Thursday, August 15, 2013

USANA Receives NutriSearch Gold Medal Achievement Again - Thanks To USANA Distributor Gregg Gies

USANA Health Sciences, Inc. receives the NutriSearch Gold Medal Achievement award as well as the "Editor's Choice" award which is mentioned in the latest edition (5th) of The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. This is no surprise since every single edition of the books rank USANA #1. While Lyle Macwilliam might be the author of the Comparative Guides and owner of NutriSearch, is there someone else that ought to be recognized?

I'm presenting the USANAWatchDog's "Special Thanks" award to Gregg Gies for all his hard work that he put into every edition of the Comparative Guide since 1999. Gregg was responsible for the research, editing, and layout for every edition of the book. Gregg was also co-owner of NutriSearch.

So why does Lyle Macwilliam get all the credit while nobody has ever heard of Gregg whenever the Comparative Guides are mentioned? Could it be because Gregg was also a USANA distributor (ID# 285320)? Gregg joined USANA before the first edition of the book came out. NutriSearch told me he joined before USANA had the preferred customer program and had to join as a distributor and only wanted the product. However, Gregg was a ranked associate and therefore had received commission through the business opportunity. Does the term "conflict of interest" ring a bell?

Interestingly enough, the following quote comes out of the Comparative Guides:
"The research, development, and findings are the sole creative effort of the author and NutriSearch Corporation, neither of whom is associated with any manufacturer or product represented in this guide."
I believe Gregg's involvement in the Comparative Guides and Nutrisearch completely contradicts the above quote and discredits the entire book, awards, and USANA's integrity.

I have written about this in much greater detail on a previous blog entry titled "USANA and the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements - A Symbiotic Relationship"


  1. To supplement Watchdog's information:

    Shown in above links are proof that he's the owner of NutriSearch and he does have something to do with the book.

    It was also quoted that:

    "The research, development, and findings are the sole creative effort of the author and NutriSearch Corporation, neither of whom is associated with any manufacturer or product represented in this guide."

    How about this then?

    Gregg Gies, from Kelowna, BC (Canada).
    Associate number 285320.


    1. what a stalker!

    2. Seriously? I thought it was called Referencing, which backs up my points.

    3. Am I? Blame USANA and LinkedIn for making the information readily available. :P

  2. Watchdog, the key word in your argument is that Greg "was" a distributor. Is he still a distributor? If so, then there might be conflict of interest. If he is not, then there is no incentive for him to continue ranking usana top manufacturer. Maybe the vitamins just are that good. If the vitamins were cheaper, would you continue ripping the products as much as you do?

  3. Have u heard the latest and BIGGEST announcement of USANA in history?!???

    Go ahead and DIG on it.
    It's another topic for your blog... harhar.

    But for us distributors, we are sooo EXCITED with the new changes in the business!!!! Kudos USANA!!! Thank God for USANA!!!!

  4. It seems reasonable to assume that an individual that ranks mlm supplements would sign up for several of them in the course of their research. USANA is pretty liberal with first checks so assuming that he was a business builder simply because he has a sharer or believer title is an unjustified jump.

  5. So Usana launched new nutrition bars and protein shakes this weekend. Sounds great so far. Except in good old fashion usana business decisions, jack up the price to $32 power box of nutrition bars, quantity 14 bars per box, and $35 power bag of protein shakes, 9 servings per bag. They can preach low glycemic all they want, what a complete rip off! The company vision is i dream if a works free from pain and suffering bla bla bla bla. Well how about you put your money where your mouth is so Niue people can afford your ridiculously overpriced product and get healthier! Very disgruntled usana customer.

    1. But aren't you excited about the 10% across the board price reduction?

    2. lol try harder if you wanna hate brah. There are hospitals that actually provide these Nutrimeals to diabetic patients and it works. I've given them to my own dad and have seen results of better blood sugar management.

  6. EX- silver director (2009)

    As the price go up that means the demand is lower. They calculate the math so they can stay afloat. it makes sense to up the price in the bars because a lot of people eat that and it taste good... people in usana always say "NEW announcement in history" they say that every year... in fact every month in training... nothing to really be excited about.. One of the things they do to get you to stay in the business is to get you excited for absolutely no reason.
    Comparative guide is a JOKE! How the percentage works is based on the standards of the author of the book.... If I change the standards to a different baseline in ratios and balance of the formula to let's stay GNC's favor. Then GNC would rank 98.6% and usana would rank to the low 40%... it’s all a stupid number manipulation in that book. the only thing good about the vitamins is that has high potency which is good BUT there are research that vitamins could be bad for you.... so the higher the potency then the higher chance of whatever negative effects vitamins does goes straight up concentrated into your bloodstream... I have personal experience taking the healthpak twice a day and there is this overdosing feeling that you just feel something is wrong with taking it that much... so I lowered the dosage to once a day.. Then I stopped taking it and I feel better now...
    Do yourself a favor usana associates... you are not losing if you quit usana. you're winning your freedom and money back... take a look outside the box if the vitamins are really worth it without biased information and how you feel..
    Dr. Wentz is selling a dream in health and in riches... if you buy it you will lose. If you try to win in usana you lose in life. If you try to argue with watchdog you're losing in logic. Let’s say you prove watchdog wrong then you just ruin more people’s lives.

    I made money in usana from friends and family. money they probably would of lended me anyways based on trust and love.... so basically I sucked my loves ones bankroll which is worse than not making any money at all because the less you make the less impact you make in your life with usana.. I was Next evolution 2 aaron dinh's team. everything is a lie in that organization and they make good people turn to bad. I was a better person before I joined usana and now I think everything is a scam now because my experience with usana. I lost many friends because mentally I was brainwashed. and my feelings changed about things I use to like to do. I am starting to be more positive now and trying to live a good life. and btw anyone in usana should QUIT. waste of time. I probably said that a hundred times by now in this blog.

    1. I agree with you, I joined USANA before as an associate bcoz my friend told me associate receive the biggest % and always get the cheapest price for vitamins.

      I don't care about the comparative guild stuff, what I knew is it didn't help me with my acne or join pain at all, and my upline concluded this happened bcoz I didn't take enough USANA tablets.

      Jesus``` I was taking 2 proflavanol, 4 essential, 1 VitD, 2 fish oil, 1 calcium and 1 procosamine```daily for 6 months.

      that is 11 tablets day!! and my upline expect me to take more?
      high doses of vitamins can harm human's body, so~ I admit that I was stupid enough to be hooking in by my "friend" and always been told to participate Usana's meeting, presentation, convention~

      I spend my time, my money~ and never get paid for all the work I put in and my upline told me with a smile face saying:

      at least you get health!

      health? are you kidding me= =~ jesus.

      For god sake!

    2. ex-silver director 2009

      speak the truth!! Even though we are negative towards usana. We are only negative because of the negative it caused us. We just tell our stories here so that people won't have to go through what we went through. the only thing I can honestly say about the vitamins for me is that it's way too strong and potent. I believe it's doing damage to your body along with some good. I think taking the healthpak maybe once a week or once every two weeks could be beneficial but then so its probably just jogging every morning or eating healthy and its cheaper.. hahhaha

  7. I appreciate your research and understand that you are just looking out for "victims" of a "scam". I would like to help clear some faulty premises provided you are open to ideas even if they conflict with your own.

    Before I start I must say that I am a new associate and have *gasp* received pay from USANA. I hope that alone does not discredit the rest of what I am about to say. I do not wish to waste anyone's time attempting to communicate to minds that are convinced they know everything and are not actively pursuing the truth.

    My name is Timothy Wayne Joseph. I am 28 years old and a Staff Sargent in the USAF. The views I am about to express are solely my own and may not reflect the views of USANA or the USAF.

    The first thing I would like to address is that anything below Gold Director rank in USANA is the equivalent of an entry level position or an internship at a traditional company. Unless Gregg Gies is at or above that level I can guarantee he is making more money doing the comparative guide and his other endeavors than he is through USANA. If this guide is your main point of contention, then there are several dozens of awards and recognitions that the company has received over the years that do not have this suggested stink of foul play. While it is possible that the guide may be biased, I find it highly improbable that all the other organizations have the same biased.

    Secondly how exactly can a company "jack up" the price on a new product? I guess evil Apple also "jacked up" the price when they launched the iPhone. This seems to be a misunderstanding of simple economics.

    What is your take on the price of 's 2014 line up? Are they cheaper than last years while changing things? Or maybe another example will put this into perspective. How can and why does a surgeon get to charge $100,000+ dollars for open heart surgery? If this operation was so necessary and life saving, who is he to deny the person who can't afford it? Why doesn't it cost $100? While we are at it, why not free?

    For every product or service there is a cost. For the car manufacturer this would materials, research, unions, etc... it doesn't take a genius to see why that price tag is in the tens of thousands. For the surgeon it's the license, the education, the years honing the skills and knowledge, the equipment, etc. If these producers were to sell their product or service at a price that is under their cost they would not be able to sell them for long without losing the ability to continue offering them. If they offer a good or service at a price too high and no customers are willing to pay, then they will be in a similar situation. This is why most goods are sold at a price within reason above the cost incurred to produce it. While you may think the cost of the new products and reformulated nutriments is prohibitive, there are plenty of others that have found the prices to be adequate for what they receive. I personally do not own an iPad, because I do not think what the devices offer is worth the cost. There are plenty of others who do value it more than the time and effort they spent earning that money.

    I am still learning about supplements and until this year I swore I would never take them. I avoid pharmaceuticals, aspirins, prescriptions, and even vaccinations if at all possible. I have taken this stance for a good 5-6 years now and as long as it is not required as part of my job, then I go without, convinced that it is far better to eat healthy organic foods and drink lots of purified water. I still maintain this view that natural sources are the best and even USANA advises everyone that this is the case, seek natural sources for everything you can.

  8. My first few years I received a fitness score of excellent on almost every PT test. When I didn't achieve that standard, it was only by a few push-ups or seconds on my run. I was in fairly good shape, or so I thought. My doctor brought up concerns that my blood pressure was elevated almost to the point of hyper tension.

    I found myself at 25 years old on prescription medication for my heart. I wasn't even middle aged and I was having old people problems already. And the worst part is those prescriptions weren't even helping! They made my mouth dry, gave me headaches, and my blood pressure was still in the high 130s/90s. I wasn't able to maintain my fitness scores and there is a steady decline in my record. I was just getting older. I was having trouble sleeping and it started to affect my work (still have sleep issues but seeing improvements).

    My brother called me bragging about this opportunity he had found and how he had already lost 7 pounds in the first week. I thought I was just going to brush it off and he would soon see the "scam" it was. I did research into the matter to show it was a con. Naturally the first few pages were like this blog, but unlike most people I know, I always try to listen to the best arguments both for and against and then make my decisions. With USANA, the arguments in favor were more credible (Forbes, NYSE) and convincing. I am glad I didn't just read the first few search results.

    This summer alone I have dumped 4x more money into trying to clean my pool than on pills, when people say this is a waste of time and money, it's odd they don't tell me the same about my pool. Trying these products was the best decision of my life. In May I earned the highest score I have EVER had in my entire 8 years. I have more energy than ever. My last 3 medical exams my blood pressure has been around 115/60 and I just ran the USANA Champions for Change 5k last Saturday in under 22 minutes.

  9. It may not have worked for others, but it changed my life for the better. I do not take the products to sell the products, I sell, give, and brag about them every time I get the chance because of my experience. My brother lost 42 pounds since February, and my mom who had to quit her job due to joint pain, was out in her driveway shoveling snow cause of the found energy and pain relief.

    This has been longer than I intended, but needed to be said. If I could afford to give everyone in the world a supply of the products every month I would. That would be a very naive view of how things work. As a follower of Friedman, Hayek, and even Rand, I have concluded that the only source of progress results from voluntary trade or capitalism (a form of symbiosis).

    Money is the symbol of how much you have done to enrich the life of someone else as long as it is not gained through coercion or fraud. Trade allows the customer to receive the what was purchased and the seller to reinvest that money. If the producer had given it away there would always be a limited supply of that product, good, or service. Thanks to trade as long as there is a demand there will be a way to supply that need by increasing the amount that is in circulation.

    I feel sorry for you EX-silver director that you view earning money as a negative. I think you may have felt that USANA was asking you to defraud your loved ones out of their money and that they are corrupt and evil. I wish you could just see what I saw this past week. all of the smiling faces that were there at convention 10k plus people all excited to be there all cheering as people crossed the stage. Cheering people not for winning noble prizes, or for how much they had donated, or how attractive they were, or how athletic, but for how much those people had earned. And even if the majority there didn't understand the reason for cheering, I did. Every dollar in their paycheck was a reward for how much they had done to improve the lives of other. If USANA was robbing people, selling them bogus products or placebos, even if they are the most corrupt and evil business ever to existed and all that care is just a facade to sell products... it doesn't matter one bit, because of the results of what they are doing! $175,000 raised in one weekend for a charity where %100 of the donations go directly to those in need, countless customers buying on a monthly basis not because they can't leave, but because they want to stay, all the health complications and conditions that were recovered from, and who knows how many more where prevented. If only every company were half as much of a "scam", or half as much of a "waste of time", the world would a much better place for all of us.

    1. Timothy Joseph, I have read each one of your comments, and you are by far the most open and honest person to-date. People always want to blame others for their issues. Maybe they thought USANA was a get rich quick scheme, but it is not. But like you, the truth of the matter is that the products work. As a black American I have used the products, and referred them to family and friends because I cry every time I learn of or see my family members and friends suffering from such chronic diseases as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity among other conditions, and I know the results I have experienced and enjoyed since using USANA products. My dad died of high blood pressure at the age of 47, when I was just 23 and I am now 61. Three years ago my nephew died at the age of 40. I can attest that USANA products have not only improved my health but the health of many loved ones and friends. I am a health fanatic so I was an easy sell for my USANA distributor. Since the age of 16 I suffered from food allergies so I have always been into holistic medicine. All of these naysayers, need to go and attack the pharmaceutical industry that is manufacturing all of these drugs that supposedly fix one medical issue but then cause another issue. So scam, or whatever other negative terms they want to associate with USANA, I believe in the products because of the beneficial results achieved.

      The devil came to kill, steal, and destroy, but like Jesus, I say, satan get thee behind me. As for me, I am going to do what God called me to do....give others hope and a brand new life, free from pain and suffering. I love you Dr. Wentz for sharing the vision God gave you and going 'under the microscope' and then starting USANA to make a difference in the life of many 'black' people. May God continue to bless you and USANA as you make a difference in our life. Black people are really just learning about USANA products, and as a distributor (for 1-1/2 years now) my prayer is that many more blacks will learn and benefit from the products and improve their health.

      And my health issues DID not stem from poor eating and lack of exercise. I don't eat fried foods, red meat, or dairy products....have been allergic to them most of my life. I mainly eat, fruits, veggies, fish, and nuts.

    2. What vitamins were you deficient in? That is the only way that Usana's products could help.

      The Essentials are not drugs, they are just vitamins, they do not cure or treat diseases.

      Usana distributors should stop lying to sell this stuff.

    3. Dude that's where u are wrong....addressing vitamin and mineral deficincies CURES not a few degenetative diseases but hundreds....alllow your body to be deficient for 10 years straight and see what happens to u.....only AMA corruption slows the use of the word cure

  10. Ex-Silver, your statement about price increases on bars is ridiculous. Have you ever actually looked at the company's sales? The foods line is an absolute dog. Read the annual report before making such dumb suppositions and claiming they are factual.

    Also, USANA has received the gold medal achievement 3 times (in 5 editions), not every time as stated by the blogger.

    Not sure why you think everything about the company is a conspiracy. Did you notice the stock price plummeting during the pricing and comp plan announcements? It certainly seems that wall street understood that USANA was giving significant profit back to consumers in terms of price decreases and payout increases. Not sure why you guys can't figure it out.

  11. Timothy Joseph, Good for you! Finally some more voices who actually know what's really happening. You guys out there who are failing because they don't work hard enough at this business, you do know there's a 30 day full refund rule right? How are you guys getting scammed and ripped off if you take advantage of this rule?

    watchDOG. Have you heard about the new compensation plan? What do you have to criticize about that? I haven't heard your barking for so long, I'm itching to hear some more bullcrap

  12. To the poster above who has the audacity to say we failed because we didn't work hard enough. Who the bleep are you? There is no correlation between hard work and success in Usana. Yes there are people who put no effort into it and failed, shame on them. To those of us who poured our heart and soul into usana just to get sucked dry, and all used up, go ahead tell us again that we failed because of lack of effort. The new comp plan doesn't do anything about over priced product, you still have to sell product and continue to scheme new recruits to join business, and that is where most of your money Congress from, gauranteed. Real reason most people fail is because the model is built to make people fail. If they really wanted to see people succeed, usana would eliminate whole right and leg balancing point crap, minimum point threshold period, and simply pay hard working associates 20 percent commission on whatever they sell and not require such a huge product order to start nor 100 point auto shipment. Bottom line, auto shipment in play to pay commissions for top associates at expense if everyone else. Without autoshipment, company would crumble, no true demand for product. So tired of these arrogant distributors blaming failures on lack of effort. Shove that up your rear end. Next time have guts to put your name to post. Usana watchdog doesn't need to post any more bull crap as you like to call it. You got plenty of crap coming out of your mouth for this entire blog and then some. People like you motivate others to work even harder, actually same level of effort we devoted to writing usana business, to deter anyone and everyone to nor get involved in Usana money pit. Guarantee we will have more success doing that. Btw, i have seen a few pics of top distributors posting their huge bonus checks on facebook right after convention. Wasnt that nice big f you to all distributors who attended who bought new products, metchandise etc. The purpose of convention isn't to help people grow their business, its true purpose is to generate ton of revenue from the 10k attendees to pay the top distributors = giant pay day. I even sent these dustributors messages on Facebook expressing my displeasure in them posting their checks and not one had the guys to reply to dispute my argument because they know its true. Waychdog keep up great work keeping people far away from this deceitful company and a holes like the above poster. Chris Lombard.

    1. USANA like most companies are in the people business. If your first thought about USANA or any other network marketing business is to MAKE money, change your mindset. There are about 7Billion people and the population continues to grow. When you realize it is people that will help us reach our financial goals then you too can make big commission checks. There will always be plenty of people to serve and help in this world. If you will only look at the statistics for chronic diseases then find your niche market (maybe the athletic directors at the schools in your communities, or expectant mothers, or ? ? ?) and tell them about products that can help with their health issues or prevent the onset of health issues. PREVENTION IS THE KEY. The products are expensive only if people put a price on their health. What about the price for your other 'stuff', shoes, cars, computers, clothes, entertainment and travel expenses, etc.....are those things too expensive and highly priced? Not to mention, pharmaceutical drugs that cause other issues. The real question we need to ask is "what is my health really worth to me?" Sadly, for most people health is NOT valued till sickness comes along. I lost a husband to cancer, and the cost for one year of treatment was over $100,000. Doctors and hospitalization is what is really expensive. How many friends and family members do you know that are suffering from one of the chronic/degenerative diseases? When you are compassionate enough, you will reach out to them and share testimonials of what USANA has done in the life of others. And, remember if they are not satisfied, USANA has a 100% money back guarantee.

      God Bless You as you do so, and may God 'enlarge and increase your territory' and your commission checks.

    2. This is what's scary about what Usana asscoiates preach. All the wondering health beenfits if you tey their vitamin supplements.

      Remember vitamin supplements can only be of benefit if your dietary intake is inadequate. In modern societies you can easily get this from food.

      How many people have tried Usana and experienced no difference; my family and I for one.

      Oh, and this guy too.

    3. isnt a "business" a way to make money? im so youre saying its ok for you to get sucked dry and not get anything for your hardwork as long as youve prevented the onset of health issues? (again search Norman Borlaug)

    4. The reason we cant get many vitamins n minetals from our food is because the soil depletion....lack of soil bacteria from lack of regen crops, lack of crop rotation and use of fertilizers n poor cultivating destroy this bacteria means very uptake of minerals thru plant roots so very little vitamins n mminerals exist in fruit n veg etc. Even the amount of minerals insoil to begin with is nowadays scary.....ex farmer

  13. Interesting, Chris.

    Could you elaborate more on how you poured your soul and heart into USANA? USANA also builds characters, confidence, and communication skills. From the sound of your whining, it doesn't seem like your effort has given you any of these things.

    There are people who are geniuses; who barely works and rises faster than anyone else.
    There are people who need work 10x as hard just to catch a glimpse of where these geniuses are....sounds like you're one of these people. Don't worry, I'm not laughing at you. I feel for you. I'm one of those kinds of people too but I'm not quitting USANA.

    First, USANA has just changed their compensation plan. You only need to achieve 125/125 and you can be paid 20% of whatever the lowest wing is. The higher wing's difference will roll over to next week. This makes it much easier and faster for associates to be paid. Also, it pays more compared to the first level of the previous system.

    2. You can't scheme recruits to join. It's their choice. They know that they need to commit some amount of money to join. This also gives them a chance to try out the products to see if they would like to pursue this business. If they don't even like the products, there's no chance.

    3. You can avoid this problem by strengthening your Preferred Customer numbers. This is still somewhat like a retail business. You sell stuff to make money and you have to sell a set amount to make a profit. If you owned a convenience store, you have to pay for electricity, rent, inventories coming in, salary to other workers before you get to put money into the pocket. Compare that to USANA. You only have to really meet your weekly autoship ($150 average) and anything else you make can be put into your pocket! If you can't accumulate enough this week, that's ok. It'll add on to next week's numbers! Back at the only sell a bag of chips and some bubblegums this the heck are you suppoesd to pay for electricity, rent, costs of inventories that are still on your shelf, your own basic needs?

    This isn't a scam, it's the company's way to get that profit back. It's your way to get that profit back too. The best thing is, once you have a large enough PC base, you won't have to worry about whether people will be buying stuff each week! That's like saying that pepole will come back to your store regularly to buy stuff!

    Look me up on facebook. I don't mind a long chat about this. Discussing this here is too slow.
    Hey watchdog, do you mind setting up a chat widget? It's easier to discuss ideas like that.

    Geordan Kehler

  14. Is this really Geordan Kehler, or Usana super star Jordan Kemper?

  15. No it's not....obviously Geordan Kehler is a made up name so you guys can feel a little better that you're not arguing with people who have more logic than you.

    - Geordan Kehler (fake name, in case you weren't smart enough to understand the above)

  16. Great job Watchdog for advising potential prospects about the true nature of the Usana business model.

    I'm a professional with my own successful business and I was approached 3 years ago by a family friend to consider the Usana opportunity. Needless to say I turned it down. The reasons were:

    1) I did not want to sell ridiculously overpriced vitamins, and
    2) I did not want to be part of a pryamid scheme (oh yes, no matter how you cut it Usana is operating a pyramid scheme).

    Fast forward to the present and a close friend of mine (Jane) was approached by a Sydney Usana group to be an associate. I meet some of these people and all they talked about is how much so and so makes, easy money from passive income, financial freedon etc... She was spending roughly $200 per month on these Usana products and spending a lot of time going to presentations and even went to the covention this year in SLC.

    I tried to explain that vitamin supplements are only of benefit if your dietary intake is inadequate, and if she insists on Usana products you could buy them on eBay as a lot of people were off loading their stockpiles via the internet.

    But this advice fell on deaf ears as now she is hooked on the dream of getting rich by recruiting others into the pyramid scheme.

    I didn't realise until now that Usana had forced her to buy $200 worth of products to be eligible for the compensation plan. I thought the money was made simply by sales commissions, and by the sales commissions of those in your downline. But forcing associates to buy a minimum amount of product really takes the cake!! This concept to any inteligent person says, Usana is not about improving peoples lives, the company doesn't care about your health, it about one big cash generating pyramid where you make money by recruiting, not by selling the product to retail customers.

    Besides popping 12 supplement pills each day, drinking their shakes and energy drinks, Jane is now a completely different person. She only talks about how much X or Y makes, and the same X or Y can been seen posing in front of their cars and houses. I know of many very succesful people they would never pose in front of their cars and the like. How gaudy and distasteful is that? Haha...

    Jane has been with Usana for 5 months now and and has made a whopping $150. Besides the mandatory purchases, she attends at least 2 of their get togethers each week, spends time prospecting, and went to their convention as mentioned above. Needless to say, her business is operating at a loss.

    I've mentioned the pyramid scheme concept with her and she countered that organisatons are also structured like pyramids. A typical Usana-trained indoctrinated response. Unfortunately Jane is in her 20s, does not have academic qulaifications and is not on a high income, and these are the people that are easily targeted.

    So my conclusions is this, and it is one of ethics. If you do want to get involved with Usana at least be honest with yourself and don't get caught up in their hype. You are selling overpriced vitamins to people that will most likely not benefit from them, and you are luring prospects in a pyramid scheme with the dream of becoming rich. You then try and recruit more people and keep them in as long as possible to make more money, and not for any other reason that would benefit them. If you can sleep at night knowing this then go ahead. You might as well be selling snake oil.

    Once again, good job Watchdog. This blog has been very informative and you're providing a valuable service to the communities in which Usana operate in.

    1. "Selling overpriced vitamins"...what a statement. Are cars, computers, iPhones, iPads, pharmaceuticals drugs, clothes, shoes, airline tickets, jewelry, etc. overpriced? Do people still buy them based on their needs and/or desires? What is your health really worth to you? Sadly, for most people health is NOT valued till sickness comes. Prevention is the key to optimal health! Thanks a million, Dr. Wentz, for following the vision, going 'under the microscope' and looking for a way to help rid this world of pain and suffering. God Bless you and God Bless USANA!

    2. Hi Della,

      The vitamins are overpriced. Why? To fund the pyramid scheme.

      You should really do some research on real vitamins from food, and synthetic processed vitamins in pills.

      If you really want to get healthy, then exercise, have a good diet, and get plenty of rest. Magic does not come in a pill unfortunately.

      It makes me laugh when you see people talk about getting healthy and fit, eating natural and organic etc... yet they pop all these pills. There's no such thing as a pill tree guys.

      Personal Trainer

    3. ask Dr. Wentz if he cares so much about "optimal health", why are the products so overpriced and only people from 1st world countries can afford? i bet you have never heard of Norman Borlaug.... now he is a man who really cares and genuinely wants to "rid this world of pain and suffering"

  17. You are spot on about the USANA pyramid business. Unfortunately, there are hundreds, if not thousands of gullible Janes around to be easily sucked in by the USANA business model. Even with their latest upgraded compensation plan and reduced prices, it is still very difficult for any associate to succeed. If the company is really serious in helping it's distributors to succeed, they should at least reduce the autoship requirement by 50 to 80 per cent and reduce from 13 to 12 calendar months instead of every 28 days. In the traditional business, you are not forced to buy stocks every 28 days whether for own consumption or for retail. As a business operator, you only buy stocks when you are certain they can be sold to make a profit. Not in the case of USANA though!

    I really do feel sorry for the Janes of this world. Will someone wake them up from their 'success' dream?

  18. Watch Dog, You are a stalker and negative too the community! I'm just glad you put your website so I can defend the products I take that really works for me and everyone else. In fact, I'm ordering some today because I just got started with the business and I will make it fun and excited because I want too. Just because some people don't like it does not mean everyone should not like it. I can't tell you take this website off or I dislike it but I will only defend what I like and you can defend what you believe. I can't tell you what too do nor people can't tell me what too do either but all I can say, Usana Health Sciences is a legit company. some people like hourly jobs, salary jobs and commissions jobs, investment jobs, and marketing jobs, sports jobs, ceo jobs. if you take away but one from all jobs this world will not function alone. I know the compensation plan is so good that people see the value of it, I would have a line of people everyday. then it would be too easy if that ever happens. it's not about how much money you make, believing that it's a scam. if it was, it would not be in the public and i know USANA products alone are freaking awesome! You can hate all you want but I don't hate your beliefs and opinions about the company. I'm here to defend it's awesomeness! Thanks for your website so everyone should know that it's a great place too work!

    1. How have Usana's products helped you Moises?

  19. Calderon

    Your are shooting the messenger.

    Usana products work too good, mega doses that is.
    And they are overpriced to fund the pyramid scheme.

    You are very confused, you run on and on, and say nothing.
    You sound like a real sales person.

    You are touting a swindle. I hope I have offended your awesomeness!

    Do you know who was put in your up-line today?

  20. Whatever you say here won't justify the life change and relief my relatives and friends had when they used the product. One of my users was my aunt. She had her gout for a very long time and i really felt sorry for her being treated only symptomatically by her doctor...administering painrelievers, giving doses of anti-gout medications which has really HAD WORST SIDE EFFECTS IN THE BODY and caused many gastrointestinal problems... afterwhich, i gave her the five day reset program from USANA and the results were really dramatic.. pain, swelling and the strength on her knees is back..metabolically she has improved and now she's healthier than ever! she consulted her doctor and the doctor was shocked that she was really sick a week ago and now even her laboratory results won't lie... i believe i joined this group because of there health claim and i want to propagate true health..i want to extend it especially to my parents who's having a hard time taking drugs and having the liver suffer from side effects..i am a medical student and i don't really have time for the recruitment like "MLM pioneers do"...i became more interested of USANA because i really want to treat people not only symptomatically but "for real cure"....and i don't overprice my products and for more so i put discount on my products because i really felt more gratitude if they thank me afterwards they feel the relief...and even though i'm only at my third year i really felt a good purpose on why i'm heading unto this field of Medicine.... there are so many supplements around but are they proven scientifically? what is there potency? USANA has proved it for so many years and we don't have to debate on that... i think the problem for other USANA dealers is that they don't find the right people to benefit the product! i believe every medication has a badside, especially most drugs that's out in the market... but for me i will settle for the safest way to treat which is nutritional and not just symptomatic. That's what MLM non medical practiontioners who just entered for fast money sake and medical professionals are separated.. because we know who really needs the proper treatment. And for as long as USANA's claim is safe and effective...I'll stick to this way of curing.

    1. "proven scientifically"? do u mean the comparative guide? or the apple test? or the styro cup test?

      which is all a load of.....

  21. Whateveryousay

    To bad you flunked out of medical school.

    If you read the label on Usana products you will see the disclaimer
    "This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

    You Quack!

    Do you know who as put in your up-line today?

    1. you say i flunked out? and i'm a quack? lmfao... your speaking as if you know everything.. if your happy with that.. i'm very fine with my life and studies and i earn a lot.. and maybe your doctor just prescribed a "maintenence dose" or your death medicine for the rest of your life..

    2. "death medicine" is that what usana calls it? and fyi, if you didnt already know, the maintenance pills that people take aren't supplements, they do more than just supply the body vitamins and i think you can't compare "maintenence dose" to usana products......

  22. Anonymous at 4:56PM,

    What do you mean by "do you know who was put in your up-line today"?

    Can a sponsor just place new associates wherever they like?

    1. Whatdoyoumean

      Your question has two meanings.

      (1)Can Usana place new associates wherever they want?
      The answer: There is no one to stop them. You don't know who is in your up-line. There are plenty of empty places. 80% of the associates drop out every year.

      (2)Can the person who signed you up place you wherever he wants?
      The answer: It is rumored that this can be done for the same reason. It was said to be done to recruit top salespersons by giving them a spot higher up than the bottom rug. Herb on the Yahoo message board can fill you in on this and how Usana really operates and about Lenny the Liar.

      The Usana system was designed to fail over 90% of the people in the pyramid. The Usana rules allow a an associate to transfer his distributorship. Usana is not about retailing the product, it is about signing up a down-line. The best way to beat the system is to be in the 80% that drop out, unless you name is Wentz.

      Do you know who was put in your up-line today?

  23. USANA:

    pros: you get to meet nice people, learn about nutrition, possibility to make 100k a year MAX (as seen by Aaron Dinh) 11 years to become million dollar club member... there's only 1 Aaron dinh in usana and you can't be it. so 100k a year for thousands to lose on propacks. oooops sorry that's a CON

    Cons: it's embarrassing to family and friends to be in USANA. 1% chance for you to break in even. and 99% chance to lose MONEY. you will lose friends. you will waste time/energy that can be used to better things. negative effects of the products as well as some positive. you will have to be a liar because no one likes MLM pyramids from the start (you have to brainwash people to like it). another bad is brainwashing. You are responsible for the effects of brainwash. You have no idea how bad it is for human life to change them to have negative views of what is profitable or even normal to make a living just so they can think USANA will work which it won't.

    Usana donates to Childrens hunger fund to cover up their scheme. They promote health but most of their top associates are overweight and old and unhealthy. being healthy is also being able to afford to be healthy and usana crushes that if you go deep in it. you're just funding their pyramid scheme to fund stock investors, CEO lifestyle and UTAH workers. most of the $ go to business minded people not health conscious people. If usana cured decease it would be all over the news. they try to sell the idea that AMERICA wants you to be sick so they try to hide USANA from you. This is a joke. LOL

    in conclusion- USANA is a scam you decide. read this blog carefully with a bunch of good friends and analyze it. Don't do this dream selling, salesman language. Just clear you mind and read this blog carefully and you will see not to JOIN.

  24. Why are Usana Essentials considered the best vitamins by the Nutrisearch guide? I was approached by some Usana associates and the only reason I can see from a quick glance at the guide is that Usana had the right mix of vitamins and minerals in their pills, compared to the other companies, as recommended by the guide.

    If it's just about vitamin mix, that's not a strong argument as to why Usana is the best.

    And are Usana vitamins that potent? The recommended daily intake is 8 pills per day from their essentials. That's a lot of pills! Haha... Is the potency from each pill or do you need to consume 8 pills to get the required daily recommended intake?


  25. Money Lusting MoronsOctober 12, 2013 at 5:01 PM

    USANA might not be a pyramid scheme (depending on who you ask) but damn does it act similar to one.

    Normally a business gets most of their revenue from outside sources as in customers that are not part of the company but USANA gets 90% of its money from its own "salesforce/employees". It is also in essence telling everyone in the scheme to pay for the people on the upline exactly like a pyramid scheme. The only difference is that instead of the next person joining paying the salary of the ones before where the previous members already paid their dues, everyone in on the scheme pays a little bit into the scheme instead. This is the only difference between a pure pyramid scheme and USANA.

    Instead of just purely ripping off the newcomers, it tells everyone to contribute the 120/month to stay in the scheme and try to climb up and be on top.

    This leads to the criticism where this business is basically just self serving to its own employees and is not technically a business since it only profits the ones on top that have a huge downline.

    If you cannot see this picture clearly, I hope this helps clears things up. The product is insignificant in this case since you are paying to play and try to climb to the top similar to playing a coin pusher machine to try and hit a jackpot by stacking coins in the slot. You should make up your own mind in regards to whether this is profitable in the long run and should depend on whether you can reach the top and hit that jackpot.

    There is no shortage of people without any critical thoughts thinking skills which is why it has grown to its current size.

    In my own opinion, this is a very brilliant selling scheme and is making a fortune off selling dreams.

    1. Yes it is, but it's unsustainable.

      Eventually you will run out of people to entice, and the pyramid will collapse. Usana numbers in the US have been on the decline for a number of years now.

    2. the only way you can climb to the top in usana is by recruiting and having a massive downline, you can never go big just by selling the product.....i dont know how these "associates" can't see the lies behind usana.....are they so blinded by the facebook photos of their "directors" making it big, having their dream cars and with the hopes of getting there someday?

    3. They definitely are!!

      A friend went to this year's convention and came away all pumped up because he saw all these "directors" with their fancy cars. Sad...

      At least he doesn't pester me with the health benefits of Usana's products anymore haha...

  26. well its up to you if you want to join or not..
    i have a friend,whos USANA member,he wants me to join,sounds interesting,but my concern is just to try their products.
    i need to take a vit,because im on a night duty,i tried Centrum for two months,but the result but the result i feel so week,every time i took those vit,until my co worker said,stop taking those vit because it will cause degenerative desease,US pulled out those vit because it has a bad content..actually,i heard the news not once but several times.and all those people who told me about the news are not a member of any pyramid scheme. until USANA told me whats the reason why Centrum is not good to use. theres a certain vit and mnerals that you cant mix or put together in one tablet..because of some reactions that may cause degenerative deseases..
    my point is..if the concern is your health,try to be a user of their products,if its good for your health.
    and its up to u if u want to join or not,they cant force u. not all business will become successful.your taking the risk,if you fail,dont blame to your business that you chose.its up to you how did you to work it out..
    by the way im not a Usana member

    1. If the US pulled those Centrum vitamins out then you have nothing more to worry about.

      Regarding Usana's buisness opportunity, 99% will never make a profit. And that's a fact.

      If you draw out a simple diagram of Usana's compensation plan, only 10% will recover their autoship. Add on further "business" expenses and only 1% will make a profit.

      That's the mathematics and reality of Usana's compensation model which is a product based pyramid scheme - 99% will not make a profit.

    2. i don't know if it's all "up to you" to use/buy their products.....most people i know that buy the product were forced to by their family/friends, and when you don't buy from them they make you feel guilty.

      from my own experience two of my BEST mates kept asking me to join, they even invited me to a convention, which i went to twice (one in the afternoon and one evening), with one of the usana lawyers (forgot the name) and michael callejas as guest speakers (imo the lawyer was boring af, but michael was a good speaker but all bs)....when i said that i don't really have money to commit on the "business" they tell me that there are other ways to join and pay later (credit), and when i still refuse they say that im just being selfish and don't want to help them,... i feel like the "trainings" they have changed the way they look at me (even people in general) i don't really believe that it is "up to you"

    3. I've heard of this Micahel Callejas character. What bs was he feeding you?

    4. cant really remember, but its the same old same old stuff they teach on their "trainings" and when presenting to "potential prospects".....he just made it more interesting with humor and excitement.....

    5. Thanks Joe.

      You have to wonder if these presenters like Michael are having a giggle on the inside knowing that they are misleading their audience. They speak to a room of prospects knowing full well that the vast majority of them CANNOT make a profit in the scheme.

      I know a presenter who blantantly lies about how much she makes when she speaks. It's so unethical.

  27. I'm from Australia, and The Comparative Guide which rates Usana as number 1 appeared on a TV program here called Today Tonight. All the reps in Australia now use that TV program to lend further credility to the quality of Usana's products.

    Thanks for exposing the fraud Watchdog.

  28. I came from a USANA presentation. I signed up for a basic pack and went to a Saturday training. Everyone was so excited so I got excited. Then I realized everything they are saying on stage is Total BS. One of the things I heard was in order to be successful you have to give. What are you giving me when I join? A bunch of stolen quotes from successful people? If you're so rich why don't you pay for my autoship. I can barely afford it. So I asked for a refund and they tried so hard for me not to refund. Usana charged me a 10% restocking fee plus I paid shipping. I wasted money on Saturday training and all this time. All I heard was garbage. I feel so relieved I got out. I even changed my phone number because all these directors kept pushing me to recruit. Why did my friend have to force me to join this stupid business. Now I Hate him.

    1. Congrats buddy, you got out early. Imagine how much money, time and energy you would of wasted if you stayed lonegr and then realsied after a year it was a scam.

      I've refused to go to an presentations after reading this blog, but the you hear constantly how these presenations really get prospects excited.

      What were you told in these presentations?

  29. A paper on vitamins in supplements as oppose to real food.

  30. A lot of them use first rate psychology tactics. I can see through them. They tried it on me. Also, I hate when they say it is shaped like a pyramid.

  31. SICK Blog you have Watchdog.
    Whether you like or not, USANA will help more people, maybe not in business...but in health!!

    Its simple.... name a pharmaceutical company that is back-up by an ALBERT EINSTEIN awardee?? Only Dr Myron Wentz... and thats the edge of USANA!!!

    OH Please don't tell me that Albert Einstein Award is also a SCAM... *sigh*

    1. The Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Life Sciences is a bogus award created by Global Capital Associates which was nothing more than an investment firm that no longer exists. It would be as if I created my own Albert Einstein award and gave it to you. It would have zero meaning. Just some dumb trophy to sick on the shelf so you can tell everyone you got an "Albert Einstein" award.

      This bogus Einstein Award given to Myron Wentz should not be confused with any of the prestigious Einstein Awards given out to physicist.

      USANA associates have been duped and should feel embarrassed to even mention this meaningless award given to Wentz.

  32. Its good and all that youre trying warn these people Watchdog, I really support it but some of these guys (particularly Mr Einstein here) actually deserve to get duped. Theyre stupid enough to buy into not only Usana, but MLMs and the whole 'vitamins will save my life' propaganda. I say let them get duped so the rest of us have something to laugh about!!

    1. And he warns the people about what exactly? Stick to retail, they are cheap and better? Or, don't join the business, it is not a get rich scheme? Or is he really trying to say, you guys are so ignorant that you need to be educated in order to make better choices for yourself...or the rest of us. In my opinion it is all 3.

    2. Usana reps only tell one side of the story when they try to sell their products, and when they try to sell the business opportunity.

      I am so grateful this blog exists.

  33. Re: USANA Watchdog reply Nov 26 1:18PM ....Clap! Clap! Clap!!!
    How can you be soo BRILLIANTLY..... SICK! Sick! Sick! Sick!

    I challenge you, two things:
    1) Put a name and face on your blog
    2) Sue USANA for being a horrible scammer. You have all the "evidences" and resources for "true data" isn't... so its a sure win!

    This is the last time I will visit your page. Whatever you say after this, I don't even give a damn about it-- its all negativity!! SIGH.

    1. Very well said! A very very good challenge! The talk is over! Go ahead wathcdog, reveal your name and sue Usana. You are talking too much! Just go ahead and sue them. REVEAL YOUR NAME!

    2. Why every USANA challenger is asked to reveal his/her real name and face?? I am one of the challengers and you guys keep asking for my name and photos. I wonder what you will do them...try to identify and locate us and beat us up?!! You guys are the same to each other, your lies are the same, your thoughts are the same, your counter-attack tactics are the same, your sinister levels are the same.....why don't you create something new and actually do something to make yourselves useful to the community, instead of just trying to get rich by giving false hopes??

  34. Supplements are not meant to replace food that's why they are called supplements.

    And I would gladly invest on usana because it is still backed up by research. Even if the people who conducted it are linked, it is still research. rather than believe in commercially sold products which are cheap and may even have parabens.

  35. Agreed....anybody want to know why we need to supplement than research 'the lack of bacteria and minerals in our soils' . No need to buy Usana but please buy a high quality multi as years of deficiencies leads to.....bad shit!! How's life Dog,? Lookin after yourself?


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