Monday, July 11, 2011

Finally, USANA Receives FDA certification for Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices.

 I have criticized USANA for many years for not seeking certification to back their claim that they adhere to "Pharmaceutical GMP". But after 19 years, USANA finally gets the certification and can now use this fact to bolster their product's manufacturing quality. The certification was done by none other than the United States Food and Drugs Administration. Finally, USANA does something right.

Now if they can fix their compensation plan to eliminate the pyramid scheme in which 99% of associates who joined the business opportunity with the intent to make money actually end up losing money. Those with no intent to make money sign up as preferred customers. All associates are required to continually purchase over $100 worth of product every 28 days in order to participate in the business venture. Those mandatory purchases pay out commission to the upline associates. However, the associate making those purchases receive no commission even if they retail the product. This is why I believe USANA is a pyramid scheme.

The FTC made the following statement regarding pyramid schemes:
"...a multi-level compensation system funded primarily by payments made for the right to participate in the venture is an illegal pyramid scheme." - Staff Advisory Opinion - Pyramid Scheme Analysis
Now one of USANA's very top associates who claims to have made over $4 million as a USANA distributor recently made the following statement when explaining to team members whether they should join as distributors or non-distributors:
"Our recommendation, unless you plan to make a lot of retail sales (which most Associates don’t, because of the USANA PC Program), would be to enroll as a non-Distributor Associate, since you would be charged sales tax on the lower, Wholesale, rather than Retail, prices of taxable items for your location." - Distributor or Non-Distributor Associate - by Pete and Dora Zdanis

So like I have pointed out many times, USANA's distributors cannot retail the product because the preferred customers get it at the same price the distributors do. Here we have a top USANA distributor who has been with the company for 18 years (since the beginning) admitting that most associates don't make a lot of retail sales because of the preferred customer program. USANA has 213,000 ACTIVE associates and 70,000 ACTIVE preferred customers. Since there are 3 associates for every 1 preferred customer, it doesn't take a genius to come to the conclusion that very little marketing of USANA products goes on beyond the associates.

I bring this up to make my point that USANA's commissions are funded primarily by their associates' required 4 week purchases which are made for the right to participate in the venture and be commission eligible. The FTC stated that commissions funded primarily by these required payments is illegal pyramid scheme. I believe USANA can do it legitimately by doing one of two things.

1) Either stop FORCING associates to purchase over $100 worth of products every 4 weeks in order to be commission eligible (you lose any sales points built by preferred customers or downline associates if you fail to make these purchases)


2) Stop paying commission to upline distributors from the FORCED purchases made by their downline distributors in order to fulfill business obligations. The associates are buying product from USANA, not each and every upline distributor above them.

Of Course, USANA will never consider doing either one of my suggestions because it would collapse the pyramid scheme and the company would go out of business in less than 3 months. This is because the only distributors who would continue to make product purchases would be those who actually want to product and not because it is a required business obligation.

So how about it USANA, would you like to make the next step in the right direction?


  1. Is it fair to say distributors are forced to purchase anything? I personally am not involved with Usana but with another company. I think its fair for a company to have minimum volume requirements and other expectations if they are going to give a independent distributor certain rights and privileges. The primary privilege is one of being placed in their accounting software and be processed for a commission check each month on any volume they are eligible to be paid on.
    Having such production requires is common in all sales organizations. In fact, outside of network marketing if you don't produce required quotas you get fired! Distributors sign up knowing about the quotas. For companies to pay distributors without such a requirement I don't think would be fair to the company. Neither is it fair to say its a pyramid because of the monthly volume requirement. The FTC has established what constitutes a pyramid and that is essentially an organization that makes no end sales to consumers but only to participants in the scheme. Lets be fair in characterizing companies as pyramids is all I'm suggesting.

  2. Mr. Home Business

    Usana is forcing the associates to purchase product that is very difficult to sell. The products are 3 to 4 times the price of the local drug store. The Usana associate becomes the end user and the consumer of 80% of the Usana sales volume.

    1. Usana forces no one to purchase product. Everyone human has the ability of choice; to make decisions for themselves. If you decide that you don't want a healthy life then don't get involve with Usana. Its very simple. And yes their products are more expensive compare to local drug store, but you get what you pay for. And selling Usana product is only hard if you are a NOOB at targeting the right person. That is why most people fail because they have no skills in communication and understanding their costumers.

    2. Hi Yee, you must be a new distributor.

      Please do more research and tell the world USANA's products are the finest quality and their prices are not marked up to fund a pyramid scheme. And don't use the Comparative Guide as a reference because that book was commissioned by, and biased to, USANA.

      USANA also states on its website that its products are "not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease", so if you and any of your customers experience any radical improvement to an existing medical condition please contact a reputable media IMMEDIATELY! It'll be worth sharing such phenomena to the world and not just anecdotally via MLM don't you think?

      At the end of 2012, USANA disclosed that there were 247,000 distributors and only 64,000 preferred customers. So you see Yee the real customers of USANA are actually the distributors.

      There must be a ton of noobs out there having difficulty selling USANA products for only 64,000 existing customers in the last 20 years. Or maybe you'll the one to corner the retail market Yee! Best of luck!

      Watchdog, perhaps it's time to update your FAQs page :)

  3. "...a multi-level compensation system funded primarily by payments made for the right to participate in the venture is an illegal pyramid scheme."

    This is actually WHY ALL MLM companies require you to BUY PRODUCT. It isn't paying for the right to be a part of the company, it's buying product...instead of buying the opportunity. That is how MLM companies stay legal. Very few, if any MLM's have more customers than business associates. If you don't like the product, if you can't use them yourself or sell them to people, then don't buy them. USANA actually is pretty fair in that if you have customers that sign up with you and spend the $100, you don't have to...not sure how that is unfair, just market the product more.

    That said is USANA worth 3-4x more than the local drug store...well maybe. They are way, WAY better than anything you can buy over the counter, that is all crap, literally. But the bioavailabiliy and ingredients do raise some questions in certain areas just as phytonutrients and such. This blogger just has a chip on his shoulder he has no idea what he is talking about, but USANA is one of the better MLMs out there cause they actually make a decent product. Is it worth the $60 a month to use...I just don't is borderline.

  4. Mr Decent Product

    How do you know that Usana makes a decent product?
    Do you have the test results? How does your math get from $100 to $60. The only way you can get $100 of Usana products for $60 is on Ebay. There the price is $60.
    Usana is not borderline. They are fleecing people. Do you say "Bahhhh" when you take your pills?
    The only thing borderline is your math.The Price is too high! The associates are dumping the product on Ebay!

  5. A colleague actually invited me to join this and I attended the 3 hour product introduction. Their speakers are actually good conversationalist but if you are going to look at it, the product appeared as well as the organization really perfect which is DANGEROUS!!!! When I tried to get out of the place, some people even hinder me and try to explain again what they have even though I really resist to listen. Because of respect to my colleague,I stayed a little longer but I really do not want to be a part of an org that promises me so much benefits in exchange of a they so called "little money" which i doubt is a little sum. They have me signed a membership but I only wrote my name, address and email and signed with a fake signature. I have no idea if I made the right decision...but I have a feeling that I am.

    1. it comes from you, that you really dont listen. isnt it that you are relly close minded when it comes to this kind of matter?..


  6. A decent product would be a supplement that cost the amount of a supplement. Not overpriced "pharmaceutical grade" products that are marked up to fund a pyramid. Look into the products closely and talk to someone who has an IDEA of what goes into these products.

  7. First of all, USANA is not pyramid scheme, and it´s the Securities and Exchange Comission of United States who said so since 2008, and it´s on internet of you want to check up on that.

    Second, about the product, test results had been done and published in the "Comparative Guide of Nutritional Suplements". The book is published in US, Canada and México, and all of you can buy it in Amazon as i did. 1600 products evaluated there and i don´t see any of the companies listed there complaining about the results.

    By the way, look for the "quality" you are truly buying in all those products you can get in the supermarket, you will be truly amazed and dissapointed about it.

    I hope mister USANA Watch Dog do publish my comment, i dare him to do it.

    1. In response to the anonymous who wrote "First of all, USANA is not pyramid scheme, and it´s the Securities and Exchange Commission of United States who said so since 2008, and it´s on internet of you want to check up on that."

      The SEC did not make any such statement. The SEC began its investigation, but they never stated specifically what they are investigating. During the investigation, Several members with falsified credentials stepped down. USANA's auditors even quit. The SEC finally dropped the investigation, but that was it. They never made any statement that USANA wasn't a pyramid scheme. In fact, it is the FTC's jurisdiction to protect sales reps (distributors) from pyramid scheme. The SEC handles ponzi schemes which is more of an investment scam.

      The fraud report put out by the Fraud Discovery Institute did not include the FTC as recipients in the report. Why FDI didn't include them is beyond me, but Barry was more interested in driving the stock down than actually using the accurate information many people supplied him with for his report and sending it to the appropriate parties. So when you get a chance, post a link on here if you can find where the SEC stated that USANA is not a pyramid scheme.

      You also wrote "Second, about the product, test results had been done and published in the "Comparative Guide of Nutritional Suplements""

      As for the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, I suggest you read the blog posting regarding NutriSearch and Lyle Macwilliam:

      He hired a USANA distributor to do the research, layout, and editing. The book is loaded with bias. As for the claim that no companies complained about the result:
      Maleluca complained and can easily be found on the internet:

      Xtend-life complained as well:

      and I bet most of the companies evaluated don't even know the book exists. The primary buyer of the book are USANA distributors because that is who the book is written for, the distributors. It's all spelled out on my blog article regarding the book.

  8. Sir watchdog the last two link is not working completely it always put me in the homepage of that site and the blogspot too...

    i really think the Comparative guide to nutritional supplement is a bias book.. my cousin is recruiting me and blindly defending usana and the comparative guide, he said why does the big companies who gained low rating doesnt file a lawsuit against the book if they believed that it is biased? and telling me that the book was funded by the Canadian government thats why it is legit in any other way. i only have limited resource thats why i am asking your complete opinion about this book

    my cousin also told me that myron wentz received a very prestigious award called albert einstein award(after the man who invented the flu vaccine whom he failed to name) for making cell live 20 years in a dish (well its obviously a lie) ---- but i have proven him wrong in the sense that the award he received was not that prestigious(CGA website is down for a very long time, so much for a prestigious award from a very prestigious award giving body)

    he claimed that he researched it so well but when i argued with him it looks like he dont know anything about the award

    i worry about my cousin's well being and reputation(he is out there recruiting and annoying his friends giving out wrong and misleading information) that why i really need help from you someone who is very knowledgeable about this topic

    1. Caring Cousin,

      I have researched Dr. Wentz and Usana since I started using their products. Dr. Wentz did received the Albert Einstein Award in 2007. Several health and medicine publications reported that Dr. Wentz' won these prestigious award.

      I have also found several peer reviewed articles (meaning other scientists and researchers have to approve the publication before is published) in my university library databases in which Dr. Wentz is one of the authors and scientist of many publications. These sources are reliable and trustworthy because the databases serve as the main source of information for students' research and for whoever is interested in reliable and reputable information.

      Your cousin should be fine.

      Here are some of Dr. Wentz' publications:

      Ascorbic acid at physiological concentrations can induce necrosis and apoptosis in lymphoid cells: Alexander Malugin, Sergey Preobrazhensky and Myron Wentz. Apoptosis Research Laboratory, USANA, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. From the journal, Free Radical Biology and Medicine. DOI: 10.1016/S0891-5849(99)90985-1

      Enzyme-Based Methods for IgM Serology: Standard Indirect ELISA vs Antibody-Capture ELISA. Journal, Laboratory Medicine, 04/01/1992, Vol.23(4), pp.259-263

    2. Myron Wentz received a phony Albert Einstein award from an investment firm that went out of business shortly after giving Myron Wentz this trophy. This was NOT the prestigious award given out by a very credible scientific organization....

  9. all of you are wrong. :D Usana is already tested an proven without all of those third parties. Here in Philippines hundredths and millionths of people and animals are already a USANA USERS. Sorry guys but we do believe their products its because of our testimonies even we don't rely on the third parties that youve said. God knows and he made an instrument USANA in our lives. Thank you

    1. ...Yet another person who treats USANA as something very holy. If God uses USANA as an instrument in our lives as you say, why won't He let these Essentials grow from trees instead of the fruits and the vegetables we eat?

      I use USANA essentials -- sorry but it was out of FORCED PURCHASE by a relative. I can bet more than half of those users made those purchase the same way as I do -- FORCED PURCHASE either thru Autoship or just because their friend, workmate, groupmate or relative is an associate. I can bet that it's not only more than half there in the Philippines, but almost every USANA User there due to the high price of USANA products. No changes from me inside out; only gave me more appetite to eat which is not good.

      Go prove me wrong here! Actually NO ONE has proven me wrong yet and called me names instead. Happened to me in real life too. Why, can't win an argument even in the internet?

      Anyway, "hundredth" mean 1/100 and "millionth" is 1/1000000. Are you aware of that?

  10. This is very amusing, a lot of out-of-nothing comments, a lot of contradictions, unsupported statements. I understand why people working as Usana associates have so many troubles. A friend of mine is one of them, I honestly rejected him because I hate dealing with people and my family is very wealthy. But I DO KNOW how Usana actually works, I DO use the product it IS very good. Helped me a lot. My friend has a very good income and it is a fair system. Overpriced products? 50 bucks for monthly vitamins... Anyone who think so, is a poor loser. Get a good job and don't be cheap on your health. Thank God I'm not a Usana associate and have to deal with idiots like you. Get a decent job and stop complaining. God bless you.

    1. Okay spoiled rich brat. Not everyone is rich and can afford a bottle of vitamins for $50. It has nothing to do with getting a job or not. Some people can use $50 to feed an entire family for a week. I really feel like Usana has brain washed you from you taking those pills of there hahaha!

  11. $50 bucks a month?

    Try $100 every 4 weeks ($100 * 13 = $1300 per year). That's what associates pay if they have 1-business center.

    Those that have multiple business centers pay $200 every 4 weeks which is $2600 per year.

    So not only are USANA's products overpriced, but USANA forces their associates to purchase more than they can ever resell which is considered "inventory loading", which is indicative of an illegal pyramid scheme.

    So you think paying between $1300 to $2600 a year on vitamins that have no substantiated proof do anything more beneficial than vitamins that cost less than a tenth of USANA's autoship price?

    1. "Those that have multiple business centers pay $200 every 4 weeks which is $2600 per year."

      Right, and that is a deal if you think about it.. if you have 10 business centers and only paying $200 every 4 weeks which is $2600 per's like paying $260 per business center annually.. a gym membership cost even more than that.. And likewise it's like you have 10 franchise stores but only paying rent on only 2 of them. Plus.. if each franchise stores/business centers is EARNING ONLY $100 per week... that is $100 * 4 weeks * 10 stores/centers = $4000 per month INCOME.. passively. (I know someone that has 8 business centers and earning AT LEAST $100 per week)...

      As for beneficial.. that's up to you to decide... try eating cheapest crap vitamins like centrum vs higher quality and more expensive ones..(don't have to be usana.. like douglas labs which cost EVEN MORE and needs a license health professonal to sell it to you) and you will know the difference. Chances are you did not walk the walk but just talk the talk. Amen.

    2. Do you understand what inventory loading is? It is when USANA requires their associates to personally purchase more product than the associate can reasonably resell. USANA has a restriction on the majority of its associates that does not allow the associates to retail the USANA product. Yet, USANA still requires those associates to personally purchase product. How are those associates suppose to resell their inventory when USANA does not allow them to resell their inventory?

      This forced purchase made by associates ($100+ for 1 business center and $200+ for multiple business centers) every four weeks is the driving mechanism of USANA's pyramid scheme. This forced purchase actually funds the commission for the upline members.

      Associates don't need to buy inventory when they are not retailing product. Especially when USANA does not allow them to.

      You wrote "if each franchise stores/business centers is EARNING ONLY $100 per week"

      Funny you try to make it sound as though making $100 per business center is easy. If each associate personally purchases $100 (whether they want or not), then 40 associates would be required for each business center. Ten business centers making $100 each means you maxed out at least 4 separate business centers in order to get 7 re-entries (additional business centers). Maxing out a business center requires 10000 points, which pays out $1000 commission. How many associates would you need to max out a business center if each purchases $100 worth of product? 100 associates.

      Yeah, so if you are ONLY making $100 per business center and you have 10 business centers, then you likely have over 1000 associates in your downline. How many friends and family members do you have to dupe in order to realize the destruction you are causing to those people? 99% of USANA associates do not make a profit. 66% don't even make back a single penny.

      As for the benefit of USANA products, if you think it is that great, then you wouldn't have any problem telling your customers to buy it from Ebay because associates dump their inventory there at half their autoship price. Or is the real benefit the placebo? Or is it that USANA associates will say and do almost anything to sign people up in their downline so they can have their dreams come true of making millions...

    3. Its very funny how many people think $100 a month is over price. PLZ! you should take a look at other supplment comanies and see how much they charge their members a month. You looking at about $300-$600 on average and most of these companies arnt even FDA approve. So if you think $100 is allot then you need to do some searching on how much other companies charge their members.

    4. It's NOT a $100 per month. It's AT LEAST US$100 every 4 WEEKS.

      In Australia it's $185 every 4 weeks which is US$174 at today's exchange rate.

      That's a lot of money for most people.

      You can spend that money on fresh fruit and vegetables instead. You know, real food.

    5. I think there really is no such thing as "FORCED PURCHASE". Heck nobody can make you do what you dont want to do. It's either you enroll for auto order or not. I sell 300pts worth of products every month without difficulty at distributor's price. I believe in the products and believe it or not I've helped a lot of people take care of their health. Now, I dont ask people to purchase them. They call me to get more. It all boils down to why you do what you do. If you think it doesnt work for you, dont do it. After all, truth is what you believe in.

    6. Many here are neglecting to understand (or admit) that if you, as a USANA associate, want to keep your Group Sales Volume and/or collect a commission, you "MUST PURCHASE" (as stated in USANA SEC FILINGS) at least 100 volume points worth of product every 4 weeks, 13 times a year... They also go on stating that you can either consume the product yourself or resell it (good luck on that). Bottom line, in order to participate in USANA's compensation plan, you are forced to purchase the product.

  12. If only numerous fast food chains like McDonald's and Burger King had to undergo such scrutiny. Just maybe there wouldn't be this obesity epidemic or problems with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and type II Diabetes. Shame on USANA for promoting their vitamins, meal supplement, and exercise (its on the back of the package). Nevermind that McDonald's made 10.82 billion in gross income last year. Pay no attention to the $8.75 million McDonald's paid their CEO Jim Skinner in 2012 while the average McDonald's employee makes an average of $18,000 a year. The focus of this debate over USANA seems minuscule compared to this grand rip off fast food chains profit from. To top it off, a debate over products promoting a healthy lifestyle.

  13. USANA Best supplements money can buy. Yea God made fruits and vegies, and man depleted the nutrients from the soil with NPK fertilizers instead of natural crop rotation. Check out decline of nutrients in farming soils and plants grown in those soils. Facts already established foods half half if even that of via mines and minerals they use to 40 years ago! Dispute that and your the liars! So supplementation with supplements Is Mandatory if you want to live healthy! Dispute that if you can. If you do you are a liar! So who do you choose? Fraud is rampant in the vitamin industry! BUT NOT WITH USANA! Far too many testimonials out there, far too many. If it wasn't doing good THERE WOULD BE NO REPEAT CUSTOMERS! PERIOD! THERE ARE NO BETTER SUPPLEMENTS THAN WHAT USANA MAKES, end of story!

    1. Proof??
      Please dont bring in the comparative guide book. its biased

  14. Best Supplements

    A large percentage of Usana's raw materials come from China. This may not be bad, but perception trumps reality when marketing products.I have no faith in anything manufactured or produced in China.Why don't you ask Any? If people knew from what materials the vitamins were made and
    where they were produced they wouldn't buy them.

    I did see some lab tests on Usana's products. The ingredients were not close to what was proclaimed on the label. This is not against the law because Usana is selling a food product not pharmaceuticals as proclaimed in their advertising..I wish I still had access to those lab tests or a link to them. You can ask Andy.

    Do you know who was put in you up-line today?

  15. im taking it 5days but i did not vowel almost 3days so i need to take laxative tablet and aside for i am now suffering uti and sickness for 3day

  16. USANA products are very great.. in fact, it cured my mom's Rheumatoid arthritis, and my classmate's auntie who had stage 2 cervical cancer, after 3 mos she was cancer free. and also it cured my allergies. :) anyway its up to you if your negative in network marketing. for sure your one of the people who failed in network marketing :) joke! cheer up! :) try the products, soon you'll need it :)

  17. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Go for what you believe in. If you think Usana Health Sciences (UHS) is a scam, then don't be a part of it. And don't even bother researching and making time for UHS-related things because it will only waste your time. Instead of going into the details of UHS business, mind your own business. Who knows you will be wealthier doing that. You won't get rich by being negative, especially to those things you never really want to be a part of (e.g. UHS). :)

    I am a distributor of UHS and I am more than happy to share the vision of Dr. Myron Wentz. I introduce UHS to my friends and families, and I respect whatever decision they make. No one is forcing anyone to start their Usana business. We are all grown-ups so I am expecting that each individual should be responsible enough to make his/her own decisions. Unfortunately, not everyone is mature enough. That is why people make a lot of negative comments about something (which is completely understandable). Just a piece of advice to everyone, let's be positive and attract the life we want to live. If you find Usana as the vehicle for you to reach your dreams and succeed, then go. If you find it in other means, go. What matters is you and your loved ones live the life you dream of, no matter how simple or grand it may be. It's your life, you know yourself better than anyone else. You are your own driver to the path of happiness and contentment. Be happy! :)


    1. jd,

      The majority (99%) of those who join USANA as a distributor/associate do not make a profit. Two thirds never make a single commission check. About 100% of those associates who are ranked Gold Director or higher got there by having enormous downlines of associates whom the majority have themselves lost money in the venture.

      People have much better odds taking the $29.95 enrollment fee they would spend joining USANA and putting it on a single number on the roulette table and make $1018.30.
      Odds on Roulette Table for picking a single number is 1 in 37.
      Odds on making a profit by joining USANA is 1 in 100.

      People would have much more fun playing roulette than wasting their time and money as a USANA distributor. Sure, everyone in USANA will act like they're your friend until you quit your autoship, return product, or quit.

    2. jd,

      Yes, everyone should mind their own business. But if you guys use lies to get whoever to join your downlines and most of them tend not to be lucky and capable to survive the business, you guys are the bad guys, no matter how you defend yourselves.

  18. I think of the health benefits and costs comparison. I work in Human Resources and know the costs of bad health and unhealthy employee's. So far, since I've been using the supplements consistently over the past year, I've gotten sick once (only because I forgot my vitamins and didn't take them for 5 days) and have great energy! So I'm more productive and I use less sick days than years before. Same goes for my four children and husband. I use my health benefits very little. That's an employer's dream! So the $170 I use on the vitamins (which we consume monthly) is pennies in comparison to what I'm saving on loss of wages, productivity at work, cold remedies and paying extra for childcare.Not to mention the long term cost benefits to my health. My daughter and son's grade have improved significantly. That's what I'm finding this industry is built on is these kind of stories and first hand accounts. It changed my entire habits on health. Recently, I started purchasing organic foods and our family consumes less processed foods.

    I don't bother recruiting associates. I just want people to be healthy. I have witnessed firsthand improved health with my family. I have blood tests in the past 3yrs since(I get a detailed assessment from a naturalpath) I've been taking the supplements. Its improved. My cholesterol is improving, vitamin D, etc. Every associate has a different approach. I would be selfish to push people to do something they feel uncomfortable with and seek to benefit from them financially. But I let them know I am there if they want to try a more natural route and serious about improving their health. I always tell people to look at the source. Don't believe the internet, because sometimes it could be the competition making claims or ratings. I'be never know of any company that hasn't had bad a rating or review. Look at the source. We put so much research into vitamin supplements and very little into selecting a bank or a cell phone provider, which you should.

    That's your dirt...I'm not going to get caught up in your critique. I think that's why Usana distributors can be so aggressive, because they believe in the supplements so much. People in mainstreem are used to immediate gratification when it comes to compensation. They are still in employee mode. If you worked 2hrs at a regular job, what wud your paycheck look like? Most associates probably only do it part time (2hrs a week). You get what you put into it. That's probably why they don't make a commission or do very well at first.

    Network marketing is the same as any organizational chart. TheThose people at the top got there after working 20yrs. Robert Keyosaki recommends to peoe to commit to Network marketing for 5yrs. A typical pyramid scam is derrived from a high cost of membership.
    Definition of pyramid scheme:

    A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.

    There are investment and sales of products. If Network Marketing was illegal...why is it offered as a degree at Harvard?

    Sorry for the long blog. Just thought I would throw some different facts in there and give you some fuel to drive your


    Healthier & Sexier

  19. "USANA has 213,000 ACTIVE associates and 70,000 ACTIVE preferred customers. Since there are 3 associates for every 1 preferred customer, it doesn't take a genius to come to the conclusion that very little marketing of USANA products goes on beyond the associates."

    Pls. allow me to give my 2 cents in this discussion.

    A preferred customer is one who regularly buys the product for his own consumption.

    An associated is one who buys the product for his own consumption and retails the rest of the items.

    That's the difference between the two. Now, would it be preferable to enjoy the benefits of the product and earning some extra income as well?

  20. Multi-level marketing firms are proof how incompetent the majority of the population are at believing this load of crap...

    1. may i ask you if you are a business man or studied business, the truth is, Multi-level Marketing gives opportunities to associates in order to earn money through hard work and selling, instead of investing in other marketing strategies such as high paid advertisements, the company gives the budget for that ads to associates who works hard for the company to earn.. unlike any other scamartis companies that wants to earn money by convincing people to invest instead of giving them ways on how to earn back the money they used to buy the products.. if you think its a load of crap, think wisely dont just talk like you know everything, if you want to be successful in life, dont let the usual job stand in your way and innovate..


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