Thursday, September 17, 2009

USANA's absurdly overpriced CoQuinone® 30 versus comparable products

USANA's CoQuinone® 30 product is quite popular among its distributors. Do their distributors know just how much they are paying for their CoQ-10 product? I thought I would compare USANA's product with other companies.

USANA's CoQuinone® 30 has 56 tablets, each contains 30 mg of CoQ-10 and 12.5 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid. USANA Charges its distributors $37.95 for one bottle.

What I did is find other companies who sell both CoQ-10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid. I calculated the cost per mg per tablet for both products. Then I recalculate the cost to make an equivalent product as USANA's (56 pills each with 30 mg of CoQ-10 & 12.5 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid). The resulting cost is astonishing!

GNC, Natrol, Source Naturals, and Nature's Bounty all fall under $10 for an equivalent product to USANA's. The graph below says it all. I recommend sharing the PDF document in the link below as it contains all the calculations so there is no refuting the numbers.

Again, USANA overcharges its distributors in order to fund its pyramid scheme. Contact your state's attorney general's office if you are or have been a victim of USANA's business opportunity scam.


  1. Yea but Usana's products are listed in the PDR proving their 100% guaranteed one else has that!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. Usana's listing in the PDR is a paid one *shakes head* It's just advertising for Usana and you reps use it to con people.

    2. if Usana paid for that.. then all supplements can buy their way off to PDR.. sadly and unfortunately they CANT.. and will never be listed..

    3. USANA says they paid for it. It is also stated in the PDR literature.

      BTW, most all other supplement manufacturers are not stupid enough to have their products listed in the Physician's Desk Reference for "Drugs". Instead, they list it in the Physician's Desk Reference for "Dietary Supplements & Herbs".

  2. USANA'S products have high quality third best health products in the world

  3. Out of 1500 nutritional supplements, USANA's products is rated 5 star. It's of good quality, why don't you try it yourself in order for you to prove if it is really overpriced. The price compensates its good quality.

  4. In response to the anonymous poster above who claims out of 1500 supplements, USANA's is 5 star rated.

    This is based on Lyle Macwilliam's "Comparative Guide to Nutrition Supplements", which is a book sold primarily to USANA distributors as a sales aid. The book claims it is a non-bias third party book, but I go over how false this is on my sister website: under Third Party.

    Sorry, I would rather book my trust is natural foods rather than something produced by a crooked company trying to deceive people into joining a pyramid scheme.

  5. Sorry, but by stating that USANA is a pyramid scheme, you show just how immensely ignorant you are about the whole subject!! DO SOME REAL RESEARCH!!
    Whose payroll are you on...?

    Oh, and by the way, the Nutriseach Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements is available on AMAZON.COM !!.... do only USANA dostributors have access to AMAZON???

  6. I have tried under my cardiologist's care many different brands of CoQ10 over the past 10 yrs to help mitigate the pains associated with statin-mediated myositis/myopathy with dosages up to 400mg/day without success.
    Recently, both my cardiologist and rheumatologist had recommended the PDR listed CoQ10 at 2x30mg per day. Within 4 weeks the majority of the pains associated with statin-mediated myositis/myopathy were reduced.

    I am a consultant in the biotech field assisting biopharmaceutical companies develop formulations for their drugs. A critical attribute of a good formulation is to both deliver the drug AND have the drug adsorbed efficiently into the body. Without both attributes one may not have an effective product.

    Is the USANA CoQ10 over priced, perhaps, but so far it is among a small elite group companies that seem to provide a drug formulation that provides an effective adsorption of the CoQ10 into the body. Drug companies are here to make money as any business does. The cost of the excipients and preparation as well as formulation development costs is part of the overall costs. Again, over priced, perhaps. Process improvements/inefficiencies, etc. should see prices going down or if a real competitor emerges.

    As with all things, if it works, it is worth the cost.
    I'm always looking for a competitor, but so far none has the same efficacy.

    Finally, dear "watchdog", while it is of some note that you are self driven but what has driven you to this state is not clear; do not let your frenzy blind you. Your blog seems just a rant about cost and nothing else; people vote with their wallets. If the USANA product doesn't work, then people won't buy it...simple as that.

    1. To Anonymous:

      You said, "If the USANA product doesn't work, then people won't buy it...simple as that."

      Exactly! Should we put Usana products to the test then? Oh wait, Usana would never do that because they know their profits would plummet if they actually treat their distributors like adults and let them decide for themselves whether or not they should buy the products.

      All you know is the product side and know nothing about the business side. The products are overpriced. Check out how much less they are selling on Ebay. If Usana products were really fairly priced, Usana wouldn't have a monthly requirement and this blog wouldn't even exist and NO ONE would call Usana a scam. Put two and two together and you'll find that this is basically a scheme to push overpriced products.

      They can make all of this go away by removing the requirement but they won't. Why would any company refuse to do that if their products really are great and priced competitively?

    2. Watch Dog, No-one is forcing anyone to take the Q10, anyone has the right to choose the supplements that they need. But let me ask you a question...What problem is it to you, if someone chooses USANA product or another generic formula? Sounds like you are a small minded individual, who has no other need but to trash something or someone who maybe able to give Pharmaceutical grade health products.

    3. Watchdog is just demonstrating that Usana's product are overpriced to fund a pyramid scheme.

      Without the MLM business model the the products would be A LOT cheaper wouldn't you agree?

  7. A lot of my friends are a member of this usana business and they keep on recruiting me I considered joining the company but when I studied the compensation plan I didn't like the fact that you have to be enrolled in the auto ship to qualify for commission because of that I declined their invitation. But looking at their post on Facebook seems like they are making profit out of it. As for me I have no plans of joining I'll just be happy and with all the success in their business. Watchdog you are right when I studied the business model I had the same conclusion. I guess my friend are just very good on recruiting new associates.

  8. The pioneer of this website, "watch dog", is apparently from a different direct selling company or if not, totally just a pathetic poor individual who failed several times trying to make it big in this industry but can't. Rant all you want you obnoxious silly person, while we on the other hand continue to just focus on what we can maximize with our resources and push on staying on top.. OF YOU! :) You will forever be just another person, poor and ugly, trying to pull down other people driven to get their dreams because you simply just cant accept the fact that YOU CAN'T :) I am so enjoying this moment right now not because you got under my skin or anything, I'm enjoying this because we are much alike. Similar in terms of trying to bring people down, in your case good people or companies but in my case, negative people LIKE YOU! and for the record, I am not from Usana. I'm from a different company but many people would agree with me that we are all in the same industry and we should help each other out instead of investing time and effort to bring all of it down. So let me give you an unsolicited advise. Back off or ill hunt you down! Me and my army will slit your throat. And in my religion, it's okay to kill people like you.. so be careful you rat. I watching you....

    1. And people wonder why I don't post my identity??? This posting here pretty much sums up the entire MLM industry/mafia.

    2. What a completely ignorant person with a rotten religion belief. You don't even deserve to live any longer. Support Watchdog and friends.

  9. I think WATCH DOG is an average statistic. I mean we all just saw that GNC, WalMart, Walgreens and Target all received a letter to pull vitamins off the shelf that contained nothing but house plants and fillers. Yeah your paying for nothing elsewhere if you agree with WATCH DOG.

  10. But I guess you can say the same thing about anything.

    Cars for example.
    A Mercedez Benz is overpriced when you can just get a Hyundai or a mazda miata.

    Houses for example.
    A house in manhattan is overpriced compare to a house in mississipi.

    Shampoos for example.
    A Pantene is over price compare to VOF which cost 3 for $1.00 ($0.33 each)

    Clothings for example
    A mink is over price compare to a jacket.

    Computer for example
    A 1TB of storage and 1GB of RAM is overprice compare to 500 MB of storage and 250MB of RAM

    Need I go on.

  11. The USANA products work and have made a difference for me,my team and my customers. That's the bottom line. Making a difference in people's health

    1. I was just wondering...
      IF you don't get paid by usana.
      WILL you do the same to promote it as hard as you do now,
      WHEN you have just said that you want to make a difference in people's health.

      I wonder about that because when I love a movie, I will say go see it. But I will not make you go see it because I don't get paid by the movie maker and I will not constantly manage you to go see it.


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