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Top USANA associates leave USANA for ARIIX - a MLM founded by former USANA president Fred Cooper


Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeffrey Yates and Riley Timmer resigned from USANA on May 9th, 2011 launched their own multilevel marketing company called ARIIX. At the beginning of July, USANA discovered that several of their top distributors (and I mean very top) had joined ARIIX as founding distributors. USANA terminated these members and may have a much larger problem looming. I believe we have to wait until the Third Quarter financial results to see the damage if any ARIIX has on USANA's distributor numbers.

When top distributors leave one MLM company to join another, their devote congregation (Downline members) usually follow. These leaders were used in virtually all of USANA's literature as well. So who are these so called USANA leaders that joined ARIIX?

USANA Distributor #2111980 - Timothy Lewis - 4 Star Diamond Director - Millionaire Club
ARIIX Distributor #10138 - Timothy Lewis - 4DL Enterprises Inc. -

USANA Distributor #133412 - Lynn Allen Johnson - 5 Star Diamond Director - Millionaire Club
ARIIX Distributor #10146 - Lynn Allen Johnson - Vision is Power Inc.-

USANA Distributor #2119355 - Duke Tubtim - 5 Star Diamond Director - Millionaire Club
ARIIX Distributor #10198 - Duke Tubtim - Kaizen Support Group Inc. -

USANA Distributor #295671 - Steve and Myrna Swartz - Diamond Director - Millionaire Club
ARIIX Distributor # 10168 - Steve Swartz - Have it All, Inc. -

(There may be more leaders who joined ARIIX, and I will post them on here when I find them)

These members have all made over one million dollars in commission and bonuses at USANA and they decided to take a risk and join ARIIX instead. Interestingly enough, all four of these USANA distributors are placed at the very top of ARIIX's distributor hierarchy (because they were the first ones in). A couple of these members have written on the internet why they believe they were terminated by USANA and express their displeasure.
Lynn Allen Johnson letter
Duke Tubtim letter

Now USANA does have a policy in place that allows their distributors to join other MLM companies as long as the other company does not offer a competing product. Well, ARIIX markets vitamins and minerals just as USANA does. So none of USANA distributors can join ARIIX and remain a USANA distributor. So are other USANA distributors joining ARIIX? You bet!

As I find additional USANA members also with ARIIX, I will update the list below.

USANA Distributor #3704262 - Randy "Yosef" Katz - - Sabai Marketing Group
ARIIX Distributor #10247 - Randy "Yosef" Katz - Sabai -
See Randy Yosef Katz USANA resignation letter

USANA Distributor #3940012 - Pollawat Pankam -
ARIIX Distributor #11357 - Pollawat Pankam -

USANA Distributor #3936760 - Somboon Pongpruk -
ARIIX Distributor #11376 - Somboon Pongpruk -

USANA Distributor #7662974 - Edward Williams -
ARIIX Distributor #12996 - Edward Williams -

(added to this list Aug 5, 2011)
USANA Distributor #3053770 - Iris Lee - Team ASD -
ARIIX Distributor #10228 - Iris Lee - IS Health Enterprises Ltd. -

(Following added to this list Aug 20, 2011. These USANA Distributors were all part of the Team "Global Success Leaders" in USANA with Lynn Allen Johnson. Now they are all part of the same team and same name, but under ARIIX. )
USANA Distributor #2926598 - Rick Billings -
ARIIX Distributor #10727 - Rick Billings -

USANA Distributor #4154550 - Rick & Cynthia Evans -
ARIIX Distributor #10896 - Rick & Cynthia Evans -

USANA Distributor #2812402 - Mike Delevante -
ARIIX Distributor #10817 - Mike Delevante -

USANA Distributor #3909038, 4112764 & 4380414 - Anh Vongbandith -
ARIIX Distributor #12816 - Anh Vongbandith -

USANA Distributor #2127139 - Tatyana Sutherland -
ARIIX Distributor #11188 - Tatyana Sutherland

USANA Distributor #4086676 - John R. Parke -
ARIIX Distributor #11507 - John R. Parke - 11507

(Following added to this list Aug 23, 2011.)
 USANA Distributor #: 3250998 - Melissa Daniels -
ARIIX Distributor #: 11496 - Healthy 4 Life, LCC - Melissa Daniels -

USANA Distributor #: 128089 - Larry & Susie Sisson -
ARIIX Distributor #: 10547 - Larry & Susie Sisson -

USANA Distributor #: 2765838 - Tracee Gluhaich -
ARIIX Distributor #: 18696 - Tracee Gluhaich -

(Following added to this list Aug 29, 2011.)
USANA Distributor #:  - Sandy LV - Ruby Director -
ARIIX Distributor #: 19176 - Sandy LV -

USANA Distributor #: 8297220 - Debbie Turner -
ARIIX Distributor #: 20916 - Debbie Turner -

USANA Distributor #: 2479038 - Lucia Sanchez -
ARIIX Distributor #: 34596 - Lucia Sanchez -

(Following added to this list Sept 1, 2011.)
USANA Distributor #: 244097 - Arlene Hutchinson -
ARIIX Distributor #: 11578 - Ennis Hutchinson -

USANA Distributor #: 2320280 - Jean Amicarella -
USANA Distributor #: 3669898 - Jean Amicarella - (Yes, two USANA IDs with separate websites for this unique distributor)
ARIIX Distributor #: 17766 - Jean Amicarella -

(Following added to this list Sept 15, 2011.)
USANA Distributor #: 9638662 - Susan Hamilton -
ARIIX Distributor #: 34007 - Susan Hamilton, CHHC -

USANA Distributor #: 2137359 - Glenna and Richard Norris
ARIIX Distributor #: 59886 - Glenna and Richard Norris, CHHC -

USANA Distributor #: 2398784 - Maryann Cady -
ARIIX Distributor #: 38008 - Maryann Cady -


  1. I am very excited to see the changes USANA will be making. Ariix is just redoing USANA same old people so the same old stories................
    This will breath fresh air into USANA.
    I wish Ariix success , the market is big enough for everyone and copying the competition is the biggest compliment you can offer. USANA must be doing something right for Ariix to recruit and copy their business.

    1. If you’re looking at this right now it is because you are most likely interested in a home-based business opportunity or one of the 4life scam claims. Either way, you have probably heard the controversy about 4life scam and you want to get to the bottom of it, and that’s exactly what we are going to do in this review.

    2. I take usana for 5 years . every day with large dose. but my health progress is very slow. I hate direct sale . cost me a lot of money. market is getting smaller now . majority people reject this sales pattern. tonline using downline.

  2. I agree with "Anonymous" above! To copy what USANA has been so successful at doing for 20 years is the highest form of flattery! Ariix KNOWS what USANA does is the best. I am, however, sad to think these guys/gal put their integrity on the line now to attempt to promote another company... they built an amazing team of people, because of their belief in what USANA has to offer & then they just toss the company that "built them" when someone presents another opportunity? If I had built it that big & got paid what these wonderful Distributors did, I would have considered it my blessing & provisions from God... and never entertained the idea that I wasn't exactly where I was supposed to be.

    1. What it took USANA 3 years to do, ARIIX will do in its first year! I know people dont want to believe it but ARIIX is here and it will overtake the industry !

      A lot more leaders are coming over you will see very soon.


    3. Stupid Enough.... making some money is different from doing the right thing... even terrorists, criminals and other syndicates makes alot of money but that doesnt mean that they are doing the right thing

  3. I agree with the latter part of the statement. I too would be thanking God for my blessings with Usana. I do feel integrity is on the line for these people because it is no longer about the products and the vision of Usana but just about money.

  4. The names listed have they left USANA or are some still doing both NWM companies?

  5. We just got back from Usana 19th convention.. event better that past years!! We didn't miss those guys. The convention turned out even more professional, inspiring and a living dream experience. Sometimes we think bad people is on the streets but this bad copy of Usana just shows that worse people was inside usana. Good thing they are out now. Things that start the wrong way end up wrong! Can't believe smart people and liders just converted into followers...better there than here.

  6. In response to "The names listed have they left USANA or are some still doing both NWM companies?"

    It appears that some have left while others are doing both NWM companies. I believe those that no longer have an active USANA website have left USANA. Those that do have an active website are doing both. For USANA to be consistent, they must terminate those members.

    I still believe a lawsuit is looming by those that were terminated by USANA or vice versa. Many on this list were on Lynn Allen Johnson's USANA team and are now on her ARIIX team.

  7. I am currently a Silver Director in USANA. I think the reason why they left was because they were having financial problems. They were offered 100k or more to join Ariix. I believe in USANA 100% and if they ever offered me 100k I would never take it. If you say "USANA has changed my life" than jump ship. You are nothing but a liar. They put themselves into a financial crisis were maybe the 100k could of helped them out. But if they would of put in JUST AS MUCH WORk as they are in Ariix they could of made just as much in USANA. It's sad to see them leave but I'm glad the fakes are out of the way. Duke Tubtim was one of the people I always wanted to meet but after his betrayal I deleted him from facebook. Sorry guys, USANA has changed my life and no amount of money will ever stop that.

    1. If they has financial problems in Usana you're showing it doesn't pay even Though Aaron dihn is under duke. He still left even with that maxed out leg.? I promise you. You will be broke Under Aaron d. He wants you to worship him forever which doesn't leave you to grow. keep living in your parents house while you go broke on autoship. I promise you I know. I was in NEx and all of the kids there are broke. I'm glad I left and got a real job that pays the bills.

    2. If you dont know the truth you shouldn't post. I was also a silver director in usana, but have you read your bill of rights lately. Read it closley and yiu can see that in 39days the xomoany can close down and go out and sell retail. ARIIX protects their associates and thats why big leaders and other leaders growing their business have left. Oh yea have you read it yet its in there!

    3. Interesting, Please post up the information where the offer of 100k came from.. You really think Duke Tubtim a newly wed 2009 would want to rebuild all over again? Not likely. The choice was made by USANA. But all is well, he has found a better home with founders/friends that actually GIVE A SHIT. Duke has had MULTIPLE experience in building a start up from ground up, It is HIGHLY unlikely he would go after a measly 100k. Sorry to burst your bubble. My friend you are either highly misinformed or see a interesting perception on life. Had you had a chance to meet this fellow. His Desire for personal development excels what most can only hope to achieve, which is why many people find him so intriguing and inspiring. Maybe you can grab one of the old Kaizen manuals in USANA and learn something from it.

      Best of luck to you.

  8. @Anonymous

    How old are you? You seem childish to "delete" someone off Facebook based on someone else's life or business decision that has no affect on your life nor your business. You even admitted you never met Duke which shows you know nothing on why he left USANA, which pretty suggests your post is biased and has zero credibility. Which organization do you work for? Aaron's? Did you get brainwashed by them to be a 100% USANA NEX warrior? From my experience, 6 and 7 figure earners in any MLM usually know how to think for themselves, discipline their grudges and disappointments, and live with humility and the law of abundance in mind... it seems you have none of the aforementioned traits. Good luck making your $100K through USANA ;)

    BTW ARIIX did not pay special bonuses to anyone to entice them in joining. You are making large unfounded accusations. If you have proof, please show it here. If ARIIX paid every single potential heavyhitter to join like the NBA draft it would go broke. Good people join good people - the defections only show the vision and leadership of ARIIX is strong.

    Guess what, your USANA idols you probably used to edify Dr. Ray Strand, Robert Allen, and even Tim Sales (who spoke at your conventions) all joined up with ARIIX and left USANA already. Good luck trying to keep your sinking ship afloat!

  9. We are glad to be with USANA . It's the best company out there and our business is actually doing really well and doing really great!! We are having tremendous growth. We would never consider leaving USANA - best products in the world!!

  10. Take a look guys, I know Dave Wentz and James Bramble will enjoy this!

  11. I was former Associate at USANA. So how could these so executives leave when most companies have a non-compete contract which leaves me to believe that USANA involved with this company indirectly.

  12. In response to "So how could these so executives leave when most companies have a non-compete contract which leaves me to believe that USANA involved with this company indirectly"

    Two theories.
    1) USANA's CEO's did not have non-compete agreements because they are not very smart.


    2) Everything was staged and ARIIX is a sister company. Almost like Amway / Quixtar. Maybe we have USANA / ARIIX, but just taken to the next level. I mean, ARIIX is pretty much in all of USANA's same markets, supposedly even mainland China.

  13. Thanks for your site. I think it was staged and ARIIX is a sister company or Fred Cooper has some information that is very damaging to this company. The ARIXX business is taking off. I have a relative that contacted me about the ARIXX business opportunity this week. So I told him that I was in USANA for two years and it was hard to make money off the products. The products are very over priced. It is solely driven by buiding a downline of people not by selling products. I turned down this business opportunity. The company is suppose to launch in January 2012 so my relative is believing that this is a ground floor opportunity. How can it be? When the top leaders and their downline would have the lucrative positions so it is probably already saturated like USANA was when I joined in 2003. I have met some of the top producers so they are driven by money. You are right in that the top executives have made a killing on stock options. The stock was at an all-time high in 2004 so some of the executives sold their stock options when it was really high. So the top executives are multi-millionaires. I am concerned that more people will lose their hard earned money with this new company. If you look at the presentations on Youtube-they do not mention USANA by name. So they will deceive people once again like Amway, Quixstar and USANA did. I thank God for the internet where research can be done. I have the inside transactions weblink that shows some of the executives recently selling their options in the last two years.

  14. To the previous anonymous poster, thank you for the information. I've always liked using Insidercow for the insider transactions:

    I am also very interested in one of the anonymous poster's further above that claimed the top USANA members were offered $100,000 to leave USANA and join ARIIX. Is this actually true and can any evidence of this be brought forth for the public to see?

  15. Whoever needed to leave USANA or were fired was divine appointment. Some people actually one in particular only looked at Ariix because he could not support the lifestyle he chose with all the cars and a few million dollar house. It became all about the money rather than helping people and serving. I wish the Ariix people luck and as per what was said previously, USANA must be doing it right because imitation of USANA on Ariix's part is the most sincerest form of flattery. USANA is found by a scientist and Ariix is found by someone with a lack of integrity. Obviously those that chose to join Ariix were seduced and are money driven. Good luck to them.

  16. @Posts about imitation:
    As a former USANA Gold Director that's considered the right hand mand of a major leader that's now in Ariix (yes, because he joined), we're not actually "copying"... If anything, we're actually developing our own products and even a better comp plan, which even certain former executives of USANA claim are "outdated" and "not rewarding the distributors enough"... But hey, good luck in USANA and I wish you no ill will.

    @USANA Watch Dog's Oct 19 reply:
    Instead of spinning off of USANA, Ariix is a seperate company, and quite ironic to the purpose of this blog, were founded by people who were sick of all the tomfoolery and limitations of the stockholders with USANA. If the Wentz family weren't so stubborn with some innovations that the former executives were thinking of, USANA could've been a whole different animal with car bonuses and a bonus that ensures each rep has their autoship covered with minimal effort.

    Yes, Ariix is also in China, but Ariix's comp plan was designed from the ground up to be compliant with the Chinese government (in fact, Ariix designed the comp plan with the help of the Chinese government before even launching in the US, and it is fairly identical to the international version of the comp plan). Also, the Ariix partnership in China is problem-free partering with a health products company, versus USANA likely still struggling with getting a "definitely-illegal-in-China" binary comp plan to logically work in China... Also instead of having a website devoted to traffic from China (e.g. or something), they're resorting to awkwardly integrating their products into a baby products website (Chinese:

    Also to answer another question: Ariix's aim is to be an honest, independent company from the ground up (throw all the bricks of mislead rumors you want at Ariix, it's just more bricks to build our foundation), and therefore nobody was paid or enticed into joining, so I'm sure whoever said that people were bribed $100K was just stirring the pot.

    Besides, one more observation that I'm making... How come all of the replies are "Anonymous"? Doesn't ANYBODY have the guts to talk trash about a company without revealing their names? The only reason my name is in initials is because I don't believe in posting my full name on the web; not even my Facebook shows it.

  17. At the end of the day, Ariix is still a company based on recruiting and moving products mainly through its distributors. Same crap, different name.

  18. We are new in this business and would like you both to try and get along. May the best Company win! This issue will balance itself over time. Good Luck and sucess to all. Stay healthy.

  19. After several successful years in Network marketing as an associate with Pre-paid Legal for 6 years and then USANA(10years and counting) I always find it amazing when someone(not a top producer) leaves a MLM company for another company with similar products. If they can't survive in the first company they will surely fail in the second one. They will always be looking for greener grass or the next best fiber deal. By the way I know all of the top producers that moved and they did receive perks and Bob Allens wife Daryl is still a USANA associate receiveing checks and he never was.

  20. I love the products that is all that is good. Don't join Next Evolution. Aaron Dinh will brainwash you. Take your $ from propacks. Your friends will hate your for pushing them to buy $1450 propacks. You can't blame them who wants to pay for a useless things based on trust. You will start posting these quotes that AD gets from other people and puts TM behind it like an idiot. His leaders act like they make all this $ but ALL of them ALL! live with their parents and some of their parents help with the autoship. All to benefit Aaron Dihns Lambo. Don't waste your time joining. You will waste your money!! and time. Do something you love to do to make income and don't buy the dream and get greedy thinking you will make 1500 a week. Ask Gold director Nhi Nguyen or Jennifer Hyunh how much they made. Less than minimum wage or probably at a business Loss. I see their facebook they got 5-10 people. Thats not enough to make 1500 a week. You need 8 propacks a week just to make $1500 week. which means you need to brainwash 8 friends a week to make real money. Its all a lie if you want to know more detail or prove me wrong send me an email and we can talk more on how stupid NEX is. If you want to join. Join someone who actually made a million on selling products with real customers. NOt wannabe millionaire Ad that cant afford all that stuff and need Cathy Ngo's job just to afford that Lambo.

  21. I've read some comments about this Aaron guy and according to some videos on Youtube, his downline is made up of mostly college students so of course they're still relying on their parents.

    How can you tell how much someone makes by how many usana facebook friends they have? Just curious.

    If AD is a retired millionaire, how come his girlfriend/wife still has a job? She must love her job. What does she do for a living to be able to afford a lambo since you're basically saying that she bought it and not AD? How do you know he didn't buy it himself with his Usana money? Again, just curious.

    1. Do you have proof he is a retired millionaire? I was in Nex and anyone with a clear mind will know that AD Aaron Dinh is not a multimillionaire. His legs consists of Nancy ON(maxed out leg from her hardwork not Ad. He just brainwashed her realy good and he is lucky she's a hard worker and smart. I am not in Era by the way)Thong Tran is another leg of his (pretty sure not maxed) Nhi (gold director with no team with Jimmy who actually works hard getting people but they will never stay because Nobody will follow him becauase he has disfunctional personality that is unprofessional but you can't blame him its not his fault ) pretty sure not maxed weekly and Jenn Huyunh (teams up and down and with a few pro pack small pack explosions(team name lol). Aaron even gave her a pro pack that blew up to a bunch of directors and got tricked they all quit. Notice Ads top 4 people are all best friends. He designed that so they won't get mad at each other. If you think Cathy Ngo(Ad's girlfriend not wife okay) Can quit her job and have these 4 people pay for his mansion and a Lambo which is about 1500 month you let me know if thats possbile. If you're a retired millionaire why would you let your gf work? who likes to work? Ad and cathy ngo own the business center. Ad is barely a solid Gold director (1500 a week) at the expense of thousands who lost their $ and time. If you think hes a good person which people think he is. Then I don't know how he would trick himself and these college students to buying this dream that even he doesn't live. he just acts. You think he could afford to even get braces or clean his teeth. No he can't afford that I promise you. YOu don't want to ask too many questions because its too much info.. it seems like you're more concerned with his bills than the other things that was pointed out on March 7 2:42Pm. And by the way let Cathy Ngo the sense products is causing a cysts pimples on her forehead. the products aren't working thats why she grows her bangs. Parabens my $#$@.


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