in MLM. I never said to scam people. I simply suggested that it's an option to stretch the truth a bit because the reality is that if you laid out exactly how this business works from the start, a lot less people would join.

      It would be a lot easier to have people stay on autoship if they all actually wanted the products but just like with all MLM companies that have an autoship requirement, this isn't the case. Otherwise, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

      Your method of first getting customers sounds good on paper but we all know how tough it is to get actual customers. You're basically suggesting that every rep goes out and gets a handful of customers first so they can reduce the cost of their autoship. So how many customers, on average, do people in your downline have? Usana has 3 times more distributors than regular customers. If getting real customers were that easy, MLMers wouldn't even have to focus on recruiting. It would just happen naturally.

      Focusing on customers and selling products is fine and if that's how you want to run your business, that's your choice. Just realize that the top earners don't do this. Their focus is on creating massive downlines. If everyone in your downline understands this, more of them would actually be making money, enough to actually stay on autoship.

    17. @ Reality,

      Your tone now is much better than your previous post. I know that the only way to earn is to have them on autoships and having paychecks will keep them longer but not everyone can find quality people who will do the recruiting for you and the initial stage is to purchase goods then run for your ppps so basically the first phase is disposing those products while finding the right people. At least even if they dont have the qualities to excel they can at least have more chances of getting back their investment from their sales before they quit. Then move on...

      Thanks everyone I understand your thoughts and positions better.


    18. @ Kim,

      If only getting enough customers just to make their investment back was actually easy. The average person spends, what, $500 to get started with Usana? How many customers would they need to find to make $500? Even if they pull that off, they now have to have enough customers on autoship to cover the monthly 100 point requirement. The longer it takes them to do this, the more likely they will end up quitting. Too bad the prices aren't more reasonable but it is what it is.

      The reality is that once you're in, the best way to get your investment back is to recruit other people and get them to make the investment. Once you make your money back, you're likely to keep going because now you have a team that can help make you money. Help people in your downline make money and they will stay and you do that by having them focus on recruiting. They can make their investment back within a couple of months or less. When that happens, they are much more likely to stay on autoship long term.

      For the rest of you, MLM is a great way for someone with little money to start making lots of money. Sure, lots of people fail but it's their fault if they either focus on selling products or can't recruit. How hard is it to recruit just 2 people and help everyone in your downline recruit 2 people of their own? Any extra recruits over 2 can be used to help those in your downline who can't find their 2 recruits. Success in MLM is simple. Just recruit and help your recruits recruit. If you can't do this, don't blame the company for your failure.

    19. Reality,

      Thanks for clarifying.

      The ONLY way to really make money in USANA is to recruit. This is why USANA is a pyramid scheme and should be shut down.

    20. Michael Callejas is the Mexican Aaron Dinh. Another young con artist from LA.

  23. Sure. Anyone would know that if they have a facebook. But you seem to know more in depth details of the organization. Did you use to be in their team but go too lazy sitting on your computer all day copying quotes from people? It sounds like it. Seems like you have a grudge against somebody. This somebody being the real tai tran. Sorry dude but you pretending to be someone and post defaming comments only lasts for so long. Did you pretend to be the person posing as gold director nhi nguyen too? It's pretty obvious what you're doing. You can stop now. Unless you want to me link everyone the facebook of the REAL Tai Tran stating that there's someone posting defaming information and comments under his name, obviously takling about this blog. Cheers.

    1. Do you know how common tai tran is in the Vietnamese community? There's about 20 thong trans in usana. And over 100 people with tran as last name.

    2. Yes, which makes it funnier that I can pinpoint and link you to the exact Tai Tran that you're trying to impersonate. I take it you probably know this person too since you're trying so hard to fake them. You are aware it is illegal and considered fraud to impersonate and defame another person yes? Now its just as simple as running scripts on this website to find your local IP to where you're posting from, internet linking the IP to an address close to where you live, and then have the real tai tran look on his DLM to see who you are and have you reported to the police. Ask Watchdog, He knows how the DLM works.

      And lets not get started on nhi nguyen. You obviously have deep hatred towards alot of people in your life and now you're going even lower than low to spit dirt on people and things you don't even know. Cheers.

    3. It's also illegal to claim vitamins cure decease. And steal people's social security numbers after the person says "no" and use their social to make fake names and buy packages to consecutively hit silver 4 weeks straight just to claim gold!! <<< I know for a fact you guys did that in usana.. and im pretty sure its still recorded in your dlm tree in usana.. Now whose really impersonating..You usanians Use people's credit cards and plug it in the system after the owner of the card specifically says "i don't wanna join"

      Sorry for all the negative energy I type on here watchdog... My main objective here was to spit out what usana people do and I believe they are just pure evil people..

      For me I know the very advance psychological

    4. LOL@AdvancedPsychologicalNovember 22, 2012 at 4:47 PM

      That's wonderful mr. Advanced psychological. I can hit a ball over fence. What does that have to do with anything? Nothing really.

      Please explain to me why an individual like yourself would impersonate another individual on an online website? You had a bad experience. Big whoop. It happens all the time. Now you feel ashame and frustrated so you express your feelings anonymously or even behind the name of another person behind the safety of your computer. Very pitiful. Why Don't you go file a complain or police report since you're so angered?

      All these claims you make or accusations, do you have any evidence? Or is it something you're just saying you 'saw' or 'seen' happen? Hell I can do that too. I been to and back from the moon twice. Walked on the floor of the ocean and flew with the birds with my two arms. False claims happen all the time. Unless you have physical evidence to back up your claims, you're just being invalid as your attemps to impersonate someone else. Just you trying to impersonate someone to defame them already shows your true character and the type of person you are. Good try though. Cheers.

    5. This is a blog about how usana is a scam.. Not your little kids drama high school drama. You're in usana and it shows your true character. That you like to scam people, easily brainwashed and will believe anything as long as youre around someone who believes it.

      You're not convincing anyone to stay in usana so you're actually losing this argument. Good try trying to get people off topic but usana will continue to decline in the USA simply because people are reading this blog and more people are getting smarter.

  24. No one here pretended to be the gold director nhi nguyen that was a joke. Since we're on the nhi nguyen subject did you know she makes no $ in usana and she is gold. She tricked Jeremy anicete into getting pregnant so he can support her. She is a user. She's trapped forever in usana because dinh got her on lock. That's thing I'm trying to bring out. The lies of this organization and lies of usana. You guys can keep stirring stuff up but all I say is truth here. Usana doesn't work even if you work.

    Didn't you guys listen to jim rohn? He said let others talk and don't go to that level because it will just get in the way of you mlm future.

    I was loyal to dinh before but he's worse than a devil. He pretends to be good to do evil things. Enough said. U guys keep dreaming while I go back to work and paying bills. While you guys use people's hard earn money so you support dinhs lease on a useless lambo.

    1. Jim Rohn also says work hard and you'll succeed. He didn't say start a business, make excuses, quit then b*tch about other's success and blame them for you not being able to get anywhere in life. Good try though. Cheers.

  25. Dear watchdog, all these Asians bombarding this message board with their crap posts are ruining your blog. I used to like reading peoples posts under your articles. The tai trans, fake tai trans, moon, dingh, realty, take your name calling and school yard war with words someplace else. Nobody here cares or wants to read your soap opera crap! Chris

  26. Hey, I have a request. Can you give me your email??? I want to have more serious discussion with you.

    I think MLM people are pure evils and I despise them a lot. Do you think we can create a website comparing the quality of the supplements???

    Proving that Usana product isn't as good as they claim. This can really help people a lot.

    1. Email contact is on the upper right side of the screen.

      I think it would be a very long daunting task to actually compare the "quality" of supplements from manufacturer to manufacturer. Not even the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements did that.

      Where would you even begin?

  27. Forgot if this was already discussed here or not but Herbalife was ruled a pyramid scheme by a court in Belgium a year ago or so. This took 6 years to do by the way. The suit claimed that most Herbalife's revenue came directly and ultimately from the investments of the salespeople, not from retail sales.

    Back in May, an analyst questioned Herbalife's business model (MLM) and as a result, its stock sank along with with Nu Skin's stock. So why do people invest in MLM stocks? Because all they see is the growth and profit numbers. Very few of them actually understand what an MLM business is all about.

    So why hasn't the FTC been more involved in taking down MLM companies? Turns out, a big reason is because not enough people complain about them to justify putting in the effort. MLM companies have lots of money and can hire expensive lawyers. Last year, there were only 37 complaints. Why so few? Think about the people who lose money/fail in MLM. They were told failing is their fault and that they are quitters/losers. Basically, they were made to think it was all their fault so filing a complaint with the FTC wouldn't even cross their mind. Most don't even know how to.

    Watchdog wrote a post on how to file a claim:

    The ultimate question to ask to determine whether a company is a scam or not is to see where most of the revenue is coming from. If it's from retail, legit. If it's from distributors, scam.

    Here's a CNBC article that discusses the legality of MLM:

    CNBC article

    Interesting to note that back in 2001, ex President George Bush made someone the head of the FTC. Turns out, this person used to be an attorney for Amway. Amway people have donated a lot of money to the republican party. Active investigations into the MLM industry pretty much stopped since then. Gee, wonder why? He left the FTC in 2007 or so.

    Last year, an MLM company called BurnLounge was deemed an illegal pyramid scheme in court which was sort of a surprise because the FTC hasn't really gone after any MLM companies in such a long time. FYI, for you Usana reps who like to throw famous names around, celebrities like Shaquille O'neal and Justin Timberlake endorsed this company.

    Here's a video of Shaq talking about how Burnlounge is here to stay:

    It made most of its money from, that's right, recruits.

    For those who fell for the Usana scam, file a complaint with the FTC. Only when there are enough people who will do this will the FTC actually do something. Hopefully, they will look further into companies like Herbalife because if Herbalife goes down, Usana will be in trouble as well.

    Of course, you Usana reps shouldn't have to worry because Usana is totally legit right since it has more customers than distributors... wait, no it doesn't. Oops.

  28. Good job on this blog watchdog. I appreciate how you work hard and show us the truth. I tried usana for years and for me the only thing that kept me in for a long time was because I had close friends that recruited me. I lost many friends in usana because we tried to recruit them and when they said no and it was hard to be friends with them after that because they were negative towards the business.
    We missed a lot of social gatherings and $. As a group of friends there is no way all of us could be rich because the comp plan is designed that way. Only 1 can be rich out of the thousands. There was 40 of us maxing out our warm market and still all of us are down in profit. This business doesn't work. We worked hard. I know a lot of people that post on here think the business works but that's what's terrible about the business. It takes years to realize that it doesn't work. And the harder you work the longer it takes to realize that this business is ran like a Mormon religion. I'm glad I'm out of it. It feels like I just got out of a horrible marriage but saving a lot more money in the process.

    IF YOU just started USANA quit now you'll save your time and $ even better your relationship with your real friends. In usana their only friends is their downline and that's a horrible life. It's a cult and you will be stuck.

    1. To the poster above, Amen brother. Spoken right from the heart. I feel your pain having suffered the same pain myself. Usana's uplines do real good job brainwashing people of the truth and do their best to tell you anything and everything so you won't quit (cancel your autoshipment). Just would love it if the people on here defending Usana would actually listen to what the majority of people on here have been saying over and over again about how the business is designed to make the majority of distributors lose money. Its the only way the company can stay in business. Without the distributors autoshipments, company would go bankrupt. The nails in the coffin are when Usana proudly shows off pictures from their exotic trips they take. The low end and middle end distributors pay to send everyone else on those trips. Maybe one day, people defending Usana will open their eyes and learn from all of our hardships from thinking we were different and that we would make our business work. Glad you got out my friend. Cheers.

  29. how can i file a case to usana because they had used my credit card for autoship without my permission...

    1. Do the following in this order:

      Call USANA's customer service (1-888-950-9595) and

      1) Tell them your name and ask them who your sponsor is and what their distributor ID number is.

      Only after you receive that information should you then proceed.

      2) Tell them that someone used your credit card for autoshipments without your permission and that you would like the money credited back to your account.

      It is very important to find out who supposedly sponsored you before you mention anything about credit card fraud. If you fail to do this, USANA will never reveal to you who committed the fraud and will simply protect that individual.

      Good luck!

  30. umm not trying to stir the pot here, seriously. My understanding of autoship might be wrong - seriously don't know. But does autoship not imply that you wanted to have the product automatically sent to you each month? Like automatically charged and sent each month? I thought that was the idea of it. Or do you mean it was charged to your card without you setting up an autoship?

    1. True the idea is sent to you the products automatically. But most of the autoships is kept on longer by associates aka business owners. That is like saying if you open up a mc Donald's and most of the food is consumed by the person who opened up the franchise. Now all you have to do is brainwash that owner to to keep thinking he/she will be rich someday. The fact that autoship is consumed by mostly associates and kept on longer because they are buying a dream that they will be rich someday. So it's not a demand for the products anymore. You're on autoship because you're dreaming.

  31. The law makers should make a new law. The law should be if anyone was to lie about how much they make to lure a person someone Into a job or a selling business should be a misdemeanor. Lets see if these people can lie about how much they make then. You can video record it or audio record it for evidence in court.

    1. I hate how these reps lie about how much they make.

      One Usana rep in Sydney says she make $150,000 a year when there are only 10 people in her team. Now that I understand the compensation plan she would need roughly 800 people in her downline to achieve that. What a liar!

  32. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for charitable givings to help others. However, something here is not right. You can draw your own conclusions here. I'm just surprised Dr. Oz supports a charity that is used in this questionable fashion.

    You are surprised? hmm. Have you actually EVER thought that YOU are the one who got it all wrong and usana product is actually high quality. Don't argue with me about quality.. argue with me about have you EVER thought you are wrong since you are surprised Dr. oz supports usana charity. Maybe if you are wrong in the first place, you will NOT be surprise. chaching!

    1. Did you even bother to read the article or did you simply cherry pick a quote to make a unrelated argument?

      Here's the problem with the charity:

      1) Myron Wentz founded USANA.
      2) Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz founded Sanoviv
      3) Elaine Pace becomes president of Sanoviv
      4) Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz founded USANA True Health Foundation
      5) Elaine Pace becomes president of USANA True Health Foundation
      6) USANA True Health Foundation uses charitable funds to help pay for Sanoviv medical treatments

      This is considered "self dealing" and violates the law regarding charities. You cannot form a non-profit charity and then use the donated money to fund services at a for profit company that you also own. Come on now, Elaine Pace is even "President" of both Sanoviv and the USANA True Health Foundation. This doesn't get any more obvious than that.

      NOW you can apply my quote: Don't get me wrong, I'm all for charitable givings to help others. However, something here is not right. You can draw your own conclusions here. I'm just surprised Dr. Oz supports a charity that is used in this questionable fashion.

      Even IF USANA has a quality product, does that excuse them for self dealing through their charity? Does that excuse them from scamming close to 1.5 million distributors through a pyramid scheme where 99% of them never had a chance to make a profit no matter how hard they tried (overpriced product, forced inventory loading, saturated market, expensive tools and services, etc...). It's not because they are lazy. In order for one to profit, many are required to fail because they don't have enough people in their downline.

      I was surprised Dr. Oz would support a charity that self deals its donations. To be honest, I'd never heard of Dr. Oz before this. The "surprised" part was more sarcasm than anything else.

  33. bunch of morons fighting with each funny.

  34. then all of the comments are visible after approval. so the first moron only answers the most dumbest moron questions from morons..LOL

  35. Yeah, that correct! They say one mlm company is better that the other. But what they don't realize is it is not they company that is flawed, it is the system of mlm.

    So, people should just stop giving their worthless opinions if they have nothing good to say.

  36. 1st: I'm a USANA distributor [for months]
    2nd: I'm not here to defend anyone, I just want to share my opinion

    I'm not really a fan of MLM, in fact I hate it.
    But to why I joined Usana was because I was curious about the potential.
    I have read a bunch of negative articles and to tell you honestly, most of them are logical. Plus the fact that many items in our presentation [included in our slides] are not legitimate, or I cannot find any concrete evidence. That why I'm browsing the net to search and correct the slides.

    Is it a scam? Maybe, maybe not. The only thing I'm sure of is that Usana [the company] is making lots and lots of money - weekly! That is also either good or bad, good: because it represents stability, bad because there is less for its distributors.

    The Binary System is actually great compared to other MLM's, however, we only get 20% of the LCD of both our legs [I hope I'm speaking your tongue]. But that is 20% of the points, not the actual amount of the money needed to create points. If I do a simulation, I need my downlines to produce roughly $320 to make $20. That's not even 10%!!! [not sure if my computation is accurate in other markets/countries, I came from the Phil. I just did a conversion of Peso to Dollars]

    But here's the thing, I can say that the products are working. I have different clients, even clients of my downlines and other associates which have their different testimonials regarding positive effects. It's too many Placebo effect don't you think? I myself have a story to tell. Anyway, about overpricing, if I can find other supplements with the same effect and less expensive, I'll be the first in line to buy it and dump Usana. What's out in our market are synthetic drugs/supplements which if work, have side-effect.

  37. You may want to watch the Dr. Oz Show today!! It will put a rest to all of this!

    1. This quack has peddled many magical pills.

    2. Dr Oz says he doesn't endorse products yet has a list of trusted "companies he supports" on his site!

      I had to laugh as Usana is number one and WALMART is number 2!!!!! Now if that does not make you laugh, you are also an Usanabot, swayed by the pipe dreams or ... one of those who has lied/ coerced/exploited each of their friends and family and then turn to do the same to everyone they meet.

      What lucrative deals and $$$ will do to corrupt even the most respected individuals ...

      Here is one of Dr Oz's "non supportive" endorsements for Usana, besides the commercials airing before you can see a video on his online site:

  38. You cannot watch a Dr Oz show online without first watching the same old Usana BS commercial. How is it that a shoddy and questionable pyramid scheme like usana (do not BS me, Usana zombies ... I was once sucked in with their illegal hype) gets endorsed by OZ and allowed to air commercials?

    1. Ignorant.... you will die poor... If you think is a scam, I still get paid. If you think is too good to be truth, I still get paid. If you join me we both get paid, and if you do not join me I still get paid.
      I had my pickture taken with Dr. Mehmet Oz, and I did not pay anything.

    2. Yo dumbutt mlm defender bender. Of course you don't get pay anything by having your picture taken. What are you smoking choking? It's the big guys and companies behind the scene that paid him so that YOU don't ahve to paid him. In fact, having a picture taken with a celebrity won't require any form of payment to them unless you are those costume ppl/bum on the streets of NYC where you give them 2 bucks for so for just taking a picture with them. Dr. Oz is not those ppl/bum. If you have to paid for just taking a picture with them, it looks bad for them.

      Also the fact that you probably paid something to get in to the event (like dr oz show) wreck your whole argument about not having to pay to take a picture with him. You paid in advance morono.

      Regardless, you should not have to paid to "just take a photo" with him. No worthwhile celebrity does that. smh

      Oh btw, I don't join you, you DON'T GET PAID by me. dumbutt.


    Simple, Dr. Oz does not partner with companies unless he is SURE of their integrity and quality. This is Dr. Oz we're talking about. One of the 100 Most Influential People in the world according to TIME Magazine. Money won't sway a man like him, because his reputation will ALWAYS be on the line if he partners with ANY company, yet he chose Usana. You can watch his interview on why he chose Usana on youtube, as well. You want to find out how Usana is on the show? Simple. Try the product yourself for 4 months and get yourself checked out by the doctor before and after that time period. See the difference. Otherwise, if you haven't really tried it, don't knock it.


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